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Mowbray 1: Mowbray of Mowbray, Mowbray of Norfolk
Mo32 =31 =30. Roger de Mowbray
1 It is possible that this family is very closely connected to that of Arkil who fled Northumberland into Scotland and was progenitor of various families there as well as in Northern England.
2 The following connection is presumptuous inasmuch as, though BE1883 Mowbray reports that Nigil Nele, son of Roger and Amice, obtained lands forfeited by his maternal uncle Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland, TCP Mowbray states that Amice's "parentage is unknown" and that "the nature of the kindred between Robert and Nele is unknown; it has been suggested that Nele's mother, Amice, was a sister of Roger de Mowbray, Robert's father, but no sound evidence has been produced to support such a conjecture."
Mo29-1. Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland
m div Maud de L'Aigle dau of Richard de L'Aigle
Mo29 =30 =31 Amice de Mowbray
m Mo29 =30 =31 Roger de Albini
Mo28 =29 =30. y Albini
Mo27 = 28 =29. Roger de Mowbray d 1188 He was grandson of the above-mentioned Roger de Albini. According to BE1883, he assumed the surname of Mowbray by command of King Henry I after coming into possession of the lands of Mowbray.
m Alice de Gant dau of Walter de Gant by Maud of Brittany
Mo26 =27 =28. Nigil or Nele de Mowbray d 1191
m Mabel possibly dau of "Earl of Clare", presumably Roger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, 'Earl of Clare'
Mo25 =26 =27 William de Mowbray of Axholme Castle d 1222 Magna Charta Baron TCP identifies William's wife only as "Avice, whose parentage is not certainly known." BE1883 identifies her as
m Agnes dau of Earl of Arundel
Mo24-1 Nigel or Nele de Mowbray dsp 1230
m Maud d before 06.10.1240
TCP reports that "the tradition" given in BE1883 that Maud was daughter of Roger de Camvil "is without foundation" as he dsp.
Mo24 =25 =26 Roger de Mowbray d 1266
m Maud de Beauchamp d 04.1273, dau of William de Beauchamp of Bedford
Mo23 =24 =25 Roger de Mowbray, 1st Lord d before 21.11.1297
m 1270 Rose de Clare a 1316, dau of Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester
Mo20 =22 =24 John de Mowbray, 2nd Lord b 04.09.1286, d 23.03.1321/2
m 1298 Aliva de Braose d by 20.07.1332, dau of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower
Mo21 =23 John de Mowbray, 3rd Lord b 29.11.1310, d 04.10.1361
m1 28.02.1326 Joane Plantagenet b c1312, d after 06.02.1345/7 or 07.07.1349, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster
Mo20 =22 John de Mowbray, 4th Lord b 25.06.1340, d 09.10.1368
m c 1349/1353 Elizabeth Segrave b 25.10.1338, d 1375/before1368?, dau of John Segrave, 4th Lord by Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk
Mo19-1 John de Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham b c1372, d unm 10.02.1381-2
Mo21 =19 Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal b 22.03.1365/6, d 22.09.1400
m1 15.03.1382-3 Elizabeth Strange dsp 23.08.1383, dau of John Strange, Lord of Blackmere
m2 07.1384/5 Elizabeth FitzAlan d 08.07.1425, dau of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel
Mo20-1 Thomas de Mowbray, Earl Marshal, de jure 2nd Duke of Norfolk b c1386, dsp 10.06.1405 BP1934 reports that "The title of Duke of Norfolk was withheld from him upon the erroneous plea that, having been conferred upon him in the parliament of 21 Richard II., the proceedings in which were avoided by an Act of 1 Henry IV., the dignity of Duke of Norfolk fell under that Act." TCP reports that the Dukedom was annulled "a few days only after his father's death". TCP reports that his brother John was restored to the Dukedom and numbers him the 2nd Duke. BP1934 numbers John the 3rd Duke.
m before 06.1402 Constance Holland dau of John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon, Duke of Exeter
Mo20-2 John de Mowbray, Earl Marshal, 2nd/3rd Duke of Norfolk b 1392, d 19.10.1432
m 12.01.1411-2 Catharine Nevill dau of Ralph Nevill, 1st Earl of Westmoreland
Mo20-2-1 John Mowbray, 3rd/4th Duke of Norfolk b 12.09.1415, d 06.11.1461
m 1424 Eleanor Bourchier d 11.1474, dau of William Bourchier, Count of Eu
Mo20-2-1-1 James Mowbray, 4th/5th Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Warren & Surrey b 18.10.1444, d 17.01.1475-6
m by 27.11.1448 Elizabeth Talbot d 1506/7, dau of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury
Mo20-2-1-1-1 Anne Mowbray b 10.12.1472, dsp 1481
m 15.01.1477/8 Richard, Duke of York & Norfolk d 1483
Mo20-3 Isabel de Mowbray d 27.09.1452
m1 Henry Ferrers, younger of Groby dvp
m2 1423 Sir James de Berkeley, 1st Lord b c1394, d 11.1463
Mo20 Margaret de Mowbray
m Sir Robert Howard Their son John became Duke of Norfolk.
