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Somerville 2: Somerville of Cambusnethan / Camnethan, Somerville of Drum, Somerville of Somerville
John Somerville, 3rd Lord d 11.1491 Some sources identify John as 2nd rather than 3rd Lord.
m1 10.07.1446 Helen Hepburn d before 03.1456-7, dau of Sir Adam Hepburn of Hailes
1. William Somerville of Carnwath, Master of Somerville b 1453/6, dvp before 14.11.1491
m1 13.06.1476 Marjory Montgomery dau of Alexander Montgomery, 2nd Lord
A. John Somerville, 4th Lord b c1484, dsp 27.10.1522
m Agnes Colquhoun a 1528, dau of Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss
B. Hugh Somerville, 5th Lord b c1486, d 1549
m1 20.12.1510 Anne Hamilton dau of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran
i.+ 2 sons d young
m2 Jean/Janet Maitland d after 15.08.1559, dau of William Maitland Thirlestane and of Lethington
iii. James Somerville, 6th Lord b c1518, d 12.1569
m1 before 1529 Jean Hamilton dau of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran
m2 Agnes Hamilton dau of Sir James Hamilton of Finnart
a. Hugh Somerville, 7th Lord b 1547, d 24.03.1597
m mcrt 11.01.1557-8, div 1587 Eleanor Seton d c1603, dau of George Seton, 4th Lord
1 William, master of Somerville b c1566, d unm 01.1592
2 Gilbert Somerville, 8th Lord b c1568, d 1618, 3rd son
m 04.1592 Margaret Somerville dau of James Somerville of Cambusnethan see below
A James, Master of Somerville b c1603, dvp c1615
B Robert Somerville bpt 20.05.1604
C Mary Somerville b before 1599, d 15.05.1620
m1 sp James Sandilands, 2nd Lord Torphichen d 08.1617
m2 William Douglas of Pompherston
D Margaret Somerville
m sp Sir Humphrey Colquhon of Balvie
E ? daughter
m sp? Stewart of Minto
3 Hugh Somerville of Drum, de jure 9th Lord b c1573, d 04.1640, 10th son
m 08.1594 Margaret Hamilton d 02.03.1644, dau of Gavin Hamilton, 7th of Raploch
A James Somerville of Drum, de jure 10th Lord b 01.1595-6, d 03.01.1677
m 26.04.1631 Lilias Bannatyne b c1608, d 12.1675, dau of Sir James Bannatyne of Newhall
i James Somerville of Drum, de jure 11th Lord bpt 24.01.1632, d 07.02.1693
m1 13.11.1651 Martha Bannatyne b 1634, d 1676, dau of John Bannatyne of Corehouse
a James Somerville b 26.08.1652, dvp 10.07.1682
m 03.06.1671 Elizabeth Graham dau of George Graham in Edinburgh
1 James Somerville of Drum, de jure 12th Lord bpt 29.11.1674, d 04.12.1709
m Janet Murray dau of Patrick Murray of Mount Lothian
A James Somerville of Drum, 13th Lord bpt 25.01.1698, d 14.12.1765
m1 18.09.1724 Anne Bayntun d 24.10.1734, dau of Henry Bayntun of Spye Park
i James Somerville of Drum, 14th Lord b 22.06.1727, d unm 19.04.1796
ii Hugh Somerville b 1729, d 07.05.1795, Colonel
m1 23.11.1763 Elizabeth Cannon Lethbridge d 11.10.1765, dau of Christopher Lethbridge of Westaway, Pilton
a John Southey Somerville, 15th Lord b 21.09.1765, d unm 05.10.1819
m2 1778 Mary Digby b c1750, d 08.09.1794, dau of Hon Wriothesley Digby of Meriden
b Hugh Somerville b 13.01.1779, dsp 13.01.1808
m 25.12.1807 Amicia Heming d 22.01.1859, dau of George Heming of Weddington
c Mark Somerville, 16th Lord b 26.10.1784, d unm 03.06.1842
d Kennelm Somerville, 17th Lord b 14.11.1787, d 19.10.1864
m 03.09.1833 Frances Louisa Hayman d 18.11.1885, dau of John Hayman
1 Hugh Somerville, 18th Lord b 11.10.1839, d unm 17.11.1868
2 Frederick Noel Somerville b 08.10.1840, d unm 08.01.1867
3 Louisa Harriet Somerville b 11.01.1835
m 21.10.1871 Charles Stewart Henry d 05.10.1892, Colonel
4 Emily Charlotte Somerville b 29.07.1836
m 29.04.1860 Rev. Thomas Bond Bird Robinson d 1897, rector of Milton
5 Mary Agnes Somerville b 19.12.1837, d 16.06.1889
m 18.06.1872 Sir Theophilus William Biddulph, 7th Bart of Westcombe d 01.03.1883
6 Selina Constance Somerville b 21.11.1841, d 13.01.1910
m 06.08.1861 Ralph Smyth dsp 20.11.1890
7 Julia Frances Somerville b 24.05.1844
m 23.11.1871 Sir Edward William Blackett, Bart of Matfen Hall d 13.09.1909
e William Somerville b 14.10.1789, d 06.07.1857
