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Portington 1: Portington of Barnby, Portington of Portington, Portington of Sawcliffe
John de Portington 'of Portington'
m Matilda
1. Robert de Portington
A. Nicholas de Portington (a 1349)
i. Edmund de Portington (a 1349)
a. Thomas de Portington (a 1402)
(1) John de Portington (judge)
m. Elena
(A) John Portington
m. Margaret (a 1440)
The following is a speculative attempt to find a place for the John below as father of Joane.
(i) y Portingtonpresumed intermediary generation
(a) John Portington of Portington
((1)) Joane Portington b about 1555
m1. Michael Warton of Beverley (b c1530 d after 1588 M.P. for Beverley 1586 till 1588
m2. Ralph Rokeby the antiquary
(B) Richard Portington of Sawcliffe (3rd son) - continued belowthe first mentioned by Maddison
Visitation (Yorkshire, 1612, Portington of Portington) identifies Richard's wife as Julian, dau/heir of Thomas de Lisle. Maddison identifies her as ...
m. Julian Lesley (d 02.07.1509, dau/heir of Thomas Lesley of Felton)
(C) Robert Portington
The following comes from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1612, Portington of Barnby Don) & Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Portington of Barnby Super Don).
m. Elizabeth Paslew (dau/heiir of Robert Paslew)
(i) Thomas Portington of Barnby
m. Isabel Kiddall (dau/heir of Anthony Kiddall of Lincolnshire)
(a) John Portington
m. _ Copley (dau of Thomas Copley of Batley)
((1)) Lyonell Portington of Barnby
m. Isabel Wentworth (dau of Roger Wentworth)
((A)) Sir Roger Portington (dsp)
m. Mary Sandford (dau of Henry Sandford)
((2)) William Portington of Tudworth
((A)) Robert Portington of Barnby (a 1612)
m. Susan Coventry
((i)) Robert Portington of Barnby (b c1587)
m. Isabel Darley (dau of Sir Richard Darley of Buttercrambe)
((a)) Roger Portington of Barnby (b c1610, a 09.1665)
m. Jane Ramsden (dau of _ Ramsden of Lascells Hall, widow of Leonard Wray of Cusworth)
(((1)))+ issue (a 1665) - Roger (b c1638), Raphe
((b)) Robert Portington
m. Grace Gregory (dau of Gilbert Gregory of Barnby)
(((1)))+ issue (a 1665) - Roger, Robert, Gilbert, Francis, Grace, Elizabeth, Anne
((c)) Mary Portington
m. Joseph Holden of London
((d)) Elizabeth Portington
m. Thomas Taylor of Thurne
((ii)) Jane Portington
m. Nicholas More of Austrope
(b) Anne Portingtonprobably of this generation
m. Sir Bryan Hastings of Fenwick
(D) Elizabeth Portingtonpossibly of this generation
m. Walter Grymeston of Grimston (d 1496)
(E)+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas/Michael
(2) Edmund de Portington (a 1440)
2. Ann Portingtonpossibly of this generation
m. Henry de Babthorpe
Richard Portington of Sawcliffe, Linicolnshire (3rd son) - continued above
m. Julian Lesley, heiress of Sawcliffe (d 02.07.1509, dau/heir of Thomas Lesley of Felton)
1. John Portington (dvm)
m. _ Foster (dau of Giles Foster)
A. Thomas Portington 'of Sawcliffe' 'of Roxby', Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d before 20.08.1540)
m1. (before 24.01.1509-10) Julian Aske (dau of Sir Robert of Aughton (not of his son John))
i. Henry Portington of Sawcliffe (d before 28.05.1560)
m. Maude Tyrwhit (dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhit)
a. John Portington of Sawcliffe (d 12.12.1579)
m. Anne Langton (dau of John Langton of Langton, m2. ERdmudn Skerne of Waltham)
(1) Thomas Portington of Sawcliffe 'of Portington' (a 1592)
m. Elizabeth Skipwith (dau of Sir William Skipwith of South Ormsby)
(A) Henry Portington (b c1595, d before 09.09.1679)
m. Elizabeth
(i) Michael Portington 'of Portington' (d by 1705)
m. Barbara Neville (dau of Gervase Nevile of Beeston)
(ii)+ other issue - John, Henry, Grace, Anne, Dorothy, Jane
(B) Anne Portington
m1. William Skipwith of South Ormsby (d 1622)
m2. (09.10.1623) Francis Guevara of Stenigot
(C) Ursula Portington
m. Alexander Vavasour of Spaldington
(D)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Frances
(2) Michael Portington (d before 12.11.1631)
m. Anne Beaumont (dau of Edward Beaumont of Carlton)
(A)+ issue - Michael, Joan, Anne
(3)+ other issue - George, Edward, Roger, Ralph, John
b. George Portington
m. Cassandra Peeke (dau/coheir of _ Peeke of Bratoft?)
(1) Anthony Portington of Owston, Isle of Axholme
m. (02.06.1600) Bridget Belfield (or dau of GFrancis Portington of Yorkshire)
(A) Katharine Portington
m. William Heneage of Hainton, later of Yorkshire
(B) Maudlyn Portington
m. (?) Edmund Leeds
(C)+ other issue - Edward (b c1606), Susan (bpt 21.11.1603), Cassandra (bpt 16.08.1608), Anne, Elizabedth
(2) Edward Portington
(3) Katharine Portington
m. Edward Disney of Fulbeck
(4) Mary Portington
m. John Townsend
c. Julian Portington
m1. Alexander Nevile
m2. (24.09.1566) Edward Skipwith of Habrough
d. Elizabeth Portington
m1. James Trowsdale of Hundon
m2. (?) Robert Leeds of Laceby
e.+ other issue - Richard, Robert
ii. Thomas Portington of Castlethorpe (d before 09.10.1550)
m. Alice Johnson (a 1550, dau of John Johnson, widow of Leonard Cutris of Grimsby)
a.+ issue - Thomas (dvp), Robert (a 1550)
iii. Margaret Portington
m. Richard Yarborough of Yarborough
iv. Anne Portington
m. Nicholas Girlington
v. daughter
m. Thomas Santon of Santon (cousin)
vi.+ other issue (a 1540) - Anthony, George
m2. Anne Ayscough (dau of Edward Ayscough, brother of Sir WIlliam of Stallingborough, m2. William Burgh of Kirton in Lindsey)
B. George Portington of Barton-on-Humber (d before 05.08.1528)
m. Anne Peck
C. Isabella Portington (d before 16.07.1540)
m. Robert Santon of Santon (d before 12.05.1498)
D. Mary Portington
m. Anthony Nevile

(1) For upper section : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1612, Portington of Portington) with input as reported above
(2) For lower section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Portington of Sawcliffe in Roxby) with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1612, Portington of Portington)
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