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Napier 1: Napier of Culcreuch, Napier of Edinbellie, Napier of Merchiston
Alexander Napier, 1st of Merchiston d 1454, Lord Provost of Edinburgh
1. Sir Alexander Napier, 2nd of Merchiston d before 15.02.1475-9, Lord Provost of Edinburgh
m Elizabeth Lauder dau of ?? Lauder of Hatton
A. John Napier, 3rd of Merchiston d before 03.11.1487
m Elizabeth Menteith d c1508, dau of Murdoch Menteith of Rusky
i. Archibald Napier, 4th of Merchiston, of Edinbellie d 1521
m1 Catherine Douglas dau of Sir William Douglas of Whittinghame
a. Sir Alexander Napier of Edinbellie dvp Flodden 09.09.1513
m Janet Chisholm dau of Edmund Chisholm of Cromlix
1 Archibald Napier, 5th of Merchiston b c1509, d Pinkie 09.1547
m Annabella Campbell dau of Duncan Campbell, 2nd of Glenorchy
A Sir Archibald Napier, 6th of Merchiston, of Edinbellie b c1534, d 15.05.1608
m1 Janet Bothwell d 20.12.1563, dau of Sir Francis Bothwell, Provost of Edinburgh
i John Napier, 7th of Merchiston b 1550, d 03.04.1617
John Napier was one of the most distinguished men of his time. He is best known for his invention of logarithms but was much more than just a mathematician.
m1 after 09.1572 Elizabeth Stirling d 1579, dau of Sir James Stirling, 4th of Keir and of Cadder
a Sir Archibald Napier, 1st Lord of Merchiston d 11.1645
m 15.04.1619 Margaret Graham dau of John Graham, 4th Earl of Montrose
1 John Napier b 22.05.1623, d young
2 Archibald Napier, 2nd Lord of Merchiston d 1660
m 20.07.1641 Elizabeth Erskine d 1683, dau of John Erskine, Earl of Mar
A Archibald Napier, 3rd Lord of Merchiston d unm 08.1683
B John Napier dsp 1672
C Jean Napier d 1680
m 1668 Sir Thomas Nicolson, Bart of Carnock b 15.09.1649, d 20.01.1670
Their only son became 4th Lord Napier of Merchiston.
D Margaret Napier, Baroness Napier d 09.1706
m 1676 John Brisbane d 1684, Secretary to the Admiralty
i Charles Brisbane d infant 1678
ii John Brisbane, Master of Napier d unm 1704
iii Elizabeth Brisbane, Mistress of Napier d 11.08.1705
m mcrt 15.12.1699 Sir William Scott, 2nd Bart of Thirlestane d 08.10.1725
Their only son became 6th Lord Napier of Merchiston.
E Mary Napier d unm 09.1680
3 Margaret Napier dsp before 1654
m mcrt 02.01.1637 Sir George Stirling, 6th of Keir, 3rd of Cadder d 06.1667
4 Lilias Napier b 15.12.1626, d unm after 1665
b Joan Napier
m2 Anne Agnes Chisholm dau of Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix
c John Napier of Schambodie and Easter Torrie
m mcrt 21.12.1613 Mary Foulis dau of Sir James Foulis of Colinton
1+ issue - John bpt 09.04.1615, Anna bpt 26.05.1616
d Robert Napier of Culcreuch b 1580, d 1655
m1 ??
