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de Qunicy Pedigree: Quincy /de Quency of Winchester
Qu25 =26 =27 =28 =29. Saher de Quency of Buckby = Saier de Quincy of Bushby (d c1157)
m. Maud de St. Liz (d by 1163, dau of Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
BE1883 identifies 2 sons of this marriage, Saier and Robert, but identifies Saier as the 1st Earl, showing him as brother rather than son of Robert. TCP seems more likely sowing him as father of both Saher II and Robert.
Qu26-1. Saher de Quency II d 1190, justice in Normandy m. (1162) Asceline Peverel (d by 1190, dau of Robert Peverel of Bourn)
Qu26.1.1 Saher de Quency III dsp 1192
Qu24 =25 =26 =27 =28 Robert de Quency d before 25.12.1197
m1. (div) Orable (dau of->
+1 Nes, +2 William of Leuchars)
Qu23 =24 =25 =26 =27 Saher de Quency (IV) = Saier de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester (d 03.11.1219) §C
m. Margaret Beaumont 'FitzParnell' (d 02.1235, dau of->
+1 Robert Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester
m before 1155 Patronil or Pernel de Grentemesnil (d 01.04.1212, dau of ?? de Grentemesnil)
+2 Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester, Viceroy of England b 1104, d 05.04.1168
m c1120 ) Amicie de Waer (dau/granddau of Ralph de Waer, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk)
+3 Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester (b 1050, d 05.06.1118)žB
m1 Godehilde de Toeni (dau of Raoul III de Toeni, Sn de Conches)
+4 Roger de Beaumont, Sn de Beaumont et de Pont-Audomer d 29.11.1094
m. (1040) Adeliza of Meulan b c 1014 d 1081 dau of Waleran III, Count de Meulan)
+5 Humphrey, Sn de Vieilles et de Pont-Audomer
m. Aubree / Albreda de la Haye Auberie
+6 Thorold (Turulf) de Pont-Audemer d after 1040
m. Duvelina or Wevia or Awelina sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy
+7 Torf or Turlufus
m. 955 Emerberga de Brigenberg
Qu24-1. Robert de Quincy (dvp 1217)
TCP (Winchester) reports that this Robert dsp but this appears to be in error so, supported by TCP (Lincoln), we follow BE1883 in showing the following family. BE1883 says he had an only daughter (Margaret) but then also mention Mabel.
m. Hawise de Kevliock (dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester)
a. Margaret de Quincy
m1. John de Lacy, 1st Earl of Lincoln (d 1240) -1 Edmund de Lacy, 2nd Earl of Lincoln b 1230, d 02.06.1257/8 m 05.1247 Alice of Saluces d before 12.07.1311/2, dau of Manfredo, Marchese di Saluzzo -1-1 Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Salisbury b 06/13.01.1250, d 05.02.1311 m1 c1256 Margaret de Longespee Plantagenet b c1254, d 1306/10 + 3 ch dau of William, 3rd Earl of Salisbury m2 before 16.06.1310 Joan Martin d before 27.10.1322 + 1 ch dau of William, Lord Martin
-1-2 Elenor de Lacy m Eubolo de Strange
-1-3 Margaret de Lacy
m Sir George de Cantilupe of Bergavenny and Haryngworth b 29.03.1252, dsp 18.10.1273
-1-1-1 Alice de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln and Salisbury b 25.12.1281 dsp 02.10.1348 m1 Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln dsp 22.03.1322 m2 before 10.11.1324 Ebles/Eubold le Strange, 'Earl of Lincoln' dsp 08.09.1335 m3. before 23.03.1335/6 Hugh de Frenes, 'Earl of Lincoln' d 1336/7
-1-1-2+ Edmund d young, John d infant, Joanna de Lacy d infant
m2. Walter Marshal, 5th Earl of Pembroke (dsp 11.1245)
b. Mabel de Quincy
m. Hugh Audley
Qu23 =24 =25 =25 =26 =27 Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester d 25.04.1264
m1 Helen of Galloway d after 21.11.1245, dau of Alan, lord of Galloway
Qu22 =23 =24 =25 =26 Margaret de Quincy
m. (by 1238) William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby (d 24.03.1254)
Qu24 Elizabeth de Quincy
m Alexander Comyn Cu24, 2nd Earl of Buchan d 1289
Qu24 Elena/Ela de Quincy d 1296
m Sir Alan la Zouche of Ashby d 10.08.1270
-1 Sir Roger de la Zouche of Ashby b c 1240/2, d before 15.10.1285 m c 1266 Ela de Longespee Plantagenet d by 1276, dau of Stephen de Longespee Plantagenet -1-1 Alan la Zouche, 1st Lord of Ashby b 09.10.1267, d before 25.03.1314
m Eleanor de Segrave dau of Sir Nicholas de Segrave, Lord
-1-2 Maud la Zouche b c1290, d 31.05.1349
m c 1311 Robert de Holand, 1st Lord Holand d 07.10.1328
-1-3 Elizabeth la Zouche b c1294, nun

