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Raleigh of Rayleigh - - - Raleigh of Virginia

Ra. Suein de Essex b c 1045 d aft 1086
Ra25 Robert FitzSuein b c 1085 Rayleigh Rochford
m Gunnora Bigod b 1096 dau of
+1 Roger Bigod b 1060 d Sep 1107
m Adeliza de Toeni b 1070
Ra24-1 Henry de Essex of Rayleigh b c 1121 Rayleigh d 1163
m Cecely de Valognes b c 1125 Epping Essex dau of
+1 Roger de Valoignes b c 1100 d 1141
m Agnes FitzJohn
+2 Piers de Valoignes
m Albreda St Sauveur
+2 John Monoculus FitzNigel
m Cecily
Ra24-1-1 Agnes de Essex b 1151/2 Haughley Suffolk d aft 26 Dec 1194 Earls Colne Priory
m Aubrey/Alberic de Vere III 1st Earl of Essex b c 1110 d 26 Dec 1194
-1 Alice de Vere b aft 1163 aft 1214 Essex, Hedingham Castle Geoffrey I de Say
-2 Robert de Vere b 1164 25 OCT 1221 Oxford m1 Isabel Bolebec m2 Alice probably dau of Roger Bigod, p3 x
-3 Henry de Vere b c 1173 Essex, Hatfield
-4 Cecily de Vere b c 1177 Suffolk, Ixworth d 1234 m William le Blount
Ra26 =27 =29 =30 Richard de Raleigh b c 1125 Rayleigh Rochford Essex
Ra25-1 possibly here was:
Hugh Rawley of Rawley b 1140 Raleigh Devon
m Clarissa x
-1 William Raleigh b 1170 Raleigh Devon d 1233
-2 Sir Simon Raleigh
-1-1 Peter Raleigh b 1200 #Raleigh Devon m Margaret Daubeny dau of Sir Philip Daubeney
-1-2 William Raleigh b 1215 Raleigh Devon
-1-1-1 Sir William Raleigh b c 1230 Bicton Devon m Joan Stockhay b c 12340 Stockhay Devon dau of Sir John Stockhay
-1-1-2 Wymond Rawley
-1-1-3 Henry Rawley
-1-1-1-1 Sir William Raleigh b c 1250 Raleigh Devon m Laura Peverell b 1253 Plympton Dt Mary Devon dau of Hugh Peverell b 1223 Ermyngton Devon d 1259 Bodmin Cornwall and Isabel FitzWilliam de Mohun
Ra25 =26 =28 =29 Warine de Raleigh b c 1245 Nettlecombe d 1294 Ashington Somerset
m Joanna le Boteler b c 1170 d aft 1242 dau of->
+1 Robert le Boteler b 1132 d 1185
m Maud Pantulf b 1222
Ra24-1 Elizabeth de Raleigh b c 1270 Nettlecombe
m Andrew Luttrell of Chilton b c 1255 Chilton d there 1326 son of
+1 Alexander Luttrell b c 1236 East Quoontoxhead d 1272 Acre Hazafon Kgdm of Jerusalem 5th Crusade
m Margery FitzWilliam of Sprotborough
Ra24-1-1 Alexander Luttrell
Ra24-1-2 John De Luttrell
Ra24 =25 =27 =28 Warine de Raleigh b c 1190 Somerset, Nettlecombe d aft 1242
Ra23 =24 =26 =27 Simon de Ralegh b 1223 Somerset, Nettlecombe d bef 1287
m Ela de Reigny b c 1238 Somerset, Wrenchler Castle d aft 1287 dau of Miles de Reigny b c 1210
Ra22 =23 =25 =26 Warine de Raleigh b c 1240 Nettlecombe d aft 1216
m Margaret le Boteler b c 1255 Wem Shropshire d aft 1301 dau of Ralph le Boteler III b 1218 d 10 Jan 1277
Ra21 =22 =24 =25 Warin de Ralegh b c 1255 Somerset, Nettlecombe d aft 1242
m Joanne Boteler b c 1255 Wem Shropshire d 1301 Nettlecombe
Ra20-1 Maud Raleigh b 1268 Newcombe
m Matthew de Furneaux b c 1258/64 Ashington Somerset d 1316/7 son of Matthew Furneaux b c 1220 granson of Henry Furneaux b c 1190 and Joan FitzWilliam
-1 Dionisia de Furneaux b c 1285 Ashington
-2 Margaret de Furneaux b 1285/1305 Ashington d 8 AUG 1349 m1 Ralph de Beaupre m1 Hugh Longland
-3 Matilda de Furneaux b 1287 Ashington
-4 Walter de Furneaux b c 1290 d 1330
-5 Henry de Furneaux b c 1292 Ashington
-6 Elianor de Furneaux b c 1293 Ashington m Henry Hadden son of John Hadden and Amicia Maltravers
-7 Simon de Furneaux b c 1294 1350 Somerset, Stringston
-8 Hawise Avis de Furneaux b c 1295/1303 Ashington m John de Bytton
-9 Thomas de Furneaux b c 1297 Ashington
-10 Jone/Johanna de Furneaux b c 1300 Ashington
-11 John de Furneaux b c 1304 Ashington d 1336
-12 Elizabeth de Furneaux b c 1310 m Sir John Blount

