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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Powell 2: Powell of Birkenhead, Powell of Broadway, Powell of Ewhurst, Powell of Horsley
Thomas Powell
m Alice Worseley dau of Ralph Worseley of Chester
1. Thomas Powell of Horsley and Birkenhead
m Dorothy Wynne dau of Morris Wynne of Gwydir
A. Sir Thomas Powell, 1st Bart of Horsley and Birkenhead
m Katharine Egerton b 1584, dau of Sir John Egerton of Egerton and Oulton
i. John Powell dvp 12.1642
m Margaret Puleston dau of Edward Puleston of Allington
a. Sir Thomas Powell, 2nd Bart of Horsley and Birkenhead b 1631, d after 1694
m1 Mary Conway dau of William Conway of Bodryddan
1 Thomas Powell of Horsley dvp before 1694
m2 Jane Ravenscroft dau of Robert Ravenscroft of Bretton
2 Elizabeth Powell
m Thomas Eaton
3 Margaret Powell
b. Catherine Powell
m _ Rossendale of Wrexham
ii. Frances Powell
m1 Edward Norreys of Speke
m2 John Edwards of Hantsy of Stansty
The following is a temporary record of information on a family which is to be researched futher in due course. It has been compiled from references in BE1883 Herbert of Chirbury, TCP Hamilton, TCB volume iv, Powell & volume ii, Pryce.
Sir John Powell of Broadway
1. Sir John Powell, 1st Bart of Broadway b c1666, d 24.08.1720
m Judith Herbert dau of Sir James Herbert of Colebrooks
A. Sir Herbert Powell, 2nd Bart of Broadway b c1700, d unm 21.03.1721
B. Mary Powell
m Charles Powell of Penybank
i. Anna Charles Maria Powell d 26.06.1791
m 10.1742 Lord Anne Hamilton b 12.10.1709, d 25.12.1748
C. Elizabeth Powell b c1699, d 22.04.1731
m Sir John Pryce, 5th Bart of Newtown, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire d 1761
2. Ann Powell d by 10.1723
m Sir Vaughan Pryce, 4th Bart of Newtown, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire d c1720
John ap Howell of Ednor, Salop
m Rose Crowder sister of William Crowder of Knighton
1. Meredith Powell of Brampton Ralf, Somerset
m Alice Saffin sister of John Saffin of Culhampton
A. Sir Nathaniel Powell, 1st Bart of Ewhurst, Sussex d 03.1674-5
m Sarah Muddle dau of William Muddle of Ewhurst
i. Sir Nathaniel Powell, 2nd Bart of Ewhurst b c1640, d c1707
m1 Elizabeth Barnham dau of Sir Robert Barnham, 1st Bart of Boughton Monchelsy
a. Barnham Powell dvp
m Elizabeth Clitherow dau of James Clitherow of Boston House
1 Sir Nathaniel Powell, 3rd Bart of Ewhurst b c1688, d unm 1708
2 James Powell d unm
3 Sir Christopher Powell, 4th Bart of Ewhurst b c1690, dsp 05.07.1742
m 1728 _ Newington
b.+ other issue - Nathaniel dsp, daughter
m2 26.01.1668 Frances Stapleton d before 05.1719, dau of Sir Francis Stapleton of Wartre or Wighill
d. Leonard Powell captain
m Margaret Lawley dau of Sir Francis Lawley, Bart of Canwell
1+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
e.+ 2 sons dsp
ii. Mary Powell
m John Buck
iii. Anne Powell
m John Green
iv. Katherine Powell
m Thomas Gunston
v. Damaris Powell
m Charles Fowkes
- - -
of no established relation to the above was
Richard Powell b 1745 Shenandoah Co VA d 1820 Monroe Co OH
m Sarah Jones b c 1745 Shenandoah Co VA d 1830 Monroe Co
-1 Abner Powell b 1770 Frederick Co VA d 1860 Monroe Co OH bur Graysville, Pioneer Cemetery b in Frederick Co., Va near Strasburg. Early pioneer of Monroe Co., Ohio. Helped build the first court house in Woodsfield in 1816, he was stone mason. Abner served as Justice of the Peace for many years in Washington Township.
