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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Saxons 2

Bealdeagus or Baeldeg b 243
1. Brond or Brandius b about 265
A. Benac or Bernic b about 285
i. Beorns b about 310 reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
a. Weybrand b about 330 reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
1 Ingebrand b about 350 reported by 'Royal Genealogies' but not by 'RoyalData'
A Alusa or Aloc b about 375
i Angengent or Angenwit b about 400
a Ethelbert b about 425 'Royal Genealogies' or Ingui 'RoyalData'
1 Oesa b about 450 or Esa
A Eoppa b about 475
i Ida, King of Bernicia b about 500 d 559
m Bearnoch
B. Frithogar or Freodegerus b about 290
i. Freawine or Frithuwald b about 315
a. Wig or Wigga b about 340
1 Gewis or Gerisius b about 365
A Elsa b about 390
Some sources indicate that there were 2 generations of Elsa or Esla as well as 1 of Elesa. This or a longer generation gap then 25 years seems likely.
i Elesa or Elesius b about 430
a Cerdic, King of Wessex b about 470 d 534
Cerdic is generally viewed as the first 'proven' ancestor of the Saxon Kings of England. The earlier listing may be seen as the word of mouth recital of the descent among warriors around the campfire during warring raid campaigns. A senior warrior would regularly recite the chronical of the tribe including some details on the heroic deeds of the persons named in succession. When he died in battle or of disease or old age, the recital would be taken over by his understudy an so on until someone in the tribe learned to read and write and was able to keep records. Hence such narration bear a certain degree of truth but are subject to glorification and the effects of poor memory: simply the weaving of legend.
1 Cynric, King of Wessex b about 500 d 560
A Ceawlin, King of Wessex b about 525 d 593
i Cuthwine b about 550
a Chad or Ceadda b about 575
1 Cenbert or Coenbeorht b about 600
A Cedwalla, King of Wessex b about 625 d 688
B Mul, under-king of Kent b about 630 d 687
b Cynebald b about 585
1 Ethelbald b about 620
A Oswald Atheling b about 650 d 729
c Cuthwulf or Cutha b about 590
1 Ceolwald b about 610
A Cenred b about 630
B Cutha, King of Wessex b about 530 d 584
i Ceolric, King of Wessex b about 550 d 597
a Cynegils b about 580 d 643
1 Cwichelm b about 600 d 636
A Cuthred b about 620 d 661
2 Cenwealth b about 605 d 672
m1 div c645 sister of Penda, King of Mercia
m2 Sexburgh, Queen of Wessex b about 625 d 674
3 Centwine, King of Wessex b about 610 d 685
4 Cyneburgh b about 605
m Oswald, King of Northumbria d 642
ii Ceolwulf, King of Wessex b about 535 d 611
a Cuthgils b about 555
1 Cenferth b about 580
A Cenfus b about 605
i Aescwine, King of Wessex b about 630 d 676
b sister of Cerdic b about 500
1 Stuf b about 518
2 Wightgar, King of the Isle of Wight b about 520 d 544

1'Royal Genealogies', 'RoyalData'.
2 'The Royal Line of Succession', published by Pitkin Pictorials in 1975 SBN 85372-091-6 and repeated in the 1996 edition of that publication, by Pitkin Guides Ltd, ISBN 0-85372-404-0, 'Royal Genealogies', 'Mathematical'.
Most dates of birth hae simply been interpolated or extrapulated to be able to relate to historical events and seek connections
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