-2-1 John Longland b 1330 m Isabelle Beaupre
-2-2 Margaret Longland b c 1335 m1 John St Barbe m2 Richard Acton
-6-1 John Haddon m Amice
-12-1 John Blount b c 1340

-2-1-1 Margaret Longland b 1350 d 1414 m Joh Deviock b c 1350 d 1380 m2 leonard Halkluyt
-2-2-1 Richard Acton
-6-1-1 x Haddon m William Fitzwarren
-12-1-1 John Blount b 1350 d 1414 m1 Richard Stafford m2 Richrd Stury

-2-1-1-1 Margaret Deviock m John Stapleton
-6-1-1-1 y Ives Fitzwarren b c 1340 m Maud d'Argentine

-6-1-1-1-1 Eleanor Fitzwarren b c 1375 m1 1390 John Chidiock d 1415 son of John chidiock b c 1340 m 1375 Joan St Lo d 30 Jun 1390 m2 Ralph Bush
Ra20 =21 =23 =24 Elizabeth de Raleigh b c 1265 m 1270 Sir Andrew Luttrell Lu21 =24 =25 of East Quantoxhead b c 1250 -1 Alexander Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
-2 Sir John Luttrell of Chilton b c 1310 d c 1360 m Joan Mohun
-1-1 Thomas Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
-2-1 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton b c 1340
m 1359 Elizabeth Courtenay Co19 b c 1340 d 07.08.1395, dau of Hugh Courtenay Co21, 2nd Earl of Devon
Ra20 =21 Sir Simon de Ralegh b c 1269 Somerset, Nettlecombe d aft 1301 Glamorgan, Wrenchester Castle
m Joan le Tort b c 1270 Owlknolle Somerset dau of Laurence le Tort b c 1243
Ra19 =20 Avicia de Raleigh/Ralegh b 1301 Nettlecombe m1 Baldwin Malet, Baron of Curry Male Ma20 b 1284 Somerset, Enmore d 1343 m2 George de Meriet Ma18 =19 Sir John Malet of Enmore and Deandon b c 1305 d c 1349 m Elizabeth Kingston dau of Sir John Kingston
Ma18-2 Baldwin Malet
Ma18-3 Walter Malet
Ma18-4 Richard Malet
Ma18-5 Isabel Malet
Ma18-6 Maud Malet
Ma18-7 Johanna Malet
Ma18-8 Alice Malet
Ma17 =18 Sir Baldwin Malet of Enmore and Deandon d 1416 m1 Elizabeth Trivett + 2 ch dau of Sir Thomas Trivett m2 micia Lyffe + 1 ch dau of Richard Lyffe of Corypole
Ma18-2 Ellen Malet b c 1354 m Walter Blewett son of Walter Blewett and Christiana Greenham
Ma16-1 John Malet m Joan Hulle dau of Sir John Hulle by Dyonisia Durburgh
Ma16 Eleanor Malet m Sir William Hody
Ma17 Hugh Malet of Enmore, Deandon, Sutton Malet and Corypole a 1484 m Joan Ranyon dau of John Ranyon of Bickfield
Ma18-2-1 John Blewett m Agnes Beaupenny