m 05.05.1830 Charlotte Bagot b c1800, d 24.10.1865, dau of Rev. Walter Bagot of Blithfield
1 Aubrey John Somerville, 19th Lord b 01.02.1838, d unm 28.08.1870, 4th son
2+ issue - Walter Digby b 17.12.1831, d unm 17.5.1865, William Everard b 03.07.1833, d unm 06.09.1868, Reginald Hugh b 16.12.1836, d Sebastopol 08.09.1855, Augustus b 08.08.1840, d 07.04.1869
f Mary Somerville b 27.04.1780, d 28.04.1834
m Rev. Charles Digby, Canon of Windsor d 23.06.1841
g Frances Somerville b 07.01.1782, dsp 23.10.1849
m 28.08.1838 Hon. William Booth Grey d 28.03.1852
h Harriet Somerville b 23.05.1786, d 28.01.1864
m 14.10.1816 William, 17th Earl of Erroll d 26.01.1819
i Julia Valenza Somerville b 27.08.1792, d 23.03.1879
m 20.05.1816 Sir Francis Bond Head d 20.07.1875
iii Anne Wichnour Somerville b 12.09.1725, d 29.10.1778
m 23.12.1748 George Burges of Greyslee and Mortimer d 13.03.1786
i Frances Anne Burges
m 29.03.1781 James Roper Head b 1757, d 1814
m2 27.04.1736 Frances Rotherham d 13.05.1755, dau of John Rotherham of Muchwaltham
iv Elizabeth Somerville b 16.09.1737, d 1740
B George Somerville of Dinder b 12.06.1701, d 26.05.1782
m Elizabeth Hickes b c1699, d 06.07.1776, dau of Robert Hickes of Combe and Dinder
i William Somerville b 1733, dsp 25.06.1803, minister
m 06.1777 Jane Seaman b c1755, d 03.12.1830, dau of Lionel Seaman, Archdeacon of Taunton
ii Anne Vannam Somerville d 31.03.1812
m Rev. Thomas Fownes of Kittery Court
Dinder Court passed to their eldest son who assumed the name Somervile.
iii+ other issue - James d 1764, Captain, Mark b c1736, d 11.09.1758, Elizabeth Maria b 1737, d unm 29.11.1817
C+ other issue - Patrick bpt 16.08.1703, John b 23.12.1705, dsp, Euphemia b 26.06.1696, d unm, Elizabeth b 08.05.1699, d unm, 2 / 3 others
2+ other issue - John bpt 07.12.1676, Martha b 20.05.1679
b John Somerville b before 1655, Lt. Colonel
m Anna Maria Susanna Hasill
c+ other issue - George b before 1656, married, son b before 1657
m2 Margaret Jamieson d by 1726, dau of Gavin Jamieson
e+ other issue - Hugh b 1688, Margaret b 1686
ii+ other issue - Hugh b 1635, d 1647, John bpt 12.08.1637, d before 1647, Thomas bpt 12.09.1638, d 1647, Margaret bpt 10.09.1633, married, Mary b 1639, d 1647, Sybil b 25.06.1640, d 1648, Anne bpt 26.06.1645, d 1647, daughter d 03.1677, married, child bpt 28.06.1636, d young
B Jean Somerville
m before 11.10.1637 James Tennant of Cairns
C+ other issue - Gavin d before 1612, Margaret dvpsp
4 Jean Somerville
m mcrt 22.07.1588 Robert Hamilton of Stoneypath
5 daughter
m Thomas Somerville of Lanark
6+ other issue - Robert d unm before 1588, 6 sons dsp, 5 d young, Elspeth, Janet bur 01.1614, 2 children dvp
p. Jean Somerville wife of David Lindsay in Edinburgh
17+ other issue - James, Robert
b. James Somerville of Girdwood ancestor of Somervilles of Drishane
m dau of Lindsay of Covington
1 John Somerville minister of Ednam 1640 had issue
m Margaret Knox
2+ other issue
c. Margaret Somerville
d. Agnes Somerville
m mcrt 08.08.1567 _ Somerville of Plane
partner unknown
e. Hugh Somerville of Wolfroddis d 08.1608
m Katharine Herries
iv. Hugh Somerville 5th son ancestor of Somervilles of Spittal
m ?? Tweedie dau of John Tweedie of Drummelzier
v. Robert Somerville d before 05.03.1590-1
a. Hugh Somerville
vi. Margaret Somerville
m mcrt 02.01.1547 Charles Murray of Cockpool b 1528, d 22.05.1605
vii. Agnes Somervillecalled Marjory by BE1883
m1 1533 John Tweedie son/heir of James Tweedie, son/heir of John of Drummelzier
m2 25.02.1554 William Murray of Romanno
viii. Elizabeth Somerville
m 1541 John Carmichael of Carmichael d 1580/c1585
ix. ? daughter
m Sir James Lindsay of Pittardie
x.+ other issue - John of Broomhill d after 1583, Michael, William vicar of Kirkbean
m2 c1477 Janet Douglas dau of Sir William Douglas, 4th of Drumlanrig
It is an assumption that Mary was by William's second marriage rather than his first but, given that BE1883 attributes two sons to his first marriage which did not last long, it seems reasonable.
