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Sutherland 2: Dunbar of Hempriggs, Sutherland of Clyne, Sutherland of Duffus, Sutherland of Evelix, Sutherland of Kinminitie
William Sutherland of Duffus d 1616
m1 mcrt 13.10.1579 Margaret Sinclair d before 1604, dau of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness
1. William Sutherland of Duffus d 21.10.1626>
m 1612 Jean Grant dau of John Grant of Freuchie
A. Alexander Sutherland, 1st Lord Duffus b c 01.1622, d 31.08.1674 Alexander married 4 times. TSP and BP are not clear as to which wife was mother of his surviving children but TCP Duffus is clear that there were 4 sons by his 1st wife and that his successor James was his only son by his 3rd wife. TSP & BP confirm that James was the only son to survive Alexander.<
m1 before 1644 Jean Mackenzie d 31.03.1648, dau of Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth
i.+ 4 sons a 03.1648, dvp
m2 13.01.1653 Jean Innes dsp 10.03.1653, dau of Sir Robert Innes of Innes
m3. mcrt 26.08.1654 Margaret Stewart d 01.1667, dau of James Stewart, 4th Earl of Moray, by Margaret Home
v. James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus d 24.09.1705
m mcrt 05.09.1674 Margaret Mackenzie d 08.1706, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Seaforth
a. Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord of d before 18.03.1733/4 Kenneth was attainted for supporting the Jacobite rebellion.
m mcrt 30.03.1708 Charlotta Christina Sioblade d 1771, dau of Eric Sioblade, Governor of Gottenburg
1 Eric Sutherland, 'Lord Duffus' bpt 29.08.1710, d 28.08.1768
m Elizabeth Dunbar d 21.07.1800, dau of Sir James Dunbar of Hempriggsbelow
A James Sutherland, 4th Lord Duffus b 08.06.1747, d unm 30.01.1827
The attainder of the title was reversed in 1826.
B Axel or Axley Sutherland dsp
C Elizabeth Sutherland
m1 Alexander Sinclair dvp, Captain
m2 Charles Sinclair of Olrig
m3. 05.12.1722 James Rudd rector in Yorkshire
D Charlotte Sutherland
m Sir John Sinclair, 6th Bart of Mey d 26.03.1774
E Anne Sutherland
m George Mackay of Skibo
2 Charlotta Sutherland a 1778
3 Anna Sutherland a 1778
m Gustaff Adolf Palbitzki, Baron and Count Marshal in Sweden
b. Sir James Sutherland, later Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs d 1724
Whilst Sir James inherited Hempriggs through his wife, the baronetcy was a new creation.
m 1705 Elizabeth Dunbar b c1677, d 11.03.1756, dau of Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs
1 Sir William Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Hempriggs d 1792 / d 12.06.1793
m1 06.01.1729 Elizabeth Dunbar d 03.06.1746, dau of Alexander Dunbar of Westfield
A Janet Dunbar b c1742, d 16.09.1769
m 26.02.1762 Thomas Dunbar of Grangehill, later of Westfield
B+ other issue d young - Kenneth b 14.10.1729, James b 12.11.1730, Elizabeth b 03.04.1432, Margaret b 26.07.1733, Grizel b 01.02.1735, Christian b 18.05.1736
m2 21.03.1747 Jane Sinclair dsp 09.08.1749, dau of David Sinclair of Southdun
m3. 20/1.10.1749 Henrietta Rose d 09.1795, dau of Hugh Rose, 16th of Kilravock
H Sir Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar, 3rd Bart of Hempriggs, 'Lord Duffus' b 28.04.1761, d 27.01.1843
m 10.12.1784 Janet Mackay d 15.03.1857, dau of George Mackay of Bighouse
i William Dunbar d young
ii Sir George Dunbar, 4th Bart of Hempriggs b 06.01.1799, d unm 28.08.1875
iii Robert Dunbar of Latheron Wheel b 12.04.1801, d unm 18.08.1857
iv Louisa Dunbar b 11.04.1788, d 10.06.1865
m 17.09.1805 Garden Duff, 8th of Hatton b 01.11/29.10.1779, d 15.03.1858
