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Stewart 8: Stewart of Rosyth
Robert Stewart of Durrisdeer d Shrewsbury 1409
m Janet of Lorn dau of Ewen MacDougall, Lord of Lorn, Chief of the Clan Dougall
1. Sir David Stewart, 1st of Rosyth d 1444
A. Henry Stewart, 2nd of Rosyth d after 1444
m Marjory Ogilvy dau of Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen
i. Sir David Stewart, 3rd of Rosyth d by 1483
m Mariot Herries dau of Robert Herries of Terregles
a. Sir David Stewart, 4th of Rosyth dsps by 1492
m 1483/4 Margaret Douglas dau of Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven
b. Janet Stewart
GMcG reports that Janet married Stephen de Duddingstone. However, the Duddingston records indicate that the Janet Stewart who married Stephen Duddingston was of the family of Blairhall. We follow 'Fife' in showing her as married to ...
m Alexander Bruce, 1st of Earlshall d 1504
c. Elizabeth Stewart
m Alexander Auchmuthie
ii. William Stewart of Briery-hill, 5th of Rosyth d by 1514, at Flodden ?
m Janet Moubray dau of David Moubray of Barnbougle
a. Sir David Stewart, 6th of Rosyth d by 1520
m Christian Erskine dau of Alexander Erskine, 2nd sb 3rd Lord
1 Henry Stewart, 7th of Rosyth d by 1556
'Fife' mentions only Henry's marriage to Margaret Douglas. GMcG also mentions his marriage to Margaret Marion Ogilvy. It is not certain which wife was mother of which child but the dates suggest that Margaret Douglas was mother of them all.
m1 Margaret sb Marion? Ogilvy dau of Sir John Ogilvy of Linrathen, sister of James, 1st Lord
m2 1516 Margaret Douglas dau of Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven
A Robert Stewart, 8th of Rosyth d c1576
m mcrt 06.09.1550 Euphame Murray dau of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine
i George Stewart, 9th of Rosyth b c1555, dsp 1582
GMcG reports that George dvp but 'Fife' indicates that he survived his father.
m 10.05.1576 Rachel Makgill dau of Sir James Makgill of Rankeillour, she m2. Archibald Wauchope, m3. Andrew Wood
B Henry Stewart, 10th of Rosyth d by 1607
Although designated here as 'of Rosyth', Henry never had possession of that estate as it was held by his nephew's wife and her later husbands until her death which was after Henry's.
m Margaret Lindsay sister of Sir James Lindsay, 7th of Dowhill
i James Stewart, 11th of Rosyth d by 1641
GMcG reports that James was first married 21.06.1605 to Nicholas, dau of Robert Moray, 8th of Abercairney, by whom he had issue. However, that Nicholas died soon after her marriage to Viscount Belhaven.
m 16.05.1606 Margaret Napier dau of John Napier, 7th of Merchiston
a James Stewart, 12th of Rosyth
m1 mcrt 18.04.1642 Mary Innes dau of Sir Robert Innes of that ilk, 1st Bart
1 Grissell Stewart, heiress of Rosyth bpt 19.12.1642
m George Stewart son of Archibald of Scotston
2 Margaret Stewart bpt 06.03.1644
m2 mcrt 07.07.1649 Agnes Buchanan dau of Sir George Buchanan of that ilk
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
3 David Stewart, 13th of Rosyth dsp before 09.1675
4 James Stewart, 14th of Rosyth dsp 1683
m 12.1674 Marion Maxwell dau of Sir George Maxwell of Nether Pollock
5 William Stewart, 15th of Rosyth dsp 1696
b Alexander Stewart had issue
m Katherine Drummond dau of George Drummond, 6th of Balloch
c Anna Stewart bpt 05.09.1611
m1 26.04.1642 William Ged son/heir of Robert Ged of Baldrig
m2 17.04.1656, sp? John Ramsay minister of Kelty
d Margaret Stewart
m by 10.02.1648 Patrick Winton of Strathdighty
e Jean Stewart
m mcrt 15.06.1651 John Aytoun, 5th of Inchdairnie d 08.1683
f+ other issue - Archibald, Helen bpt 09.02.1609
ii Laurence Stewart 4th son had issue
m Jean Blair
iii+ other issue - Henry, John
C Margaret Stewart
m1 mcrt 14.03.1570 Alexander Wardlaw of Kilbaberton
m2 by 04.03.1592 Robert Drury of that ilk m2. Elizabeth, dau of Edward Bruce, 1st of Blairhall
2 Christina Christian Stewart
m c1521 John Bethune, 7th of Balfour b c1490
3+ other issue - John a 1529, Patrick, Peter?
b. Robert Stewart of Corshill
m by 08.02.1532 Elizabeth Crichton
c. Andrew Stewart 'of Beath' d 11.03.1562 ancestor of the Stewarts of Beath
m by 10.1527 Marjory Lindsay dau of George Lindsay, brother of David, 2nd Lord of the Byers
d. Adam Stewart of Berriehill had issue
e. Margart Stewart
m John Scott of Coldside
f. daughter
m John Blackadder, 2nd of Tulliallan
iii. Christina Stewart
m Edward Bruce of Kinnaird
iv.+ other isue - Elizabeth, Margaret
B. Robert Stewart dsp before 29.06.1448
m Janet de Fenton dau of Walter de Fenton of Baky
C. Elizabeth Stewart
m John Bruce, 5th of Clackmannan d 1473
D. Janet Stewart
m John de Menteith
E. daughter
m John Bethune, 2nd of Balfour
2. William Stewart of Kirkandris
3. Sir John Stewart, 1st of Craigiehall had issue
Sir John, not mentioned by 'Fife', is reported by GMcG to have had a charter in 08.1474 which makes it look as though he may have been at least one generation later than what is shown.
m Margaret de Monfode dau of Sir John de Monfode of Craigiehall
4. Isabel Stewart
Mentioned by 'Fife' as the wife of Sir Robert de Bruce, 2nd of Clackmannan who d 1390, but we follow GMcG in showing that Isabel as of a generation earlier.
5. Elizabeth Stewart
m before 1396? Sir Michael Mercer of Aldie b c1378, d c1440

Sources: 'Fife P&H', which identifies "The Landed Families of Perthshire" by Gordon A. McGregor 'GMcG' as its principal source
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