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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Swinton 1

: Lords of Bamburgh, Earls of Northumberland/Bernicia, Lords of Raby, Swinton of Swinton
Edulf / Eadwulf, under-king of Bernicia, 1st Lord of Bamburgh d 912
1. Alfred/Ealdred, 2nd Lord of Bamburgh a 926
A. Oswulf, 3rd Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Northumbria d 965
i. Waltheof, 4th Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia a 1006
a. Uchtred, 5th Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria d 1016
m1 div Aecgfrida/Egfrida dau of Aeldhun, Bishop of Durham
No31 Aldred, Earl of Northumberland d 1038
No30 Aelflaed/Elfleda
m Siward or Syward Bjornsson 'Digera', Earl of Northumberland d 1055 (EGHJRSWY)
-1 Osbern d 1054
-2 Waltheof Earl of Huntingdon k 1076 m Judith

-2-1 Matilda m1 Simon de Luz m2 David of Scotland At28

-2-1-1 Malcolm Huntingdon d y
-2-1-2 Henry, Earl of Huntingdon dvp 12.06.1152, 2nd son m 1139 Ada / Adeline de Warrenne d 1178, dau of William de Warrenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey
-2-1-3+ , Claricia d unm, Hodierna d unm

-2-1-2-1 Malcolm IV 'the Maiden', King of Scots b 20.03.1141-2, d unm 09.12.1165
-2-1-2-2 William 'the Lion', King of Scots b c1143, d 04.12.1214 m 05.09.1186 Ermengarde de Bellomont d 11.02.1233-4, dau of Richard, Viscount de Bellomont
-2-1-2-3 David 'Etherington', Earl of Huntingdon b c1144, 17.06.1219 m 26.08.1190 Maud de Meschines dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester
-2-1-2-4 Ada of Scotland m 28.08.1161/2 Floris III, Count of Holland b c1141, d 01.08.1190
-2-1-2-5 Margaret of Scotland m1 1160 Conon IV, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond b c1138, d 20.02.1171 (GHSY) m2 Humphrey de Bohun Bo26, 'Earl of Hereford', Constable of England
-2-1-2-6 Matilda of Scotland d 1152
B+ and other daughters
m2 Sige dau of Styr Ulfsson of York
2 Edulf/Aedulf/Eadwulf, Earl of Northumberland d 1041 (shown by Hebden as of 1st marriage) betrayed by Hardecnut murdered by Siward, 1041
m Sigera dau of Kilvert
A Oswulf, Earl of Northumberland d 1067
3 Gospatric Earl of Northumbria Murdered at King’s Court, 1064
A Uchtred
i Dolfin
BLG1952 says that this son Dolfin "may have been the same as Dolfin, Lord of Raby". But it seems more likely that Dolfin FitzUchtred was of the Dunkeld family shown under Atholl1.
ii Edulf/Aedulf 'Rus' probably father of ...
a Liulf of Bamburgh, 1st of Swinton, Sheriff of Northumbria d c1118
1 Udard or Odard of Bamburgh, 2nd of Swinton, Sheriff of Northumbria d c1132
A William of Bamburgh, 3rd of Swinton dsp
B Adam, Sheriff of Northumbria dsp ?
C John had issue ancestor of family called Viscount
D Sir Ernulf 'Miles', 4th of Swinton a 1166
i Cospatrick, 5th of Swinton a 1177
a Alan de Swinton, 6th of Swinton
b Hugh de Swinton, 1st of Aberbothenoth
4? Arkil Morel Thane in Northumbria b c1010, a 1070 (shown by Hebden as brother of Eadwullf above and third husband of Sigrida/Sigfrida) n “Rising the North”, 1068
4-1 Gospatric de Rigton
m x dau of Dolfin (son of Thorfin)
4-1-1 Gospatric -1 Adam
4-1-2 Uhtred b c 1038 -1 Thorfin b c 1065 -1-1 Alan b c 1090 -1-1-1 Helen b c 1115 m Thomas Hastings
4-1-3 Dolfin b c 1060
4-1-3-1 Thorfin de Askrigg ?and Thoresby b c 1060 1166 amerced in the wapentake of Hang for a concealment -1 Lascelles b c 1090
-2 Peter gave Marrick priory a third of 6 bovates in Carperby
-3 Amabel
4-1-3-2 Swayne -1 Robert de Thoresby
-2 Thomas of Stavely
-3 Elias
-4 Gonelle m John Morville
-5 Ralph
-1-1 Richard de Thoresby
-2-1 Adam de Staveley,
-1-1-1 Hugh de Thoresby
-2-1-1 m Alice de Staveley d before 11.1253 heiress m Ranulf/Randolph FitzHenry son of Henry of Ravensworth
-1-1-1-1 Peter de Thoresby
4-1-3-3 Uctred d Hebden b 1145 d 1179
4-1-3-3-1 Uhtred
4-1-3-3-2 Ketel
4-1-3-3-3 Simon de Hebden b c 1175 alive 1200 -1 Elias de Hebden
-2 William de Hebden b c 1200 d by 1234 crusader m Alice wid of Sir John Aleman
-3 Simon de Hebden
-4 Adam de Hebden
-5 Maud de Hebden m Alan de Walkingham

