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Newton - - - Newton of Virginia

: Newton of Barr's Court, Newton of Haydon, Newton of Westby, Newton of Woolsthorpe
The following Pedigree has been pieced together from several incomplete and somewhat conflicting sources, so some generation shifts were required for reconciliation of dates. The overall picture seems correct this way but more evidence is needed to be certain.
John Newton of Westby in Basingthorp, Lincolnshire b c 1480/94 d 22 Dec 1544 a 1541, "from Lancashire"
m Ann Kellum b 1490 Lincolnshire d ?Westby
+1 y Kellum/Kellam
-b y Kellam b c 1490
-b-1 y Kellam b c 1515
-b-1-1 y Kellam b c 1540
-b-1-1-1 y Kellam b c 1570
-b-1-1-1-1 y Kellam b c 1595
-b-1-1-1-1-1 Richard Kellam Ke13 of Accomack Co VA b 1619 d 1703
m Sarah Ansley An13 had issue

-c Ann Kelham m1 y Hickson m2 William Newton of Gonerby bap 30.08.1541
The two marriages of women of a very similar name to members of the family of Newton of Westby give rise to the theory that the Kellam family was originally from Ropsley in Lincolnshire. Of course, documentary and/or DNA evidence is needed to support this. Hence Kellam descendants are kindly asked to report DNA matches with Newton Descendants and vice versa.
1. John Newton of Westby, later of Colsterworth b c 1515 bur 22.12.1563
m Mary Nixe b c 1525 Lincolnshire d 1565 in Westby
A. William Newton d y
B. John Newton III b c 1536 d 25 Feb 1582
m Anne Gibson
C. Richard Newton of Woolsthorpe b 1551 Westby bur 20.04.1588 (This generation is skipped by and only a son Isaac is shown for him, but dates seem less plausible)
m Isabel x b 1551 d 1600
i. Robert Newton of Woolsthorpe b 1575 bur 20.09.1641 Woolsthorpe
a. John Newton b d 1605
b. Isaac Newton of Woolsthorpe bap 21.09.1606, bur 06.10.1642 (This seems to be the same as the Isaac shown by
m Hannah Ayscough b about 1610 d 1689, dau of James Ayscough of Market Overton, she m2 Rev Barnabas Smith + 3 ch incl Catherine Barton (1679�1739) was Isaac Newton's half-niece, probable mistress of Charles Montagu and later, the wife of John Conduitt.
1 John Newton of Colsterworth
2 Mary Newton
m y Bridges
3 Alice Newton
4 Sir Isaac Newton b 25.12.1642, d 20.03.1727, scientist §G, Warden of the Mint d unm
c. Robert Newton of Counthorpe bap 27.09.1607
1 John Newton
A John Newton of Lincoln
d. Richard Newton of Woolsthorpe bap 09.04.1609 d 1660
m1 Sep 1642 Alice bur 20.09.1642
1 Anne Newton bpt 11.09.1642
m2 ??
2 Richard Newton of Colsterworth d 1705
A Robert Newton of Collsterworth -1 Richard Newton of Branston, clerk
B Richard Newton of Colsterworth will dated 1640
e. Isabel Newton b 1596
m John Cook of Skillington
f. Elizabeth Newton bap 20.11.1598
m William Worsbrough of Skillington
g. Mary Newton b 1612
h. Anne Newton b 1615 d 1616
ii. Richard Newton of Woolsthorpe bpt 17.06.1582, a 1642
a. William Newton
m Elinor
1 Dionysia Newton bpt 11.09.1642, bur 01.10.1642
b.+ other issue -Thomas bpt 03.08.1617, bur 30.01.1626-7, John bpt 02.12.1621
iii Thomas Newton b c 1580
iv Isaac Newton b c 1575 d 1641 Wesby
m Thanks x b 1581 d 18 Jan 1590
possibly here was
-1? Richard Newton b 1605 Bures St. Mary, Suffolk d 24 Aug 1701 in Southborough MA
m1 Hannah Laker dau of Henry Laker and Elizabeth
m2 Anne Loker b 1 Aug 1605 Bures St Mary Suffolk d 5 Dec 1697 Marlborough MA dau of Henry Loker and Elizabeth French b c Jun 1580
-1-1 Anne Newton b c 1637 Soffolk Engl d 13 Apr 1654 Sudbury MA
-1-2 John G. Newton Sr b c 1641 Sudbury MA d 16 Oct 1723 Marlborough MA m Elizabeth Larkin b 17 May 1641 Charleston Suffolk d 15 Oct 1719 Marlborough MA dau of Edward Larkin and Joanna Hale b c 1620
-1-3 Ezekiel Newton
-1-4 Sarah Newton m Taylor
-1-5 Mary Newton m Johnson
-1-6 Moses Newton Sr
-1-7 Joseph Newton
-1-7 Isaac Newton
-1-8 Elizabeth Newton b 1650 Sudbury Ma d 30 Mar 1718 Marshfield MA m Jacob Dingley
-1-9 Henry Newton

-1-2-1 John Newton Jr b 5 Jun 1667 Marlborough MA d 27 Jan 1754
-1-2-2 Thomas Newton Sr.
-1-2-3 Samuel Newton
-1-2-4 Zachariah Newton
-1-2-5 Elizabeth Newton m Eager
-1-2-6 Thomas Newton
-1-2-7 Joanna Newton m Bower
-1-2-8 Sarah Newton m Rugg
-1-2-9 Nathaniel Newton
-1-2-10 Silence Newton
-1-2-11 Experience Newton m Kingsbury
-1-8-1 John Dingley b c 1670 d 12 Dec 1763 Marsfield MA m Sarah Porter
-1-8-2 Hannah Dingley b 28 May 1675 Marsfield MA d 14 Jan 1746 m James Ford
-1-8-3 Sarah Dingley b 1 Mar 1683 d 9 Jul 1771 m?1 Elnathan Fish m?2 y Kingston
-1-8-4 Abigail Dingley b 16 Jul 1687 Marsfield MA d 28 Nov 1771 Halifax MA m Robert Waterman
-1-8-5 Mary Dingley
-1-8-6 Joseph Dingley
-1-8-7 Allice Dingley
-1-8-8 Elizabeth Dingley

-1-2-1-1 John Newton, III
-1-2-1-2 Rachel Newton m Graves
-1-2-1-3 Hannah Newton
-1-2-1-4 Ruth Newton m Eames
-1-2-1-5 Grace Newton m Ward
-1-2-1-6 Deliverance Newton b 1 Jan 1705 d 1773 Paxton MA m Jaazamiah Newton b 1 May 1702 son of Joseph Newton and Abigail
-1-2-1-7 Phineas Newton
-1-2-1-8 Eunice Newton
-1-2-1-9 Patience Newton
-1-2-1-10 Stephen Newton
-1-2-1-11 Dina Newton
-1-8-1-1 Jacob Dingley
-1-8-1-2 Ann Pilsbury
-1-8-1-3 Elizabeth Sherman (Dingley)
-1-8-1-4 Sarah Dingley
-1-8-1-5 John Dingley
-1-8-1-6 Martha Dingley
-1-8-2-1 James Ford II b 15 Feb 1699 Marsfield d 5 May 1757 Norwich CT
-1-8-2-2 Abigail Ford m Joyce
-1-8-2-3 Hannah Ford m Baker
-1-8-2-4 Michael Ford
-1-8-2-5 Barnabas Ford
-1-8-2-6 Ebenezer Ford
-1-8-3-1 John Fish b 1730 d 1790 m Olive
-1-8-3-2 Zacheus Kingston ?Fish m Lydia Bearse dau of John Jacob Bearce and Sarah Holmes b 11 Apr 1703
-1-8-4-1 Abigail Waterman b 5 Mar 1728

-1-2-1-6-1 Abigail Newton b 17 Aug 1726 m Jacob Bryant
-1-2-1-6-2 Deliverance Newton m Hunt
-1-8-2-1-1 Ann Ford b 9 Jul 1729 d 5 Jun 1803 Norwich windsor VT m Daniel Waterman b 5 May 1724 Nowich CT d Norwich VT son of Daniel Waterman and Mary Gifford b 23 Dec 1701
-1-8-2-1-2 Elizabeth Ford m McCall
-1-8-2-1-3 James Ford, III
-1-8-2-1-4 Joseph Ford
-1-8-2-1-5 Ichabod Ford
-1-8-2-1-6 Hannah Ford
-1-8-2-1-7 John Ford
-1-8-2-1-8 Sarah Ford
-1-8-3-1-1 Ruth Fish b 1762 d 6 Jun 1836 ME m Nathaniel Chandler b 19 Sep 1762 d 4 Jun 1855 ME son of Jonathan Chandler and Rebecca Packard

-1-8-2-1-1-1 Samuel Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-2 Ann Baldwin
-1-8-2-1-1-3 John Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-4 Daniel Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-5 James Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-6 Elijah Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-7 Elisha Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-8 Levi Waterman
-1-8-2-1-1-9 Mary Waterman
-1-8-3-1-1-1 Sarah Chandler b 24 Apr 1802 d 19 Jul 1885 m Benjamin Davis b 14 Mar 1796 Bakerstown ME son of Zebulon Davis and Tryphosa Herrick b 18 Sep 1757 d 24 Jul 1824

