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Ramsden 1: Ramsden of Byrom, Ramsden of Carlton Hall, Ramsden of Elland, Ramsden of Longley Hall, Ramsden of Ovenden, Ramsden of Oxton Hall, Ramsden of Rishworth, Ramsden of The Jumples
Thomas Ramsden b c 1430
1. Thomas Ramsden of High Trees d 1537
A. Thomas Ramsden
i. George Ramsden of Crowstone Hall d 1559
a. John Ramsden of Rishworth, Elland
m 10.02.1582-3 Alice Sladen
1 George Ramsden of Rishworth bpt 26.02.1586-7, 2nd son
m 12.02.1615-6 Jenet Nore
A Jeremy Ramsden of Soyland, Elland bpt 02.02.1616-7
m 28.04.1638 Elizabeth Royde
i George Ramsden of The Jumples, Ovenden bpt 03.01.1646, d 31.03.1723
a John Ramsden of The Jumples, Ovenden b 1668, dsp 19.08.1831
m Mary Ramsden dau of Michael Ramsden of Wellhead
b George Ramsden b 1673
m Elizabeth
1 son d unm
c Robert Ramsden of Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden b 1680, d 21.02.1760
m1 Martha Batley d 11.06.1748, dau of Arthur Baylet of Greetland, Halifax
1 John Ramsden of The Jumples b 17.05.1722, d 19.07.1799
m1 Sarah Mitchell d 24.11.1778, dau of Daniel Mitchell of Newhouse, Ovenden
A John Ramsden of Highfield, Ovenden bpt 26.12.1744, d 26.05.1815
m 22.07.1771 Grace Cockcroft of Heptonstall d 20.12.1804
i John Ramsden of Clough, Ovenden bpt 10.05.1774, d 22.07.1861
m c1799 Mary
a Thomas Ramsden of The Jumples b 07.05.1800, d 14.04.1882 had issue
m 18.06.1833 Susannah Taylor d 14.04.1868, dau of Stephen Taylor of Stanbury
ii+ other issue - Thomas, David, Joseph d 1819 in Canada, Sarah
B Robert Ramsden bpt 26.01.1749, d 06.05.1808 had issue
m Hannah Murgatroyd d 27.10.1812
C Nancy Ramsden bpt 01.05.1743
m John Ackroyd of Ovenden
D+ other issue - George b 28.12.1753, d 02.05.1771, Joseph of The Jumples b 28.11.1756, d unm 12.11.1817, Betty b 06.04.1747, d unm 01.09.1791, Sally b 1751, d 1776, Hannah b c1757, d 09.06.1757
m2 Susan Farrar of Rhyding dsp
m3. Mary Armitage d 05.04.1842, dau of John Armitage of Wheatley
I Edward Ramsden dsps 06.06.1853, Rev.
m Margaret Wray d 10.07.1835
J Thomas Ramsden b 05.08.1792, d 10.04.1809
2 Sarah Ramsden b 05.01.1724
m Timothy Horsfall of Haworth Hall
3 Martha Ramsden b 13.05.1731
m Thomas Hoult of Halifax
4+ other issue - Mary b 27.11.1727, Susannah b 09.07.1735, d 19.07.1736, Hanna b 1737, d 04.02.1749
m2 ??
d Mary Ramsden
m John Illingworth of Halifax
e Martha Ramsden d before 1720
m Thomas Bentley
f Susanna Ramsden
m Thomas Shoesmith of Norwood Green
g Sarah Ramsden
m1 Jeremiah Moor
m2 _ Edwards
h Rebecca Ramsden
m John Shaw
B+ other issue - Samuel bpt 19.07.1618, John bpt 09.04.1620, Esther bpt 22.12.1621
2+ other issue - Henry bpt 25.07.1585, Samuel bpt 23.04.1589, Joseph bpt 13.05.1593, Mary bpt 30.05.1591
B. Robert Ramsden of Elland and Longley Hall
i. John Ramsden of Longley Hall d 03.07.1591
a. William Ramsden of Longley Hall bpt 27.08.1558, d 07.06.1623
m1 21.04.1589 Rosamund Pilkington dau of Thomas Pilkington of Bradley
1 Sir John Ramsden of Byrom and Longley Hall
m1 1624 Margaret Frecheville dau of Sir Peter Frecheville of Staveley
A William Ramsden of Longley Hall and Byrom
m Elizabeth Palmes dau of George Palmes of Lindley
i Sir John Ramsden, 1st Bart of Longley Hall and Byrom b 04.1648
m 07.03.1670 Sarah Butler d 14.01.1683, dau of Charles Butler of Coates
a Sir William Ramsden, 2nd Bart b 1672, d 1736
m 06.08.1695 Elizabeth Lowther d 1764, dau of John Lowther, Viscount Lonsdale
1 Sir John Ramsden, 3rd Bart bpt 21.03.1698-9, d 10.04.1769
m 08.1748 Margaret Norton bur 07.06.1775, dau of William Norton of Sawley
A Sir John Ramsden, 4th Bart of Byrom, Sheriff of Yorkshire bpt 01.12.1755, d 15.07.1839
m 07.07.1787 Louisa Susan Ingram-Shepherd b c1766, d 22.11.1857, dau of Charles Ingram, Viscount Irvine
i John Charles Ramsden of Buckden and Newby Park b 30.04.1788, dvp 29.12.1836 had issue
m 04.05.1814 Isabella Dundas b c1790, d 06.12.1887, dau of Thomas Dundas, 1st Lord
ii William Ramsden of Oxton Hall b 15.08.1789, d 30.12.1852, Rear Admiral
