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MacDonald 6

: Macdonald of Achnancoichean, Macdonald of Garth, Macdonald of Kenknock, Macdonald or Macdonell of Keppoch, Macdonald of Tirnadris
Alastair was succeeded as head of his clan by his illegitimate son Angus until his legitimate son Ranald came of age.
The acknowledged family name appears to have varied between Macdonell and Macdonald over the centuries before settling as Macdonald or MacDonald. Somewhat arbitrarily, we settle on Macdonald from the 17th century.

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Alexander 'Alastair Carrach' MacDonald, 1st of Keppoch a 1431
1. Angus Macdonald or Macdonell, 2nd of Keppoch and of Ferset a 1452
m x Macphee dau of y Macphee of Glen Spean
A. Donald Macdonald or Macdonell, 3rd of Keppoch d 1496
m ?? Cameron dau of Donald Dhu Cameron, 11th Chief of Clan Cameron
i. John Macdonald, 4th of Keppoch
B. Alastair Macdonald or Macdonell, 5th of Keppoch d c 1498-9
m x MacDonald dau of Donald Galloch Macdonald, 3rd of Sleat
i. Donald Glas Macdonald or Macdonell, 6th of Keppoch d c 1517
m x Cameron dau of _ Cameron of Lochiel
a. Ranald Macdonald or Macdonell, 7th of Keppoch d 1547
m x Mackintosh dau of y Mackintosh of Mackintosh
1 Alexander Buloyne Macdonald or Macdonell, 8th of Keppoch d 1549
2 Ranald Og Macdonald or Macdonell, 9th of Keppoch a 1577
m ?? Stewart dau of Duncan Stewart, son of Alan, 3rd of Appin
A Alastair 'Nan Cleas' Macdonald, 10th of Keppoch d c1640
m Janet Macdougall dau of _ Macdougall of Lorn
i Ranald Og Macdonaldl dsp 1643
BLG1952 reports that Ranald was father of Angus Og d 1640 who may have been father of Angus of Achnancoichean, father of Seaun Angus of Kenknock, a descendant of whom claimed to be Chief of Keppoch with that claim still being investigated in 1952. As BP1999 shows Ranald to have dsp, we presume that the claim was rejected. See see below.
m _ Maclean of Douart
ii Donald Glas Macdonald, 11th of Keppoch d c1656-7
m _ Forrester dau of y Forrester of Kilbeggie
a Alastair Macdonald, 12th of Keppoch
b+ other issue d unm - Ranald d 09.1663, daughter
iii Alastair Buidhe Macdonald, 13th of Keppoch d before 1665
m1 _ Macdonald dau of Angus Mor Macdonald of Bohuntin
a Archibald Macdonald, 14th of Keppoch d c1688, 2nd son
m Mary MacMartin dau of y MacMartin of Letterfinlay
1 Coll Macdonald, 15th of Keppoch b c1670, d c 1723
m Barbara Macdonald dau of Sir Donald Macdonald, 3rd Bart of Sleat
A Alastair Macdonald Macdonell, 16th of Keppoch d Culloden 16.04.1746
m Jessie Stewart dau of Robert Stewart, 8th of Appin
i Ranald Macdonald, 18th of Keppoch d 1795-8, Colonel
m Sarah Cargill dau of Thomas Cargill of Jamaica
a Richard Macdonald, 19th of Keppoch d unm 1817
b Alexander Macdonald d unm
ii Alastair Macdonald d before 1815, Major
m Sarah Macdonald dau of Donald Macdonald of Tirnadris see 1 below
a Chichester Macdonald
1+ 2 sons d unm
b+ other issue d unm - John, daughter nun, daughter
iii Anne Macdonald
m _ Gordon of Stirling doctor
iv Clementine Macdonald dsp
m1 _ Buchanan
m2 _ Macdonald of Dolness
v Barbara Macdonald
m 28.12.1757 Patrick Macdonald d 13.06.1844, minister of Kilmore & Kilbride, "Father of the Church of Scotland"
a Anne Macdonald b 20.03.1764
m Donald Macdonald see 2 below
Their elder son became the 20th of Keppoch.
vi Katherine Macdonald
m Ian Dubh Macdonald of Aberarder and Killiechonate
vii Jessie Macdonald
m Alastair Macdonald of Tullochcrom
viii Charlotte Macdonald
m c1775 Alastair Macdonald of Garvabeg son of Patrick Macdonald d 13.06.1844, minister of Kilmore & Kilbride, by his 1st wife, _ Mackintosh
partner unknown
iii Angus Macdonell or Macdonald of Insch, 17th of Keppoch d after 1819
