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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Maltravers 1: Maltravers of Maltravers/ Mautravers
Ma29. Hugh de Mautravers Lychett a 1086 probably father of ...
Ma28. Hugh ? Mautravers probably father of ...
Ma27.. John Mautravers a 1168
Ma26. . Sir John Mautravers or Maltravers of Wellcombe d c06.1200
m1 Alice dau of Roger FitzGeoffrey
Ma25-1. Walter Maltravers d by 1201
Ma25. John Maltravers of Sumerford d 1220
m Hawise a 1222
Ma24 John Maltravers d c1262
BE1883 does not show this generation which is reported by TCP.
Ma23 John Maltravers d before 28.02.1296-7
m Joan
Ma22 Sir John Maltravers b 1266, d 1341
m1 by 1289 Eleanor de Gorges a 1314, dau of Sir Ralph de Gorges of Wraxall
Ma21 Sir John Maltravers, 1st Lord b c1290, d 16.02.1363/4/5
m1 1313 Ela or Milicent de Berkeley dau of Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Lord
Ma20 Sir John Maltravers dvp 22.01.1348/9 or 13.10.1360
m Gwenthlian / Wensliana
Ma19-1 Henry Maltravers dsp infant c 1349
Ma19-2 Joan Maltravers b c1342, dsp
m1 Sir John de Kaynes
m2 Sir Robert Rouse
Ma19 Eleanor Maltravers, Baroness Maltravers b 1345, d 10.01.1404/5
m1 John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, Marshal of England d 1379
The barony of Maltravers was merged into Arundel.
m2 1380 Reginald de Cobham, 2nd Lord of Sterborough b 1348, d 06.07.1403
m2 Agnes Bereford d 18.07.1375, dau of William Bereford of Burton
m2 Joan Foliot b before 1305, d before 11.02.1348/9, dau of Sir Walter Foliot
Ma21-2+ other issue - Alice, Joan dsp, Elizabeth
Ma22=24 Robert Maltravers
Ma23 ?? Maltravers
Ma22 Sir John Maltravers
m Elizabeth Sifrewast dau of Robert Sifrewast of Hooke and Crowel
Ma21 Sir John Maltravers of Hooke and Crowel
m Elizabeth d'Aumerie dau of Sir William d'Aumerie
Ma20-1 Matilda Maltravers dsp c1410
m1 Peter de la Mare
m2 Sir John Dynham
Ma20 Elizabeth Maltravers
m c1407 Sir Humphrey Stafford of Hooke
Ma22-3 Anastasia Maltravers possibly of this generation
m Herbert de St. Quintin d before 02.1301/2
m2 Alice de Bendeville
Ma25-3. Thomas Maltravers b by 1180, a 07.1238
Ma25-4. William Maltravers b by 1180, a 1230
Ma28-2. William Mautravers d 1135
m Dameta widow of Hugh de Laval

Sources: BE1883 Maltravers, TCP Mautravers
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