m 06.08.1827 Annabella Paulet d 1855, dau of Charles Ingoldsby Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester
iii Henry James Ramsden of Oxton Hall b 22.10.1799, d 19.10.1871 had issue
m 08.08.1829 Frederica Selina Law d 16.04.1879, dau of Edward Law, 1st Lord Ellenborough
iv Charles Ramsden of Newbold Revel b 25.02.1801, d 11.02.1891
m 14.06.1828 Harriet Frances Byng d 1873, dau of John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford
v Louisa Mary Isabella Ramsden dsp 24.08.1872
m 09.12.1847 Lord George Quin d 06.02.1888
vi Elizabeth Frances Ramsden dsp 26.08.1824
m 01.08.1821 Edward William Harvey-Hawke, 4th Lord Hawke b 15.07.1799, d 08.01.1869
vii Caroline Margaret Ramsden d 06.10.1847
m 18.08.1831 Rev. Lord Charles Paulet
viii Frances Catherine Ramsden b 03.06.1806, d 29.07.1853
m 15.12.1828 Lowther Augustus John Pennington, 3rd Lord Muncaster b 14.12.1802, d 30.04.1838
B Elizabeth Ramsden
m 1771 William Weddell of Newby MP
C Margaret Ramsden bur 29.05.1786
m 20.02.1774 Thomas Reynolds, later Reynolds-Moreton, 2nd Lord Ducie b 26.10.1733, d 11.09.1785
2 Robert Ramsden of Osberton b 1708, d 09.02.1769, 4th son
m 13.01.1753 Elizabeth Smyth dau of John Smyth of Heath Hall
A Robert Ramsden of Carlton Hall bpt 22.11.1753, d 27.04.1830
m 1783 Elizabeth Uppleby d 21.11.1807, dau of Charles Uppleby of Wootton
i Robert Ramsden of Carlton Hall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire b 29.03.1784, d 15.09.1865 had issue
m 29.07.1816 Frances Matilda Plumptre d 22.04.1837, dau of John Plumptre, sister of John of Fredville
B John Ramsden d 12.10.1807, rector of Crofton, vicar of Arksey
m 08.10.1790 Frances Elizabeth Cooke d 13.12.1843, dau of Sir George Cooke,7th Bart of Wheatley
i John Ramsden b 03.01.1793, d 19.03.1861 had issue
m 28.10.1829 Maria Jackman d 07.1859
ii George Ramsden b 13.01.1796 had issue
m 06.01.1825 Anna Fullerton d 03.01.1837, dau of John Fullerton of Thribergh
iii Frank Ramsden b 28.03.1797, d 25.11.1872, Captain RN had issue
m 27.08.1835 Elizabeth Smith d 1891, dau of Rev. Samuel Smith
C+ other issue - Catherine, Charlotte
3 Thomas Ramsden bpt 22.07.1709, dsp before 1791
m 14.07.1743 Anne Medows d 1761, dau of Sir Philip Medows
4 Frecheville Ramsden bpt 11.04.1715, d 24.12.1804, Lt. Governor of Carlisle
m 17.03.1761 Isabella Ingram sister of Charles Ingram, Viscount Irvine
A George Ramsden b 1761, d 1793, Captain
m Lucy Carpenter d 17.04.1842, dau of Gen. Benjamin Carpenter
i William Ramsden b 1787, d 04.11.1860, rector of Ashurst and Linwood, 2nd son had issue
m 05.04.1815 Elizabeth Jane Bell d 1888, dau of Richard Bell
ii+ other issue - George d 09.10.1820, Lt. Colonel, Thomas of Harcourt Lodge b 1790, dsp 1860
B+ other issue - George d 09.10.1820, Lt. Colonel, Thomas of Harcourt Lodge b 1790, dsp 1860
5 Catherine Ramsden d 05.01.1778
m 17.08.1736 Sir William Lowther, 2nd Bart of Swillington dsp 22.12.1763
6+ other issue d unm - William of York d 16.11.1770, James d 07.10.1770, 5 daughters
b+ 6 sons d unm
ii Browne Ramsden d 15.03.1740
m1 11.09.1673 Sir George Dalston dvp bur 31.05.1677
m2 Edward Andrews of Westminster
m3. Sir Richard Fisher, Bart of Islington
iii Margaret Ramsden
m 03.03.1673 Sir John Dalston, 2nd Bart of Dalston d 17.01.1711
iv Frances Ramsden
m Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton b 1661, d 21.01.1721-2
v Mary Ramsden
m Thomas Wilkinson of Kirkeaton
vi Elizabeth Ramsden
m John Anderson
vii+ other issue d unm - Frecheville d 01.11.1676, Peter
m2 sp Anne Overton dau of Lawrence Overton of London
2 daughter
m sp Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington d 03.12.1640
3 Catherine Ramsden probably of this generation
m Richard Holland of Denton & Heaton b 1594-5, d 1661, Colonel
m2 sp Mary relict of Henry Batt of Bershall
2. Gilbert Ramsden a 1524

Main sources: BLG1952 Ramsden of The Jumples, BP1934 Ramsden
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