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Saxons 5

Witte or Wecta I, King of Saxons b about 260 d 350
1. Witte or Wecta I, King of Saxons d 350
A. Wihgils or Witigislus, King of Saxons d 434
i. Hengist, King of Saxons in Kent d 474/488
'Royal Genealogies' reports that Hengist went to England but indicates that at least one son, Hartwaker, remained on the Continent. The following descent has so far only been found in 'Royal Genealogies' and is, at least in part, somewhat suspect.
a. Hartwaker, Prince of Saxons d 480
1 Hattwigate, Prince of Saxons d 524
A Hulderic, King of Saxons d 540
i Bodicus, Prince of Saxons d 568
a Berthold, Prince of Saxons d 633
1 Sighard, Prince of Saxons d 691
m Julande
A Dietrich, King of Saxons d 740
m Dobzogera b about 679 Saxony dau of Billung, King of Wenden b about 650 or dau of Wisislaus of Obotrites a Heruli descendant and Hagiza of Jutland
i Wernicke, King of Saxons d 768
m Gunhilde of Rügen ?dau of Gundelhard of Rügen and Gerswinde of Alemania
a Wittekind II' the Great', Duke of Saxons d 807
m Svatana of Saxe (other possible partners  Geva EYSTEINSDOTTER (Princess) of DENMARK; Hasalda von ENGERN)
1 Wigbertus, Duke of Saxons d 825 fabpedigree shows Ordrad of Friesland and Sandacilla of Friesland as wives/partners
A Bruno / Berno, Duke of Saxons d 843
m Hazela [fabpedigree shows Suana Oda of MONTFORT and Ode d' ENGHERS de MERSEBOURG as partners and possible child: Ludolph `the Great' I; Count/Duke of SAXONY Alternative father of Possible child: poss. Bruno III; Count/Duke of SAXONY see below
B Walpert, Count of Ringleheim and Oldenburg d 856
m Altbergis, heiress of Lesmona
C Godfried of FRIESLAND
m Hedwig von der MA m?2 x of Denmark
2 Wittekind II, Count of Wettin d 825
m Juliana / Yolante dau of Theodoris, Count of Ruchlitz
A Dietgremus, Count of Wettin
m Bossena, Countess of Pleissen
B Frideric d 810
C Wittekind III went to France
i Robert I 'the Strong', Count of Paris b 820, d 15.09.866 This leads to 'Capet01' which offers an alternative and possibly more accurate version of Robert's ancestry as well as showing his immediate descendants.
- - -
?3 Hedwig (Edith/Egilwich) of  SAXONY (may have been the dau of Wittekin III above
b?+ Emhild/Imhild of Engern m Harald King of Haithabu and/or ?Bruno of Brunsberge (see above) and/or
Hasala von Engern (?confusion with above)
m Azibo, Lord of Ascania and Ballenstadt d 787 (fabpedigree shows Bruno II Duke of Saxon-Engern as spouse and Bruno III as son see above + daughter
b. Oisc or Oeric or Aesc, King of Kent d c512
1 Octa, King of Kent d c540
A Eormenric, King of Kent d 560
i St. Aethelbert I, King of Kent d 24.02.616
m Bertha dau of
+1 Charibert I, King of Paris d 567 +2 Clotaire I, King of Soissons, Austrasia and Neustria d 561
m Ingunde Radegund
+3 Clovis I, King of the Franks d 511, became the first king of all Franks in 509
m1 Evochilde
a Eadbald, King of Kent d 640
m1 ??
1 Mildred, Abbess of Lyminge
m2 Emma of Austrasia dau of Theudebert II, King of Austrasia +1 Theudebert II, King of Austrasia d 612 +2 Childebert II, King of Austrasia d 596 +3 Sigebert I, King of Austrasia d 575
m Brunhild d 613, dau of Athanagild, King of the Visigoths
+4 Clotaire I, King of Soissons, Austrasia and Neustria d 561
m Ingunde Radegund
+5 Clovis I, King of the Franks d 511, became the first king of all Franks in 509
m1 Evochilde
2 Eormenred, Sub-king of Kent
m Oslava
A Ermenburga d aft 695 abess of Minster
m Price Merewald of Magonset (WEst Mercia)
-1 Merefin
-2 Mildburg of Wenlock n Shrewsbury d 722
-3 Mildred of Minster b c 1660 d 13 Jul 734 Minster
-4 Mildgytha d c 676
B+ other issue - Ethelred, Ethelbert
3 Earconbert, King of Kent d 664
m Sexburga of East Anglia dau of Anna, King of East Anglia
A Egbert I , King of Kent d 673
i Eadric , King of Kent d 687
ii Wihtred, King of Kent d 725
m1 Cynegth
a Aethelbert II, Joint King of Kent
1 Egbert II , King of Kent d c780
2 Eadbrht II 'Praen', King of Kent
3 daughter
m Ealhmund, Under-King of Kent d 786
-1 Egbert King of Wessex b c 775, d 839 m Redburh "sister of King of Franks", possibly Charlemagne so possibly dau of Pepin 'the Short', King of the Franks
a Eadbert I , Joint King of Kent d 748
1 Eardwulf, Joint King of Kent
m2 Ethelburga
m3. Werberga
a Alric, Joint King of Kent
B Hlothere, King of Kent d 685
C Earcongota of Kent
D Eormengild of Kent
m Wulfhere, King of Mercia d 675
4 St. Eanswythe, Abbess of Folkestone
b Ethelburga of Kent d 647
m Edwin, King of Northumbria d 633
ii Ricula of Kent
m Sledda, King of Essex d before 604
c. Rowena of Kent
m Vortigern, King of Britons

1 For house of Saxony: 'Royal Genealogies'. The above is taken from transcribed notes and probably contains spelling errors.
2 For house of Kent: 'RoyalData' supported by 'The Earliest English Kings' by D.P. Kirby, published in 1991 by Unwin Hyman Ltd ISBN 004-445692-12.

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