v Elizabeth Dunbar b c1790, d unm 21.08.1811
vi Henrietta Dunbar d 03.11.1820
m 20.03.1810 William Sinclair Wemyss of Southdun d 1831
I+ other issue - Robert Sutherland, Elizabeth, Alexandrina, Williamina
2 James Dunbar dsp 1742
3 Janet Dunbar
m1 01.01.1738 John Sinclair of Barrock
m2 Harry Innes of Borlum and Sandside
4 Charlotte Dunbar
m 23.12.1731 Sir William Sinclair of Keiss, 2nd Bart of Dunbeath d 02.08.1767, minister at Keiss
5 Elizabeth Dunbar d 21.07.1800
m Eric Sutherland, 'Lord Duffus' d 28.08.1768 above
6 Rachel Dunbar
m James Sutherland of Langwell
c. William Sutherland of Roscommon
m mcrt 20/22.10.1702 Helen Duff dsp 07.1740, dau of William Duff of Dipple
d. Mary Sutherland
m Sir James Sinclair, 4th Bart of Mey
e. Katharine Sutherland
m John Cuthbert in Inverness
f.+ other issue - John, Alexander, Elizabeth, Frances, Henrietta b 21.02.1684
m4. c1668 Margaret Forbes d 13/6.04.1677, dau of William Forbes, 12th Lord, by Jean Campbell
Not known which wife was mother of ...
vi. Margaret Sutherland
vii. Henrietta Sutherland
m mcrt 09.03.1679 George Livingston, 4th Earl of Linlithgow dsp 07.08.1695
viii. Lilias Sutherland probably of this generation
m Colin Mackenzie of Kilcoy d 1682
B. William Sutherland of Inverhassie a 1694
i. James Sutherland of Dalnamain d before 1722
a. James Sutherland of Evelix a 1784
m 08.08.1726 Margaret Sutherland dau of John Sutherland of Rearquhar
1 Hugh Sutherland of Evelix a 1819
m Magdalene Clunes dau of John Clunes of Neilston
C. John Sutherland dsp before 23.01.1658, Lt. Colonel
m mcrt 07/10.03.1656 Isabella Ross dau of David Ross of Balnagowan
D. Anna Sutherland a 1663
m Patrick Grant
2. James Sutherland of Kinminitie d before 08.1680
m Margaret Seaton dau of Sir John Seaton of Monylangain
A. Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie
m Jean Forbes dau of Thomas Forbes of Waterton
i. Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie d 11.11.1710
m1 ??
a. Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie d 07.1725
m Elizabeth Edwards
1 Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie d c1725
2 Mary Sutherland
m Alexander Sutherland of Clyne d 1742 see below
3 Jean Sutherland d 02.03.1758
m Thomas Grant of Arndilly and Achoynanie d 25.11.1758
b. James Sutherland of Croftcroy a 07.1694, dsp
m2 mcrt 12.1701 Marie Ogilvy dau of Sir George Ogilvy, 1st Lord Banff
ii. Thomas Sutherland d 17.04.1692
m 1686 Violet Strachan dau of Michael Strachan of Auchnagat
a. James Sutherland b c09.1688
B. Margaret Sutherland
m 1673 James Irvine, 3rd of Artamford d before 16.03.1703
C. Jane Sutherland
m sp Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bart of Birkenbog
3. John Sutherland of Clyne a 08.1671
A. John Sutherland of Clyne a 08.1671
i. Patrick Sutherland of Clyne dsp
ii. James Sutherland of Clyne and Kilpedder a 1705
a. Alexander Sutherland of Clyne d 1742
m Mary Sutherland dau of Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie see above
1 James Murray Sutherland of Clyne and Pulrossie dsp 09.07.1783
2+ 1 son and "several daughters" including Henrietta and Elizabeth
b. Patrick Sutherland
4. Margaret Sutherland d 1616
m mcrt 24.11.1610 Robert Monro of Fowlis d 1633
5. Janet Sutherland
m Sir George Ogilvy, 1st Lord Banff d 11.08.1663
m2 before 1604 Margaret Mackintosh dau of William Mackintosh of Dunachton

Sources: TSP Duffus, BP1934 Duff-Sutherland-Dunbar of Hempriggs, BP1999 Dunbar of Hempriggs
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