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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Luttrell: Luttrell of Chilton, Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Luttrell of East Quantoxhead, Luttrell of Hooton Paganel/Paynell, Luttrell of Irnham, Luttrell of Luttrellstown
Lu27/?8. Loterell b c 1050 (The Roll of Battle Abbey, Pg. 72 by John Bernard Burke, Esq)
Lu26. John Luttrell of Hoton Pagnel in Yorkshire b c 1110
Lu25 x Luttrell b c 1140
m John Scott of Calverley a 1136 b c 1120
+1 John Scott b c 1085 moved from Scotland to England temp King Henry I 1100-1135 Seneschal to Empress Maud, and Landerina 2nd dau and coheiress of +2 Alphonsus Gospatrick, lord of Calverley
Lu24. Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Gamston and Bridgeford b c 1170 d 1216/7
m before 26.02.1203/4 Frethesant dau of William Paynel of Irnham
Lu23. Sir Andrew de Luterel of Irnham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire b c 1195 d 1265
m Pernel probably dau of Philip Mark or de la Mere
Lu22-1 Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Irnham and Hooton Paganell or Paynell b before 1235, d c12.1269
m _ de Grey a 1275, dau of Sir William de Grey, Sheriff of Lincoln
i. Sir Robert Luttrell of Irnham, 1st Lord d by 06.1297
m Joan a 06.1320
TCP reports that none of the successive 'Lords' were called to Parliament.
a. Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Irnham, '2nd Lord' b 1276, d 23.05.1345
m Agnes de Sutton d 12.06.1340, dau of Sir Richard de Sutton of Warsop and Sutton
1 Robert Luttrell dvp 1320
2 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Irnham and Hooton Paganel, '3rd Lord' b c1313, d 06.09.1390
m Beatrice Scrope d 10.04.1414, dau of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham
A Sir Andrew Luttrell of Irnham, '4th Lord' b c1364, d 31.12.1397
BE1883 identifies 3 generations of successive Lord Andrews but TCP, which we follow, shows just 2. BE1883 shows the 2nd Andrew as having died in 1397 the 3rd as having died in 1400 and reports his Andrew 2nd's wife as Hawisia, daughter of John le Despenser, but TCP shows her as ...
m by 1379 Joan Taillebois dau of Henry Taillebois or Tailboys
i Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Inrham, '5th Lord' b c1385, dsp 03.01.1418/9
m Mary Green a 1422, dau of Sir Henry Green
ii Hawise Luttrell d 24.03.1421/2
m1 Sir Thomas Belesby of Beelsby, Lincolnshire d 20.09.1415
a Thomas Belesby b c1411, dsp 25.11.1429
m2 Sir Godfrey Hilton 'of Irnham' d 05.08.1459
3 Sir Geoffrey Lutrell
m Constance Scrope dau of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham
A Elizabeth Lutrell
m Walter Gloucester son of Sir Walter
B Isabel Lutrell, a nun
4 Robert Lutrell
Lu22 Alexander de Luterel of East Quantoxhead d after 1269
m Margery
Lu21 Sir Andrew Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
m 1270 Elizabeth de Raleigh dau of Sir Warin de Raleigh
Lu20-1 Alexander Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
1 Thomas Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
A Sir John Luttrell of East Quantoxhead dspl
Lu20 Sir John Luttrell of Chilton a 1360
m Joan
Lu19 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton
m 1359 Elizabeth Courtenay d 07.08.1395, dau of Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon
Lu18 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Chilton, East Quantoxhead and Dunster Castle d 24.03.1428, Seneschal of Nomandy
m Catherine Beaumont d 28.08.1435, dau of Sir John Beaumont of Sherwell
Lu17-1 Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle d 30.06.1430
m Margaret Touchet dau of John Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley
a Sir James Luttrell of Dunster Castle d St. Albans 17.02.1461
m Elizabeth Courtenay d 1493, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay, m2. Sir Humphrey Audley, m3. Thomas Malet of Enmore
1 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset d 01.02.1521
m1 Margaret Hill dau of Robert Hill of Houndston
A Sir Andrew Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset
m Margaret Wyndham d 1580, dau of Sir Thomas Wyndham of Felbrigg
B John Luttrell ancestor of Luttrells of Kentsbury and Spaxton
m2 Walthcan Yard of Exeter
2 Joan Luttrell probably of this generation
m George Stewkley of Marsh
Lu17-2 Robert Luttrell of Luttrellstown d 1436-7
m x Ashbourne dau of Sir Elias de Ashbourne of Devon
Lu17-2-1 Christopher Luttrell of Luttrellstown
Lu17-2-1 Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown d 04.1455
m Catharine Rochfort dau of Thomas Rochfort of Kilbride
Lu17-2-1-1 Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown dsp
m Ellen Bellew dau of Philip Bellew
Lu17-2-1-2 Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown a 1540
m Margaret FitzLeons/Fitzlyon dau of Patrick FitzLeons of Dublin
Lu17-2-1-3 Sir Robert Luttrell
Lu17-2-1-4 Ellen Luttrell
m Nicholas Travers of Corthagh
Lu17-2-2 Anne Luttrell
m Simon Fleming, Lord Slane
Lu17-3 Andrew Luttrell
Lu17 Lu17 Elizabeth Luttrell b 1388 in Dunster Castle d post 4 Oct 1438 bur St. Dionis, Backchurch, London
m1st unknown
m2 in 1421 in Longville, NorfolkJohn Stratton,
St16 Elizabeth Stratton
m in Longville, Norfolk in 1439 John Andrews An16
An15-1 Ann Andrews b 1442 d 25 July 1520, m1 Sir Thomas Bourgher about 1464 in Baylham, Suffolk m2 Sir John Sulyard of Netherhall in Eye, Wetherden and Otes in High Laver Essex, Lord Chief Justice d 18.03.1487/8 had issue
An15 Elizabeth Andrews b 1444 Baylam, Suffolk d 1485 m Thomas de Windsor, Lord Stanwell.
An15-3 Alice Andrews b 1451 m Sir Hugh Wyche in Baylham, Suffolk.
An15-1-1 Andrew Sulyard of Haughley dsp bur 21.10.1544 m1 Margaret Lyston d 01.04.1521, dau of Robert not John Lyston of Badingham Hall m2 Mary d before 01.02.1546/7, wid of Sir John Timperley of Hintlesham
An15-1-2 John Sulyard of Wetherden b about 1470 bur 08.03.1538/9 m Margaret Baker d 31.08.1521, dau of Robert Baker of Wetherden
An15-1-3 Anne Sulyard
m Roger Appleton of Dartford d 26.02.1557
An15-1-4 Alice Sulyard
m Sir William Rous<
An15-1-5 Elizabeth Sulliard
m c1505 Sir Edward Bainton of Bromham b 1480, d 27.11.1544
Wi14-1 Elizabeth Windsor
Wi14-2 Anne Windsor
Wi14 Andrew de Windsor, 1st Baron de Windsor of Bradenham
Wi14-4 William Windsor
Wi14-5 John Windsor
Wi14-6 Thomas Windsor
Wi14-7 Alice Windsor
Wi14-8 Miles Windsor
Wi14-9 Anthony Windsor
Wi14-10 Bridget Windsor
Wi14-11 Margaret Windsor (Prioress of Syon Abbey)
Lu20-3 Andrew Luttrell rector of East Quantoxhead
Lu22-2 Robert de Luterel d 1315, rector of Irnham, canon of Salisbury

1 TCP Luterel or Luttrell
2 BLG1952 Fownes Luttrell formerly of Dunster Castle, BE1883 Luttrell of Carhampton
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