m Sarah "Sally" Hall b 1769 Frederick Co d 1839 Graysville
-1-1 Hiram H Powell b 02/28/1808 Shenandoah Co VA d 03/16/1867 Monroe Co OH bur Cline, Low Gap Cemetery
m Mary I. Sill b 01/10/1811 Westmoreland Co PA d 09/23/1886 Graysville Monroe Co OH
+1 Caleb Sill b c 1780 Willistown Chester Co d 10/1824
m Isabella Brown b 1785 Luzerne Co PA dau of Samuel Brown b c 1763
+2 Michael Sill b 1736 Chester Co Edgemont d 05/18/1818
m 23 Oct 1765 St Pauls Episcopan Ch Chester Co PA Abigail Ruth Ottey b 30 May 1745 Edgemont d there 28 Aug 1820
+2 Samuel Brown
+3 James Sill b 1694 Chester Co PA d 15 Apr 1774 Delaware Co PA
m Anne Baker b 18 Aug 1703 PA, Delaware Co Quaker d 16 Jul 1796 PA, Chester Co, Middletown, Friends Cemetery
+4 John Sill b c 1677 Wales d 1753/27 Mar 1752 Chester Co PA
m Sarah Kellam b c 1680 d after 1742 b c 1680 Marionville Northampton Co VA
-1-1-1 Christopher Powell b 1831 Monroe Co OH de 04/14/1862 m Hester A. Williams
-1-1-2 Sarah Anne Powell b 03/19/1832 Malaga Twp Monroe Co OH07/23/1911
m1 Samuel N. Cline b 17 Dec 1826 Monroe Co OH d there 13 Sep 1861
m2 John Nelson Baker
-1 James Madison Cline b 08/06/1850 Graysville Monroe Co OH d 06/15/1931 m Lucinda C. "Lulu" Carpenter
-2 Isaac Perry Cline b 12/01/1852 Graysville Monroe Co OH d 02/25/1936 m Amanda Jane Fisher, Etta May Little
-3 Hiram Cline b 11/24/1855 Monroe Co OH d 08/17/1940 m1 Ida Hupp m2 Bessie Soldhart
-4 Mary Jane Cline b 08/1857 Washington Monroe Co OH d 10/30/1929 m1 Abner Mead m2 John William Kinney
-5 Luther Cline b 03/18/1859 OH d 10/21/1936 m Elizabeth Ellen Friedley
-6 Eunice Ann Cline b 04/18/1860 Monroe Co OH d 01/29/1937 m Lewis R. McVay
-1-1-3 Abigail E Powell b 06/28/1835 Benton Twp Monroe Co OH d 07/16/1863
m Isaac Williamson
-1-1-4 Abner B Powell b 10/13/1837 Graysville Monroe Co OH d 09/24/1915 Banner OK
m Anna Dodd Mead b 25 Mar 1838 Belmont OH d 27 Oct El Reno OK
-1 Theodore R Powell b 01/24/1857 Independence Washington Co OH d 02/01/1917
-2 Henry W Powell b 10/1859 Independence Washington Co OH m Lucinda E x
-3 Hiram H Powell b 07/24/1860 Archers Fork Twp Washington Co OH d 07/02/1933 m Laura M. Rowen
-4 Abner Otto Powell b 1863 Benton Twp Monroe Co OH d 07/24/1896 m Jennie Emma Hamilton
-5 William Powell b 1866 Independence Washington Co OH d 1880
-6 Iaiah Zed Powell b 04/1868 Archers Fork Twp Washington Co OH d 05/1932
-7 Mary O Powell b 05/04/1870 Washington Co OH d 1880
-8 Anna Dodd Powell b 09/20/1872 Archers Fork Twp Washington Co OH d 02/16/1941
-9 Carrie Powell b 08/07/1876 Washington Co OH d 1880,
-1-1-5 Otty Powell b 09/01/1839 Monroe Co OH d 04/26/1862
-1-1-6 Dorothy L Powell b 04/12/1843 Monroe Co OH d 12/06/1863
m Wesley Brown
-1-1-7 Thomas H Powell b 09/30/1844 Washington Monroe Co OH04/25/1917
m1 Eliza Crow
m2 Sarah I. McVey
-1-1-8 Mary J Powell b 11/11/1846 Graysville Monroe Co OH d 06/19/1879
m James Garrison Baker b 27 May 1840 Woodsfield Monroe Co OH d there 10 Mar 1923
-1 George Nelson Forest Baker b 06/02/1875 Washington Monroe Co OH d 01/13/1915 m Julia Ann McGilton
-1-1-9 William Robert Powell b 11/23/1848 Benton Twp Monroe Co OH d 10/07/1926
m Mary A. Ice b 22 Sep 1852 Monroe Co OH d 16 May 1929 Summit Co OH dau of John Wesley Ice b 1822 and Sarah Elizabeth Williamson b 1824 d 1863
-1 Wesley Otto Powell b 12/12/1869 Washington Monroe Co d 12/17/1916 m Malinda Jane McVey
-2 Dorothy "Lillie" Powell b 09/14/1871 Benton Twp Monroe Co d 03/09/1947 m Matthew F. Cline
-3 Cora A Powell b 1874 Graysville Monroe Co d 05/13/1941 m James S. Campbell
-4 Martha Pricilla Powell b 04/01/1874 Monroe Co d 12/05/1942 m Russell Alexander "Alex" White
-5 William Wiley Powell b 08/09/1876 Graysville Monroe Co d 01/27/1952 m Annie Sevilla Earl
-6 Hiram P Powell b 04/18/1878 Washington Monroe Co d 04/26/1898
-7 James Madison Powell b 02/08/1880 Graysville Monroe Co d 07/02/1951 m Matilda A. "Tillie" Turner
-8 Robert Oather Powell b 09/19/1881 Benton Twp Monroe Co d 11/10/1960
-9 Charles C Powell b 09/14/1884 Washington Monroe Co d 09/18/1958
-10 Mary Minnie Powell b 05/26/1887 Washington Monroe Co d 08/01/1970 m Herman Ray Foraker
-11 Alice E Powell b 05/23/1889 Benton Twp Monroe Co d 09/09/1965 m Robert Matthew Garner
-12 John Calvin Powell b 08/12/1892 Cumberland Hancock Co WV d 12/29/1923
-13 Bertha Marie Powell b 24 NOV 1897 Benton Twp Monroe Co d 17 MAR 1976 m James Edward Covert

1 BEB1844 Powell of Birkenhead
2 as mentioned above
3 BEB1841 Powell of Ewhurst, TCB vol iii, Powell of Ewhurst
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