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Macnab 1

: Macnab of Arthurstone, Macnab of Bovain, Macnab of Macnab
BLGS2001 contains an impressive pedigree for this family, taking it back many generations. The early generations are to be found in the first link and are more legend than fact the same person as Macbeth mac Angus. It also contradicts what Sir Robert Dugdale reported in his 'Baronage of Scotland' where, in the section on the Macgregor of Macgregor, he identifies Gregor or Gregory, Abbot of Dunkeld d c1169 having "lived to be the oldest bishop of his time", as undoubted ancestor of the Macnabs, specifically reporting that their were not descended from "the abbot of Glendochart, where there never was an abbacy". BP2003 starts with ...
Malcolm de Glendochart a 1296
1. Angus d Bannockburn 1134
Angus is identified as "brother-in-law of the Red Comyn" which suggests that either he married the sister of Sir John Comyn or that Sir John married his sister.
A. Ewen
i. Gillamure of Gilbert "Macnab" of Bovain in Glendochart, Perthshire, '1st Chief' a 1336
Gilbert is generally accepted as 1st Chief of Clan Macnab. He is the first mentioned by Sir Robert Douglas in his article on 'Macnab of that Ilk'.
a. Finlay Macnab of Bovain a 1390, 1406
BLGS2001 reports that Finlay and his son Patrick are "only mentioned in Douglas" and are not accepted by at least one genealogist "for want of corroboration", BLGS2001 is referring to Sir Robert Dugdale's 'Baronage of Scotland' where, in the entry for 'Macnab of that Ilk', he does refer to a charter where Patrick was "particularly named". However, as Douglas appears to have confused several generations, that reference may be spurious. Aftter Patrick, Douglas reports the Chiefs as follows: Finlay d after 09.02.1502 father of Finlay d by 1542 father of Finlay a 1553 father of Finlay d after 12.07.1606 father of John m. dau of Campbell of Glenlyon who, apart from the fact that he apparently survived the battle of Worcester in 1651 whereas Douglas reported that he died there, is the John shown below as father of Alexander, 13th Chief.
BP2003 mentions but skips over Finlay & Patrick. BLGS2001 includes them apparently because "there is no other infocmation to fill the gap". It is noted that neither Finlay nor Patrick are attributed chiefdom of the Clan inasmuch as it is Patrick's son who is generally identified as the 2nd Chief. However, that may just be because they were omitted from a list of the Chiefs probably wrongly, given that there is a clear gap in the generations between the '1st' and the '2nd' Chief at a time when their numbering became established.
1 Patrick Macnab 'of that ilk' of Bovain
A Sir Alexander Macnab of Macnab, '2nd Chief'
i John Macnab of Macnab of Bovain, '3rd Chief' a 1407
a Finlay Macnab of Macnab, '4th Chief' a 1450
1 Patrick Macnab of Macnab, '5th Chief' a 1483
m Marion Campbell dau of Duncan Campbell son of Charles
A Finlay Macnab of Macnab of Bovain, '6th Chief' a 1487 - continued below
ii+ other issue - Maurice, Alexander
Finlay Macnab of Macnab of Bovain, '6th Chief' a 1487 - continued above
1. John Macnab of Macnab of Bovain, '7th Chief' a 1499
A. Finlay Macnab of Macnab, '8th Chief' d 13.04.1525
m Mariot Campbell d 09.07.1526
i. John Macnab of Macnab, '9th Chief' d before 10.07.1558, 2nd son
m Eleyn Stuart
a. Finlay Macnab of Macnab, '10th Chief' bur 1573/4
m2 mcrt 13.03.1547/8 Katryne Campbell bur 1573/4, natural dau of John Campbell of Glenorchy
1 John Macnab dvp
b. Alexander Macnab of Macnab, '11th Chief' a 1587, d before 20.11.1601
1 Finlay Macnab of Macnab, '12th Chief' d after 28.07.1656
m1 Katherine Campbell natural dau of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy
A John 'Dow' Black 'Smooth John' Macnab dvp 1653
m Mary Campbell dau of Duncan Campbell, 4th of Glenlyon, m2. Malcolm MacGregor
i Alexander Macnab of Macnab, '13th Chief' d before 16.08.1683
m mcrt 14.11.1662 Elizabeth Menzies dau of Duncan Menzies of Weem, m2. Duncan Campbell
a Robert Macnab of Macnab, '14th Chief'
m1 Jean Campbell dau of Robert Campbell of Glenlyon
1 son d young
m2 c10.1697 Anna Campbell d 06.09.1765, dau of Sir John Campbell, 4th Bart of Glenorchy
2 John Macnab of Macnab, '15th Chief' b 1698, d 19.02.1778, Major
m Jean Buchanan d 20.04.1789, dau sb sister? of Francis Buchanan of Arnprior
A Francis Macnab of Macnab, '16th Chief' b 1734, d unm 25.05.1816
B Robert Macnab d 18.06.1814
m Anne Maule
i Archibald Macnab of Macnab, '17th Chief' b 1778, d 12.08.1860had issue
m Margaret Robertson d 20.08.1868, dau of _ Robertson WS by _ Murdoch of Gartincaber
ii Anne Macnab d 04.10.1814
m 28.07.1814 Robert Jameson
2 Alexander Macnab d before 1769, 3rd son of this marriage
A+ issue - Mary, Anne Roy
3 Robert Macnab b by 1724, d before 1769
A Robert Macnab d before 1790
m1 ??