-1-2-1 Sir Robert de Holand b 1312, of Brackley, Northamptonshire. 
-1-2-2 Thomas de Holand b 1314 of Broughton, Earl of Kent, b 1314, d 26/28 Dec 1360; married Joan Plantagenet. 
-1-2-3 Otho de Holand, , of Brackley, Northamptonshire
-1-2-4 John de Holand, b about 1318, of Brackley, Northamptonshire
-1-2-5 Maud de HolandHo19 b abt 1316, prob Upholland, Lancashire, England, d Dec 1361 m Sir Thomas de Swynnerton Sw20, Lord Swynnerton, abt 1328, son of Sir Roger de Swynnerton, Lord Swynnerton,
-1-2-6 Alan Holland, b about 1326, of Brackley Northamptonshire.
-1-2-7 Elizabeth de Holand b abt 1324, Upholland, Lancashire d 13 Jul 1387 m bef 23 May 1340 Sir Henry FitzRoger, son of Roger FitzPeter, aka Roger Martel, and x de Urtiaco
-1-2-8 Margaret de Holand b abt 1313 ?1322, Upholland, Lancashire d Aug 1349; m Sir John de La Warre abt 1324, Lancashire
-1-2-9 Jane Holland b about 1326, of Brackley.
-1-2-10 Alianorede holland, b about 1327 of West Derby, Lancastershire.
-1-2-11 Isabella Holland b about 1328, of Brackley

-1-2-5-1 Alice de Swynnerton Sw20 b abt 1332, probably Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England, d abt 1350. m Sir John de Gresley about 1346, son of Sir Geoffrey de Gresley and Margaret Gernon.
-1-2-5-2 Sir Robert de Swynnerton Sw18 b c 1334 d c 1395 m Elizabeth Beke Be18 b. ABT 1355 Eresby, Lincoln, England,daughter of Sir Nicholas Beke Be19, and Jane/Joan de Stafford St19

-1-2-5-1-1 Nicholas Gresley G19 b 1345 Colton, Staffordshire d 1380 m 1364 Thomasine de Wasterneys Wa19 b 1342
-1-2-5-2-1 Maud (Matilda) de Swynnerton Sw17 b c 1372, of Barrow, Cheshire d 1415 Staffordshire m Sir John Savage Sa17 son of Sir John Savage and Margaret Danyers
-1-2-5-2-2 Thomas de Swynnerton b c 1375 Swynnerton, Stafford

Gr18 Sir Thomas Gresley G18 b 1332 Margaret Walsh in 1391, dau of Walse, Lord of Anlep
Gr18-2 Roger Gresley
Sa16-1 Sir John Savage, Knight, b 1403, Clifton, Cheshire d 29 Jun 1463, Clifton, Cheshire m Elizabeth/Eleanor Brereton abt 1422
Sa16-2 Margaret Savage b abt 1404, Clifton, Cheshire, England, d aft 1450, married Sir John Dutton 1418, prob Cheshire, England, son of Sir Piers de Dutton and Elizabeth Boteler. 
Sa16 Ellen Savage Sa16 m Peter/Piers Warburton Wa16

Gr17-1 Sir John Gresley, m Margaret Norwood
Gr17-2 Joan De Gresley
Gr17-3 Innocentia Gresley
Gr17 Margaret Gresley Gr17 b 1393 Rock Worcester m Sir Thomas Blount
Gr17-5 Geoffrey Gresley
Wa15-1 Sir John Warburton Wa15 b c 1459 Arley Cheshire d c 1525 m c 1489 Jane Stanley St15 b c 1463 Holt Castle, Flint, Wls & of Weever, Cheshire d c 1525
Wa15-2 Peter Warburton b c 1461 Bromfield, & of Werberton, Cheshire, England
Wa15-3 Blanche Warburton b c 1463 Arley, & of Werberton, Cheshire, England
Wa15-4 Douce Warburton b c 1465 Arley, & of Werberton, Cheshire m Richard Aston

