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The Piast family

Ziemomysl, Ct of Poland (922-962), d ca 962/963 (possibly a son of Leszek He had issue:
-1son, d 963
-2Czcibór, d after 24.6.972
-3Mieszko I, baptized in 966, Ct of Poland (962-993), b 922, d Poznan 25.5.992, bur St.Peter, Poznan;
m1 NN
-1a son, d after 23.3.973
m2 965Dobrava of Bohemia b ca 937 d 977
-2Boleslaw I "Chrobry" "the Brave", Ct of Poland (993-1024), became King of Poland (1024-25), Duke of Bohemia (1003-04), b 967, d 17.6.1025
1m: 984 (div 985/6) N, a dau of Mgve Rikdag of Meissen
-2-1a daughter, b 984/985
m 996/997 N, Pr of Pomerania
-2-2Pr a son, b before 985/986
m2 985 (div 987) Judith of Hungary
-2-3Pr Bezprym of Poland (1031-32), b 987/987, d 1032
m3 987 Emnilde (+1017) dau.of the Sorb chieftain Dobromir
-2-4King Mieszko II Lambert of Poland (1025-34), b 990, d murdered 10.5.1034
m. Merseburg ca 1013
Richeza of Lorraine (*before 1000 d 21.3.1063)
-2-4-1Kazimierz I Karol, Ct of Poland (1039-58), b 25.7.1016, d 28.11.1058
m 1041/42
Dobronega of Kiev d 1087
-2-4-1-11. Boleslaw II "Smialy" "the Liberal", Ct of Poland (1058-76), King of Poland (1076-79), exiled 11.4.1079, b 1042, d 22.3.1081; m.before 1069 Wyczeslawa N
-2-4-1-1-11. Mieszko, b 1069, d 1089; m.1088 Pss Yevpraxia of Turov
-2-4-1-22. Wladislaw I Herman, Ct of Poland (1079-1102), b 1043, d 4.6.1102;
1m: ca 1080
Judith of Bohemia (*ca 1056 d 25.12.1086
-2-4-1-2-11. Boleslaw III "Krzywousty" "Wrymouth", Ct of Poland (1102-11)+(1111-39), Duke of Pomerania (1122-38), b 20.8.1085, d 28.10.1138
1m: 1103
Zbyslava of Kiev (+1109/12 Before his death arranged a careful division of his domains among his numerous sons.
-2-4-1-2-1-1Wladyslaw II "Wygnaniec", Pr of Cracow and Silesia (1139-46), b 1105, d Altenburg 30.5.1159, bur Pegau nr Altenburg
Agnes of Austria b 1160/63 issue: see piast4
-2-4-1-2-1-2a daughter, b before 1111; m.1124 Pr Vsevelod of Murom
-2-4-1-2-1-3a son, b 1107/08, d after 1109
m22m: III/VII.1115 Salome (+1144) dau.of Gf Heinrich von Berg-Schelkingen;
-2-4-1-2-1-4Leszek, b 1115/16, d 26.8. before 1138
-2-4-1-2-1-5Kasimierz, b 16.8.1122, d 19.10.1131
-2-4-1-2-1-6Boleslaw IV "Kedzierzawy, Pr of Masovia, Kujavia and Cracow (1138-46), Poland (1146-73), b 1122/25, d 3.4.1173; 1m: 1137 Vierchoslava of Novgorod b after 1148 + 2ch 2m: Maria N d after 1167 + 1 ch -1 Boleslaw, b 1156, d 1172
-2. [1m.] a daughter, b before 1160, d after 1178 m.1172/73 Pr Vasilko of Shumsk d after 1182
-3. Pr Leszek of Masovia and Kujavia 1173, b 1160/65, d 1186
-2-4-1-2-1-7Mieszko III "Stary" "the Old", Pr of Cracow (1173-77)+(1190)+(1199-1202), Pr of Great Poland (1138-77)+(1194-1202), Duke of Pomerania (1138 - 1202), b 1126/27, d Kalisz 13.3.1202 1m: 1136/40 Elisabeth of Hungary (*1128 d ca 1155 2m: 1151/54 Yevdokia of Kiev; for his issue see HERE