m Christina Macdonell or Macdonald dau of Angus Macdonell or Macdonald of Achnancoichean see 3 below
a Archibald Macdonald Lt. Colonel, 2nd son
m _ McLauchlan in Kilichoan
1 Alastair Macdonald had issue 2 daus
m Mary Stewart dau of Duncan Stewart, 9th of Achnacone
2 Angus Macdonald had issue
m Mary MacDonnell dau of _ MacDonnell of Morar
3 Ewin Macdonald had issue
m Anne Hill
b Donald Macdonald
m Anne McDonald b 20.03.1764, dau of Rev. P. McDonald by Barbara Macdonaldsee 2 above
1 Angus Macdonald, 20th of Keppoch b 1800-1, d 28.02.1855 had issue
m 17.08.1835 Christina MacNab b 1815-6, d 30.01.1906, dau of John MacNab of Shenaghairt, Cantyre, etc.
2 Ranald Macdonald d unm
3 Barbara Macdonald
m _ McDonald in Sherramore
c+ other issue d unm - Alastair d young, Ranald, John, Coll
B Margaret Macdonald
m _ Cameron of Erracht
C+ other issue - Donald d Culloden 16.04.1746, Archibald
2 Ranald Mor Macdonald of Tirnadris
A Donald Macdonald of Tirnadris d 1746
m2 _ Macdonald dau of _ Macdonald of Killiechonate
i Sarah Macdonald
m Alastair Macdonald Major see 1 above
3 Cecilia or Julia Macdonald gaelic poetess
m Alexander Gordon of Camdoll
4 Catherine Macdonald
m _ Macpherson of Strathmassie
5+ other issue - Alastair Odhar dsp, Angus d unm
b+ other issue dsp - Allan dvp 1660, Alastair
m2 _ Macdonnell dau of Ian Macdonnell of Glengarry
d Donald Gorm Macdonald ancestor of the family of Clianaig
e Ranald na Dalach Macdonald dsp
f daughter
m _ Macdonald of Fersit
g daughter
m _ Macdonald of Glencoe
h daughter
m _ Macdonald of Ardnabi
i daughter
m _ Kennedy of Linachan Mor
iv Donald Gorm Macdonald of Inverary progenitor of Tigh Mhurlagain
v son d 1593
vi Seaun Angus Macdonald d 1640
m _ Macdonald dau of Sir James Macdonald of Islay
BLG1952 reports that this may have been the Seaun Angus who was ancestor of the line of Achnancoichean. Noting that an alternative shown above see see above appears to have been discounted, we presume that this Seaun was father of ...
a Angus Macdonald, 1st of Achnancoichean a 1660
1 Alexander Macdonald, 2nd of Achnancoichean a 1714
A Angus Macdonald, 3rd of Achnancoichean
i Christina Macdonald
m Angus Macdonell or Macdonald of Insch, 17th of Keppoch d after 1819see 3 above
2 Seaun Angus Macdonald of Kenknock d c1700
A Angus Og Macdonald of Kenknock then Garth
m ?? possibly dau of Alexander Robertson, minister of Fortingall
i John Macdonald of Garth b c1745, d c1790
m1 Magdalene Small dau of Capt. James Small and Catherine Wilson
a Angus Macdonald of Garth dsp 15836
b John Macdonald of Garth b 1773, d c1866 had issue
m Amelia Macgillis dau of Duncan Macgillis and Maria Kuhn of Williamstown, Ontario
c Magdalene Macdonald
m Hon. William MacGillivay
m2 _ Buchanan
d Helen Macdonald
m Sir Archibald Campbell of Ava cousin
m3. ??
e Archibald Macdonald had issue in Ontario
m _ Boswell dau of Hon. Capt. _ Boswell, RN
3+ other issue - Archibald, daughter authoress
vii Agnes Macdonald
m Robert Robertson, 14th of Struan
viii Mary Macdonald
m John Stewart, 1st of Ardsheal
ix Margaret Macdonald
m Donald Macdonell, 8th of Glengarry
MacDonald03 shows Donald's 1st wife as Margaret, dau of Allan Macdonald, 9th of Clanranald.
B+ other issue including Ranald of Insch
partner unknown
b. Ian Dubh Macdonell ancestor of families of Bohuntin, Tulloch, Galovie, Aberarder, Dalchoisnie and Cranachan
ii. Ranald Og Macdonell
C. Mariot Macdonald or Macdonell
m Allan Macildny Cameron, 12th Chief of Clan Cameron
2. daughter apparently of this generation
m Angus Du Mackay of Strathnaver d 1433

Sources: BLG1952 Maxwell Macdonald formerly Moreton-Macdonald of Largie
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