-1-8-3-1-1-1-1 Richmond Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-2 Irene Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-3 Sarah E Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-4 Benjamin Franklin Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-5 Clarissa Ann Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-6 Luther E Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-7 Charles Davis
-1-8-3-1-1-1-8 Ellen M Davis
v+ 3 dau Newton
D. Thomas Newton b 1538
E William Newton of Gonerby bpt 30.08.1541, 4th son
m Anne Kelham dau of y Kelham of Ropsley, widow of _ Hickson
1. Thomas Newton of Gumby & Haydon
m Elizabeth Parker dau of Thomas Parker of Kibworth
i. Sir John Newton of Haydon 'and Gunnerbury', 2nd Bart of Barr's Court b 06.09.1626, d 31.05.1699 John acquired Barr's Court and the baronetcy from another Sir John Newton, apparently by purchase.
m by 1645 Mary Eyre b c1628, d 23.11.1712, dau of Sir Gervase Eyre of Rampton by Elizabeth Babington
a. Sir John Newton of Colverthorp in Haydon, 3rd Bart of Barr's Court b c1651, d 12.02.1733/4
m1 22.06.1676 Abigail Heveningham b 1660/1, d 11.05.1686, dau of William Heveningham of Heveningham by Mary, dau of John Carey, 2nd Earl of Dover
1 Carey Newton b 09.06.1680, d 04.08.1707
m 04.06.1695 Edward Coke of Holkham d 13.04.1707
m2 23.03.1690/1 Susanna Wharton dau of Michael Wharton Warton of Beverley by Susan, dau of John Poulett, 1st Lord of Hinton St. George, sister of Sir Michael
2 Sir Michael Newton, 4th Bart of Barr's Court b c1695, d 06.04.1743
m 14.04.1730 Margaret, Countess of Coningsby b c1709, d 12.06.1761, dau of Thomas, 1st Earl of Coningsby
A John Newton, 'Viscount Coningsby' b 16.10.1732, dvp/m 04.01.1733
3 Susanna Newton
m William not John Archer
b. Elizabeth Newton
m Francis Stringer of Sutton-upon-Lound
c. Mary Newton bpt 13.05.1648, bur 31.07.1678
m William Marwood of Laughton
d. Jane Newton m William Sacheverell of Morley
e. Lucy Newton
m _ Scroop of Louth
f. Hester Newton
m _ Seymour Colonel
g. Frances Newton
m _ Winfield of Eggington
h.+ 10 others including Gervase dsp
2 Thomas Newton b 1630 in Skillington Thomas Newton d in 1709 in Skillington -1 Thomas Newton d in 1709 in Skillington m1690 in Granthom Anne Dix d in 1712 in Skillington. -1-1 Robert Newton b 1693 in Skillington d 1769 in Skillington m 21 Feb 1715 in Skillington Hannah Saywell b 1692 in Skillington d 1764 in Skillington -1-1-1 Thomas Newton b 1735 in Skillington d 1784 in Skillington m 16 Dec 1764 in Skillington Lydia Christian b 23 Nov 1740 in Skillington -1-1-1-1 Lydia Newton b 4 Sep 1774 in Skillington d 28 Sep 1855 in Skillington? m 17 Mar 1800 in Skillington Thomas Parker b 19 Feb 1776 in Great Ponton (Lincs) d 26 Sep 1832 -1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Parker b 1801 in Scalford d 1870 in Scalford m 25 Jun 1827 in Scalford Mary Anne Gould b 1799 in Skillington d 1881 in Skillington
-1-1-1-1-2 John Parker b 1806 in Scalford, bap 23 Feb 1806 in Scalford, d 18 May 1807 aged 1.
-1-1-1-1-3 Sarah Parker b 1808, bap 20 Mar 1808 in Scalford, d 16 Jul 1810 aged 2.
-1-1-1-1-4 Lydia Parker b 1803 in Scalford.
-1-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth Parker b 1810 in Scalford, bap 10 Jun 1810 in Scalford, d 8 Jul 1810.
-1-1-1-1-6 Mary Anne Parker b 1811 in Scalford bap 8 Dec 1811 in Scalford
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Parker b 1829 in Scalford anap 9 Aug 1829 in Scalford.
-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Parker b 1831 in Scalford.
-1-1-1-1-1-3 John Parker b 10 Feb 1843 in Scalford d 9 Dec 1909 in 63 Queen St. m Sep 1867 in Bradford Priscilla Rhodes b 20 Feb 1840 in Morley, d 1 Nov 1923 in Thornfield Terrace Morley
-1-1-1-1-1-4 Mary Anne Parker b 1838 in Scalford.
-1-1-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth Parker b 1828 in Scalford.
-1-1-1-1-1-6 Lydia Parker b 1834 in Scalford bap 9 Feb 1834 in Scalford

-1-1-1-1-1-3-1 William R Parker b 1869 in Shrewsbury.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-2 John Percy Parker b 5 Sep 1869 in Castle St. St. Mary Shrewsbury d 14 Dec 1935 in 4 Nab Wood Mount Shipley, Yorks m Sep 1896 in Leeds Louisa Hartley b 1873 in Morley
-1-1-1-1-1-3-3 Edith Parker b 1872 in Kidsgrove.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-4 Eleanor Parker b 1873 in Kidsgrove.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-5 Florence Parker b 1876 in Kidsgrove.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-6 Margaret A Parker b 1878

-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-1 John Armitage Parker b 12 Dec 1905 in 69 Moorside Rd Eccleshill Bradford dn 13 Feb 1970 in St. Georges Hospital Tooting London m 1937 in London Eileen Rowe b 16 Feb 1908 in Bradford d 29 Jun 1998 in Harrogate
-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-1-1 David Parker b 1937 in 4 Fairhazel Gdns Hampstead NW6 London m 1959 in Horsforth Cynthia Gallagher b 1941 in Horsforth and had Catherine Parker
-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-1-2 Jacqueline Parker b 31 Aug 1940 in 75 Fairfax Road Hampstead NW6 London.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-1-3 Sylvia Parker was born in Sep 1944 in 9 Tennyson Street Guiseley Yorkshire
-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-2 Donald Parker b 1908 in Morley and died in 1972 aged 64.
-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-3 Kathleen Parker b 1905 in Bradford
2. Judith Newton b 1579, d 1617 probably of this generation
m 1602 William Welby of Denton d 1627
3. John Newton of Great Gonerby b 1581
?= m2/?1 Idonea Montague
4? possibly of this family and generation was:
Alexander Newton b 1450 ?Sowell Somerset d 21 May 1547
-1 Alice Newton b 1486 Sowell Somerset m William Aubrey Heydon III, Esq b 1480 Watford Hertford d 21 May 1546 Watford -1-1 Elizabeth Haydon b 1504 Essex m William Bedell
-1-2 Henry Heydon, Esq b 1508 Watford m Anne
-1-3 Jerome Heydon b c 1511
-1-4 Jeremy Heydon b 1515 Watford
-1-5 Anthony Heydon b c 1519 Watford m Elizabeth Sergent
-1-6 Ellena Heydon b 1523 Watford m William Payne
-1-7 Anne Heydon b c 1524 Watford m Roger le Strange of Hunstanton
-1-8 Elizabeth Heydon b 1526 Watford m Thomas Palmer
-1-9 Dorothy Heydon b 1528 Watford m Robert Shoreditch
-1-10 Alice Heydon b 1530 Watford m y Hechsam
-1-11 Mary Heydon b 1532 Watford m John Franks
-1-1-1 Elizabeth Bedell b 1525 London d 1563 London m Thomas Chappell
-1-7-1 Catherine le Strange b c 1552 Hunstanton Norfolk m Sir Edward Grey of Howick
-1-1-1-1 Mary Chappell b 8 Apr 1548 Ribchester Lancashire m Thomas Norcross b c 1560 All Hallows London d c 1612 London son of Henry Norcross
-1-1-1-2 Alexander Chappell b 9 Jan 1550
-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Chappell
-1-1-1-4 Susan Chappell
-1-1-1-5 Thomas Chappell
-1-1-1-6 Edmonde Chappell
-1-7-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Gray b 1610 Lancashire d 1673 Rappahannock River VA m William Harper b 31 Oct 1607 in St Peters Leeds, Yorkshire, Engl d 1663/8 Rappahannock Co VA
-1-1-1-1-1 John Norcross b aft 1583 London d aft 1642 London m1 Anna x + 1 ch m2 Elizabeth Marshe b 1 Nov 1584 Eccles Lancashire + 1 ch dau of James Marshe and Alicia she m2 Richard F Farnesworth + Alizia Farnesworth
-1-1-1-1-2 Jeremiah Norcross b 1585 All Hallows London m Adrean
-1-1-1-1-3 Thomas Norcross b 1581
-1-1-1-2-1 Alexander Chappell b
-1-7-1-1-1 Sarah Harper b c 1658 in Sittingborne Parish, Old Rapphannock Co d 1714 Essex Co VA m Henry Berry b 1652 in Sittingbourne Parish, Old Rappahannock Co will and land sales ?= d 1696 in Richmond Co VA
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Anna Norcross b c 1613 London Mdx m Samuel Davis + 3 ch
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas Norcross b c 1613 Ribshester Lancashire m Elizabeth + 3 ch
-1-1-1-1-2-1 Richard Norcross b 11 Dec 1621 All Hallows London d 10 Oct 1709 Watertown Mdx Co MA m1 Susannah m2 Mary Wheeler Brooks had issue
F. George Newton b 1546
G Robert Newton b 1547
HSimon Newton b 1549
IElizabeth Newton b c 1540
JIsabel Newton b c 1544
Kx Newton b c 1548
2 Thomas Newton b about 1525 Lincolnshire
3 Richard Newton b about 1535 d c 22 Dec 1563 Westby Lincoln
4 William Newton b c 1541 BassingthorpeLincoln d 1594
Anne Kellum/Kelham
-1 Thomas Newton b c 1560 Little Gonerby Lincoln d there Apr 1640 m Elizabeth Parker
-2 Judith Newton b 1579 d 1617 Denton Lincoln m 1 JUl 1602 William Welby Jr
-1-1 Richard Newton
-1-2 John Newton 2Bt
-2-1 William Welby III b 1604 Denton Lincoln d 1657 m 1633 Elinor Williams
-2-1-1 Selina Welby b 1637 Denton d 1696 m Thomas Halford
-2-1-1-1 Richard Halford
-2-1-1-2 Rebecca Halford m Cotton
- - - - - -

Newton of Virginia

possibly brother of the progenitor of the the above family was:
Ne16. y Newton b c 1480 Lancashire
Ne15 Sir John Newton b c 1510 Richmont East Harptree Somerset
m Margaret Poyntz b c 1510 Iron Acton Gloucester d 1568 dau of
+1 Sir Anthony Poyntz b 1480 Iron Acton d 1533 Shillingford Devon
m Elizabeth Huddersfield
+2 Sir Robert Poyntz of Iron Acton
m Margaret Woodville b c 1460 d 19 Oct 1520 Iron Acton
+2 Antohony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers b c 1440 d 26 Jun 1483
p3 Gwenllian Stradling b 1442 St Donats Glamorgan d Dec 1475
+4 William Stradling
m Annes verch John Gwyn b 1^420 St Donats Glamorgan
+5 John Gwyn ap Gwilym of Cibwr b c 1390 St Donats Glamorgan d kybor Glamorgan
m x Grant b 1401 Wales
+6 Gwilym ap Dafydd of Rhiw'perrai
m Tudful verch Thomas
+6 Thomas Grant b 1350
Ne14-2 Frances Newton, Lady Cobham b 1539 d 17 Oct 1592 Cobham Kent
m1 William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham
m2 Sir John Poyntz
-1 Elizabeth Brooke, Countess of Sal... m Cecil
-2 Margaret Brooke
-3 Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham
-4 Reverend George Brooke
-5 William Brooke
-6 Thomas Brooke
-7 Frances Brooke
Ne14-3 Nazaret Newton b 1541 d 16 Apr 1583 London
m Thomas Paget
-1 William Paget, 4th Baron Paget of Beaudasert
Ne14-4 Theophilia Newton b 1523
Ne14-5 John Newton of Devon b 1525 Colyton Devon d there 1623
m Joanne Woodland
-1 John Newton b 15 Nov 1553 Colylin Devon d Apr 1647 St Giles Cripplegate London m Helen Squyer -1-1 Henry Newton b c 1576 St Dunstan East London d c 1605 Axminster Devon ma Isabelle + 2 ch m2 Joan -1-1-1 Jane Newton b 21 Apr 1572/?1600 d 25 Aug 1672 Hull Suffolk Co MA m Deacon Thomas Loring
-1-1-2 Wealthean Newton m y Richards
-1-1-1-1 Wealthean Loring b c 1625 Dorchester d 3 Jul 1679 Boston MA, accused Witch m Thomas Richards -1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Richards
-1-1-1-1-2 Mary Hinkley
-1-1-1-1-3 Joseph Richards
-1-1-1-1-4 Benjamin Richards
-1-1-1-1-5 John Richards
-1-1-1-1-6 Anna Hunt (Richards)
-1-1-1-1-7 Alice Bradford
-1-1-1-1-8 Hannah Richards
-1-1-1-1-9 Robert twin Richards
-1-1-1-1-10 James twin Richards son Samuel Richards
Ne14 Sir Henry Newton b 1531 East Harptree Somerset d there 2 May 1599
m Cathrine Paston b c 1535 Norfolk d 1605 East Harptree
+1 Sir Thomas Paston b c 1515 MP
m Anne Leigh b c 1528 Lyme Cheshire m1 Edward Fitzgerald MP
+2 Sir John Leigh
m Elizabeth Saunders
Ne13-1 Sir Theodore Newton of Barr's Court b 1570 Bristol d 1632
Am Penelope Rodney b 1570 Rodneys Stoke Somerset
-1 Sir John Newton b 1611 Barrs Court Bristol d there 1661 Baronet m Grace Stone b 1600 d 1675
-2?? possiby Matthew Newton bap April 7, 1616 in ST. JOHN, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE d aft 25 Nov 1668

