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Roosevelt in the USA, Ricardo of Bromesberrow Place, Ricardo of Gatcombe Park, Rudd of Aberglassney

Claes Martensen Van Rosenvelt d c1659, to New Amsterdam New York from Holland
m by 1650 Jannetje Tomas d 1660
1. Nicholas Roosevelt d 30.07.1742
m 1682 Heyltje Jans Kunst
A. Johannes Roosevelt d 04.04.1750
m 1708 Heyltje Siortes d by 05.03.1752
i. Jacobus Roosevelt d 12.05.1777
m 1746 Annetje Bogert d 09.07.1773
a. James Jacobus Roosevelt b 1759, d 08.1840
m 08.03.1793 Maria Van Schaak b 1773, d 03.02.1845
1 Cornelius Roosevelt b 30.01.1794, d 01.07.1871
m c1822 Margaret Barnhill b 13.12.1799, d 23.01.1861, dau of Robert Barnhill
A Theodore Roosevelt b 22.09.1831, d 08/9.02.1878
m Martha 'Mittie' Bulloch b 08.07.1834, d 12.02.1884, dau of James Stephens Bulloch
i Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the USA b 27.10.1858, d 06.01.1919 had issue§F
m1 27.10.1880 Alice Hathaway Lee b 29.07.1861, d 14.02.1884
Aliice Lee Roosevelt b. 12.02. 1884
m2 02.12.1886 Edith Kermit Carow b 06.08.1861, d 30.09.1948, dau of Charles Carow
ii Elliott Roosevelt b 1860, d 1894
m Anna Rebecca Hall b 1863, d 1892, dau of Valentine G. Hall
a Eleanor Roosevelt b 12.10.1884, d 07.11.1962
m 17.03.1905 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA b 30.01.1882, d 12.04.1945 see below
iii Anna Roosevelt, cared for her niece, after her mother and Theodore's wife died on the smae day
iv Corinne
B. James Jacobus Roosevelt b 28.02.1692, d by 05.05.1776
m 31.01.1713 Catharina Hardenbroek b 20.02.1694, d after 1739
i. Isaac Roosevelt b 08.12.1726, d 13.10.1794
m 22.09.1722 Cornelia Hoffman b 13.08.1734, d 13.11.1789
a. James Roosevelt b 10.01.1760, d 06.02.1847
m 15.11.1786 Maria Eliza Walton b 15.03.1769, d 22.03.1810, dau of Abraham Walton
1 Isaac Roosevelt b 21.04.1790/1, d 23.10.1863
m 26.04.1827 Mary Rebecca Aspinwall b 20.12.1809, d 24.02.1886, dau of John Aspinwall
A James Roosevelt b 16.07.1828, d 08.12.1900
m 07.10.1880 Sara Delano b 21.09.1854, d 07.09.1941, dau of Warren Delano
i Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA b 30.01.1882, d 12.04.1945 had issue§F
m 17.03.1905 Eleanor Roosevelt b 12.10.1884, d 07.11.1962, dau of Elliot Roosevelt see above
ii James Roosevelt
m Helen Astor b 1855, d 1893
BLG1952 starts its pedigee of this family with David Ricardo, "a member of the eminent Sephardin family of Ricardo, in Andalusia, Spain, who fled to Leghorn, in Italy, to escape from the Inquisition". He "eventually settled in Amsterdam" where his successors were based. He was father of David b 1580, father of Moses b 1600, d 1671, father of Samuel b 1629, d 1700 who, by Diana Israel, was father of David Israel b 1662, d 1721, m. 1682 Estrella d 1720, dau of Josef Amadens of Leghorn father of ...
Josef Israel Ricardo of Amsterdam b 1702, d 1762
m1 sp ??
m2 1727 Hannah Abaz d 20.11.1781, dau of Josef Abaz
1. Abraham Israel Ricardo b 1733, d 24.03.1812, to London
m 04.1769 Abigail Delavalle d 22.10.1801, dau of Abraham Delavalle of Amsterdam
A. David Ricardo of Gatcombe Park & Bromesberrow Place, Sheriff of Gloucestershire b 19.041772, d 11.09.1823, economist, author, MP
m 20.02.1793 Priscilla Ann Wilkinson d 17.10.1849, dau of Edward Wilkinson of Stratford in Middlesex
i. Osman Ricardo of Bromesberrow Place, Worcestershire b 25.05.1795, dsp 1881, MP
m 22.05.1817 Harriet Mallory dau of Robert Harvey Malllory of Woodcote
ii. David Ricardo of Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire b 18.05.1803, d 17.05.1864had issue
m 01.06.1824 Catherine St. Quintin d 08.1871, dau of William Thomas St. Quintin of Scampston Hall
iii. Mortimer Ricardo of Kiddington d 21.04.1876, Captainhad issue
m 18.07.1836 Catherine Meade d 1854, dau of Gen. Robert Meade, brother of Richard, 2nd Earl Clanwilliam
iv. Henrietta Ricardo d 1838
m 17.02.1814 Thomas Clutterbuck of Hardenhuish d 16.04.1852, son of Daniel of Bradford Leigh
v. Priscilla Ricardo
m Anthony Austen
vi. Fanny Ricardo
m Edward Austen
vii. Mary Ricardo d unm
B.+ other issue - Jacob had issue, son, daughters
2.+ other issue
"The first of the name of Rudd who settled in the county of Caermarthen" was the following Bishop Anthony who "was of the ancient family of Rudd in Yorkshire".
Anthony Rudd of Aberglazeny in Langathen, Bishop of St. David's d 07.03.1614
m Anne Dalton
1. Anthony Rudd dsp
2. Sir Rice Rudd, 1st Bart of Aberglassney in Carmarthenshire d 05.1664
m1 Jane dau of Thomas ap Rice of Richeston
A. Anthony Rudd dvp
m Judith Rudd dau/heir of Thomas Rudd of Higham Ferrars
i. Sir Rice Rudd, 2nd Bart of Aberglassney dsp
m Dorothy Cornwallis sister of Sir Francis Cornwallis of Abermarles
B. Urian Rudd
C. Thomas Rudd
i. Sir Anthony Rudd, 3rd Bart
m1 sp Magdalen Jones dau of Sir Henry Jones of Abermarles
m2 Beatrice Barlow dau of Sir John Barlow, Bart of Slebetch, m2. Griffith Lloyd
a. Sir John Rudd, 4th Bart dsp 15.07.1730
b. Anthony Rudd dsp
c. Anne Rudd
m Richard Gwynne of Tallaris
D. Abigail Ruddprobably of this generation, of this marriage
m Thomas Aubrey Chancellor of St. David's
m2 sp Elizabeth Aubrey sister of Sir John Aubrey of Llantrithyd, Bart

Main sources:
1 and
2 BLG1952 Ricardo of Silwood House
3 BEB1841 Rudd of Aberglassney
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