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MacNeil 1

: MacNeil Macneil of Barra, Macneil of Ersary
Said to be 21st in descent from 'Neil of the Nine Hostages', who died about 405, was ...
Niall, 1st of Barra, 21st Chief of Clan Niall a 1040
1. Aodh Hugh MacNeil, 2nd of Barra a 1090
A. Donal Macneil, 3rd of Barra
i. Muirceartach Macneil, 4th of Barra
a. Neil Macneil, 5th of Barra a 1252
1 Neil Og Macneil, 6th of Barra a 1314
A Murchard Macneil, 7th of Barra
i Roderick Macneil, 8th of Barra a 1409
m _ Maclean dau of Ferquhard Maclean of Glen Urquhart
a Gilleonan Macneil, 9th of Barra a 1427
m2 Finovola Marion MacLeod dau of John/Ian MacLeod of MacLeod
1 Roderick Macneil, 10th of Barra a 1460
A Gilleonan Macneil, 11th of Barra a 1495
i Gilleonan Macneil, 12th of Barra a 1540
a Gilleonan Macneil, 13th of Barra a 1578
1 Roderick Og Macneil, 14th of Barra - continued below
m Mary Macleod dau of William Macleod of Macldeod
2 Gilleonan Macneil d Glenlivat 03.10.1594
3 daughter
m Coll Macdonald of Colonsay
B Neil Macneil of Kintyre
BLG1952 Macneil of Barra reports that Neil "is stated to be ancestor of the Macneils of Taynish and Gigha" but, as reported on MacNeil02, BLG1952 MacNeill formerly of Colonsay does not support that view.
Roderick Og Macneil, 14th of Barra, 34th Chief of Clan Niall - continued above
m Mary Macleod dau of William Macleod of Macldeod
1. Roderick Macneil, 15th of Barra a 1601
m1 _ Maclean sister of Maclean of Dowart
A. John Og Macneil dvp
B. Neil Og Macneil, 16th of Barra a 1651
m Margaret Maclean dau of Allan Maclean of Ardtornish
i. Gilleonan Macneil, 17th of Barra, 37th Chief
m 1653 Catherine Macdonald dau of John Macdonald, 11th of Clanranald
a. Roderick 'Dhu' Macneil, 18th of Barra a 1715
m Isabella Macleod dau of Sir Norman Lacleod of Bernera
1 Roderick Macneil, 19th of Barra b 1693, d 07.05.1763
m Alice MacLeod dau of William MacLeod, 1st of Luscantyre
A Roderick Macneil dvp 1759
m1 Anne Macneil dsp, dau of Hector Macneil, 3rd of Vaslan
m2 Anne Macneil dau of Donald Macneil, 1st of Vatersay
i Roderick Macneil, 20th of Barra d 1822
m 1787 Jean Cameron dau of Sir Ewen Cameron, 1st Bart of Fassiefen
a Roderick Macneil, 21st of Barra, 41st Chief dspm 22.10.1863, General
m 20.06.1818 Isabella Brownlow dau of Charles Brownlow of Lurgan
b Anne Macneil
m1 01.10.1814 John Livingston Campbell, 5th of Achlader d 06.08.1820
m2 _ Douglas of Glenfinnart
c Catherine Macneil
m James Macdonald
d Jane Macneil d 06.06.1878
m 15.05.1828 Charles Brownlow, 1st Lord Lurgan d 30.04.1847
e+ other issue - Ewen Cameron d unm 1847, Louisa, Cameron
ii Anne Macneil
m Alexander Macdonald, 1st of Boisdale
iii Margaret Macneil
m Norman Macleod of Unish
2 James Macneil, 1st of Ersary a 1715
m Mary Mackenzie
A Hector 'Og' Macneil, 2nd of Ersary
m Catherine Macdonald dau of Dougal Macdonald of Boisdale
i James Macneil dvpsp
m Margaret Macneil dau of Roderick Macneil of Brevaig
ii Hector Macneil, 3rd of Ersary
m Anne Macdonald dau of Captain Macdonald of Arisaig
a Hector Edward Macneil, 22nd of Barra, 42nd Chief b 15.09.1795, d 23.12.1880 had issue
m 1815 Elizabeth Mercereau
iii Anne Macneil
m Gilleonan Macneil son of Roderick of Brevaig
3 Penelope Macneil
m Agnus Macdonald of Balfinlay brother of Flora Macdonald
4 daughter
m Donald Macneil of Vatersay son of Hector of Skirval
b. John Macneil in Kintyre ancestor of Swift Macneils of Dublin
m Mary Macdonald dau of Allan Macdonald of Morar
c. Margaret Macneil
m James Macdonald son of Alexander of Kinlochmoidart
d. Catherine Macneil
m 1684 John Macdonald of Borniskittaig Captain
e. Janet Macneil
m Hector Og Maclean of Brolas
ii. John Macneil
m Catherine Maclean dau of Lachlan Og Maclean of Torloisk
iii. Marsaline Macneil
m Alexander Macleod of Glendale d Worcester 1651
iv. Marion Macneil
m Ranald Og Macdonald, 2nd of Benbecula
v. daughter
m Donald Macdonald of Rammerscales
vi.+ other issue - Neil, Hector 1st of Vaslan, Murdoch
C. Gilleonan Macneil
m2 Marion Macdonald sister of Macdonald of Clanranald
D. Neil 'Uisteach' Macneil, 1st of Skirval
E. Gilleonan Og Macneil
2. John Macneil a 1586
3. Murdo Macneil d 1598
4. Flora Macneil
m1 Charles Maclean of Dowart
m2 Ewen Maclean of Treshnish

Sources: BLG1952 Macneil of Barra
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