-2-4-1-2-1-8Pr Henryk of Sandomir, b 1127/31, d 18.10.1166
-2-4-1-2-1-9Kazimierz II "Sprawiedliwy" "the Just", Pr of Sandomir and Cracow 1177, Pr of Kujawia and Mazowia 1186, Ct of Poland (1177-94), b 1138, d 5.5.1194 1m: ca 1163 Helena of Znaim (+1202/06 2m: 1185/86 Yelena of Kiev; for his issue see HERE
-2-4-1-2-1-10Ryksa, b 1116/17, d after 25.12.1155 1m: 1129/30 King Magnus of Vaestergotland, co-king of Denmark (*1106 d 1134 2m: after 18.5.1136 Pr Vladimir of Novgorod (+after 1167 3m: after 1143 King Sverker of Sweden (+1156)
-2-4-1-2-1-11a daughter, b before 1119; m.before 1132 Gf Konrad von Plötzkau, Mgve of the Nordmark (+1133)
-2-4-1-2-1-12Zofia, d 10.10.1136
-2-4-1-2-1-13Gertruda, a nun at Zwiefelten, b 1123/24, Zwiefalten 7.5.+1160, bur there
-2-4-1-2-1-14Dobronega=Ludgarde, b before 1129, d after 26.10.1147 1142 Mgve Dietrich of Niederlausitz (+1185)
-2-4-1-2-1-15Judith, b after 1130, d 8.8. 1170-76; m.1148 Mgve Otto I of Brandenburg (+1184)
-2-4-1-2-1-16Agnieszka, b 1137/38, d after 1182; m.1151/52 Great Pr Mstislav II of Kiev (+1170/72)
ca 1089 Jutta of Germany (*1047 d 1100)
-2-4-1-2-2a daughter, b after 1088, d before 12.5.1112; m.before 1108 Great Pr Yaroslav I of Vladimir (+1123)
-2-4-1-2-3Agnes, Abbess of Gandersheim 1111/12, then of Quedlinburg, b 1090, d 1126/27
-2-4-1-2-4Adelajda, b 1090/91, d 25/26.3.1127; m.before 1118 Gf Dietrich III von Vohburg, Mgve of the Nordmark (+1146)
-2-4-1-2-5(illegitimate) Zbigniew, a canon in Krakow 1086 and Quedlinburg (1087-92/93), Ct of Poland 1092, b before 1070, d after 1112, blinded 1111/12
-2-4-1-33. Mieszko, b 1045, d 1065
-2-4-1-44. Otto, d 1048
-2-4-1-55. Swietoslawa (=Swatawa), b ca 1048, d 1.9.1126 m.1062/3 King Vratislav II of Bohemia (+1092)
-2-4-22Ryksa, b 1015, d 1052; m.1039/42 King Bela I of Hungary (*1016 d 1063)
-2-4-3Gertruda, b 1025, d Kiev 4.1.1108; 1043 Great Pr Izyaslav of Kiev (*1024 d 1078)
-2-5Otto, b 1000, d murdered 1033
-2-6a daughter, b 988, a nun 1031
-2-7Regelinda, b 989, d 21.3. after 1014; m.1002/03 Mgve Hermann of Meissen (+1038)
-2-8a daughter, b 991/1001, d after 14.8.1018; m.before 15.7.1015 Great Pr Svyatopolk I of Kiev (*ca 980 d 1019)
m4 Czicania 3.2.1018 Oda (+1025) dau.of Mgve Ekkehard of Meissen
-2-9Matylda, b after 1017, d after 1035
Otto von Schweinfurt, Duke of Swabia (+28.9.1057)
-3Swietoslawa=Sygrida=Gunhild, b ca 970, d after 2.2.1014; 1m: 980/90 King Erik VIII of Sweden (+995 2m: 998 King Sven I of Denmark (+1014)
m3 979/80 Oda d 1023 dau.of Gf Dietrich von Haldensleben, Mgve of the Nordmark
-4Mieszko, b after 979, d after 25.5.992; m.NN
-4-1Dytryk, Pr of Poland, d after 7.7.1032
-5Swietopolk, b after 980, d after 25.5.992
-6Lambert, b after 981, d after 25.5.992
-44. Adleta, d after 997; 1m: Mihály Arpád (+ca 978 2m: ca 980 Geza of Hungary (+1.2.997)

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