-2-1 Jonathan Newton bap Aug 10, 1653 in ST, JOHN, NEWCASTLE, NORTHUMBERLAND m 2 Oct 1688 St Johns in Newcastle Isabella Jenison

-2-1-1 Elizabeth Newton bap 30 Jul 1689 St Nicholas in Newcastle d 5 Oct 1750 m 22 Apr 1708 Nathaniel Ogle b 1674 d Piccadilly London
Ne13 Sir Henry Newton of East Harptree b c 1531
m Cathrine Paston b c 1535 Norfolk d 1605 East harptree
+1 Sir Thomas Paston b c 1515 MP
m Anne Leigh b c 1528 Lyme Cheshire m1 Edward Fitzgerald MP
+2 Sir John Leigh
m Elizabeth Saunders
Ne12 John Newton b 1572 Newton Lancashire d 24 Oct 1633 Barrs Court Hereford
m1 Margaret Grice b 9 Jun 1569 d 2 Jan 1612 + 1 ch
m2 Katherine Paston b c 1592 + 1 ch
+1 Edward Paston of Appleton, Norfolk b c 1550 d before 06.05.1630
m Margaret Berney b c 1566/77 Park Hall Reedham Norfolk
+2 Sir Thomas Paston
m Ann Leigh dau of
+3 John Leigh of Stockwell
Ne11-1 Ellen Newton b Dec 1598 Clayton Lancashire d 5 Dec 1681 Marshfield Plymouth MA
m1 Kenelm Winslow
m2 JOhn Adams of Plymouth MA
-1 Col Kenelm Winslow, II b 20 Apr 1^635 Plymouth MA d 11 Nov 1715 Harwich Barnsta le Co MA m1 Damaris Eames b 1661 Marshfield Plamouth MA d there 27 Msr 1729 + 4 ch dau of Mark Eames and Elizabeth Andrews m1 Marcy Worden b 2 Oct 1638 d 22 Sep 1688 Dennis Barnstable MA + 11 ch
-2 Eleanor Winslow m Baker
-3 Captain Nathaniel Winslow
-4 Lt. Job Winslow
-5 Capt. John Adams
-6 James Adams of Scituate
-7 Susanna Adams
-1-1 Elizabeth Winslow m Clark
-1-2 Damaris Winslow m Small
-1-3 Eleanor Winslow m Hamblen
-1-4 John Winslow
-1-5 Mercy Winslow b 1660 Yarmouthm Ellis
-1-6 Kenelm Winslow, III
-1-7 Maj. Josiah Winslow
-1-8 Thomas Winslow
-1-9 Samuel Winslow Jr.
-1-10 Nathaniel Winslow
-1-11 Maj Edward I Winslow, Sr b 30 Jan 1680 Yarmouth m1 Damaris x + 4 ch m2 Sarah
-1-12 Rebecca Winslow
-1-13 Hannah Winslow
-1-14 Seth Winslow
-1-15 Bethiah Winslow

-1-11-1 xy Winslow
-1-11-2 xy Winslow
-1-11-3 xy Winslow
-1-11-4 John Winslow
-1-11-5 Edward Winslow, Jr.
-1-11-6 Mehitabel Winslow
-1-11-7 Sarah Winslow b 1 Apr 1707 Rochester Plymouth MA d 28 Feb 1771 Western worcester MA m1 Thomas Lincoln m2 James Whitcomb
-1-11-8 Lydia Winslow m Foster
-1-11-9 Mercy Winslow m Foster
-1-11-10 Thankful Winslow m Hammond
Ne11 Thomas NEWTON b 1614/18 in Carleton Manor, Anlaby, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire (?his father had) moved to Hull from the county of Northumberland, a part of the NEWTONS of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and nearby Eltringham where the family was located from very early times
He had two sons emigrated to Virginia c 1662/?72 . He may have been the brother or cousin of Elizabeth Newton b 1611 m Thomas Willoughby b 1601 in Rochester, Kent
m1 Mary Laycocke b 1620
m2 Joan Eyon b 1614 Great Burstead Exxex d 1649 Billericay Essex + 4 ch dau of of James Eyon and Elizabeth Sanders
Ne10 John NEWTON b 1639/?29 in Carleton Manor Anlaby Kingston-upon-Hull Yorkshire, England d before 1697, mariner, Land records show grants also to John Newton in Nansemond Co Va. [adjoining Norfolk to the westward], 23 Oct.1673. After the death of Elizabeth, John emigrated to the colonies with his 3 sons where he
m2 Rose x (?Sturman/Albriton/Kelly or Allerton dau of Issac Allerton Jr. b: 11 May 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma and Elizabeth Willoughby b 1635 in Lower Norfolk Co Va) d before 1712/13. We do not know the maiden name of Rose but she was married first to John TUCKER. Rose and John TUCKER had four known children, continued below
m1 Joan BARR.
Ne10 John NEWTON b 1639/?29 in Carleton Manor Anlaby Kingston-upon-Hull Yorkshire, England d before 1697, mariner, Land records show grants also to John Newton in Nansemond Co Va. [adjoining Norfolk to the westward], 23 Oct.1673. After the death of Elizabeth, John emigrated to the colonies with his 3 sons where he
m2 Rose x (?Sturman/Albriton/Kelly or Allerton dau of Issac Allerton Jr. b: 11 May 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma and Elizabeth Willoughby b 1635 in Lower Norfolk Co Va) d before 1712/13. We do not know the maiden name of Rose but she was married first to John TUCKER. Rose and John TUCKER had four known children, s.b.
m1 Joan BARR.
Ne9-1 Joseph Newton b ABT 1655 in England
m ABT 1691 in Westmoreland Sarah Allerton b 1671 in Westmoreland Co
-1 Allerton Newton b 1691 in Westmoreland Co
-2 John Newton b ABT 1692 in Westmoreland probably husband of Sarah Elizabeth Newton s.b.
Ne9-2 John NEWTON II, b circa 1657 in Carleton Manor Anlaby Yorkshire Eng d before 1699 in Stafford, most of his life in Stafford Co VA
m Mary ALLERTON b about 1665 d bef 29 Oct 1699 in Stafford Co dau of Isaac ALLERTON b aft 22 May 1627 Plymouth Mass an d Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY wid OVERZEE wid COLCLOUGH dau of Capt Thomas Willoughby and Alice Layton. Children of this marriage are:
-1 Frances Newton b 1685 in Westmoreland Co d 17543 m 1706 in Gloucester Co Va Capt Edward Wyatt b 1677 in Boxley Gloucester Co Va a d 27 Jan 1744/5 Dettingen Pr Wm Co son of Conquest Wyatt b 1645 in Boxley, Gloucester Co VA and Sarah "Sallie" Pate b 1652 in Boxley, Gloucester Co/of yorktown
-2 William Newton, b about 1686 England/Westmoreland Co, VA d 1722/bef 30 May 1677 m1 1708 in Westmoreland Co Barbara Johnson b abt 1690 in St Marys Co Md + 2 ch, dau of James Johnson and Elizabeth x b bef 1662 2nd wifw of J ohn Gerrard m2 1712 in Westmoreland Elizabeth Berryman b 1691 in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co + 4 ch dau of Benjamin BERRYMAN and his first wife.
?-3 Grace Newton m James Wyatt b 1674 d 27 Jan 1744/5 son of Conquest Wyatt and Sallie Pate
?-4 Allerton Newton d after 1702 (named in Isaac Allerton's will but probably not of this marriage rather Mary's sister, Sarah (Elizabeth) Allerton m1 John Newton. However her unknown Newton spouse was most likely of this family).
-5 Thomas Newton b BEF 1695 in Westminister, London, England d AFT 1714 in Richmond Co Va m Elizabeth STORKE b about 1690 Westmoreland d Wilmington, Cople Parish Westmoreland dau of Bethethland GILSON b about 1665 Westmoreland Co Va d Oct 1693 m Nhemiah Storke grandau of Beheathland BERNARD b about 1635 Warwick River Co Va d1716/20 Stafford Co Va and Maj Andrew GILSON son of Thomas Gilson the immigrant gr grandau of Mary BEHETHLAND and THOMAS BERNARD "the Immigrant" (son of Thomas Bernard b 1604 d 1651) 2nd gr grandau of Capt. Robert BEHETHLAND "the Immigrant" b c 1580 England d James City Co VA and Mary NICHOLSON
-6 Wm. Newton, who m Barbary Johnson daughter of "James Johnson, ye Elder, half sister to John Gerrard, the younger, the said Wm. Newton had issue by the said Barbary Johnson, a Son, and (a) Daughter named Frances. The sd. Wm. Newton survived the sd. Barbary, and afterward m Eliza. Berryman, the Daughter of this Depts. last Husband (Benjamin Berryman) by his first wife (Sarah Butler), & had issue by the sd. Eliza.: Wm. Newton, now in King George Co & Others."
-1-1 William Edward Wyatt b 1707 in Prince William Co d 1774 in VA m1 1730 in Prince William Co Lettice Nichols b ABT 1701 in Upton, Gloucester Co VA + ch m2 Martha Gaines
Elizabeth Wyatt b 1717 gloucester Co Va d 1771 Caroline Co Va
-2-1 John Newton b 1709 in Westmoreland Co d bef 1744 in Westmoreland Co
-2-2 Frances Newton b 1711 in Westmoreland Co
-2-3 Sarah Newton b 1715 in Westmoreland Co
-2-4 Elizabeth Newton b 1717 in Westmoreland Co ?= b 1706 m Thomas Stripling b 22 Oct 1706 Stratford Westmoreland VA d Stafford Va
-2-5 Benjamin Newton b 1719 in Westmoreland Co
-2-6 William Newton b 1720 in Westmoreland d Oct 1788 St Paulss Parish Kg George Co m1/?2 ABT 1740 in King George Co Elizabeth Kenyon b ABT 1720 in Brunswick Parish, King George Co dau of Abraham Kenyon b BEF 1700 in St. Mary's Parish, Richmond Co Va and Elizabeth Waddington b BEF 1704 in Stafford ?m2/1 Margaret Monroe
-3-1 James Wyatt b c 1700
-5-1 Elizabeth STORKE b about 1690 Westmoreland d Wilmington, Cople Parish Westmoreland m1 Thomas Newton son of John Newton and Rosanna/Rose ?Sturman/Allerton m2 1730 Samuel OLDHAM
-5-2 William STORKE I
-6-1? possibly here was William Newton b c 1720 m Mary H.
-1-1-1 Micajah Wyatt b 1731 d unm 1774
-1-1-2 Frances Wyatt b 1734 d 1767 m y Mattison m ? Thomas Scott
-1-1-3 Henrietta Wyatt b 1737
-1-1-4 Edward WYATT of Caroline co. VA b 1738
-1-1-5 John Wyatt b 1740 d 1807 m Hannah Wyatt
-1-1-6 William Edward Wyatt Jr b 22 Jan 1742 in Maca Plantation, Prince William Co d 28 Feb 1815 in Prince William Co. VA m 25 Dec 1766 in Prince William Co Frances Newton b 2 Nov 1747 in VA d 15 Jun 1783 Pr Wm Co dau of William Newton b ABT 1725 in Gloucester Co. VA and Mary Holloway b 1722 in Gloucester Co
-1-1-6 Elizabeth Wyatt b 1744 d 1770
-1-1-7 James Wyatt b 1745 d 1813
-1-1-8 Conquest Wyatt b 1746 d 1812
-2-4-1? Newton Thomas Stripling b 20 Apr 1728 Stratford Westmoreland Va d 30 Oct 1804 Camden Kershaw SC m Elizabeth Parker Peck
-2-6-1 Elizabeth Newton b ABT 1745 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co d aft 1806 m abt 1761 Fauquier Co Thomas Bronaugh b 1741 in Truro Parish, Prince William Co
-2-6-2 Sarah Newton b 1748 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co d 1816 St Pauls Parish m in St. Paul's Parish Nathaniel Fox b 1748 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co son of Thomas Fox b: 1711 in King William Co Virginia and Philadelphia Claiborne b: BEF 1732 in King William
-2-6-3 Isaac Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-4 John Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-5 William Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-6 Benjamin Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-7 Abraham Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-8 Thomas Newton b AFT 1750 in St. Paul's Parish, King George Co
-2-6-9 Margaret Newton b ABT 1759 in St. Paul's Parish, King George d 1814 m Thomas Berry b 1757 in Berry Plain, King George Co son of Thomas Berry b 1727 in Hanover Parish, King George Co Virginia and Elizabeth Corn Washington b 21 DEC 1737 in Stafford
-3-1-1 John Wyatt b c 1730 m ?Mary x
-5-1-1 Catherine NEWTON 1707, Lancaster Co Va d bet 6 Sep 1760-20 Feb 1761, Lancaster Co m1 Thomas MARTIN m2 AFT 26 Jul 1727, Lancaster Co James BRENT
-5-1-2 Elizabeth NEWTON
-5-1-3 Willoughby NEWTON
-5-1-4 Beheathland NEWTON
-6-1-1 Frances NEWTON b c 1745 m William Edward WYATT jr of Maca VA b 1742 d 1815
-1-1-6-1 Frances Newton Wyatt b 23 Dec 1767 in Prince William Co VA d 2 Feb 1846 in Abbeville District, SC m in Abbeville District, SC James Mattison b: 20 Aug 1762 in Prince William Co. VA
-1-1-6-2 Lettice Nichols "Lottie" Wyatt b 25 Sep 1771 in VA
-1-1-6-3 Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Prince William Co d 18 Feb 1858 in Abbeville District, SC m 15 Sep 1793 in Prince William Co Mary Grigsby Foster b 3 May 1773 in Prince William Co. VA dau of James Foster b 22 Jan 1750 in Prince William Co. VA and Elizabeth Redmond Grigsby b 12 Jan 1755
-2-4-1-1 Benjamin Stripling b 1762 SC d after 1850 Tattnall GA m Jane Virginia Bryant b FL d GA ?dau of y Bryant
-2-6-1-1 John Bronaugh b 5 SEP 1762 in Fauquier Co m abt 1782 Sarah West b BEF 1762 in Fairfax CoJohn 'Jr' West b: ABT 1725 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Virginia and Catherine Colville b ABT 1729 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
-2-6-1-2 Catherine Bronaugh b 25 FEB 1765 in Fauquier Co
-2-6-1-3 William Bronaugh b 21 FEB 1767 in Fauquier Co
-2-6-1-4 Benjamin Bronaugh b APR 1769 in Fauquier Co
-2-6-1-5 Thomas Bronaugh b 24 JUN 1771 in Fauquier Co
-2-6-1-6 Sarah Bronaugh b 23 AUG 1773 in Fauquier Co
-2-6-1-7 Taliaferro Bronaugh b 14 MAR 1776 in Fauquier
-2-6-2-1 Anne 'Nancy' Fox b: BEF 1786 in St. Paul's Parish, King George m May 1802 in St Pauls parish John Short Massey b 1773 in St Paul's Parish
-2-6-9-1 William Newton Berry b AFT 1777 in King George
-3-1-1-1 Thomas Wyatt b c 1760 ?Va d c 1804 ?Va m Catherine Robinson b c 1765 dau of John Robinson and Frances Yates
-5-1-1-1 Catherine MARTIN m1 1745, Lancaster Co Hugh BRENT IV m2 4 Jan 1751 Edward Carter son of Thomas Carter and Sarah Haynie
-5-1-1-2 Lucy BRENT b 25 Nov 1735 Lawrenceburg Va John Curd II
-1-1-6-1-1 Elizabeth Mattison b 22 May 1792 in VA m Burwell Carpenter b: 1780 in Wake Co. NC
-1-1-6-1-2 James Mattison b 4 Dec 1797 in SC d 11 Apr 1837 in Anderson Co. SC m Mary King Stark
-1-1-6-3-1 Eliza Wyatt b 1796 d 1882 m William Mattison
-1-1-6-3-2 Edna Wyatt b 1798 d 1851 m Ephraim Mitchell
-1-1-6-3-3 Col James Foster Wyatt b 1801 Broadmouth SC d 10 Mar 1868 Anderson Co SC m Nancy Pyles
-1-1-6-3-4 William Wyatt b 1803 d 1868 m Eliza Miller
-1-1-6-3-5 Redmond Wyatt b 1806 m1 Elizabeth Richey m2 Eleanor Seawright
-1-1-6-3-6 Mildred Wyatt b 1808 d 1893 m Abner Cox
-1-1-6-3-7 Susan Wyatt b 1811 d 1851 m Elias Key
-1-1-6-3-8 Harriett Wyatt b 1814 d 1874 m John Maudlin
-1-1-6-3-9 Malina Wyatt b 1819 d 1887 m1/?1 Hugh Alexander b 1819 m1/?2 Josiah White
-2-4-1-1-1 James Bryant Stripling b 1796 Orangeburg SC d 1868 Tattnall GA m Peggy McCleod
-5-1-1-2-1 Merryman B. CURD b 12 May 1780 d 21 Oct 1841 Trimble Co Ky m 11 Mar 1804 Fayette Co Ky m Mary Polly Kay
-5-1-1-2-2 Mary CURD b 10 Sep 1769 St. James Goochland Co Va d 30 Jun 1833 Tremble Co Ky Samuel Pryor II

