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Nevill of Raby
Ne32. Baldric Teutonicus, lord of Bacqueville-en-Caux b c969
m ?? de Brienne
It has been suggested that 'Falaise Roll', published in 1938, suggests that the wife of Baldric the Teuton, parents of the Gunnora who married Gilbert Crispin, was probably a daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. This has yet to be investigated.
Ne31-1. Fulk d'Aunou b c985
m Beatrix le Goz dau of Ansfred le Goz
Ne31 Richard de Novavilla b 1000
m Philicia dau of the Count of Damoys
BLG1886 Neville of Skelbrooke formerly of Chevet shows this Richard as the 4th son of the above-mentioned Baldric. The BLG1952 article on that family starts with the following Gilbert's son Geoffrey which suggests some loss of faith in the above connection. BE1883 starts with the following Gilbert, describing him as "a Norman, one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, and called by some of our genealogists his admiral".
Ne30 Gilbert de Nevil a 1066
TCP vol IX shows a possible connection between the Nevilles of Raby & Essex. That pedigree is identified as "partly conjectural" but we follow it with the assumption that this was the Gilbert a 1086, 1115 who is the first shown in it. The second mentioned in the pedigree, without it being shown that Gilbert was his father, was the following Geoffrey. BE1883 reports that the Geoffrey who married Emma de Bulmer was both son of Geoffrey and grandson of Gilbert which, other than leaving it possible that it was his mother who was daughter of Gilbert, does support the parental link.
Ne29 Geoffrey de Nevill of Walcot, Lincolnshire d by 1169
m Johanna de Clare dau of Roger de Clarenamed by BLG1886
Ne28 Geoffrey de Nevill d 1194, judgeidentified as Governor of Berwick by BLG1886 but this is not mentioned by TCP or BE1883
m by 12.1176 Emma de Bulmer d by 1208, dau of Bertram de Bulmer, Lord of Brancepeth
Ne27-1 Henry de Nevill dsp 1227
m Alice
Ne27 Isabel de Nevill
m1 Gilbert de Brakenberg
m2 Robert FitzMaldred, lord of Raby just below
Ne28-2.+ other issue - William, Walter
Ne29-2 Alan de Neville d 1177-8, judge
Ne29-3 Jollan or John de Neville shown as of this generation by BLG1952 Nevile of Thorney
m ?? dau of Richard, son of Losoard of Rigby
Ne29-4.+ other issue - Gilbert, Emius
Ne31=30. Gunnora d'Aunou
Gunnora is sometimes placed as daughter rather than sister of Fulk d'Aunou and sometimes confused her with Gunnora de Crepon. Furthermore, her husband is often shown as Gilbert, Count of Brionne, but this is a confusion with ...
m Gilbert Crispin, Baron of Bec
Ne27. Robert FitzMaldred, lord of Raby
m Isabel Nevill dau of Geoffrey de Nevill just above
Ne26 Geoffrey de Nevill of Raby
m Margaret or Joan
Ne25 Robert de Nevill of Raby d 1282
m Ida dau or relict of Robert Bertram
Ne24 Robert de Nevill dvp
m c1260 Mary FitzRandolph b c1244, d 11.03.1320, dau of Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham
Ne23 Ralph de Nevill, 1st Lord of Raby d 18.04.1331
m1 Euphemia de Clavering dau of Robert FitzRoger de Clavering, 1st Lord
Ne22-1 Robert Nevill of Middleham, 'the Peacock of the North' dvpsp
Ne22 Ralph Nevill, 2nd Lord of Raby d 1367
m Alice de Audley d 1374, dau of Sir Hugh de Audley
Ne21 Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby d 17.10.1388
m1 1364 Maud Percy d c1379, dau of Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick
