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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Saxons 4

Witelgeltis or Watholgo b about 250
1. Wage b about 275
A. Wihtlaeg b about 300
'RoyalData' shows Wihtlaeg as son of Woden. 'Royal Genealogies' includes two more generations and seems more likely.
i. Weremund or Wermund, King of the Angels b about 330 active 350
a. Offa b about 360
1 Engengenthe or Angeltheow b about 390
A Eomer b about 420
i Ichel b about 450
a Cnebba b about 475
1 Cynewald or Kenwald b about 500
A CREODA b about 525 d 593 - continued below

CREODA b about 525 d 593 - continued above
1. Pybba, King of Mercia b about 550 d c606
A. Penda, King of Mercia d 655
i. Peada, King of Mercia d 656
ii. Wulfhere, King of Mercia d 675
m Eormengild of Kent dau of Earconbert, King of Kent
a. Coenred, King of Mercia d 709
iii. Merewald
iv. Aethelred, King of Mercia d 704
a. Ceolred, King of Mercia d 716
v. Wilburga of Mercia
m Frithwold, Sub-King of Surrey
a. St. Osyth of Mercia
m Sigehere, King of Essex d c683
B. Eowa
i. Alwih
a. Aethelbald, King of Mercia d 757
ii. Osmod
a. Eanwulf
1 Thingfrith
A Offa, King of Mercia d 796
i Ecgferth, King of Mercia
ii Eadburh
m Beorhtric of Wessex
iii Aelfflaed
m Aethelred I of Northumbria
C. Coenwalh
i. Cuthwalh
a. Centwine
1 Cynreow
A Bassa
i Cuthbert
a Coenwulf
1 Eadburh
m Aethelred Mucei, Ealderman of the Gainas
A Ealdburh or Ealswith d 905
m Alfred 'the Great', King of England d 899
b Ceolwulf
D. daughter
m Cadwallan, King of Gwynedd d 634

Main sources:
For top section:
1 'Royal Genealogies' and 'RoyalData'.
For lower section:
2 'A History of England before the Norman Conquest' by Sir Charles Oman, published in 1993 by Bracken Books, ISBN 1-85891-073-0.
3 'The Earliest English Kings' by D.P. Kirby, published in 1991 by Unwin Hyman Ltd ISBN 004-445692-12.
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