-1-1-6-1-1-1 Mary "Polly" Carpenter m 1796 in Anderson Co SC Labon Massey
-1-1-6-1-1-1-1 Susannah Massey b 1811 m 1832 James "Warren" Kay b: 1800
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Thomas Kay b 1841 in Anderson Co. SC d 1880 in Palo Pinto, TX m 3 Dec 1868 in Meredian, MS Marcella McLaughlin b: 1840
-1-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1 Nina Belle Kay b: 28 Mar 1877 in Texarkana, TX d 9 May 1963 in Washington, DC Bur Oklahoma City, OK m 27 Dec 1900 in Palestine, Anderson Co. TX Thomas Pryor Gore b Apr 1870 in Embry, Webster Co MS son of Thomas Madison Gore b: 1837 in Pickens, AL and Caroline Elizabeth Wingo
-1-1-6-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Nina Gore b 1903 in Lawton, Comanche Co OK
-1-1-6-1-2-1 Emily Keziah Mattison b 4 Dec 1834 in Anderson Co SC d 29 Jan 1901 in Anderson Co. SC m1 Nimrod Kelley Sullivan b 29 Jul 1828 in Anderson Co. SC d 22 Feb 1881 in Anderson Co. SC son of Kelley Sullivan b 24 Jul 1797 in Greenville Dist, SC d 2 Oct 1866 Anderson SC and Margaret Jane Watt granson of Pleasant Sullivan b 15 Aug 1757 in Twitty Creek, Charlotte Co. VA and Millicent "Milly" Kelley b 1775 gr granson of Owen Sullivan b 5 Nov 1709 in Lunenburg Co. VA and Mary Margaret Hewlett b 4 Mar 1707 in VA
-1-1-6-1-2-1-1 James Mattison Sullivan b 8 Sep 1855 d 20 Oct 1910
-1-1-6-3-9-1 Oliver Alexander b 1839
-1-1-6-3-9-2 Willis Alexander b 1841 d 1862
-1-1-6-3-9-3 Mary Alexander b 1844 d 1880 m William Crawford
-1-1-6-3-9-4 Samuel Alexander b 1846
-1-1-6-3-9-5 P alexander b 1847 d 1924 m Ann Edwards b 1862 dau of Jonathan Edwards b 1837 and Rebecca Moore grandau of Joshua Edwards and Nancy Mahalia Duncan b 1814 NC d 1855 Ashe NC
-1-1-6-3-9-5-1 Maude Alexander b 1887 d 1967 m Olin Stevens son of Anthony Stevens b 1849 d 1933 m Eliza Baird
-1-1-6-3-9-5-1-1 Peggy Stevens, author's DNA match
-1-1-6-3-9-5-2 Ethelyn alexander b 1890 d 1976 m Harry Sanderson
-1-1-6-3-9-5-3 Mabel Alexander b 1896 d 1939 m1 Frank Girard m2 Gideon Powell
-1-1-6-3-9-5-4 Paul Alexander b 1892 d 1922
-1-1-6-3-9-6 James Alexander b 1851 d 1924 m America Wagnon
-1-1-6-3-9-7 Francis Alexander b 1852 m1 Maggie Murphy m2 Sarah Wagnon
-2-4-1-1-1-1 Benjamin Stripling b 9 Jan 1820 Tattnall d 10 Jun 1896 Sweet Home Linn OR m Mary Ann Kinsey
-2-4-1-1-1-1-1 Moses Andrew Stripling b 1860 Grassy Knob Pickens GA ancestor of John T Armstrong, author's DNA match
-5-1-1-2-1-1 John M. Kay CURD b 1805 d 19 APR 1837
-5-1-1-2-1-2 Martha Etna CURD b 28 JAN 1807 d 10 AUG 1841
-5-1-1-2-1-3 William T. CURD b 18 JAN 1809 d 4 FEB 1875
-5-1-1-2-1-4 Frances H. CURD b 29 DEC 1810 d AUG 1832
-5-1-1-2-1-5 Robert CURD b 27 SEP 1812 d SEP 1853
-5-1-1-2-1-6 Sarah Ann CURD b 12 JAN 1814 d 1834
-5-1-1-2-1-7 Samuel Trotter CURD b 8 MAY 1816 m Lucinda MORELAND b Abt 1817
-5-1-1-2-1-8 Andrew Price CURD b 21 APR 1818 d SEP 1853
-5-1-1-2-1-10 Augustine Lewis CURD b 7 MAR 1820
-5-1-1-2-1-11 Polly CURD b 21 NOV 1821 d 1823
m2 bef 1666
X (According to the deposition of John's daughter Elizabeth, he had a child by a second wife)
Joseph NEWTON, b 1666 in Anlaby, m ?in Stafford Co Va Sarah PRICE BUTLER, widow.
m3 in Selby Yorks Elizabeth Laycocke and they were the parents of:
Ne9-4 Benjamin NEWTON b 1669 in Anlaby d 1710 m Mary Ann GRIGSBY b 1684 in Stafford Co, Va wid of John Messe/Meese dau of John Grisby 1660 in Va, d 1750 and Sarah Jane Prosser sis of John, Charles, William and James Grigsby. ( ?m?1/2 Jane Redmond, d 1756 in Stafford Co; There may have been a son of this marriage who m Sarah Allerton see above .) -1 LETITA/Leticia NEWTON b about 1702 d 1725 m PHILLIP CRAWFORD.
-2 MARGARET NEWTON b ??1708 St Pauls Parish m1 WILLIAM HEABARD m2 22 Jun 1722 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co John Travis/Travers
-3 BENJAMIN NEWTON b about 1705 m ELIZABETH GREGG dau of THOMAS GREGG b about 1630 in Eng d in Stafford Co Va and Lucy Heabard will dated 9 Jan 1730
-4 MARY NEWTON b about 1710 m JOHN RODGERS d Aft May 12, 1758 bef 11 Jun 1760
-1-1 John Crawford.
-1-2 Letitia Crawford b about 1718
-2-1 Priscilla HEABERD Travis
-2-2 Leticia Travis b Abt. 1728
-2-3 William Travis b Abt. 1725 d Bef Aug 1765 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Va m Margaret Smallwood dau of Prior Smallwood and Elizabeth Stone.
-2-4 Margaret Travis
-3-1 Ann NEWTON b c 1725.
-3-2 Sarah NEWTON.
-3-3 Elizabeth NEWTON b c 1730.
-3-4 Benjamin NEWTON b? d about 1720
-4-1 Mary Rogers, b Abt. 1720 in Stafford Co VA d Abt. 1802 in Warren Co NC Abt. 1720 in Stafford Co.VA, d Abt. 1802 in Warren Co NC m 30 Dec 1741 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co VA William Colclough b c Jul 2, 1716 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Va d June 1783 in Warren Co NC son of Benjamin Colclough and Rachel.
-4-2 Grigsby Rogers.
-4-3 William Rogers m Francs Hornbuckle.
-2-3-1 Eleanor Travis
-2-3-2 Mary Travis
-2-3-3 Lucy Travis
-2-3-4 Barrick Travis b Abt 1750, Loudon Co Va d 1812, Edgefield Co SC m1 Anne Butler + 7 ch dau of William B Butler and Mary Mason m2 Elizabeth Deloach + 11 ch
-4-1-1 Elizabeth "Betty" Colclough, b 11 Oct 1747 in Stafford Co Va m1 William Sr. Shearin Abt. 1767 in Warren (Bute) Co NC son of John Shearin and Lucretia. He b Abt. 1731 in Brunswick Co Va d Abt. 1791 in Warren Co NC m2 Bef. July 28, 1801 Peter Glasscock.
-4-1-2 Margaret Colclough b February 04, 1744/45 in St. John's Parish Stafford Co Va d Aft. March 1819 in Warren Co NC m1 Henry Alexander Foote 29 May 1760 in Fauquier Co VA, son of George Foote and Frances Berryman. b 11 Apr 1738 in Stafford Co Va d 9 Dec 1775 in Bute Co, NC. m2 Henry Shearin Abt. 1777, son of Joseph Shearin and Amey Rivers. He was born Abt. 1755 in Granville Co NC, and d November 25, 1781 in Warren Co., NC. m3 Aft. 1781 Phillip Buford b Abt. 1740.
-4-1-3 Jane Colclough m John Moseley.
-4-1-4 John Ashby Colclough b September 14, 1743; d 1803 in Warren Co NC m Lucy Grigsby.
-4-1-5 William Colclough m Catherine x.
-4-1-6 Ricey Colclough.
-4-1-7 Ann (Nancy?) Colclough.
-4-1-8 Rachel Colclough b December 25, 1748.
-4-1-9 Mary Colclough, d 1794.
-4-1-10 Frances Colclough.
-4-1-11 Behethland Colclough.
-4-1-12 Benjamin Colclough, d 1783 in Warren Coutny, NC.
-4-1-13 Alexander Colclough b Abt. 1750.
-4-3-1 Rice Rogers.
-4-3-2 Bethlem Rogers.
-4-3-3 Robert Rogers.
-4-3-4 Margaret Rogers.
-4-3-5 Winifred Rogers m Charles Grigsby Jones
-2-3-4-1 Mark ButlerTravis, b 2Sep 1783, Edgefield Co SC d 4 Sep 1836, Sparta, Alabama.
-2-3-4-2 Rev. Alexander Doniphan Travis b Aug 23, 1790, Edgefield Co S c d 1852, Conecuh, Alabama.
-2-3-4-3 Elizabeth Travis b 1768, Edgefield Co., South Carolina, d 1835, Conecuh, Alabama.
-2-3-4-4 Pryor Smallwood Travis b Abt. 1780, d Abt. 1820, Woodville, Wilkinson Co Mississippi.
-2-3-4-5 Sarah Travis b Abt. 1772
-2-3-4-6 Catherine Travis b Abt. 1774
-2-3-4-7 Mary M. Travis b Abt. 1778
-2-3-4-8 Mark ButlerTravis, b Sep 02, 1783, Edgefield Co SC d Sep 04, 1836, Sparta, Alabama.
