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Lorraine 4

: Dukes of Lorraine, Counts of Vaudemont
Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine d 10.10.1213
m 1188 Agnes of Bar d 1226, dau of Theobald, Count of Bar
1. Theobald I, Duke of Lorraine d 17.02.1220
m 1215 Gertrud d 1225, dau of Albert, Count of Dachsburg and Metz
2. Matthias II, Duke of Lorraine d 24.06.1251
m 1225 Catherine of Limburg d 1255, dau of Walram IV, Duke of Limburg, Count of Luxemburg
A. Frederick III, Duke of Lorraine b 1238/40, d 31.12.1302
m 10.07.1255 Margaret of Navarre d 1306-10, dau of Theobald I, King of Navarre, Count de Champagne
i. Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine b after 1255, d 1312
m 1278 Isabelle de Rumigny b 07.1263, d 1322, dau of Hugues de Rumigny
a. Frederick IV , Duke of Lorraine b 1282, d 1329
m 1304 Elisabeth of Austria d 1352, dau of Albrecht I, Duke of Austria
1 Rudolf, Duke of Lorraine b 1320, d Crecy 1346
m1 1329/30 Eleonore of Bar d 1332, dau of Edward I, Count of Bar
m2 1334 Marie de Chatillon b c1323, dau of Gui, Count de Blois
A Jean I, Duke of Lorraine b 1346, d 1390
m 16.12.1361 Sofie of Wurttemberg b 1343, d 26.04.1369, dau of Eberhard II, Count of Wurttemberg
i Charles I, Duke of Lorraine b 1364, d 1431
m 1393 Margaret b 1376, d 1434, dau of Ruprecht III, Elector Palatine
a Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine b 1400, d 1453
m 1420 Rene, Duke of Anjou b 1409, d 1480
b Catherine of Lorraine b 1407, d 01.03.1439
m before 25.07.1422 Jako I, Markgrave of Baden b 15.03.1407, d 13.10.1453
c+ other issue d young - Louis, Rudolf
p. Alison du May d 1431
e+ other issue
ii Frederick, Count of Vaudemont b c1371, d Agincourt 1415
m 1393 Marguerite, heiress of Vaudemont and Joinville b c1354, d 1416
a Antoine, Count of Vaudemont b c1400, d 1458
m 1417 Marie d'Harcourt, Countess d'Aumale b 1398, d 1476, dau of Jean, Count d'Harcourt et d'Aumale
1 Frederick VI, Count de Vaudemont b 1417, d 31.08.1470
m 1445 Yolande, Duchess of Lorraine b 02.11.1428, d c23.02.1483, dau of Rene, Duke of Anjou
A Rene II, Duke of Lorraine, Duke of Bar, etc b 02.05.1451, d 10.12.1508
m1 1471, div 1485 Jeanne d'Harcourt, Countess de Tancarville
m2 01.09.1485 Philippa de Guelders b 09.11.1467, d 26.02.1547, dau of Adolf, Duke of Guelders
i Antoine II 'the Good', Duke of Lorraine b 04.06.1489, d 14.06.1544, 3rd son had issue
m 26.06.1515 Renee de Bourbon-Montpensier b 1494, d 26.05.1539
ii Claude I de Lorraine, Duke of Guise b 20.10.1493, d 12.04.1550, 5th son
m 1513 Antoinette de Bourbon-Vendome b 25.12.1493, d 22.01.1583, dau of Francois de Vendome, de St. Pol, etc
a Francois I, Duke of Guise b 16.02.1519, d 24.02.1563 had issue
m 29.04.1548 Anna d'Este b 16.11.1531, d 15.05.1607
b Charles, Duke de Chevreuse, Cardinal de Guise, Archbishop of Rheims b 1524,d 1574
c Claude, Duke of Aumale b 1526, d 1573 had issue
m 1547 Louise de Breze b c1518, d 1577
d Louis, Cardinal de Guise, Archbishop of Sens b 1527, d 1578
