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Livingstone 1

: Livingston of Callendar, Livingston of Drumry, Livingston of Livingston, Livingston of Easter Wemyss
This family is believed to be of Saxon origin, the name being derived from Leofing son of Leof. One theory is that a Baron de Leving followed Edward Atheling into exile and then he, or his son, came to Scotland with Edward's daughter Margaret when she married King Malcolm Canmore. Normally identified as the first formally recorded ancestor of this family, and probably grandson of Baron de Leving, was ..
Leving / Livingus a 1124
1. Thurstanus a 1128
A. Alexander of Livingston a temp King David 1124-1153
There is some uncertainty on the next few generations. BE1883 shows Alexander as father of Sir William, father of 1 William ancestor of the Livingstons of Livingston, the last of whom died at Flodden leaving 3 daughters, 2 Sir Archibald father of Sir William of Gorgyn, and 3 Adam. TSP Linlithgow refers to errors by Douglas of the ancestry around this time. We follow TSP as supplemented by the Kilsyth web site referred to below as a Main Source but note that TSP is not certain on the descent from Alexander to the Andrew who married Elena.
i. Sir William Livingston of Livingston a temp King William 'the Lion' 1165-1214
a. Sir Archibald or William Livingston, Sheriff of Linthlinthgow and Stirling d 1313 ancestor of Livingstons of Livingston and Stirling
b. Sir Andrew Livingston, Sheriff of Lanark d 1297
m Elena de Quarantley or Carantelegh
1 Sir William Livingston of Gorgyn, Crainmillar and Drumry
m Margaret
TSP Linthlighgow shows William's wife merely as Margaret. BE1883 shows her as a daughter of Sir John Erskine of Erskine. The Kilsyth web site referred to below identifies her as Margaret Comyn, daughter of Sir Fergus Comyn of Gogyn.
A Sir William Livingston of Callendar, Sheriff of Haddington then Lanark d before 30.11.1364
m Christian de Callendar dau of Patrick de Callendar
i Patrick Livingston dvpsp
ii William Livingston of Callendar succeeded by his brother or son ..
iii Sir John Livingston of Callendar d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402
m1 ?? Menteith dau of John Menteith of Carse
a Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar, Justiciary d before 06.11.1451
m ?? Dundas dau of James Dundas of Dundas
1 James Livingston, 1st Lord of Callendar, Chamberlain d before 07.11.1467
m Marian de Berwick d before 20.10.1478, dau of Thomas de Berwick
2 Alexander Livingston of Phildes
3 Janet Livingston
TSP Linlithgow shows only her marriage to Sir Robert but, unless she has been confused with a sister, this must be the Janet daughter of Alexander of Callendar who is reported by TSP Hamilton as having married Sir James.
m1 1422 Sir James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow d by 05.1441
m2 Sir Robert Bruce of Airth
4 Elizabeth Livingston
m James Dundas, 12th of Dundas dsp before 1452
5 Eupham Livingston not mentioned by TSP
m Alexander Dundas of Fingask d 1451
6 Helen Livingston not mentioned by TSP
m William Menteith of Kerse
b Robert Livingston
According to TSP Newburgh, the following connection is not certain but is not improbable. Possibly grandson of the Sir John who died at Homildon Hill was ...
1 Henry Livingston of Manerstoun possibly father of ...
A Henry Livingston of Falkirk, Provost of Stirling a 1553, 1575
m Margaret Forrester dau of Sir James Forrester of Torwood
c John Livingston ancestor of Livingstons of Barnton or Bonton
d James Livingston a 1416
m2 mcrt 15.08.1381 Agnes Douglas a 1422, dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith
e Archibald Livingston
f Sir William Livingston of Balcastell and Kilsyth d 1459
.m. Elizabeth de Caldcotis dau of William de Caldcotis
g Sir Henry Livingston
iv Walter Livingston
B John Livingston of Drumry and East Wemyss a 1364
m ?? Wemyss dau of Sir Michael Wemyss of that ilk
i Robert Livingston of Drumry d c1400
a Sir Robert Livingston of Drumry a 1449
m Margaret
1 William Livingston of Drumry
m mcrt 19.11.1428 Euphemia Wemyss dau of David Wemyss of that ilk
TSP Teviot reports that the marriage was contracted but, through a cross-reference to a Wemyss family record, suggests that it may not have taken place. However, William's son is reported as inheriting lands of Easter Wemyss so it probably did.
A Sir Robert Livingston of Drumry and Easter Wemyss
i Sir Robert Livingston of Easter Wemyss and Drumry d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 1516 Janet Beaton d c1522, dau of Sir David Beaton, 1st of Creich
a Margaret Livingston
m1 Sir James Hamilton of Finnart
m2 John Wemyss of Pittencrieff
b Isabella Livingston d before 11.1552 probably of this generation
m1 John Ramsay, Lord Bothwell d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 Nicolas Ramsay of Dalhousie d before 09.05.1555
ii Margaret Livingston
m John Moncreiffe of that ilk, 8th of Moncreiffe d c1496
2 James Livingston of Newbigging d before 1466
3 Margaret Livingston d c1494
m before 03.1448, div 1489 John Wemyss of Wemyss b c1425, d 1502
4+ other issue- John, Robert, Isabel
B. William of Livingston
C. Henry of Livingston
m Maria de Scalebroc

Sources: TSP Linlithgow, BE1883, Livingston of Linlithgow; TSP, Teviot,
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