Bl16-1 Sancha Blount
Bl16-2 Agnes Blount
Bl16 Walter Blount , Baron m Ellen Byron
Bl16-4 ?dau Blount
Bl16-5 Sir Thomas Blount
Bl16-6 Eliza 'Elizabeth' Blount
Wa14-1 John Warburton b c 1490 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-2 Dowce (Douce) Warburton b c 1492 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-3 Ellen Warburton b c 1494 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-4 Elizabeth Warburton b c 1498 Of Arley, Cheshire
Wa14 Blanch Warburton b 1500 m William Davenport Da14
Wa14-6 Jean Warburton b c 1500 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-7 William Warburton b c 1502 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-8 Peter (Piers) Warburton b Oct. 1504/1514 Warburton & Arley Bothir Cheshire d 5 June 1550 Arley, Cheshire
Wa15-4-1 Thomas Aston d 1551 m Bridget HAREWELL dau of Anne Middleton b aft 1462 m John Harewell ancestors of Pres. Franklin Pierce
Bl5 Sir William Blount b 1442 Rock, Worcester d 14 Apr 1471 Battle of Barnet, Hertfordshire m Margaret Eychingham
Bl5-2 Sir John Blount b c 1471 Rock Worcester d 1514, Hounslow, Middlesex
Bl5-3 Sir James Blount
Bl5-4 Edward Blount
Bl5-5 Anne Blount
Bl5-6 Elizabeth Blount
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount m Andrew de Windsor Wi14, 1st Baron Windsor b 1467 d 30 Mar 1543
Wi13-1 Elizabeth Windsor
Wi13-2 George Windsor
Wi13-3 Eleanor Windsor
Wi13-4 William Windsor 2░ Baron Windsor of Bradenham
Wi13-5 Andrew Windsor b c 1492
Wi13-6 Edmund Windsor b c 1494 d AFT Jan 1553
Wi13-7 Anne Windsor
Wi13 Edith Windsor+ m George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire ancestors of Pres. William and Benjamin Harrison, Gen. Robert E Lee etc.
Wi13-9 Thomas Windsor
Da13-1 William Davenport b 1521 Bramhall, Cheshire,d 13 SEP 1576 Bramhall, Cheshire
Da13-2 John Davenport b c 1523 Bramhall, Cheshire d FEB 1608;
Da13 Jane Davenport b c 1524m Robert Hyde (Hy13)
Hy12 Robert Hyde b 1543 Norbury, Cheshire d 22 MAR 1614 Stockport, Cheshire c 1568 Beatrice Calverly
b c 1575 Calverley, Yorkshire d 1624
Hy12-2 Hamnet Hyde b c 1545 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-3 William Hyde b c 1547 Norbury
Hy12-4 Dorothy Hyde b c 1548 Norbury d c 1593
Hy12-5 Edward Hyde b c 1549 Norbury
Hy12-6 Thomas Hyde b c 1551 Norbury d aft 1625
Hy12-7 Richard Hyde, b c 1553 Norbury, Cheshire d c 1560
Hy12-8 Randall Hyde b c 1555 Norbury d aft 1625
Hy12-9 Ellen  Hyde b c 1559/61 Norbury
Hy12-10 Anne Hyde b c 1561 Norbury
Hy12-11 Thomas Hyde b c 1563 Norbury
Da13-4 Humphrey Davenport b c 1525 Bramhall, Cheshire d DEC 1588
Da13-5 Ellen Davenport b c 1529 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1566
Da13-6 Margery Davenport, b c 1531 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1566
Da13-7 Katherine Davenport b c 1533 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1577
m2. (before 05.06.1250) Maud de Bohun (dau of Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable)
Qu24-4 Isabell de Quincy
m Hugh Nevill
m3. (before 05.12.1252) Eleanor Ferrers (dsp by 26.10.1274, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby, by Sibyl Marshal)
Qu24. Robert de Quincy (d 1257) apparently had the same name as his eldest brother, TCP mentions a brother John but no Robert. However, TCP (Chester), supported by TCP (Hereford), confirms that Helen of Wales's 2nd husband was Robert, "yst. s. of Saer, Earl of Winchester" and TCP (Wake) confirms him as "yst. br. of Roger, 2nd Earl.
m Helen of Wales d 1253, dau of->
+1 Llewelyn the Great, Prince of North Wales
m Joan, Lady of Wales, il dau of->
+2 Iorwerth Drwyndwn 'broken nose' d c 1174
mMargaret dau of->
+2 King John of England
p Clemence Pinel
+3 Owain, Prince of Gwynedd b c1100, d 23.12.1169/70
m1. Gwladys dau of->
+3 Madoc, Prince of Powys
+4 Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd b 1055, d 1137
m. Angharad d c1162, dau of->
+4 Llywarch, Lord of Pembroke
+5 Cynan of Gwynedd
m. Ragnhildir of Dublin b c1031, dau of->
+5 Owain ap Edwin, Lord Tegaingl
+6 Iago, Prince of Gwynedd d 1039
+6 Olaf, King of Dublin
+7 Idwad, King of North Wales d 996 +8 Meurig d 986