1 Archibald Napier of Boquhapple had issue but extinct
2 John Napier dsp
m2 Anna Drummond dau of SIr Wiliam Drummond, 3rd Bart of Riccarton
3 William Napier of Culcreuch and Culnagrein d 1685 had issue
m 1659 Elizabeth Houstoun dau of Sir Ludovick Houstoun of Houstoun
4 Alexander Napier of Culcreuch d 1702
m1 Marion Houstoun dau of Sir Ludovick Houstoun of Houstoun
m2 Margaret Lennox of Woodhead Lennox Castle
A John Napier of Culcreuch b 1686, d 1735
m Margaret Lennox
i Alexander Napier b 1719
ii William Napier of Culcreuch
m Jean Milliken dau of James Milliken of Milliken
a Robert John Milliken Napier of Culcreuch b 1765
m 1786 Anne Campbell dau of Robert Campbell of Downie
1 Sir William John Milliken Napier, Bart b 1788, d 04.02.1852 had issue
m 11.11.1815 Eliza Christian Stirling d 03.03.1860, dau of John Stirling of Kippendavie
2+ 3 children d young
b Jean McDowall Napier b 1771
iii+ other issue - Agnes b 1717, Jean
B Margaret Napier b 1687
m William Stirling of North Woodside, Glasgow
C+ other issue - William b 1688, Robert b 1690
5 Marie Napier
m Alexander Seton of Wester Spittaltown
6 Anna Napier
m Walter Leckie of Deshours
7 Jean Napier
e Alexander Napier of Easter Torrie d 10.1652
m Anne Dunkeson
1 Anne Napier b 02.04.1636
f William Napier of Ardmore ancestor of Napiers of Craiganet
m Margaret Cunningham
1 Mary Napierprobably of this generation
m Evan Macgregor of Kilmanan a 1659, Colonel
g Adam Napier
m Anna Buchanan
1 Archibald Napier ancestor of Napiers of Blackstoun
2 Anna Napier
h Margaret Napier
m 1606 James Stewart, 11th of Rosyth d by 1641
i Jean Napier
m1 1606 John Gaw of Maw
m2 mcrt 17.03.1620 George Hamilton, younger of Kinbrachmont
j Elizabeth Napier
m mcrt 12.01.1622 William Cuninghame, younger of Craigends dvp 1637
k Agnes/Anne Napier
m 1620 George Drummond of Balloch
l Helen Napier
m mcrt 18.01.1629 Matthew Brisbane
ii Francis Napier of Pitliver and Croftangrie d 01.1604
m 04.12.1586 Margaret Mowbray dau of James Mowbray of Pitliver
iii Janet Napier
m2 c1570 Elizabeth Moubray dau of Robert Moubray of Barnbougle
iv Sir Alexander Napier of Lauriston d 1629, Senator
m Mary Crauford
a+ issue - Alexander, Elizabeth b 13.08.1619, Margaret d 1650
v Archibald Napier of Woolmet d 08.11.1600
m Alison Edmonstone
a Helen Napier
vi Susannah Napier
m mcrt 05.04.1589 Patrick Hepburne of Whitsome d before 20.11.1606
vii Abellina Napier
m William Wardlaw of Riccarton
viii Agnes Napier
m1 mcrt 16.12.1596 Sir Patrick Gray of Invergowrie d 31.08.1606
m2 Henry Balfour of Balgay d before 06.02.1612
m3. John Ogilvy of Newbigging and 'in Invergowrie' d 22.11.1625
ix Helen Napier d 12.1628
m Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo b c1578, bur 28.07.1660
x Elizabeth Napier
m1 James Ogilvy, 6th Lord of Airlie d c1617
m2 Alexander Auchmoutie
xi+ other issue - Walter, William, Marion
B Alexander 'Sandy' Napier to England
m Ann Birchley dau of Edward Birchley of Hertfordshire
C Andrew Napier in Edinburgh
m mcrt 13.07.1574 Janet Kyle dau of Adam Kyle in Edinburgh
i Archibald Napier
ii Anna Napier
m mcrt 21.03.1601 William Berclay of Torrie family
D Margaret Napier
E Marion Napier
m1 c1565 John Lourestoun in Gorgy
m2 Archibald Bruce of Powfoulis
2 Helen Napier d c1588
m c1525 Sir John Melville, 4th of Raith d 13.12.1548
3 Janet Napier
m1 1531 Andrew Bruce of Powfoulis
m2 by 1560 Robert Bruce
b. Catherine Napier
m Robert Buchanan of Drummikill and Moss d before 29.08.1525
c. Isabella Napier
m James Menteith, Provost of Stirling
d. Margaret Napier
m1 Robert Napier of Wrightshouses a 1523
m2 Thomas Corry of Kelwood d Pinkie 09.1547
f.+ other issue - Marion, Janet, Elizabeth nun
m2 Elizabeth Crichton
g.+ other issue - John, John
m3. Margaret Campbell dau of Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of Glenorchy
i. Alexander Napier of Inglistoun d before 17.12.1572, to England
m Isabella/Katherine Little dau of Clement Little
j. Mungo Napier in Edinburgh
1 Marion Napier
m Robert Kennedy
2 Katharine Napier
m George Coutts in Maybole
ii. John Napier of Balcormo 3rd son
m Margaret Preston a 1520
iii. Janet Napier
m William Adamson of Bonally d Pinkie 09.1547
iv.+ other issue - George, Margaret
B. Janet Napier
m1 c01.1456-7 Sir James Edmonstone of that ilk of Ednam, Boyne, etc
m2 before 1491 Alexander Hepburn of Whitsome, Sheriff of Edinburgh
m3. before 1512 Adam Hume
C.+ other issue - Henry, Alexander
2. Robert Napier

Sources: TSP Napier of Merchiston, BP1934 Napier and Ettrick, BP1934 Napier of Merchiston
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