-2-3-4-9 Rev. Alexander Doniphan Travis b Aug 23, 1790, Edgefield Co SC d 1852, Conecuh, Alabama.
-2-3-4-10 Elizabeth Travis b 1768, Edgefield Co., South Carolina, d 1835, Conecuh, Alabama.
-2-3-4-11 Pryor Smallwood Travis b Abt. 1780, d Abt. 1820, Woodville, Wilkinson Co Mississippi.
-2-3-4-12 William Barret Travis b 9 Aug, 1809, Red Bank Creek, Saluda Co., SC d Mar 06, 1836, Alamo, San Antonio de Bexar.
-2-3-4-13 Emalene Travis b Abt. 1812
-2-3-4-14 Elizabeth Travis b Abt. 1815
-2-3-4-15 Mark Butler Travis b May 18, 1827, Old Town, Alabama d 1864 Civil War.
-2-3-4-16 Nicholas Travis b Abt. 1819, d date unknown.
-2-3-4-17 Alexander Travis b Abt. 1824, d date unknown.
-2-3-4-18 James Calloway Travis b Aug 05, 1829, Evergreen, Conecuh, AL d May 25, 1918, Atlanta, Fulton, GA
-4-1-1-1 William John Jr. Shearin, b Abt. 1769 in Bute Co NC d 1803 in Warren Co NC m May 20, 1799 in Warren Co Elizabeth Balthrop b Abt. 1773.
-4-1-1-2 Frances Shearon b Abt. 1773 m 28 Dec 1801 Abraham Mayfield.
-4-1-1-3 John Shearin b Abt. 1775 d 1826 in Warren Co NC m Rebecca Walker 1810.
-4-1-1-4 Elizabeth Shearin b Abt. 1777 in Warren Co NC m William Mayfield 7 Nov 1797.
-4-1-1-5 Nancy Shearin b Abt. 1779 d August 03, 1797 in Warren Co NC.
-4-1-1-6 Rice Shearin b Abt. 1781 d Bef. 27 Aug 1796 in Warren Co NC
-4-1-1-7 Margarett Shearin, b Abt. 1783 d Aft. 31 Dec 1794 in Warren Co NC.
-4-1-1-8 Beheathland "Heathy" Shearin, b Abt. 1785.
-4-1-1-9 Thomas Shearin b Abt. 1787 in Warren Co NC d March 1849 in Bedford Co Tn m1 5 Apr 1806 in Warren Co NC Mary Durham b in Warren Co NC m2 25 Mar 1810 Sarah Mayfield.
-4-1-1-10 Jarrat Shearin, b Abt. 1781 in Warren Co NC d Abt. 1826 in Bedford Co Tn m 25 Oct 1803 in Warren (Bute) Co NC Mary Hillary Balthrop b Abt. 1784 d Abt. 1850 in Haywood Co, Tn
-4-1-2-1 Frances Foote b 1763.
-4-1-2-2 William Foote b Abt. 1765 in Bute Co NC d Abt. 1806 in Surry Co NC. m Elizabeth Clanton Baker Abt. 1765.
-4-1-2-3 Mary Foote, b 1767 in Bute Co, NC d 24 Nov 1849 in Iredell Co., Nc m 11 Jun 1785 in Warren (Bute) Co NC Isaac Marshall b 1761 in Va d 17 Apr 1839 in Iredell Co NC bur Snow Creek, Iredell Co, NO ?.
-4-1-2-4 Beheathland Foote, b Abt 1769 m 20 Dec 1792 Benjamin Bell b Abt. 1765.
-4-1-2-5 Elizabeth Foote b Abt 1770 m1 17 Jul 1797 Samuel Lowell m2 Samuel Moss 30 Jul 1806.
-4-1-2-6 Henry Alexander II Foote, bap 1772.
-4-1-2-7 Katherine Foote, b Abt. 1775 in Bute Co, NC m Aaron Shearin b Abt. 1770
-4-1-3-1 Jesse Moseley
-4-1-4-1 Nancy4 Colclough m Benjamin Kimbell.
-4-1-4-2 Sally Colclough.
-4-1-4-3 Mary May Colclough m Charles Bell 1801.
-4-1-4-4 William Colclough.
-4-1-4-5 Betty Colclough m Freeman Center.
-4-1-4-6 Fanny Frances Colclough m Abraham Acrea 12 Nov 1793.
-4-1-4-7 James Colclough.
-4-1-4-8 Gregsby Colclough.
-4-1-4-9 Benjamin Colclough b in NC d March 1845 in TN m 21 Oct 1821 Mary P. Rodwell
Rose/Rosanna ??Allerton/ Sturman Al10 b about 1642 in Westmoreland Co d before 1712/13 (dau of Thomas Sturman and Ann Porter) she m2 Dr. Thomas Gerrard (she is also confused with or may be the same as the Rose Tucker n�e Gerard b by 1635 or respectively Rose Tucker b about 1648 who m Dr. Gerrard and later m the above John Berryman wid of John TUCKER by whom she had four known children:
-a Sarah TUCKER b 2 August 1663, m William FITZHUGH.
-b Rose TUCKER, m Ebenezer BLACKISTONE ?William Fitzhugh
-c John TUCKER
-d William Gerrard TUCKER b after his father died)
Rose later m Dr Thomas GERRARD. There were no known children of this marriage although Gerrard TUCKER was b after their marriage. The depositions shown in the link seem to clarify that she was called both Rose and Rosanna and that she survived Dr. Thomas Gerrard and remarried John Newton Sr. At this point it seems that either there were 3 women named Rose/Rosanna or the name Sturman was incorrect or that Rose Tucker married a Sturman before later marrying her grandfather and then finally John Newton. The Gerrard-Tucker relationships have conflicting reports in need of resolution. But it does seem that the Gerrard, Tucker, Newton, Berryman and Fitzhugh families were in Westmoreland Co Va at this time and that there were intermarriages. The depositions shown in the link seem to clarify that she was called both Rose and Rosanna,
Children of John NEWTON and Rose ?Allerton/?Sturman/?Tucker/ wid Gerrard were as follows:
Ne9-5? Gerrard Tucker NEWTON, b abt 1671/6/1677 d before 1706 in Westmoreland Co
m before 1695 Rebecca BLACKISTON b about 1672 St Mary's Co Md d Stafford Co Va dau of Nehemiah Blackistone and Elizabeth Gerard
-1 Rose Newton b before 1700 d 1785 charles Co Md m1 May 1715 St Pauls Parish Stafford Co Thomas Grigsby b before 1704 Stafford Co Va d 7 May 1745 m2 Townsend Dade b 1688 Va d 1761 Stafford Co
-2 Elizabeth Newton d Aft. 1773 m1 Matthew Guibert b bef 1693 d 1750 in St Mary's Co MD m2 Thomas Green Martin d 1773
-2-1 John Guibert m Dorothy Lee b Abt. 1731 m Bef. 1756 in St. Mary's Co MD
-2-2 Gerard Guibert b before 1749 St Marys Co MD d in Pr Wm. Co, VA
-2-3 Rose Guibert b before 1749 St Marys Co Md d after 1750
-2-4 Rebecca Guibert b before 1749 St Marys Co Mdd in Pr Wm Va Co, VA m before 1771 in Va William Barr b before 1749 in Pr Wm Co
-2-1-1 Gerard Guibert b before 1762 St Marys Co Md d there 28 Sep 1807
-2-1-2 Araminta Guibert b before 1762 St Marys Co d after 1821 Fauquier Co Va
-2-1-3 John Guibert Jr b before 1762 St Marys Co Md d after 1773 m before 1756 in St Marys Co Md Dorothy Lee b before 1741 in St Marys Co Md d there after 1780 dau of Samuel Lee and Ann Woodward
-2-4-1 Elizabeth Newton Barr b before 1771 d after 1786 m 1786 in Fauquier Co Francis Berryman b before 1766 d after 1786
-2-1-3-1 Gerard Guibert b before 1762 St Marys Co d 28 Sep 1807
Ne9-6 Thomas NEWTON, b 1678 m Elizabeth STORKE/Stark b January 1686/87 d 1759 in Westmoreland Co a descendant of Capt Robert Behethland. -1 Thomas Newton III b 1702 d 1741 in St. Mary's Co MD m Katherine ??? (possibly Willoughby of Clement)
-2 Willoughby Newton b Abt. 1703 d July 11, 1767 in Fl 1740 Westmoreland Co VA m Sarah Eskridge b 1707 d 2 Dec 1753
-3 Elizabeth Newton b Abt. 1705 m1 William Keene b 1695 d 1726 m2 Aft. 1725 John Waughop b Bef. 1700 in Md d 1748 in probably Northumberland Co Va
-4 Catherine Newton b 1707 Lancaster Co d 1761 in Lancaster Co VA m July 26, 1727 in Lancaster Co James Brent b 1706 d April 1750 in Lancaster Co VA
-5 Behethland Newton b Abt. 1709 m before 1727 Walter Jones b before 1709
-1-1 Thomas Newton, Jr. b 1730 in St. Mary's Co MD d 1772 in St. Mary's Co MD m Susanna Howard b Abt. 1733 in St. Mary's Co MD d 1791 in St Mary's Co., MD
-1-2 Clement Newton d 1760
-1-3 Catherine Newton m1 William Jett m2 Bef. 1769 John Lane d Aft. 1769 in Northern Neck Area
-4-1 Lucy Brent b 25 Nov 1735 Lancaster Co d 23 Jul 1815 Mercer Co KY m John L Curd son of John Curd b Charles Parish York Co VA d May 1752 Goochland and Elizabeth/Ann Price b 1707 Goochland Co Va d there 3 Sep 1758