Ho15-1 Mary Hoddy d 19 Nov 1587) m Thomas Carew of Haccombe
Ho15 Agnes Hody m Robert Cary Ca15
Ho15-3? Joan Hody m William Chudleigh of Portledge and had
Ma16 Thomas Malet of Enmore, Deandon and St. Audries d 1501/2 m1 Joan Wadham dau of Sir William Wadham of Meryfield + 4 ch m?2 Elizabeth, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham m?3 Isabella Courtenay b c 1450? + ch dau of Sir William Courtenay of ?Powderham
Ma18-2-1-1 John Blewett m Mathilda Chiselden ancestors of Pres. Pierce

Ho15-1-1 John Carew+ d 1626
Ho15-1-2 Arthur Carew d a 1596
Ho15-1-3 Peter Carew
Ho15-1-4 Katherine Carew
Ho15-1-5 Dorothy Carew
Ho15-1-6 Barbara Carew
Ho15-1-7 Mary Carew
Ho15-1-8 Margaret Carew
Ho15-1-9 Joane Carew
Ho15-1-10 William Carew b 1548, d 24 Feb 1601
Ca14 Sir William Cary b 1492 Bristol d 28 Mar 1572 Bristol m Joan Herle
Ma15 William Malet of Enmore and Deandon b 1471, d 1511 m Alice Young dau of Thomas Young of Easton
Ma15-2 Hawise Malet m John Coker
Ma15-3 Elizabeth Malet m1 John Ashley m2 Hugh Trow
Ma15-4 Margaret Malet
Ma15-5 Sir Baldwin Malet of St. Audries d 1533, Solicitor General to Henry VIII

Ca13-1 Richard/?Robert Cary b 1515 Bristol d June 17,1570 England bur at St. Nichaolas Church Bristol
Ca13-2 Agnes Cary b England, m Humphrey Cooper
Ca13-3 Susan Cary b England, m John Lacy 1571 in Bristol
Ca13-4 William Cary d c 1572 England
Ca13 Richard Cary b England d Aug. 11, 1569 Bristol m Elizabeth ? 1st Christian Dennis, 2nd Joan Holton
Ra23-1 Wimond Raleigh b c 1245
m Constance Chelton b c 1250 dau of Robert de Chelton b by 1365
Ra23-1-1 Sir Hugh Raleigh of Smallridge b c 1270
Ra23-1-1-1 John Raleigh of Smallridge b c 1295 m Joanna Newton b 1300 dau of William Newton of Fardell b c 1275 m Ellen Fitzwarine b c 1280 dau of +1 Juhel Fitzwrine b c 1255)
Ra23-1-1-1 Henry Raleigh of Smallridge b c 1320
m Isabel de Beuamont b c 1325
Elizabeth Bamville b c 1350 Ellin Barden b c 1360
-1-2 Henry de Raleigh, KBE
-1-3 Thomasine de Raleigh
-1-4 Simon de Raleigh
- - - - - -
The relationship of the family below to that of the family above has yet to be established but seems highly likely:
Raleigh of Devon
Ra? Walter Raleigh b c 1525 of highly Protestant in religious orientation
m Catherine Champernowne she m1 Otho Gilbert of Compton and Greenway (also Galmpton and Devon) b c 1515
She was a niece of Kat Ashley, Elizabeth's governess, who introduced her sons at court.
Ra?-1 Sir Carew Raleigh of Downton Wilts b c 1550 d c 1625 naval commander and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1586 and 1622
m Dorothy Wroughton, wid of Sir John Thynne dau of Sir William Wroughton of Broad Heighton, Wiltshire.
-1 Walter Raleigh, DD, Dean of Wells m Maria Gibbs dau of Sir Ralph Gibbs
-2+ other sons
-1-1 George Raleigh
Ra?-2 Sir Walter Raleigh b c 1554/?22 Jan 1552 Hayes Barton, a farmhouse near the village of East Budleigh, not far from Budleigh Salterton in Devon d 29 October 1618 English landed gentleman, writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy, and explorer. He was cousin to Sir Richard Grenville and younger half-brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert. He is also well known for popularising tobacco in England. In 1569, Raleigh left for France to serve with the Huguenots in the French religious civil wars. In 1572, Raleigh was registered as an undergraduate at Oriel College, Oxford, but he left a year later without a degree. Raleigh proceeded to finish his education in the Inns of Court.[4] In 1575, he was registered at the Middle Temple. At his trial in 1603, he stated that he had never studied law. His life is uncertain between these two dates, but in his History of the World he claimed to have been an eyewitness at the Battle of Moncontour (3 October 1569) in France. In 1575 or 1576, Raleigh returned to England.
m Elizabeth Throckmorton, one of the Queen Elizabeth's ladies-in-waiting, without the Queen's permission, for which he and his wife were sent to the Tower of London. After his release, they retired to his estate at Sherborne, Dorset.
-1 Damerei Raleigh
-2 Walter Raleigh fatally shot in the attack on the Spanish outpost of Santo Tomé de Guayana on the Orinoco River, in violation of peace treaties with Spain, and against Raleigh's orders.
-3 Carew Raleigh b 1605 d 1666 St martin's Lane London m x

