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Saxons 7

Ida, King of Bernicia b about 500 d 559 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle indicates that Ida's reign began in 547, and records him as the son of Eoppa, grandson of Esa, and great-grandson of Ingwy. He ruled for twelve years and built the Bernician capital of Bamburgh Castle. Later, however, the Chronicle confuses his territory with the later Northumbria, saying that Ælla, historically a king of Deira rather than Bernicia, succeeded him as king after his death.
m Bearnoch
1. Glappa, King of Bernicia b about 525 d 560
2. Adda, King of Bernicia b about 527 d 568
3. Aethelric, King of Bernicia b about 530 d 572
A. Aethelfrith, King of Northumbria b about 555 d 617 united the kingdoms of Bernicia and Deidra to form the kingdom of Northumberland c 604
m1 Bebba
i. Eanfrith, King of Northumbria b about 580 d 634
m "a Pictish Princess"
a. Talorcan, King of the Picts b about 600 d 657
b. daughter
m Bile, vice-king of Fortrinn/Fortriu (or Moray)
1 Bruidhe/Bridei III, King of the Picts b about 620 d 693, attacked Dunnottar in 680/681, and campaigned against the Orcadian sub-kingdom in 682, a campaign so violent that the Annals of Ulster said that the Orkney Islands were "destroyed"
m2 Acha of Deira b c 580 dau of Aelli, King of Deira b about 555
ii. St. Oswald, King of Northumbria b about 600 d 642
iii. Oswy, King of Northumbria b about 601 d 670
m1 Riemmelth
a. Alchfrith, vice-king of Deira b about 610 d 644
m Cyneburg of Mercia dau of Penda, King of Mercia
1 Osric, King of Northumbria b about 640 d 729
b. Alchfled of Northumbria b about 612
m Peada of Mercia b about 615 d 656, dau of Penda, King of Mercia
m2 Eanfled of Deira dau of Edwin, King of Northumbria
c. Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria b about 620 d 685
m1 div Ethelreda St. Audrey d 679, dau of Anna, King of East Anglia
m2 Eormenburg
d. Elfwine b about 622 d 679
e. Osthryth b about 625
m Ethelred, King of Mercia d 704
f. Elfleda, Abbess of Whitby b about 627 d 714
m2 Eanfled of Deira dau of Edwin, King of Northumbria
g. Aldfrid, King of Northumbria b about 660 d 704
m Cuthburth of Wessex dau of Cenred
1 Osred I, King of Northumbria b about 695 d 716 A variety of ecclesiastical sources portray Osred as a dissolute and debauched young man, and a seducer of nuns. More positively, Aethelwulf's De Abbatibus describes Osred as energetic in deeds and words, mighty in arms and bold in his own strength and Bede referred to him as a new Josiah.
1-1 Presumed result of one of the above seductions was:
y b c 715
after intervening generations was:
-1 Eadwulf High Reeve of Bamburgh, late 9c to A.D. 913, friend of Alfred 'the Great', King of England d 899
He34 Ealdred Lord of Bamburgh, submitted to Edward at Bakewell 920 (T1/1) sumitted to Athelstan at Eamont 927
He33 Oswulf d 966 “Betrayed” Eric Bloodaxe 954 - created Earl of Northumbria (Bernicia & Deira)
He32 Ealdred
He31 Waltheof Earl of Bamburgh (Bernicia) 963 - 1006
He30 Uhtred the Bold, Earl of all Northumbria 1006 - 1016 Murdered by Thurbrand on the order of Cnut at the instigation of Eodic Strona
m1 Egfrida + 2 ch, dau of Aldun/Aeldhun, Bishop of Durham
m2 Sigen + 2 ch, dau of Styr (on condition that he slew Thurbrand)
m3 Aldgytha + 1 ch, dau of Ethelred the Unready
iv. Ebba, Abbess of Coldingham b about 595
v.+ 4 sons
B. Theobald b about 560 d 603
4. Theodric, King of Bernicia b about 535 d 579 Theodric was killed in battle by Urien's son, Owain mab Urien, after Theodric demanded hostages and Owain refused to give in.
5. Frithuwald, King of Bernicia b about 537 d 586
6. Hussa, King of Bernicia b about 540 d 593
7. Ogg or Ocga b about 542
A. Adhelm b about 570
i. Ecgwald b about 595
a. Leodwald b about 620
1 Cuthwine b about 645
A Coenred, King of Northumbria b about 680 d 718
B Ceolwulf, King of Northumbria b about 682 d 760
2 Eata b about 650
A Eadbert, King of Northumbria b about 680 d 768
i Oswulf, King of Northumbria b about 705 d 759
m Richthryth
a Aelfwald I , King of Northumbria b about 730 d 788
1+ 2 sons murdered young - Aelf, Aelfwine
ii Osgyfu b about 735
m Alchred, King of Northumbria d 774 see just below
B Egbert, Archbishop of York b about 685 d 766
8. Alric b about 545
A. Blaecman b about 575
i. Bofa b about 605
a. Byrnham b about 640
1 Eahlwine b about 665
A Alchred, King of Northumbria b about 700 d 774
m Osgyfu dau of Eadbert, King of Northumbria see just above
i Osred II, King of Northumbria b about 740 d 790 Even though he united two of the competing factions in Northumbria, was king for only a year before being deposed in favour of the previously deposed Æthelred son of Æthelwald Moll. Osred was then exiled, apparently to the Isle of Man. He returned from exile in 792, and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle reports that he was "apprehended and slain on the eighteenth day before the calends of October. His body is deposited at Tynemouth." It is presumed that this killing was done by or for King Æthelred, who had had Ælf and Ælfwine, sons of Ælfwald, killed the previous year, and had attempted to kill Eardwulf in 790.
ii Alchmund d 800

Sources: 'RoyalData' supported by 'The Earliest English Kings' by D.P. Kirby, published in 1991 by Unwin Hyman Ltd ISBN 004-445692-12.
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