i Allan Macnab b 1760, d 1830, Captain
m Anne Napier dau of Captain William Napier
a Sir Allan Macnab, Bart, Prime Minister of Canada b 19.02.1798, dspms 08.08.1862had issue
m1 06.05.1821 Elizabeth Brooks d 1826
m2 Mary Stuart d 08.05.1846
b David Macnab dsp
m2 Jean Stewart of Ardvorlich
ii Robert Macnab youngest son
m Janet Stewart sister of John Stewart of Tarr
iii+ other issue - Archibald a 1790, 3 daughters
4 Mary Macnab
m 08.06.1720 John Campbell, younger of Baleveolan
5 Anne Macnab
m John Stewart, 7th of Fasnacleich Fasnacloich
6 Christian Macnab
m Alan Stewart of Innerhadden
7+ other issue - Archibald d unm 02.01.1790, Major General, son, Allan b 1715-6, d 09.03.1735, son
b+ other issue - John dsp before 23.01.1689, Jean d unm, Agnes d unm
ii James Macnab in Auchessan 4th son
m Katherine Macfarlane dau of George Macfarlane of Rosneath
a+ 4 sons
iii Margaret Macnab
m Gregor MacGregor in Ruskich, Glenlyon
iv daughter
m John MacGregor
v Agnes Macnab
m 'Black Sandie' Campbell of Achallader
vi+ other issue d unm - Patrick, Archibald, 3 daughters
B Duncan Macnab in Tullochan
i Duncan Macnab
C daughter
m Finlay MacAlister Macnab in Inishewan
m2 ??
D John 'Roy' or 'Baine' Macnab d 1645?
m Janet Campbell dau of Sir James Campbell of Lawers, sister of 1st Earl of Loudoun
i Archibald Macnab of Carie & Carwhin d 1697
The following comes from BLGS2001 & BP2003 but is supported by BLG1952 Macnabb of Kinnell House except that BLG1952 suggests that Archibald may have been son rather than grandson of Finlay, 12th Chief.
m1 Isobel Anderson dau of William Anderson in Ceres
a John Macnab d 1697
m 1680 Anne Robertson dau of Alexander Robertson of Balnaguard
1 Archibald Macnab b c1693
m1 John Stewart of Benmore
m2 1771 Archibald Macnab of Newton
2 Donald Macnab in Donavourd, later of Balindrome b 1690, d 03.06.1750
m Margaret Ferguson d 13.11.1747
A James Macnab in Ardgie, Moulin, Perthshire d 1798
m 05.02.1751 Anne Cowan
i Robert Macnab bpt 01.07.1754, 2nd son
m 28.10.1785 Christian Young
ii James Macnab of Arthurstone Perthshire, East Haugh & West Haugh b 22.03.1759, d 02.08.1822
m 20.10.1789 Mary McLaren d 27.08.1847, dau of Alexander McLaren Chief of McLaren? of East Haugh
a James Munro Macnab of Arthurstone, later of Highfield Park Hampshire b 21.09.1790, d 04.02.1860had issue
m 11.04.1820 Jean Mary Campbell d 09.08.1886, dau of Rev. Donald Campbell by Mary, dau of John Macleod of Raasa, sister of Flora, Countess of Loudoun
b Elizabeth Anne Macnab b 19.06.1796, d 11.07.1830
m 28.03.1818 Maj. Gen. Sir Robert Henry Dick of Tullymey d 10.02.1846, cousin
c+ other issue - William Dick b 19.06.1796, d 06.08.1796, Charlotte Katherine b 27.12.1792, d unm 01.09.1859
iii Grizel Macnab bpt 06.05.1761, d 28.02.1847
m 08.01.1785 Thomas Butler of Craigbea
iv+ other issue - John bpt 02.07.1753, Donald bpt 18.08.1763, d unm 28.03.1817, WS, Henry bpt 14.02.1766, Margaert bpt 05.12.1751, Anne bpt 28.01.1757, Anne 23.03.1768
3 Patrick Macnab bpt 03.01.1697
4 Isobel Macnab
m 30.06.1701 Duncan Campbell of Edramucky
m2 Marie Carmichael
ii Robert Macnab d before 1687
m before1662 _ Campbell dau of Hew Campbell of Lix
a John Macnab dsp
E Archibald Macnab
BLG1952 Macnabb of Kinnell House suggests that this may have been the Archibald who was ancestor of the MacNabbs of Arthurstone. See note above.
F daughter
m John Dow Macfarlane son of the Laird of Macfarlane
G+ other issue - Patricfk, Finlay, Donald, Alexander, daughter
2 Patrick Macnab a 1613ancestor of Macnabs of Newton, French & probably Epping
m _ Buchanan

Sources: BLGS2001 Macnab of Macnab, BP2003 Macnab of Macnab
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