Ne20 Ralph Nevill of Raby, 1st Earl of Westmorland d 21.10.1425
m1 Margaret Stafford dau of Hugh, Earl of Stafford
m2 Joan Beaufort b 1379, d 1440, dau of John Plantagenet 'of Gaunt', Duke of Lancaster
Ne20=19 Thomas Nevill, Lord Furnivall d 14.03.1406-7 m1 c1379 Joane de Furnivall, Baroness Furnivall d 01.06.1413
Ne18 Maud Nevill, Baroness Furnivall b c1391 d before 1433
m1 12.03.1406 John Talbot Ta18, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury b 1390, d Chastillon 20.07.1453
m2 1400/1 Ankaret le Strange d 1413, dau of John le Strange, Lord of Blackmere
-1 John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b 1413, d Northampton 10.07.1460)
m1 (before 08.06.1421) Catherine Burnel (dau of Sir Edward Burnel) this marriage may not have taken place
m2 Elizabeth Butler (d 08.09.1473, dau of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)
Ne18-2 Joan Nevill
m Sir Hugh Cokesley and/or Hamon de Belknap
Ne20-3 Maud Nevill dsp
m Sir William le Scrope
Ne20-4 Alice Nevill d 20.06.1433
m William Deincourt, 3rd Lord d 1381
Ne20-5 Idonia Nevill
Ne20-6 Eleanor Nevill a 1441
m Sir Ralph de Lumley, 1st Lord b c1361, d 01.1399/1400

m2 by 09.10.1381/2 Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer d 05.11.1395, dau of William Latimer, 4th Lord
Ne20-7 John Nevill, 6th Lord Latimer dsp 10.12.1430
m before 24.07.1406, div Maud Clifford d 26.08.1446, dau of Thomas Clifford, Lord de Clifford
The Latimer title passed to his nephew George Nevill, a younger son of the Earl of Westmorland.
Ne20-8 Elizabeth Nevill
m Sir Thomas Willoughby
Ne20-9 Margaret Nevill d unm
Ne21-2 Sir William Nevill
Ne21-3 Thomas Nevill
The following connection is reported by BE1883 but, although there are some differences in names, it looks as though BE1883 may have confused this Thomas with Thomas Neville of Rolleston.
m Margaret Babington dau of William Babington
i Jane Nevill
m1 Thomas Thurland
m2 Sir Gervase Clifton
Ne21-4 Sir Robert Nevill of Eldon ancestor of various Nevill/Nevile families
m Clara Pinckney dau of Sir Francis Pinckney
BLG1886 Nevile of Thorney shows Robert and Clara as ancestors of that family. That view is changed by BLG1952 Nevile of Thorney after further research.
Ne21-5 Alexander Nevill, Archbishop of York, Lord High Chancellor d 1391
Ne21-6 Sir Ralph Nevill of Candall
Ne21-7 Euphemia Nevill
m1 Reginald de Lucy
m2 Robert de Clifford, 4th Lord dsp before 1354
Ne21-8 Catherine Nevill
m William de Dacre, 2nd Lord of Dacre and Multon dsp 07.1361
Ne21-9 Margaret Nevill d 12.05.1372
m1 William de Ros, 4th Lord b 1326, dsp 1352
m2 1358 Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland b 1342, d 29.02.1408
Ne21-10 Isabel Nevill
m Hugh FitzHugh dsp
Ne21-11 Eleanor Nevill
m Geoffrey Scrope of Masham b 1340, dvpsp Piskre 1362
Ne22-3 Margaret Nevill
m William Ros, Lord of Hamlake ???
Ne22-4 Anastasia Nevill
m Sir Walter de Faucenberg dvpsp Bannockburn 24.06.1314
m2 Margaret de Thweng dau of Marmaduke de Thweng
Ne25-2 Geoffrey de Nevill d before 26.03.1285
m c1267 Margaret Longvilliers d c02.1318/9, dau of Sir John Longvilliers
Ne25-3 Agnes de Nevill
m1 sp Richard de Percy of Topcliffe d before 18.08.1244
m2 John Deincourt of Blankney, 7th lord d before 14.10.1257

Sources: BE1883 Nevill of Westmorland + BLG1952 Nevile of Skelbrooke formerly of Chevet + TCP,
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