e Rene, Duke d'Elboeuf b 14.087.1536, d 14.12.1566 had issue
m 1554 Louise de Rieux b 1531, d c1570, dau of Claude de Rieux
f Marie of Guise b 22.11.1515, d 10.06.1560
ancestors line G
m1 1534 Louis, Duke of Longueville d 1537
m2 1538 James Stewart, King James V of Scots b 10.04.1512, d 14.12.1542
g Louise of Guise b 1520, d 1542
m 1541 Charles de Croy, Duc d'Arschot d 1551
h+ other issue
iii Jean de Lorraine, Cardinal, Bishop of Toul, Metz and Verdun b 1498, d 10.05.1550
iv+ other issue - Charles b 1486, d young, Francois b/d 1487, Nicolas, b 1493, d young, Louis, Francois, Anne, Isabelle, Claude, Catherine
B Jeanne of Lorraine b 1458, d 1480
m 1474 Charles IV, Duke of Anjou b 1436, d 1481
C Yolande of Lorraine d 1500
m 1497 Wilhelm II, Landgrave of Hess d 1509
D Marguerite of Lorraine b 1463, d 01.11.1521
m 14.05.1488 Renne, Duke of Alencon b 1454, d 01.11.1492
E+ Nicolas d c1476, Peter b 1451
2 Marie of Vaudemont d 1455
m 1450 Alain IX, Count de Rohan d 1462
3 Marguerite of Vaudemont b c1400
m 05.10.1432 Antonie de Croy, Count de Porcien d 1475
4+ other issue - Jean d 1473, Count d'Harcourt et d'Aumale, Henri d 1505, Bishop of Metz
b Isabelle of Lauraine b c1397, d 17.01.1456
m 1412 Philipp I, Count of Nassau d 1429
c Margaret of Lauraine
m Theobald, Count of Blamont d 1431
iii Isabella of Lauraine d after 1423
m 1381/26.02.1386 Enguerrand VII de Coucy d 1397
B+ twin daughters d before 31.07.1343
2 Margaret of Lorraine d after 09.08.1376
m1 Jean de Chalon, Sn d'Auberive d 1350
m2 Koinrad, Count of Freiburg
m3. before 14.02.1364 Ulrich, Hr zu Rappoltstein d 1377
b. Marie of Lorraine d after 1344
m 1324 Guy de Chatillon-sur-Marne d 1362
c. Margaret of Lorraine d 1348-9
m1 c1311 Guy de Dampierre, Count of Seeland d 1311
m2 1313 Ludwig, Count of Loos und Chiney d 1336
d. Isabelle of Lorraine d 1353
m Erard de Bar, Sn de Pierrepont d 1337
e.+ other issue - Matthias, Hugues, Philippe
ii. Isabelle of Lorraine d 1335
m1 1287 Ludwig, Duke of Bavaria
m2 Henri de Sully
m3. 1306 Henry III, Count de Vaudemont d 1348
iii. Catherine of Lorraine, Dame de Romont d after 13.03.1316
m 1290 Konrad III, Count of Freiburg d 1350
iv. Agnes of Lorraine
m Jean II, Sire d'Harcourt d 1302
v.+ other issue - Matthias Sn de Beauregard, Frederic Bishop of Orleans, Frederic Sn de Plombieres
B. Laura of Lorraine d after 03.05.1288
m1 1250 Jean de Dampierre, Viscount de Troyes d 1258
m2 after 29.03.1266 Guillaume de Vergy, Sire de Mirebeau et d'Autrey
C. Isabelle of Lorraine d 1266
m1 before 06.06.1249 Guillaume de Vienne d 1255
m2 1256 Jean de Chalon, Sn de Rochefort, Count of Auxerre
D. Catherine of Lorraine a 1248, 1279
m 1255 Richard V von Momelgard d 1279
E. Adeline of Lorraine d by 1278
m Louis of Savoy, Baron de Vaud d 1302
3.+ other issue - Rainald d 1274, Count of Blieskastel, Jacob d 1260, Bishop of Metz, Alix/Berta d 1242, Laurette

Main sources: GenEU Lorraine11, 2, 4, 6.
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