Mo20-5 Elizabeth de Mowbray a 11.1423
m1 Nicholas, Lord Audley d 1391
m2 John, Lord Beaumont d 1396
m3 Michael de la Pole, 3rd Earl of Suffolk d Agincourt 25.10.1415
Mo19 =21 Eleanor de Mowbray
m Roger, Lord de la Warr
Wa18-1 John la Warr, 4th Baron de la Warr
Wa18-2 Thomas de la Warr 5th Baron de la Warr
Wa18 Joan de la Warr
We17-1 Thomas WEST 6th Baron de la Warr
We17-2 John WEST
We17 Reginald WEST 2nd Baron West of Oakhanger / 7th Baron de la Warr m1 by 17 Feb 1428/9 to Margaret Thorley + 5 ch dau of Robert Thorley of Tybeste, Cornwall, by Anne, (dau of Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk) m2 19 Nov 1443 to Elizabeth, dau and heiress of Robert Greyndour of Mitcheldean and Abenhall, County Gloucester, Aston Ingham, County. Hereford, etc., by Joan (dau and heiress of Thomas Rugge of Charlecombe, Somerset)
?3rd Eleanor Percy
We16-1 Richard West b bef. 1451 d 12.May 1493 3rd Baron West of Oakhanger / 8th Baron de la Warr, m Catherine Hungerford b c 1435 d 12.05.1493
We16 Margaret West m Sir Thomas Echingham of Echingham b c 1420
We16-3 William West
We16-4 Anne West, m Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone
We16-5 John West of Waith
We16-6 Mary/Anne West
We16-7 Elizabeth West
We16-8 Mary West b c 1447
We16-9 Catherine West b c 1449
Ec15 Margaret Echyngham m 1463 Sir William Blount Bl15
Ec15-2 Elizabeth Eychingham, b. 1455 in Rock, Worcestershire, m1 Roger Fiennes
m2 Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, Sussex
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount m Andrew de Windsor, 1st Baron Windsor
Ec15-2-1 Anne Fiennes m John Windsor Wi14-5
Ec15-2-2 Thomas Oxenbridge
Wi13-1 Elizabeth Windsor, ?m George Paulet
Wi13-2 George Windsor
Wi13-3 Eleanor Windsor m1 Ralph le Scrope 9th Lord Scrope of Masham, m2 Sir Edward Neville.
Wi13-4 William Windsor (2nd Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
Wi13-5 Andrew Windsor b c 1492
Wi13-6 Edmund Windsor b c 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553
Wi13-7 Anne Windsor
Wi13 Edith Windsor b c 1498 m George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire
Wi13-9 Thomas Windsor
Wi13-10? Margaret Windsor b c 1500 m Sir John Talbot of Albrighton and Grafton d 10.09.1549
Mo19 Margaret de Mowbray b before 25.03.1364, d before 08.1417
m John de Welles We19, 5th Lord b 20.04.1352, d 26.08.1421
We18 Eudo de WElles m maude de Greys We17 Lionel Welles b 1406 d 1461 m1 Margaret Beauchamp b 1482 m2 Joan/Cecilia Waterton dau of Robert Waterton
Wi17-2 William Welles b 1409 d 1463 m Anne Barnewa
Wi16 Cecily Welles m Robert Willoughby d 1465 son of Thomas Willoughby and Joan FitzAlan Wi15-1 Sir Robert Willoughby d c 1468
Wi15 Christopher Willoughby b 1453 Knotishall Suffolk d c 1498/9 Campsey Suffolk m Margaret Jenney

Wi14-1 William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby d 19.10.1525 m1 Mary Hussey dsp, dau of Sir William Hussey of Sleaford m2 Maria de la Salines dau of Count of Salines
Wi14-2 Sir Christopher Willoughby m Elizabeth Talboys dau of Sir George Talboys
Wi14-3 George Willoughby had issue
Wi14 Sir Thomas Willoughby d 1545, chief justice m Bridget or Katherine Read dau of Sir Robert Read of Bore Place
Wi14-5 Catherine Willoughby m Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorp
Wi14-6 Elizabeth Willoughby m William Eure, 1st Lord b c1483, d 15.03.1547/8
Mo21-5 Anne de Mowbray, Abbess of Barkyng
Mo20 =21 Jane Mowbray probably of this generation.