-2-1 Ellena de Hebden b c 1240 m1 Robert de Chamblayne + 1 son m2 Sir Nicholas de Ebor + 1 son bro William Provost of Beverley bishop of Salisbury
-2-2 Cassa de Hebden

-2-1-1 Robert de Ebor or de Hebden
-2-1-2 William d by 1283 m Cecily she m2 by 1294 Amandus de Surdeval

-2-1-2-1 Sir William de Hebden b 1264 d 1321 m Isabella de Yelland
-2-1-2-2 Emma de Hebdon

-2-1-2-1-1 Sir Richard de Hebden m Petronella
-2-1-2-1-2 Elizet de Hebden
-2-1-2-1-3 Auray de Hebden
-2-1-2-1-4 Duket de Hebden

-2-1-2-1-1-1 Sir Richard de Hebden He22 b c 1315 d 1373 fought at Crecy 1346 m Isabella? Lutterell b c 1319 dau of Geoffrey Lutterell

-2-1-2-1-1-1-1 Sir Richard de Hebden b 1355 m Joan Waleby she m2 Sir John Chammond m3 William Newson
-2-1-2-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth de Hebden
-2-1-2-1-1-1-3 Sir Nicholas Hebden b c 1360 m c 1354 Katherine de Wyham dau of William de Wyham and Beatrice

-2-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 John Domicellus Last Lord of Hebden d 1460 m Anastasia
-2-1-2-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas d 1435 Dean of Auckland 1431
-2-1-2-1-1-1-3-1 William Hebden dsp
-2-1-2-1-1-1-3-2 Grace Hebden m Sir Piers Tempest
-2-1-2-1-1-1-3-3 Elizabeth Hebden b 1380 d 1453 m Sir Thomas Dymoke Dy20 of Scrivelsby b c 1375 d 1422
4-1-3-3-4 Henry de Threshfield
4-1-3-3-5 Harcoil
4-1-3-3-6 Walter de Ilton m Amabel -1 Walter The Forester
4-1-3-3-7 Ingonilda ?m Herbert de Arches
4-1-3-3-8 Alice de Hebden m Elias de Rilston -1 Alice de Rilleston m Sir Roger Tempest
4-2 Alwyn More or Morel
4-3 Arkil More or Morel It is possible that there was another son, Arkil, who was the one who engineered the killing of King Malcolm III of Scots at Alnwick in November 1093. If his mother was a sister of Robert de Mowbray, this would support his identification as a nephew of that Robert. -1 dau m Muredach of Levanach -1-1 Alwyn Aluin or Alwin, 1st Earl of Lennox d before 1199
-1-2 Eth of Levanach had issue
4-4 Sybel Morel of Bearley m Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian d 'Battle of the Standard' 23.08.1138
m3. Elgiva/Aelfgufu dau of Ethelred II 'the Unready', King of England
5 Edith/Aeldgyth
m Maldred of Atterdale, 'King of Cumbria' d 1045
6 Aeadwulf d 1041
7 Algitha / Aelgitha reported by BE1883 Lumley and BP1934 Scarborough
m Liulph de Lumley
8 son
b. Edulf Cudel, Earl of Bernicia d 1018 had issue
2. Uhtred

Sources: BLG1952 Swinton of that ilk.
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