C. Mary Somerville
m James Lockhart of Lee
2. Elizabeth Somerville
m Archibald Campbell, Master of Campbell dvp 03.1440
This marriage is suspect because it appears that Elizabeth's husband died before her parents married. Even allowing for inconsistencies on the numberings of the Lords, the dates appear not to match yet this marriage is reported in various sources, including TCP Argyll. This will be investigated further in due course.
3. Helen Somerville
m c1460 Sir John Jardine of Applegarth
4. Catherine Somerville
m Sir George Lauder of Hatton d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 03.1455-6 Mariotta Baillie a 1505, dau of Sir William Baillie of Lamington
5. Sir John Somerville of Quothquan, 1st of Cambusnethan b 1457, d Flodden 09.09.1513
m 03.07.1489 Elizabeth Carmichael b c1473, dau of John Carmichael, 1st of Balmedie
A. John 'Red Bag' Somerville, 2nd of Cambusnethan d 1553
m1 by 13.03.1511, div 1515-6 Janet Hepburn dau of Sir Adam Hepburn of Craigs
i.+ issue
m2 mcrt 10.07.1510 Margaret Graham dau of William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose
ii. John James Somerville, 3rd of Cambusnethan b 1520, d 02.1594
m1 Katherine Carmichael b c1515, d 1552
This may possibly be the Katherine/Elizabeth Carmichael who was mistress to King James V.
a. James 'Velvet Eye' Somerville of Cambusnethan b c1539, d 09.1613
m Margaret Hamilton dau of Archibald Hamilton, 5th of Raploch
1 John Somerville of Cambusnethan b c1568, d 1635
m Mary Hamilton probably dau of Sir Andrew Hamilton, 2nd of Goslington
A Sir James Somerville of Cambusnethan b 1596, d 1659
James sold Cambusnethan in 1647 to James Somerville of Drum, de jure 10th Lord above.
m Helen Hamilton dau of Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick
i John Somerville
2 Margaret Somerville d 1617
m1 04.1592 Gilbert Somerville, 8th Lord b c1568, d 1618 above
m2 Sir James Muirhead of Lauchope
3 Mary Somerville assumed to be of this generation
m Adam Whiteford of that ilk
m2 Katherine Murray d 16.12.1605, dau of Patrick Murray of Philiphaugh and Falahill
b. Jean Somerville
m 1576 James Dunlop of Dunlop d 04.1617
c. Helen Somerville probably of this generation, assumed to be by this marriage
m Sir John Skene of Curriehill
d. Nicola Somerville '4th daughter'
m Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Blantyre d 08.03.1617
iii. Alexander Somerville of Torbrax or Tarbrax thought to be of this generation
m Agnes Bellenden dau of Thomas Bellenden
m3?. div before 1539 ? Christian Dalzell dau of Robert Dalzell of that ilk
Uncertain by which wife was ..
iv. Flora Somerville
m James Johnstone of Westerhall d 1570
B. Margaret Somerville
m John Nisbet of Dalzell
C. daughter
m John Hamilton of Newton, 3rd of Silvertonhill d 1535
D.+ other issue - William of Tarbrax, Mary
TSP Somerville also mentions the following in footnote ...
F. Elizabeth Somerville
m1 Robert Dalzell of that ilk
Not mentioned by TSP, but this is possibly the same Elizabeth, identified by BLG Charteris as daughter of John Somerville of Cambusnethan, who died before 1511 having married ...
m2 John Charteris, 7th of Amisfield d 1526/7
G. Helen Somerville b c1489
m before 1518 Robert Boyd, 4th Lord of Kilmarnock d before 10.05.1558
H.+ other issue a 12.09.1508 - Michael, James
Strangely, TSP Somerville does not mention ...
J. Agnes Somerville b c1500
m1 John Fleming, 2nd Lord, Chamberlain of Scotland b 1465, d 01.11.1524
m2 by 29.01.1529-30 George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes d 28.11.1558
6. Marion Somerville
m Alan Lockhart son of Sir Stephen of Cleghorn
7. Alison Somerville
Unsure by which wife was ...
8. Giles Somerville
m Thomas Weir of Blackwood

Sources: TSP Somerville, BE1883 Somerville
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