-4-1-1 James Curd b 24 Jun 1763 Goochland Co d 11 Aug 1822 Stokes NC m Abigail Stewart dau of Col David Stewart b 1728 Sussex DE d Dec 1807 Stokes NC and Abigail Harrison b 1729 Stokes NC d there 1802

-4-1-1-1 Ezekiel Card b 1776 NC d 1860 Johnson TN m Mary Potter b 1790 Surry NC d 1860 Stokes NC dau of Lydia Stewart b 1759 NC (dau of Col David Stewart b 1728 Sussex DE d Dec 1807 Stokes NC and Abigail Harrison b 1729 Stokes NC d there 1802) and John Potter
-4-1-1/2-1 Abraham Franklin Curd b 1811 Mountain City Johnson TN d 23 Apr 1855 Roane TN m Leah May Brooks/Brock b 1813 Mountain City d 1857 Roane TN dau of Reuben Brooks/Brock and Mary Smithpeter
-4-1-1/2-1-1 Ezekiel M Curd b Oct 1835 Mountain City TN d c 1909 Carter TN m Polly M Hammonds b 1835 TN d before1900 Johnson TN
-4-1-1/2-1-1-1 Sarah F Curd b 21 Apr 1865 Johnson City TN d there 2 Mar 1929 m Andrew Taylor b 19 Mar 1863 Johnson TN d there 11 Jul 1919
-4-1-1/2-1-1-1-1 Marris E Taylor b 17 Apr 1896 Mountain City TZN d there 9 Jul 1964 ancestor of Robert Lawrence Dyson author's DNA match
Ne9 Elizabeth NEWTON, b 1685 d 11 Feb 1762, Westomoreland Co VA
m1 Thomas GILSON b 1665 d before 14 May 1707 in Stafford Co
m2 Capt Benjamin BERRYMAN b c 1660 d 1729
Ne8-1 Behethland GILSON, m Be9 Benjamin Berryman
Be8-2 Major Benjamin Berryman b c 1675 d 1729 m1 Sarah Blagdon b 25 Sep 1688 + 2 ch m2 Elizabeth Newton dau of John Newton and Rose Allerton ?m3 Rebecca Vowels
Be8-3 Anne Berryman b c 1686/?98 d 1750 m1 John BURCH ca 1714
m2 y QUESENBERRY, July 1729 m3 y BLACKWELL, 1732
Be8-4 Elizabeth Berryman b before Sep 1688/?c 1699 d (?after) 1734/5 m1 William Newton b c 1715 d before 1735 son of John Newton and Mary Allerton m2 Charnock Cox Jr. b 5 Jul 1698 in Cople Parish Westmoreland Va d on 26 Jun 1744 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland son of Charnock Sr and Mary Presley-5756 (MRIN:2782) in 1726 in , Westmoreland, Va.
Be8-5 Rose Berryman b 1708 in Westmoreland Co VA, d about 1763 Westmoreland Co m on 10 Jun 1726 Capt Richard TALIAFERRO b 1703/6 in Essex Co VA d 27 Sep 1748 James City Va son of John (or Zachariah) TALIAFERRO and Sara SMITH, 19 June 1726, Caroline Co, VA son of Zachariah Taliferro
Be8 =9 Frankey/Frances Berryman d m George Foote b 3 Dec 1731 d 28 Jun 1759 prob Fauquier Co Va
Be8-8 James Berryman m Sarah Bushrod dau of John Bushrod and Hannah Keene
Be8-7 Newton Berryman dy
Be8-9 William Berryman b about 1725/?13 d 30/11 Mar 1784 m 10 Sep 1743 Rebecca Vowles.
Be8-9 Henry Berryman b 1708 dy.
Be8-10 Sarah Berryman d m William Douglas d son of Joseph Douglas and Peneope Morris
Be8-11 Catherine/Kate Berryman b c 1714 m y Nowles/Knowles d m 31 Dec 1731 Westmoreland Co Richard Vowles son of Richard Vowles and Ann Waters
Ne8-1-1 Gilson BERRYMAN
Be8-2-1 Benjamin Berryman.
Be8-2-2 Elizabeth Berryman m William NEWTON
Be8-4-1 Elizabeth Newton d m Peter Rust d 29 Jan 1762 son of Samuel Rust and Martha
Be8-4-2 Sarah Newton d m Peter Rust d 29 Jan 1762 son of Samuel Rust-6923 and Martha
Be8-4-3 William Newton Jr. m Martha Rust d before 1779 dau of Peter Rust and Elizabeth Newton
Be8-4-4 Presley Cox b about 1727 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, VA
Be8-4-5 Charnock Cox III b about 1729 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, VA
Be8-4-6 Vincent Cox III b 1732 Westmoreland, VA d c 1805 Lincoln, NC m c 1790Lucinda Abernathy b 1760 VA d before 1820 Lincoln, NC
Be8-4-7 John Cox was b about 1733 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland, Va
Be8-5-5 Sarah TALIAFERRO b 7 Jun 1727 ?Caroline Co Va d 20 Jan 1769 m John Lewis
Be8-5-2 Benjamin TALIAFERRO b 21 Nov 1728 d 6 Mar 1750/1
Be8-5-3 Zachariah Taliaferro b 29 Aug 1730 in Goochland or Amherst Co VA d Jun 1797 (? d Apr 1811 SC possibly Sr & Jr) m1 Mary Boutwell/Bouthwell + 12 ch m2 17 Mar 1787 Amherst Co Judith Scott
Be8-5-4 Richard TALIAFERRO b 15 Feb 1731^/2 d 26 Feb 1731/2
Be8-5-5 Dr. John TALIAFERRO b 7 Apr 1733 Caroline Co Va d 7 Apr 1821 Wilkinson Ga m Mary Hardin
Be8-5-6 Charles TALIAFERRO b 16 JUl 1735 ?Caroline Co d 11 Apr 1798 Amherst Co Va m 13 Apr 1758 Isabella McCulloch
Be8-5-7 Beheathland TALIAFERRO b 20 May 1738 d after 1813 m about 1760 James Stevens
Be8-5-8 Peter TALIAFERRO b 12 Feb 1739/40 m Ann Hackley
Be8-5-9 Elizabeth TALIAFERRO b 2 Nov 1741 m Zachary Hawkins
Be8-5-10 Rose TALIAFERRO b 2 Nov 1741 m Richard Shakelford
Be8-5-11 Mary Berryman TALIAFERRO b 16 Oct 1743 m Thomas Wortham
Be8-5-12 Frances TALIAFERRO b 9 Dec 1745 m 9 Aug 1768 Stafford Co Va Kenelm Cheseldine
Be8-5-13 Richard TALIAFERRO b 2 Sep 1747, Amherst Co Va Am Rev
Fo7-1 George Foote II b 20 Jan 1734/35 in Stafford CoVA, moved to Chester County SC around 1788, d there in 1808 bur Calvary Baptist Church in Sandy River. m Margaret Kincheloe 1760
Fo7-2 Gilson Foote, b 3 Dec 1736, Stafford Co VA d. 1770, Virginia (no issue) m 15 Mar 1765 Hannah Ball Daniel
Fo7-3 Henry Alexander Foote, b 11 Apr 1738 d 1776 m 29 May 1760 Margaret Colclough
Fo7-4 ELIZABETH Foote, b c 1738 d Louisville, KY m 26 Aug 1763 William Foote b 31 Oct 1727 Stafford Co VA d 1773
Fo7-5 FRANCES Foote b about 1740 m1 Francis Moore, April 1764 m2 Moses Yarborough, Abt. 1771 m3 Samuel Savage b 1738 Fauquier Co Va. d 27 Jan 1804 in Edgefield SC
Fo7 Behetheland Foote, b c 1748 m 11 Dec 1766 in Fauquier Co Va. Benjamin Pope, Po7 b Abt. 1766 Va d Bullitt Co Ky
Fo7-7 Richard Foote k c 1780, Revolutionary War
Fo7-8 William A. Foote, d 1833, Fauquier County VA m Sarah Alexander 6 Aug 1783, dau of William Alexander and Sigismunda Massey

