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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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: Lloyd in Birmingham, Lloyd of Bordesley, Lloyd of Dolobran, Lloyd in London
Celynyn of Llwydiarth Lloydiarth
m Gwenllian dau of Meredith ap Rhydderch
1. Einion of Lloydiarth Llwydiarth
m Gwenllian dau of Adda ap Meiric of Mochorant, son of Cynric ap Pasgen ap Cywyn, lord of Guilsfield
A. Llewellyn of Lloydiarth
m Llenci Lucy dau of Griffith Lloyd of Bromfield, son of Ednyfed Lloyd of Maelor
i. Ivan 'Teg' the handsome Lloyd of Lloydiarth and Dolobran a 1476
m Mawd Blaney dau of Evan Blaney of Tregynon
a. David Lloyd of Dolobran b 1523
m1 sp Eva Price dau of Edward Price of Eglusig
m2 Eva dau of David Goch son of Jenkin Vaughan of Bodoach
1 David Lloyd of Dolobran b 1549
m Ales Lloyd dau of David Lloyd of Llanarmon-Mynydd-Maur
A John Lloyd of Dolobran b 1575
m Katherine Wynne dau of Humphrey Wynne of Duffryn below
i Charles Lloyd of Dolobran b 1613
m Elizabeth Stanley dau of Thomas Stanley of Knuckyn, Salop
a Charles Lloyd of Dolobran b 09.12.1637, d 26.09.1698
m1 11.11.1661 Elizabeth Lort b 02.11.1633, d 07.02.1685, dau of Sampson Lort of Eastmoor and Stackpole Court
1 Charles Lloyd of Dolobran b 18.08.1662, d 21.01.1747
m 06.05.1693 Sarah Crowley dau of Ambrose Crowley of Stourbridge
A Charles Lloyd of Dolobran b 16.11.1697, d 03.11.1767
m 14.04.1723 Jane Wilkins b 19.08.1707, dau of Richard Wilkins of Thornbury
i Charles Exton Lloyd of Dolobran d unm 1773
ii James Lloyd of Dolobran d unm 05.11.1787
iii Jane Lloyd b 24.11.1728
m Lewis Owen of Tythay Gareek
iv Sarah Lloyd b 06.04.1732, d 1816
m Thomas Robinson of Coventry
v Elizabeth Lloyd b 28.03.1734
m1 Edward Evans of Welshpool Welchpool
m2 Oliver Jones of Welshpool
vi Hannah Lloyd b 21.06.1735
m Robert Perkins of London
vii+ other issue - Mary b 27.03.1730, d unm 21.06.1753, Phoebe b 13.03.1738, d 20.02.1747, Susannah b 26.04.1739, d 15.07.1766
B Sarah Lloyd b 07.08.1694
m 1719 John England of Bridgnorth
C Elizabeth Lloyd d infant
2 Sampson Lloyd b 26.02.1664
m1 1658 Elizabeth Good d 10.04.1692, dau of Sybil Good
A Sarah Lloyd b 12.01.1689
m 1713 John Gulson of Coventry
B Anne Lloyd b 27.02.1690
m B. Stretch of Bristol
C+ other issue - Elizabeth b 08.01.1687, d 30.03.1697, Mary b 28.022.1691, d 16.08.1731
m2 1695 Mary Crowley b 15.09.1677, dau of Ambrose Crowley
E Charles Lloyd b 31.12.1696, d 12.02.1741
m Sarah Careless dau of Benjamin Careless
i Benjamin Lloyd b 14.12.1726, d 13.04.1801
a Sarah Lloyd
m 16.04.1788 William Brewin
1 Charles Brewin b 04.08.1793
m 19.03.1833 Sophia Galton dau of Samuel Galton of Duddeston Hall
ii+ other issue - Charles b 26.05.1724, d unm 01.11.1760, Thomas b 02.10.1731, d in USA, Sampson, Mary d unm, Sarah d unm, Anne d unm
F Ambrose Lloyd b 18.01.1698, d 1.02.1742
i Anna Lloyd
m Alfred Lloyd cousin ?? duplication below
G Sampson Lloyd in Birmingham b 15.05.1699
m1 29.09.1727 Sarah Parkes d 16.03.1729, dau of Richard Parkes of Old Park
i Sampson Lloyd of Bordesley b 02.08.1728, d 27.12.1807
m Rachel Barnes dau of Samuel Barnes of London
a Sampson Lloyd b 1765
m Hannah Harman of London
1 Sampson Lloyd dsp
b Samuel Lloyd of Bordesley b 1768 had issue
m 1791 Rachel Braithwaite dau of George Graithwaite of Kendal
c David Lloyd of Halesworth b 12.09.1769
m1 Mary Elizabeth Hanbury d 1829, dau of John Hanbury of Coggleshall
m2 _ Day
d Richard Lloyd of Allesley b 06.06.1772 had issue
m Elizabeth Harman dau of J. Harman of London
e Alfred Lloyd of Goldicot House b 09.11.1780 had issue
m Anna Lloyd dau of Ambrose Lloyd below
f Sarah Lloyd
m Joseph Foster of Bromley House