-3-1 Sir Walter Raleigh b c 1630
- - - - - -
The relationship of the family below to that of the family above has yet to be established but seems highly likely:
Raleigh of Virginia
Ra18 Johanes RALEIGH b c 1390 Thornborough, Warwickshire
m 1428 (incomp) Idon COTESFORD b c 1410 Warwick
Ra17 William RALEIGH b c 1415 Thornborough, Warwickshire d in 1460
m Elizabeth GREENE b c 1421 in Greenes Norton, Northumberland
+1 Thomas GREENE b 10 Feb 1400 d 18 Jan 1461 bur Norton, Northampton
m Phillipe FERRERS b c 1393 Chartley, Staffordshire d 1457/8 buried in Norton, Northampton
+2 Sir Thomas Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton b 1373 in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire d 14 Dec 1417
m Mary Talbot
+2 Robert Ferrers 5th Lord of Chartley
m Margaret Despencer
Ra16 Edward RALEIGH b c 1414 Thornborough, Warwickshire d by 20 Jun 1509 in , Farneborough, Warwickshire
m Margaret VERNEY b c 1445 London
+1 Ralph VERNEY b c 1410 in Of, Fleet Marston, Buckinghamshire d on 11 Jun 1478 bur 25 Jun 1478 St. Martin Pomeroy, London
m Emma PYKING b c 1412 Fleet Marston, Buckinghamshire
Ra15 Edward RALEIGH b c 1473 in Farneborough, Warwickshire
m Anne CHAMBERLAIN b c 1478 Shirburn, Oxfordshire dau of Richard CHAMBERLAIN b ct 1438 in Of, Shirburn, Oxfordshire d 28 Aug 1496 and Sibyl FOWLER b c 1448 Rycott/Rycote, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire d 1525
Ra14-2 Bridget RALEIGH b 1506 Canons Ashby Northhampton d there 6 Jan 1558 m 1528 Sir John Cope b 1504 Canons Ashby d 22 Jan 1558 Canons Ashby.
Ra14-2 Mary RALEIGH b c 1487 Warkworth, Northampton
Ra14 George RALEIGH b c 1500 Thornborough m by 2 Apr 1546 m Jane/Joan Conningsby
Ra14-4 Margaret RALEIGH was born in 1507 Canons Ashby, Northampton
Ra14-5 Anthony RALEIGH was born in 1513 Canons Ashby, Northampton
Ra14-6 Leonard RALEIGH was born in 1511 Canons Ashby, Northampton

