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Iberia 3

: Counts of Aragon, Kings of Castile, Kings of Leon, Kings of Navarre
Sancho I, King of Navarre b c865, d 11.12.925
m1 Urraca of Aragon dau of Aznar II, Count of Aragon
m2 Toda of Larraun d after 970, dau of Aznar Sanchez of Larraun
1. Garcia III, King of Navarre d 919, d 970
m1 div Andregoto, Countess of Aragon d 972, dau of Galindon II Aznar, Count of Aragon
A. Sancho II, King of Navarre, Count of Aragon b after 935, d 12.994
m 962 Urraca of Castile d after 1007, dau of Fernan Gonzales, Count of Lara, Castile and Alava
i. Garcia IV, King of Navarre b c964, d c999/1004
m before 981 Jimena Fernandez d after 1035, dau of Fernando Bermudez, Count
a. Sancho III 'the Great', King of Navarre, Count of Aragon and Castile b 990/2, d 18.10.1035
m 1010 Munia Mayor, Countess of Castile d after 1066, dau of Sancho, Count of Castile
1 Garcia V 'el de Najera', King of Navarre b after 1020, d Atapuerca 01.09.1054
m 1038 Estefania de Foix dau of Bernardo Roger, Count of Couserans, Foix and Bigorre
A Sancho IV 'el Penalen', King of Navarre b 1039, d 04.06.1076
m after 1068 Placencia
i Garcia d young
ii Garcia Sanchez, King of Navarre d after 1091
partners unknown
iii+ other issue - Raimundo Sn de Esquiroz, Urraca nun
B Ramiro of Navarre, Sn de Calahorra d Rueda 06.01.1083
m Teresa dau of Conde Gonzalo Salvadores
i Estefania Ramirez
m 1087 Fruela Diaz, Conde de Astorga
C Fernando of Navarre, Sn de Bucesta d 1068
m Nuna dau of Inigo, Sn de Biscaya
D Hermesinda of Navarre d after 1110
m Fortun Sanchez de Yarnoz
E Mayor of Navarre d after 1115
m Guy II, Count of Beaune et Mascon d 1109
F Urraca of Navarre
m Conde Garcia de Najera y Granon d 1108
G+ other issue - Raimundo Sn de Murillo y Cameros, Jimena
partners unknown
I Sancho Garces, Sn de Uncastillo y Sanguesa d after 12.1073
m1 before 1057 Costanza dau of Sancho, Sn de Maranon
m2 after 1060 Andregoto
Not sure who was the mother of whom.
i Ramiro Sanchez, Sn de Monzon d 1116
m after 1098 Cristina dau of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, 'El Cid Campeador'
a Garcia VI 'el Restaurador', King of Navarre b after 1110, d 21.11.1150
m1 after 1130 Marguerite de 'Aigle b c1100, d 25.05.1141, dau of Gilbert de l'Aigle
1 Sancho VI 'el Sabio', King of Navarre b after 1132, d 27.06.1194
m 1153 Sancha of Castile b 05.08.1137, d 05.08.1179, dau of Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon
A Sancho VII 'el Fuerte', King of Navarre b after 1170, d 1234
m after 1195 Constance of Toulouse d after 12.05.1260
B Berengaria of Navarre b c1163, d 1230
m 1191 Richard Plantagent, 'the lion-hearted', King Richard I of England b 08.09.1157, d 06.04.1199
C Blanche, Queen of Navarre b after 1177, d 12/14.03.1229
m 01.07.1199 Thibaut III, Count de Champagne et de Brie b 13.05.1179, d 24.05.1201
D+ other issue - Fernando d 16.12.1207, Ramiro d 22.02.1228, Bishop of Pamplona
2 Blanche of Navarre b after 1133, d 12.08.1156
m 30.01.1151 Sancho III 'el Deseado', King of Castile b 1134, d 31.08.1158
3 Margarita of Navarre d 1182
m 1150 William I, King of Sicily d 07.05.1166
m2 24.06.1144 Urraca of Castile b after 1126, d 12.10.1189, dau of Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon
4 Sancha of Navarre
m1 Gaston V, Vcte de Bearn
m2 before 1165 Pedro Manrique, Vcte de Narbonne d 1202
partner unknown
5 Rodrigo Garces, Count di Montescaglioso
m ? Hauteville
b Alfonso, Sn de Castroviejo
c Elvira d after 1163
m1 after 1115 Ladron, Sn de Alava
m2 before 1137 Cde Rodrigo de Manzanedo
ii Sancho, Sn de Erro y Tafalla d 1120
m Urraca dau of Ordono Ordonez of Leon
a Maria
m Conde Diego Lopez, Sn Soberano de Vizcaya
J Mencia
m Lope, Sn de Najera d 1068
2 Fernando I, King of Castile and Leon b 1016/8, d 27.12.1065
m 1032 Sancha of Leon b 1013, d 07.11.1067, dau of Alfonso V, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon
A Sancho II, King of Castile and Leon b 1036/8, d 07.10.1072
m before 26.03.1071 Alberta
B Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon b before 06.1040, d 29.06.1109
m1 1069, div 1070 Agnes of Aquitaine b 1052, d 1078, dau of Guy-William VI/VIII, Duke of Aquitaine
m2 08.05.1081 Constance of Burgundy b 1046, d 1093, dau of Robert I 'the Old', Duke de Bourgogne
i Urraca, Queen of Castile and Leon b 1081, d 08.03.1126
m1 1087 Raimond of Bourgogne, Count of Amerous, Galicia and Coimbra d 1107
Their descendants were the Burgundian Kings of Castile and Leon.