Fo7-1-1 Newton Foote b Abt. 1761; d 1823, Chester Co SC
Fo7-1-2 George Foote III b 1762; d Abt. 1828, m Lucretia Nance, April 15, 1784 m1 1782 ? Loughridge d Bet. 1790 - 1800
Fo7-1-4 Gilson Foote b 1765 d 1824, Edgefield Co SC m1 Mary Ann MacKey, Bef. 1807 m2 Sarah Robertson, Abt. 1819
Fo7-1-5 William Foote b Bef. 1772 m 1805 Nancy Sanders Rice McDaniel
Fo7-1-6 Frances Elizabeth Foote m Ephraim Lyles
Fo7-1-7 Mary Foote m Benjamin Hart
Fo7-1-8 James Foote m1 Jane Mills Rice m2 Mary Ann James b after 1750 d c 1770 in Virginia
Fo7-1-9 Henry Foote b 1783
Fo7-1-10 Richard Foote, b before 1786 d 11 Feb 1837 m Tabitha Nuckols, Mar 1, 1812
Fo7-1-11 Berryman H. Foote b Abt. 1794 d Abt. 1812, ?k War of 1812
Fo7-3-1 Frances Foote b 1763.
Fo7-3-2 William Foote b Abt. 1765 in Bute Co NC d Abt. 1806 in Surry Co NC. m Elizabeth Clanton Baker c 1765.
Fo7-3-3 Mary Foote b 1767 in Bute Co NC d 24 Nov 1849 in Iredell Co Nc (reported by m 11 Jun 1785 in Warren (Bute) Co NC Isaac Marshall b 1761 in Va d 17 Apr 1839 in Iredell Co NC bur Snow Creek, Iredell Co, NO ?.
Fo7-3-4 Beheathland Foote, b Abt. 1769 m 20 Dec 1792 Benjamin Bell b c 1765.
Fo7-3-5 Elizabeth Foote b Abt. 1770 m1 17 Jul 1797 Samuel Lowell m2 Samuel Moss 30 Jul 1806.
Fo7-3-6 Henry Alexander II Foote, bap 1772.
Fo7-3-7 Katherine Foote, b Abt. 1775 in Bute Co, NC m Aaron Shearin b c 1770
Fo7-5-1 Frances Elizabeth Savage b 1790 in Edgefield SC d 1846, m Thomas Herron b 1785 in SC
Po6-1 George Foote Pope clerk of Bullitt County m Martha Lancaster Dozier, whose father was a Frenchman and a captain of a company in General Lafayette's army during the Revolution
Po6 Worden Pope b c 1776 Pope�s Creek, Va d 1837, April 20, in Louisville, KY m 1804, Sep 11, to Elizabeth Taylor Thruston Th6 Jefferson Co KY
Po6-2 William Pope
Po6 =7 Thomas Pope b c 1745/?58 in Fauquier/?King George Co Va m 7 JUN 1768 in Fauquier Co Ann Duncan b c 1745 d 20 JUL 1821 in Lancaster, Garrard Co KY bur JUL 1821 Lancaster, Garrard Co KY ?12 June 1816 in Bullett, Ky
Be8-8-1 James Berryman Jr b 8 Mar 1764 d 23 May 1812 Fayette Co Ky
Be8-9-1 Benjamin Berryman-7218 d .
Be8-9-2 Thomas Newton Berryman d .
Be8-9-3 John Berryman d
Be8-9-4 Thomas Berryman d
Be8-9-5 Gerrard Berryman d
Be8-9-6 Winifred Berryman b 1757 d 1798 m 1778 John Monroe b before 1758 d after 1778 Ky
Be8-9-7 Elizabeth Berryman d
Be8-9-8 Thomas Berryman d
Be8-9-9 Waters Berryman d
Be8-9-10 Francis Berryman d
Be8-9-11 Josias Berryman
Be8-9-1 Zachariah Taliaferro b 1710 in Goochland or Amherst Co VA d 1797 m Mary Boutwell
Be8-10-1 Benjamin Douglas b before 1746 Charles Co Md d after 1747
Be8-10-2 Joseph Douglas b before 1747 Charles Co Md

Po5 Patrick Henry Pope b 1806 d 4 May 1841 m 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5 daughter of
James Brown III Br6 and Urith Owings Lawrence La6
Po5-2 Edmund Pendleton Pope
Po5-3 Curran Pope b 1813
Po5-4 Hamilton Pope
Po5-5 Paul Pope d y
Po5-6 Moses Pope
Po5-7 Edmonia Pope d y
Po6-1 Jane Gale Pope m Robert Terrill
Po6-2 Mary Ann Pope d 1806 m John Sutton
Po6-3 Alexander Pope b c 1769
Po6-4 John Pope b c 1770
Po6-5 Jeremiah Pope
Po6-6 Humphrey Pope b c 1771 d c 1840
Po6-7 Thomas Pope Jr b BEF 1772 m 27 Jul 1803 in Garrard Co Ky Elizabeth Lair dau of Andrew Lair and Lady Frances Hubbard
Po6 Phyllis Ann Pope b 26 MAY 1773 in Fauquier, Va d 26 Oct 1818 m 17 Jan 1791 Charles Bland (Bl6) b 2 DEC 1765 in Virginia d 26 Sept 1842 Garrard Co Ky
Po6-9 Elizabeth Pope b: ABT 1780 m Nathaniel Robert Jurney b c 1770 d 1816
Po6-10 Robert Pope b by 1781 in VA
Po6-11 William Pope b: 25 FEB 1785 m Mary Lair b. a 1788 daughter of Andrew Lair and Lady Frances Hubbard
Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) married Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893 and had issue.
Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) m Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?) ¬
Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope (25 July 1831 ? - ?) m Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston, on 13 December 1858.
Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 ¬-?)
Po4-6 Worden Pope (9 Apr 1836 - ? ) Went to Nicaragua
Po4 Mary Ann Pope b 30 Sept 1838 d 1897 m 29 Jan 1857 in Louisville Ky George Nicholas Ni4
Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope b 1840 d y
Bl5 Thomas Pope Bland b 10 DEC 1791 in Lincoln Co Va = Ky m Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b 1796 in Va d ABT JUN 1844 in Pike Co MO
Bl5-2 Nancy Bland b 4 Jan 1793
Bl5-3 Sally Bland b 11 Oct 1794 d 5 Nov 1822 m Erasmus Wilmot b 1790 d 18 Apr 1829
Bl5-4 Mildred Bland b 1 May 1796 m Thomas Austin
Bl5-5 Prudence Bland b 1 Oct 1797 m Robert Austin
Bl5-6 Benjamin Bland b 7 Mar 1799
Bl5-7 Mary Bland b 10 Sep 1800, m. James S. Alderson b 18 Jul 1798
Bl5-8 Elizabeth Bland b 21 Feb 1802
Bl5-9 John Bland b 21 Jul 1804 d 28 Feb 1858, m Cynthia Ann Cox
Bl5-10 Kisiah Bland b 12 Jan 1806 d 19 Feb 1860 m James Brown
Bl5-11 James Bland b 12 Jun 1808
Bl5-12 Julianne Bland b 17 Jan 1810, m Thomas A. Pope
Bl5-13 Charles Josiah Bland b 5 Mar 1812 d about 1 Jul 1894
Bl5-14 Hiram Bland b 09 Feb 1814 d 18 Feb 1858
Bl5-15 Alemander Bland b 20 Oct 1817 d 04 Dec 1897 m Margaret Bourne b 31 Aug 1819 d aft 1897
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas ( 1862-1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (1863-1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas 1864-1942
Ni3-5 George Nicholas 1866-1926 m Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas 1868-1935
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas 1869-1941
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas 1872-1942
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas 1874-1942
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas 1876-1897
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas b 1878 d Jun 1954 m Dr Thomas Eugene Bland see below
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (1880-1915)
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1881-1927 Bl4-1 Sarah Prudence Bland, d.8 Jan. 1856, m. George Warner
Bl4-2 Benjamin Mason Bland b 13 NOV 1820 d 1868 m. Sarah Hodges and had issue
Bl4 Thomas Pope Bland b 12th Oct 1832 Pike Co Mo d 11 Feb. 1914 in Bagdad Shelby Co Ky m 31 JAN 1861, Shelby Co Ky Levicy Jane Harris
- Bl3-1 Martha Elizabeth BLAND b: 18 DEC 1861 in Shelby Co Ky
- Bl3-2 William Leland BLAND b 15 MAR 1863 in Kentucky
- Bl3 Thomas Eugene BLAND b 13 JUL 1864 in Bagdad, Shelby Co Ky m Matilda Prather Nicholas, see above
- Bl3-4Lewellyn BLAND b: ABT 1867
- Bl3-5 Sarah Prudence BLAND about 1866
- Bl3-6 John Henry Bland b 2 Mar 1870
- Bl3-7 Mary Beatrice BLAND b 2 Feb 1878
- Bl3-8 Harvey Erwin Bland b 15 Feb 1885
Bl4-4 John Duncan Bland b: 1832
Bl4-5 Elizabeth Bland b 1833
Bl4-6 Mary S Bland b 9 MAY 1834, m Henry C. Jamison had issue
Bl4-7 Dr. Dalzell Leland Smith Bland b 30 JUL 1838 m Sallie C. Duncan had issue
Bl4-8 William Henry Bland b 29 JAN 1840
Bl4-9 x Bland m James Moseley
Ne10-2 Thomas Newton b about 1629; settled in Norfolk Co Va near the present city of Norfolk. The records of Accomac Co Va show that Thomas Newton aged 30," testified, May 22, 1662, as to a deed of bargain and sale from Joseph Newton (.see above I to Henry Picott, and that Joseph Newton united in a deed in Accomac County. Nov. 16, 1670. The Virginia land records also show land grants to George Newton (presumably son of Thomas) in Lower Norfolk Co Va April 20, 1684
Ne10-3 George Newton b 1647 in Carleton Manor, Anlaby, Kingston on Hull, Yorkshire, England d 1694 in Lower Norfolk, VA
m 1673 in Lower Norfolk Frances Mason b ABT 1652 in Lower Norfolk, VA
William Edward Wyatt Jr b 22 Jan 1742 in Maca Plantation, Prince William Co s.a. for ch son of Conquest WYATT of Gloucester Co Va b 1645 d 1720 m Sallie PATE of Yorktown Va
-1-3-2 William Newton b 9 Jun 1750 in Culpeper Co d Feb 1817 in Daviess Co. KY m 1775 in Culpeper Co Elizabeth Ann Field b 1754 in Culpeper Co. VA
Nimrod Smith b 1767 in Prince William Co VA d 1830 Anderson Co SC son of Wyatt Smith b 1724 in Prince William Co. VA and Elizabeth Sanford b 15 Jun 1743 in Prince William Co
-1-3-1-3 Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Prince William Co m 15 Sep 1793 Mary Grigsby Foster b 3 May 1773 in Prince William Co
-1-3-2-1 Ann Newton b 28 Apr 1775 in Culpeper Co d 31 Mar 1866 in Bourbon Co. KY m 22 Dec 1811 in Bourbon Co. KY James Keith Ford b 5 Jul 1778 in Fairfax Co. VA
William Gerrard Talbot b 1 Jan 1813 in KY and Ellen Sophia Hart b Feb 1818 in KY grandau of Isham "Little Isham" Talbot Jr. b 1773 in Talbot, Bedford Co. VA and Margaret "Peggy" Gerrard b 31 Jul 1788 in Mt Lebanoon, Paris, Jessamine Co. KY
-1-3-2-1-1-1-1 Isham Talbot Ford b 11 Jul 1884 in KY
?Ne10-4? Possibly related to this family was:
Edward Newton II b 1630 Essex Va d 1654 St Annes Parish Essex Va
m Priscilla x
-1 Henry Newton Sr b 1654 Essex Co Va d 1713 St Annes Parish Essex Co m Elizabeth Stokes dau of Sylvanus Stokes and Mary Bishop -1-1 Henry Newton Jr b 1690 Essex Co d St Annes Parish Mecklenburg Co Va m elizabeth Stokes -1-1-1 Henry Newton Sr b 1722 St Annes Essex Co Va d 15 Jul 1783 Mecklenburg Co Va m Sarah x -1-1-1-1 George Newton Sr b 1740 St James Mecklenburg Co m Mary Riggs b 1746 dau of George Riggs and Sara Murdoch -1-1-1-1-1 James Newton Sr b 1 Feb 1775 Orange Co NC d 1840 Weakley TN m Sarah Clark -1-1-1-1-1-1 George Newton b about 1799 Orange Co NC d Dec 1860 Graves Co Ky m Mary C Jones
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 George W Newton b 1832 TN m Sarah Elizabeth Cashon b 15 Jul 1835 Weakley TN dau of David Boyd Cashon
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Flora C Newton b 22 Dec 1871 Graves Co Ky m Joseph Marmen McGuire
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Raymond R McGuire b 8 Jun 1900 Oregon MO ancestor of Shane Edward Malone, author's DNA match
Dugdale's Visitation of yorkshire
extract of miscellaneous Newton entries:
(Some spelling errors from OCR scan have been corrected.)