g Rachel Lloyd
m W.F. Summerfield of Allesley
h Elizabeth Lloyd
m John Biddle of Neach Hill
i Anne Lloyd
m W.F. Summerfield
j Agatha Lloyd
m John Biddle of Birmingham
k Charlotte Lloyd
m Thomas Phelps of Dublin
l Catherine Lloyd
m George Birkbeck
m+ other issue - Henry of London b 30.12.1784, banker, George b 02.05.1786, d 1832, captain, Mary d 16.05.1816, Lucy d unm
m2 17.09.1731 Rachel Champion b 30.03.1712, d 16.09.1756, dau of Nahemiah Champion
ii Nehemiah Lloyd b 16.01.1745, d 23.02.1801
iii Charles Lloyd b 22.08.1748, d 1828
m Mary Farmer b 23.12.1750, d 09.12.1821, dau of James Farmer of Bingley House
a Charles Lloyd of Birmingham b 12.02.1775 had issue
m 24.04.1799 Sophia Pemberton d 1830, dau of Samuel Pemberton of Birmingham
b James Lloyd of Bingley House b 16.03.1776 had issue
m 14.07.1802 Sarah Hart dau of Francis Hart of Nottingham
c Robert Lloyd b 10.12.1778, d 26.10.1811 had issue
m Hannah Hart dau of Francis Hart of Nottingham
d Thomas Lloyd of Birmingham b 05.11.1779, d 28.12.1811 had issue
m Susannah Whitehead dau of John Whitehead of Barford
e Plumstead Lloyd of London b 07.10.1780 had issue
m1 Frances Isabella Betenson d 18.09.1816, dau of J. Betensen of Ipswich
m2 Jane Howell dau of John Howell
f Priscilla Lloyd
m Rev. Christopher Wordsworth
g Olivia Lloyd
m Paul Moon James of Wake Green
h Mary Lloyd d 22.11.1822
m George Braithwaite of Kendal
i Anna Lloyd
m Isaac Braithwaite of Kendal
j Caroline Lloyd d unm 13.10.1811
k Agatha Lloyd
m James Pearson banker
iv John Lloyd of London b 06.01.1750, d 22.01.1811, banker
m Elizabeth Corbyn dau of Thomas Corbyn of Leytonstone
a Corbyn Lloyd of Lodon b 26.01.1785, d 1828, banker had issue
m Emily Atlee dau of J. Atlee of Wandsworth
b Lucy Lloyd
m Halsey Janson of Stamford Hill
c+ other issue - Edmund b 25.01.1787, Ambrose b 22.03.1789, d 01. 1822, Mark b 17.12.1790, Llewellyn in Sweden b 27.07.1792, Joseph of Lambeth b 11.08.1796, Rachel, Elizabeth
v Ambrose Lloyd b 24.02.1754, d 16.07.1787
m Elizabeth Talwin dau of John Talwin of Royston
a Anna Lloyd
m Alfred Lloyd of Goldicot House above
vi Mary Lloyd b 12.10.1736, d 18.11.1770
m 18.01.1757 Osgood Hanbury of Holfield Grange
vii Rachel Lloyd d 02.06.1809
m David Barclay of London brewer
3 Elizabeth Lloyd
m John Pemberton of Bennetts Hill
m2 08.02.1686 Ann Lawrence of Lea d 02.03.1708
b John Lloyd b 1638
m Jane Gresham dau of Sir Thomas Gresham of Lidsey
1 Samuel Lloyd 2nd son
A daughter
2+ other issue d young - John, Jane
c Thomas Lloyd, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania b 17.02.1640, d 10.09.1694 had issue
m1 09.09.1665 Mary Jones d 1680, dau of Col. Roger Jones of Welsh Pool, Governor of Dublin
m2 sp Patience Storey
Commoners reports that Thomas "joined William Penn in the colonization of Pennsylvania, and was deputy-governor and president of the council of that province from 1684 to 1693. His descendants are citizens of the United States, and reside principally in the state of Pennsylvania."
d Elizabeth Lloyd b 1639
m Henry Parry of Penamser
b. Owen Lloyd
m Katherine dau of Meredith Rinault ap Sir Griffith Vaughan
1 Ievan Lloyd, later Wynne of Dyfryn
m Margaret Kynaston dau of Sir Roger Kynaston of Hordley
A Humphrey Wynne of Dyfryn
i Katharine Wynne
m John Lloyd of Dolobran above
ii. David
m Meddefys dau of Griffith Deuddor
Commoners is ambiguous inasmuch as it could be interpreted as suggesting that David was father of Ivan Teg, shown above as his elder brother. However, BLG1886 clearly identifies Ivan Teg's father as Llewellyn.

Sources: BLG1886 Lloyd of Sutton Coldfield, Commoners vol iv, Lloyd of Dolobran
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