Ra14-2-1 Elizabeth Cope b 1529 d 30 Sep 1584 m John Dryden of Northampton d 3 Sep 1584
Ra13-1 Edward Raleigh dsp
?Ra13 Bridget Raleigh b c 1530 m Sir William Kingsmill Ki13
Ra13-2 Humphrey Raleigh dsp
Ra13-3 Sibilla Raleigh
Ra13-4 Joan Raleigh
Ra13-5 George Raleigh
Ra13-6 Simon Raleigh b c 1540 Farnings d Thornborough m Anne Docwra
Ra13-7 Frances Raleigh b. c 1521
Ra13-8 Thomas Raleigh b 1563
Ra14-2-1-1 Bridget Dryden b 1563 Canons Ashby d 2 Apr 1645 Berhamstead Hartford m 1587 in Alford Francis Marbury
Ki12-1 Bridgett Kingsmill b about 1553 m?1/2 Sir Thomas Norris ?m2/1 Sir Henry Colt of Colt's Hall and Netherhall b c 1574 d c 1635
Ki12-2 Sir William Kingsmill of Sydmonton b c 1565 d 1600 m Anne Wilkes dau of William Wilkes of Middleton Cheney
Ki12-3 Thomas Kingsmill b c 1567
Ki12 Richard Kingsmill
Ra13-6-1 George Raleigh b c 1565 m Elizabeth Smith
Ra13-6-2 Esay Raleigh
Ra13-6-3 Foulk Raleigh
Ra13-6-4 Edward Raleigh
Ra13-6-5 Margaret Raleigh
Ra13-6-6 Maria Raleigh
Ra13-6-7 Elizabeth Raleigh
Ra13-6-8 Anna Raleigh
Ra13-8-1 William Raleigh
Ra14-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Cope b 1529 d 30 Sep 1584 m John Dryden b Northampton d 3 Sep 1584
Ki11 Elizabeth Kingsmill m Nathaniel Bacon Ba11
Ra13-6-1-1 Edward Raleigh b c 1590 m Kath Poultney
Ra14-2-1-1-1-1 Bridget Dryden b 1563 Canons Ashby Northampton d 2 Apr 1645 Berkhamsted Hartford m 1587 Francis Marbury b 1555 Alford Lincoln d 14 Feb 1610 Alford
Ba10 Elizabeth Bacon Ba10 m John Nuthall Nu10
Ra13-6-1-1-1 Elizabeth Raleigh b c 1615
Ra14-2-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Marbury b 1591 Alford d Aug 1643 Pelham Bay NY m 1612 William Hutchinson b 14 Aug 1586 Alford d 1642 Newport RI ancestors of Kathryn Faye Hays, author's DNA match
Ra15-2 Emme RALEIGH b 1477 in Farneborough, Warwickshire
Ra15-3 Alice RALEIGH b 1483 in Farneborough
Ra15-4 Anne RALEIGH b 1481 in Farneborough
Ra15-5 Anthony RALEIGH b 1485 in Farneborough
Ra15-6 Mary Raleigh b c 1495 m Nicholas Wodhull b 1482 d 1531 -1 Anthony Woodhull b 1518 d 1542 m Anne Smith -1 Agnes de Wodhull b 1542 m1 George Calveley m2 Richard Chetwode -1-1 Sir Richard Chetwoode of Warkworth m1 Jane Drury m2 Dorothy Needham b 1570 -1-1-1 Beatrice Chetwood
-1-1-2 Tobias Chetwood
-1-1-3 JOhn Chetwood
-1-1-4 Abigail Chetwood
-1-1-5 Jane Chetwood d 1648 WEst Helton Schropshire
-1-1-6 Dorothy Chetwood
-1-1-7 mary Chetwood
-1-1-8 Frances Chetwood m George Reinsham
-1-1-9 Thomas Chetwood
-1-1-10 Robert Chetwood
-1-1-11 Grace Chetwood b 1602 d 1669 New London CT m Peter Bulkeley b 1583 d 1659
-1-1-12 Catherine Chetwood m1 William Skeffington d 1605 m2 Michael Bray d 1613
-1-1-13 William Chetwood
-1-1-14 Anne Chetwood b c 1588 m Sir Gyles Bray of Barrington b c 1585 a 1634
-1-1-15 Richard Chetwood m Anne Knightley
Ra16-2 William RALEIGH b 1462 Of, Thornborough
Ra16-3 Margaret RALEIGH b 1456 Thornborough
Ra16-4 Thomas RALEIGH b 1458 Thornborough
Ra14-? - - - - - -
of no established relation to the above was:
Edward Rawlegh b c 1510
m rances Hoorde
b c 1516 d c 1570 dau of Thomas Hoorde b c 1500 d 9 Jan 1522
m Dorothy Harpur b 1492 Rushall Stafford

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