3. Marmaduke, of York, mercbant. Will 23 Dec, pr. 8 Dec. (sic) 1596 (vol. xxvi, 413); mar. Isabel, dau. of John Newton, of York. They had issue �
Grace, named in her father's will.
Marv, mar. Thomas Herbert, of Bird.sall, lie. 1610 at Bird.sall.
Margaret, named in her father's will. 1664-5, d. at Marston, 1683. Will 23 Nov. 1681, pr. at York 3 July 1683; mar. Mary, da. of John Thompson, merchant o/ Yorke, died without issue, 1 wife. Mar. Jane, daughter and coheire of Richard Newton, of the Citty of Yorke, 2 nni'e, bur. at St. John's, Micklegate, 5 Sept. 1661. They had issue � /. Henry (B). 2. Richard Thompson, bur. at Escrick 21 July 1743. 1. Mary, mar. Sir Hy. Calverley of Eryholine. ii. Aline, mar. John Clavering, Esq., of Chopwell, co. Durh., at Eryholme. Mar. Su.taniia, daughter of Thomas LoveU of Skelton, in com. Ehor., S wife, relict of Wm. Belt, Esq., of Overton, and Edw. Stanhope, of Griniston, bp. at Skelton 28 Apr. 1627, bur. at Marston 29 Apr. 1701. Will 22 Nov. 1700, pr. at York 2 May 1701. They had issue � Edward, of Marston (see Third Line). LoveU, b. 29 Aug., bp. 1 Sept. 1671, at Escrick. Allathea, mar. first, Henry, son of Sir John Tempest, Bart, of Tong ; secondly, Charles Allanson, lie. 23 July 1698. Susanna, bp. at St. John's, York. B. HENRY THOMPSON, ESQ., of Escrick, son and heire, oitatis 8 ann. 19" Martij. 1665, bp. 7 June 1659 at St. John's Micklegate, York, M.P. for York 1689-95, built the house at Escrick, bought Marston, Lord Mayor of York 1699, bur. at Escrick G July 1700. Will 28 June, pr. at York 1 October 1700 (unregistered) ; mar. first, Frances, dau. of Alderman Swann, of Hull, at EscricU, 17 Jan. 1671-2, bur. there 4 July 1679. They had issue � Frances, mar. Leonard Thompson, Esq., of Sheriff Hutton, bur. at Escrick 3 Oct. 1703. mar. secondly, Mary, dau. of John Beilby, Esq., of Micklethwaite Grange, bur. at Escrick 30 July 1727. They had Issue� 1. Beilby (C). 2. Henry, of Amsterdam, bp. at Escrick 7 Sept. Ill87. 3. Edward of Helperby, bp. at Escrick 1 July 1697. Will 20 Dec. 1759, pr. at York 7 Jan. 1763 (vol. cvii) ; mar. Frances, dau. of . . . Porteus, of York. 4. William, of Escrick, in Holy Orders, bp. at Escrick 13 Nov. 1698, bur. there 3 Feb. 1752. Jane, mar. William Lloyd, Chancellor of Worcester. Lucy, unm. Will 12 Nov. 1772, pr. July 1775 (vol. cxix, 219). C. BEILBY THOMPSON, ESQ., of Escrick, High Sheriff 1731, bp. at Escrick 27 Sept. 1686, d. 27, bur. there 30 July 1750. M.I. at Escrick ; mar. first, Jane, dau. and h. of Sir Roger Beckwith, Bart., d. Apr. 1739. They had issue �
152 DUG dale's visitation of YORKSHIRE. Alathea, bp. at Esciick 1 Dec. 1732, bur. there 19 Feb. 1735. Mary, mar. Peregrine Wentworth, Esq., (son of Matthew Wentworth, Esq., of Wakefield), bur. at Escriuk 3 April 1756. mar. secondlj', Sarali, dau. of Richard Roundell, Esq., of Hutton Wansley (wid. of Sir Darcy Dawes, Bart), bur. at Escrick 12 Mar. 1773. They liad issue � Beilby Tliompson, Esq., of Escrick, MP. for Hedon 1768-76, bp. at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 13 May 1742, d. unm. 1799. Richard Thomp.son, Esq., of Escrick, succeeded his brother, High Sheriflf 1801, bp. at St. Martin's Micklegate 14 Mar. 1745, d. unm. 12 Sept. 1820. Jane, succeeded lier brother at Escrick, bp. at St. Martin's 17 Oct. 1743 ; mar. Aug. 1764 Sir Robert Lawley, Bart, (ancestor of Lord Wenlock), and carried the estate.s into that family. II. THOMAS SKELTON, of Sinington; in com. Ebor., died in May a" 1644. Will, 27 Mar. 1644, pr. at York (unregistered) ; mar. Anne, daughter of ... . Dela-Poole, of Pickering in CO, Ebor. They had issue � 1. Robert (III). 2. Thomas Skelton, of Middleton, in Pickering Lythe, in com. Ebor., cet. 44 ann. 29 Aug. a' 1665. WUl, 20 June, pr. Sept. 1672 ; mar. Alice, da. of WilVm Newton, of Chesterfield, in com. Derbia:. They had issue � 1. Samuell, at. 4 ann. 29 Aug. 1665. Named in Ms father's will. Isaac. Named in his father's wiU. 1. Anne, mar. William Gray. 2. Alice. -^ 3. Mary. i Named in their father's will. EUzabeth. ) 3. Wiiliam Skelton, of Sinington ; married Marg', daugh. of Rafhe Bromfield, of Wilton, in com. Ebor. 1, Mary, y' wife of Thomas Pearson, of Hartoft, in co. Ebor. 2. Christian, wife of George Hall, of Sinington, in com. Ebor., afterwards of James Grundon, of Sinington, aforesd. VII. STEPHEN THORPE, of Thorpe, died in a" 1502. WiU, 11 Feb. 1502-3, pr. 13 June 1503 (vol. vi, p. 66), to be bur. at Welwick ; mar. Isabell, sister of John Constable of Halsham in com. Ebor., Esqr. Will, 20 July, pr. 12 Dec. 1505 (vol. vi, p. 149) ; bur. at Welwick. They had issue � John (VIII). 1. Lora, ? mar. Sir Piers Frothingham. 2. Dorothy, mar. William Lawde, or Raude, or Bawde. 3. Elizabeth, mar. William Hedou, of Marton. 4. Margaret, mar. John Ne�-tou of Burstwick. 5. Alice, mar. William Newton, of Newton. Isabel, mar Strangwayes of Selby (Glover and Poulson). WiUiam, George, . Lancelot , Arthur, Bartholomew (in Glover and Poulson). Mar. Dionisj^ dau. of WilVm Eland of Hull. They had issue � 1. Dionis, wife of ... . Musgrave. 2. Joane, wife of ... . Handby.
Whitby Strand. Malton, 28 Aug. 1665. of BagDale-Hall Arms ; � Sable, three pairs of shin-bones Argent, each pair in saltire, the sinister surmounted of the dexter, a martlet for difference. No proofe made of these armes. I. GEORGE NEWTON, of Ruswarpe in Whitby Strand, in com. Ehor. ; mar They had issue � n. CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, of Rusivarpe, died a" 1645 (vel circa). Will, 8 May 1646 (unregistered) ; mar. . . . They had issue � 1. Isaac (III). 2. John Newton. III. ISAAC NEWTON, of Ruswarpe, died circa an. 1650. Admon. London, 1650 ; mar. Hesther, daughter of Nicholas of Ruswarpe, lie. 1625, at Whitby. They had issue � 1. Isaac (IV). 2. John. 1. Elizabeth, v Ebor. 2. Adeline. wife of Nicholas Fenay, of Fenay in ISAAC NEWTON, of Bagdale-Hall in Ruswarpe, in com. Ebor., cBt. 32 ann. 28 Aug. a" 1665 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Gyles Wiggener, of Wevenho, in Essex. They had issue � -1 Henry, eel. 2 dierum 28 Aug. a" 1665. -2 Elizabeth, cet. 1 anni et 9 mens., 28 Aug. a" 1665.

Sources: Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906, Newton of Gonerby, BEB1841 Newton of Barr Court, TCB vol iii, Newton of Barrscourt in Bitton
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