Qu23-1 Anne de Quincy (nun)
Qu23 Joane de Quincy d 25.11.1283
m Humphrey de Bohun (the younger)
Qu23-3 Margaret (Hawise) de Quincy . . .HJY
m Baldwin Wake d 1282
Qu23-3-1-4 John Wake, 1st Lord of Liddell b 1268, d before 10.04.1300 TCP is not clear about the identity of his wife other than to name her as Joan. It indicates that she may have been a daughter of either John FitzBernard of Kingsdown or William de Fenes, a Count of Spain. BE1883 does not name his wife at all. The following marriage is suggested by various web sites eg. 'Tudor' and is being followed on a provisional basis only and may not be correct.
m before 24.09.1291 Joan de Fiennes dau of William, Baron of Fiennes
Qu23-3-1-4-1 Thomas Wake, 2nd Lord of Liddell b c20.03.1297/8, dsp 30/1.05.1349
m before 09.10.1316 Blanche Plantagenet b 1305, d before 12.07.1380, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster
Qu23-3-1-4-2 John Wake a 06.1320, dsp before 1349
Qu23-3-1-4-3 Margaret Wake 'of Liddell' b c1299, d 29.09.1349, pregnant Margaret and her children were confined to Salisbury Castle after execution of Edmund. When King Edward III of England reached his majority and overthrew the regents, he took in Margaret and her children and treated them as his own family. She succeeded briefly as Baroness Wake of Liddell in 1349, but died during an outbreak of the plague that autumn. HJY
m1 John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch dsps Bannockburn 24.06.1314, son of the John Comyn who was murdered by Robert the Bruce in 1306.
-1 Aymer/Adomar Comyn d young
m2 1325 Edmund Plantagenet, 1st Earl of Kent, Earl of Arundel b 05.08.1301, ex 19.03.1330 for treason -2 Edmund Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Kent, Baron Woodstock b c1326, d 05.01.1331
-3 Margaret Plantagenet b 1327, d before 1352 m Arnaud Amanieu, Lord of Albret
-4 Joan Plantagenet Countess of Kent b 29.09.1328, d 08.08.1385 "The Fair maid of Kent" m1 before 15.10.1348, annulled 1349 William de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury m2 1346/8 Thomas Holand, 1st Earl of Kent d 28.12.1360 m3 10 Oct 1361 Edward, "The Black Prince" of Wales b 15.06.1330, d 08.06.1376
-5 John Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Kent, Baron Wake of Liddell b 07.04.1330, dsp 26 Dec 1352 m c1352 Elisabeth of Julich d 06.06.1411, dau of William, Duke of Julich
Qu24 Hawise de Quincy
m. Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford d 1263
Qu24-5. Loretta de Quincy
m William de Valoniis of Panmure, Chamberlain of Scotland (d 1219)
-1 Christian de Valoniis m before 1215 Peter de Maule d 1254
-2 Lora de Valoniis m Sir Henry de Baliol, Chamberlain of Scotland
-3 x de Valoniis
-2-1 Guy de Baliol d Evesham 1265
-2-2 Sir Alexander de Baliol of Cavers, Chamberlain of Scotland d before 06.1311 TCP Balliol of Cavers points out that the common notion that this Alexander was a younger brother of King John Baliol is erroneous.
m c1270 Isabel de Chilham b after 1245, d by 01.05.1292, dau of Richard de Dover of Chilham
-2-3 William de Baliol 'le Scot' b c 1251, d c 1313, Chamberlain of Scotland

-2-2-1 Sir Thomas de Baliol of Cavers possibly father or grandfather of:
-2-2-2 Sir Henry Baliol, 1st of Hoprig
-2-2-3 William Baillie, 2nd of Hoprig m x Wallace dau of Sir William Wallace, the patriot

-2-2-1-1 Sir Thomas de Baliol of Cavers
-2-2-1-2 Isabel de Baliol m Ranald More
-2-2-3-1 Sir William Baillie of Hoprig and Lamington a 1357 m Isabella Seton dau of Sir William Seton of Seton
Qu24-6. Arabella de Quincy identified in BE1883 (Harcourt)
m. Sir Richard de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt b c 1202, d 1258
-1 Sir William de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt b 1227, d 1270
m1 1250 Alice la Zouche dau of Roger la Zouche
-1 Sir William de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt b 1227, d 1270 m1 1250 Alice la Zouche dau of Roger la Zouche
-2 Sayer de Harcourt
-3 Maud de Harcourt m Sir Giles Peneston
m2. Eve

Ssources: TCP (Winchester), BE1883 (Quincy of Winchester).
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