m2 1109, div 1114 Alfonso I 'the Warrior', King of Aragon and Navarre b 1073, dsp 07.09.1134 see below
p. Pedro, Conde de Lara d 1130
ii Elivira de Castile d young
m3. 1093 Bertha of Burgundy d 1097/8, dau of Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon
m4. 1098/9 Isabel d 1107, widow of Al Mamun, Prince of Seville
iii Sancho de Castile b 1098, d 1108
iv Sancha de Castile
m 1120 Rodrigo de Lara, Conde de Liebana d 1143
v Elivira de Castile d 08.02.1135
m before 1118 Roger II, King of Sicily d 1154
partners unknown
vi Elivira de Castile d after 1151
m 1094 Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse d 1105
vii Teresa de Castile, Infanta of Leon and Castile, Queen of Portugal b 1070, d 01.11.1130
m1 1093/5 Henri de Bourgogne, Count of Portugal b 1066, d 1112
m2 1124 Fernando de Trava, Count of Trastamara
C Garcia, King of Galicia b c1042, d 22.03.1090
D+ other issue - Urraca b 1033/4, d 1101, Elvira b 1038/9, d 15.11.1101
3 Gonzalo, King of Sobrarbe d 26.06.1045
4 Bernardo of Navarre d 1024
partner: Sancha de Aybar or Urraca, 'a Navarrese lady of rank'
5 Ramiro I, King of Aragon d 08.05.1064
m1 22.08.1036 Gisberga of Bigorre d 1054, dau of Bernardo Roger, Count of Couserans, Foix and Bigorre
A Sancho I, King of Aragon and Navarre b 1042/3, d 04.06.1094
m1 c1065, div 1071 Isabel of Urgel d c1071
i Pedro I, King of Aragon and Navarre b 1069, d 27.09.1104
m1 1086 Agnes of Aquitaine d 1097, dau of Guy-William/Guillaume VI/VIII, Duke of Aquitaine
a Pedro of Aragon d 1103
m 1098 Maria dau of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, 'El Cid'
b Isabel of Aragon d 1103
m2 16.08.1097 Berta of Italy
ii Alfonso I 'the Warrior', King of Aragon and Navarre b 1073, dsp 07.09.1134
m 1109, div 1114 Urraca, Queen of Castile and Leon b 1081, d 08.03.1126 see above
iii Ramiro II, King of Aragon and Navarre b c1075, d 16.08.1147
m 1135 Agnes/Matilda of Poitiers dau of William/Guillaume VII/IX, Duke of Aquitaine
a Petronilla, Queen of Aragon b 1135, d 17.10.1174
m 11.08.1137 Ramon Berenguer IV 'the Saint', Count of Barcelona, etc b 1113, d 06.08.1162
m2 1076 Felicie of Roucy d 03.05.1123, dau of Hilduin III, Count de Roucy
B Garcia of Aragon, Bishop of Pamplona d 17.07.1186
C Teresa of Aragon b 1037
m William VI, Count of Provence
D Urraca of Aragon, a nun
E Sancha of Aragon d 1073
m1 Pons, Count of Toulouse d 1060
m2 c1065 Armengol III, Count of Urgel d 1065
m2 c1054 Agnes of Aquitaine b 1052, d 13.06.1089, probably dau of William V/VII, Duke of Aquitaine
partner unknown
F Sancho Ramirez, Sn de Aybar d after 1117 had issue
m1 Beatrix
m2 dau of Odon, Vcde de Montaner
b. Urraca of Navarre
m 1023 Alfonso V, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon b 996, d 07.08.1028
c.+ other issue - Garcia, Elvira
ii.+ other issue - Ramiro d c992, Gonzalo d 997
partner unknown
iv. Abda 'la Vascona'
m Abu Amir Ibn Ami
m2 before 943 Teresa of Asturias/Leon dau of Ramiro II, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon
B. Ramiro, King of Viguera d 08.07.981 had issue
C. Urraca of Navarre d 12.08.1041
m1 960/2 Fernan Gonzales, Count of Lara, Castile and Alava b c910, d 06.970
m2 after 14.07.972 Guillaume I, Duke of Gascony
2. Sancha of Navarre b after 900, d 12.959
m1 03.923 Ordono II, King of Leon d 924
m2 c924 Alvaro, Count of Alava d c931
m3. c932 Fernan Gonzales, Count of Lara, Castile and Alava b c910, d 06.970
3. Urraca of Navarre d 23.06.956
m c932 Ramiro II, King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon b c900, d 01.01.951
4. Oneca of Navarre d after 06.931
m 923 Alfonso IV 'el Monje', King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon b c899, d c08.933
5. Velasquita of Navarre
m1 after 923 Munio, Count of Alava d c926
m2 c930 Galindo I, Count of Pailhars
m3. Fortun Galindez
6. Orbita of Navarre
partner unknown
7. Lupa of Navarre
m Dato II, Count of Bigorre d after 930

Sources: GenEU Iberia6, 7,8.
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