m Sir Thomas Grey of Heton, Berwick and Chillingham
Mo22-2 Joan de Mowbray d 21.07.1409
m1 c1349 John de Segrave d young
m2 Sir Robert Bertram of Bothal d 11.1363
m3. before 05.06.1372 Thomas de Poynings, 2nd Lord bpt 19.04.1349, dsp before 25.06.1375
m4. 1377/8 Sir John de Worth d 1391
m5. by 1394 Sir John Wiltshire a 08.1405
Mo22-3 Alianore de Mowbray d before 18.06.1387 ?possibly = above
m1 before 23.07.1358 Sir Roger La Warr, 3rd Lord b 0.11.1326, d 27.08.1370
m2 before 12.02.1372/3 Sir Lewis de Clifford d 1404
m2 Elizabeth de Vere d 1375, dau of John de Vere, Earl of Oxford
Mo23-2 Christian Mowbray probably of this generation
m1 Richard de Emildon or Emeldon of Embleton
m2 Sir William de Plumpton of Plumpton Pl21 Sir Robert Plumpton of Plumpton d 08.12.1421 m1 Alison Renston + 1 ch sister of Thomas Renston m2 Alison Foljambe + ch dau of Godfrey Foljambe
Pl21-2 Isabella Plumpton >m mcrt 10.03.1424-5 Sir Stephen Thorpe of Goxhill & Atwick son of Stephen
Pl21-3 Katherine Plumpton m William la Zouche
Pl21-4 Joan Plumpton mentioned by Glover & Flower m y Mallory
Pl21-5 William Plumpton dsp
Pl21-6 Bryan Plumpton dsp unm
Pl21-7 George Plumpton rector of Bingham
Pl21-8 Thomas Plumpton dsp 18.07.1420
Pl21-9 Richard Plumpton dsp
Pl20-1 Jennet Plumpton m mcrt 21.06.1419 William Slingsby of Scriven
Pl20 Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton d 15.10.1480 m1 1415 Elizabeth Stapleton d before 1446, dau of Sir Brian Stapleton
Pl19-1 Robert Plumpton b 08.03.1430, dvpsp 20.07.1450
Pl19 William Plumpton b 1435, dvp Towton 29.03.1461 m mcrt 10.08.1446 Elizabeth Clifford dau of Thomas, Lord Clifford, she m2. Sir Richard Hamerton of Hamerton
Pl19-3 Joan Plumpton m 1468 Thomas Middleton d 1492, son of William of Stockeld
Pl19-4 Elizabeth Plumpton m Sir William Beckwith
Pl19-5 Kathrine Plumpton d 1470 m1. William la Zouche, 6th Lord of Haryngworth b by 1430, d 15.01.1467/8 m2 Sir Gilbert Debenham
Pl19-6 Agnes Plumpton m. Richard Aldbrough or Audbourgh
Pl19-7 Alice Plumpton m Richard Goldsborough of Goldsby
Pl19-8 Isabel Plumpton m Sir Stephen Hamerton of Hamerton d 1501
Pl19-9 Margaret Plumpton d 05.1487 m1 Sir George Darell of Sessey m2 John Nevill of Wombersley
Pl18-1 Margaret Plumpton m 1463-4 Sir John Rocliffe son of Brian of Cowthorpe
Pl18 Elizabeth Plumpton d 21.09.1506 m 1464 John Southill or Sothill d 1493/4
Mo24=20 Alexander de Mowbray of Kirtlington or Kirklington
TCP makes no mention of the 1st Lord having any son other than his successor but BE1883 mentions this Alexander "who went to Scotland". We provisionally follow the web sites which identify this Alexander as of Kirklington and father of the Elizabeth who married Sir William Gascoigne but hope to investigate this further in due course.
m Elizabeth Muster dau of Henry Muster name found on various web sites
Mo23=19 Elizabeth Mowbray
m Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 1412
Mo19-2 Margaret Mowbray
m Thomas Ingleby a 1350
Mo25-2 Christian Mowbray probably of this generation
m1 Sir James de Audley
m2 1275 Sir John Deinville of Egmanton b 1250, d 10.1291
Mo26-3 Joan de Mowbray d 1314-5
m c1261 Robert de Mohaut
Mo26-4+ 2 daughters
Mo27-2. Robert de Mowbray
Mo27-3. Philip de Mowbray of Barnbougle a 1215, ambassador
m Galiena dau of Waldeve of Dunbar
Mo27-4. Roger de Mowbray
Roger is not mentioned by TCP but is identified by BE1883 as of this generation and as ancestor of the Mowbrays of Kirklington. We have so far found references to 2 different Mowbrays of Kirklington, Willliam and Alexander, but have doubts about the William because his mention by BEB1844 Ingleby of Ripley may have been in error. [BEB1844 identifies the wife of Sir Thomas Ingleby a 1350, father of the John who founded the monastery of Mount Grace, as Eleanor, daughter & heir of William Mowbay of Kirtlington by Margaret, dau of John Chaumont of Colton, but Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees 1942, Chaumond of Colton shows the daughter of Margaret Chaumond by William Mowbray of no designation as Ellenor d 1470 who married Thomas Ingleby, son of the John who founded that monastery, ie. 2 generations later.] We provisionally follow those web sites which show Alexander of Kirklington as brother of the 2nd Lord, see above.
Mo27-5. daughter
m Enguerrand du Hommet brother of William the Constable
Mo28-2. Robert de Mowbray

Sources: BE1883 Mowbray of Nottingham, Norfolk, etc, BP1934 Mowbray, TCP Mowbray
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