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Romans 1

The only connection between this page and the rest of the database is the doubtful marriage between Genissa, widely but probably erroneously identified as a daughter of Emperor Claudius, and Arviragus, King of Brittany. The possibilities are discussed there.
Claimed to be descended from Romulus, one of the founders of Rome, was ...
Numerius Julius Caesar
1. Lucius Julius Caesar
A. Sextus Julius Caesar
i. Sextus Julius Caesar
a. Lucius Julius Caesar
1 Lucius Julius Caesar
A Julia Caesar
m Marcus Antonius Crecitus d c71BC, son of Marcus Antonius, Oratorem 143-87BC
i Mark Anthony, Triumvir b 86BC, d 30BC
p. Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt
< a+ twins
m1 Octavia Minor b 69BC, d 11BC, dau of Caius Octavius see 1 below
c Antonia Major
m Lucius Domitius
1 Gnaeus Domitius
m Agrippina II b 15AD, d 59AD, dau of Germanicus Caesar see 2 below
A Lucius Domitius Nero b 67AD, d 68AD Emperor Nero 54AD-68AD
m1 Octavia dau of Emperor Claudius see 3 below
m2 62AD Poppaea Sabina d 65AD
i daughter b 63AD, d 63/4AD
d Antonia Minor b c58BC, d 29AD
m Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus 'Drusus' b 39BC, d 9BC see 4 below
m2 Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt
e child
ii. Gaius Julius Caesar
a. Gaius Julius Caesar
m Marcia dau of Quintus Marcus Rex
1 Gaius Julius Caesar d 84BC
m Aurelia dau of ?? Cotta by Rutilia
A Julius Caesar, Dictator b 13 Jul 100 BC, d 15 Mar 44 BC Dictator Julius Caesar 49BC-44BC §A
m1 84BC Cornelia d 67BC, dau of Lucius Cornelius Cinna
i Julia Caesar b c69BC
m Magnus
m2 67BC Pompeia dau of Quinut Pompey, granddau of Sulla
m3. 59BC, sp Calpurnia dau of Lucius Calpurnius Piso
partners: various including Servilia mother of Brutus
partner: Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt
ii Caesarion d 30BC
iii Ptolemy XIV, Pharaoh of Egypt d 30BC
B Julia Caesar d 51BC
m Marcus Atius Balbus
i Atia Balbus
m Gaius Octavius d 20BC, Senator see 5 just below
2 Julia Caesar
m Gaius Marius General, Consul
Enus Otavius Rufus
1. Gaius Octavius
A. Gaius Octavius
i. Gaius Octavius
a. Gaius Octavius d 20BC, Senator
m Atia Balbus dau of Marcus Atius Balbus see 5 just above
1 Gaius Octavius Augustus 'Octavianus' b 23.09.63BC, d 14ADEmperor Augustus/Octavian 27BC-14AD
m1 Claudia
m2 Scribonia
A Julia Octavius b 39BC, d 14AD
m1 25BC Marcellus b c42BC, d 23BC
m2 Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa b 63BC, d 12BC
i Gaius Caesar
ii Lucius Caesar
iii Julia
iv Agrippina I b 13BC, d 18.10.33AD
m Germanicus Caesar b 15BC, d 19AD see 6 below
v Agrippa Posthumus
m3. Tiberius Nero, Emperor b 42BC, d 37AD see 7 below
m3. Livia Drusilla b c58BC, d 29AD see #### below this was her second marriage
2 Octavia b 69BC, d 11BC
m1 Gaius Marcellus
m2 Mark Anthony, Triumvir b 86BC, d 30BC see 1 above
Tiberius Claudius Nero
1. Appius Claudius Nero
A. Tiberius Claudius Nero d 33BC
m Livia Drusilla b c58BC, d 29AD see #### above this was her first marriage
i. Tiberius Nero b 42BC, d 37AD Emperor Tiberius 14AD-37AD
m1 Vipsania Agrippina
a. Drusus
m Livilla dau of Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus see 8 below
1 Julia
m Nero Caesar see 9 just below
m2 Julia Octavius b 39BC, d 14AD, dau of Gaius Octavius Augustus see 7 above
ii. Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus 'Drusus' b 39BC, d 9BC
m Antonia Minor b c58BC, d 29AD, dau of Mark Anthony, Triumvir see 4 above
a. Germanicus Caesar b 15BC, d 19AD
m Agrippina I b 13BC, d 18.10.33AD, dau of Agrippa see 6 above
1 Nero Caesar
m Julia dau of Drusus see 9 just above
2 Drusus
3 Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus 'Caligula' b 31.08.12AD, d 24.01.41AD Emperor Caligula 37AD-41AD
4 Julia Agrippina II Minor b 15AD, d 03.59AD
m1 Gnaeus Domitius see 2 above
m2 ??
m3. Tiberius Claudius Nero, Emperor b 01.10.10BC, d 13.10.54AD see 10 just below
b. Livilla
m Drusus see 8 above
c. Tiberius Claudius Nero b 01.10.10BC, d 13.10.54AD Emperor Claudius 41AD-54AD
Some of the following details were kindly provided by a site visitor JdH, 21.08.06.
m1 div Plautia Urganilla
1 Claudia
m2 Aelia Paetina
2 Antonia
m3. 38AD Valeria/Vispania Messalina the daughter of Augustusís close friend and greatest general, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, appointed praetor, and sent with his legions to assist his brother Drusus in campaigns in the west. While Drusus focused his forces in Gallia Narbonensis and along the German frontier, Tiberius combated the tribes in the Alps and within Transalpine Gaul, conquering Raetia. In 15 BC he discovered the sources of the Danube, and soon afterwards the bend of the middle course. Returning to Rome in 13 BC, Tiberius was appointed as consul, and around this same time his son, Drusus Julius Caesar, was born. Agrippa's death in 12 BC elevated Tiberius and Drusus with respect to the succession. At Augustusí request, Tiberius divorced Vipsania and married Julia the Elder, Augustus' daughter and Agrippa's widow. This event seems to have been the breaking point for Tiberius; his marriage with Julia was never a happy one, and produced only a single child which died in infancy. Reportedly, Tiberius once ran into Vipsania again, and proceeded to follow her home crying and begging forgiveness; soon afterwards, Tiberius met with Augustus, and steps were taken to ensure that Tiberius and Vipsania would never meet againpossibly banned to Leptis Magna in Lybia.
3 Octavia b 39AD
m Lucius Domitis Nero, Emperor b 37AD, d 68ADsee 3 above
4 Brittanicus b 41AD not mentioned by JdH
m4. Julia Agrippina II Minor b 15AD, d 03.59AD, dau of Germanicus Caesarsee 10 just above
The following Genissa is widely reported to have been a daughter of Emperor Claudius. However, a site visitor JdH, 21.08.06 reported that that is false although she may possibly have been fostered by him. JdH reported that, whilst Genissa "who was educated in the imperial household" did marry Arviragus of Brittany, the idea that she was Claudius's daughter by blood was invented by Geoffrey of Monmouth, later Bishop of St. Asaph, in 'Historia Regum Brittanniae' which was completed in 1138. Stirnet does not doubt that that view is correct i.e. that Genissa was not a blood daughter of Emperor Claudius but nevertheless provisionally keep the widely-reported connection as otherwise we have no reason to include the above Roman families within our database!
5 Genissa Venissa d 50AD It is entirely possible that she his daughter by a servant or his post divorce affair with Vispania and hence raised in his household which would have made her suitable enough as spouse for a provincial king. If she was a daughter by Vispania her safety may have depended on her being wisked out of Rome
m Arviragus, King of Brittany d 74AD

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