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Hungerford 2: Hungerford of Blackbourton, Hungerford of Cadenham Cadnam, Hungerford of Downe Ampney, Hungerford of Farley Farleigh Castle, Hungerford of Windrush
Sir Thomas Hungerford of Downe Ampney
m Christian Hall dau of John Hall of Sallesbery
1. Sir John Hungerford of Downe Ampney
m Margaret Blount dau of Edward Blount of Mangersfield
A. Sir Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney
m1 Jane Darell dau of Sir Edward Darell
i. Sir John Hungerford of Downe Ampney
m1 Ellenor Hungerford dsp, dau of Walter Hungerford, Lord
m2 Margaret Fettiplace dau of John Fettiplace of Lyfford
a. Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney
m Bridget Shelley dau of John Shelley of Michellgrove
1 Sir John Hungerford of Down Ampney
m Mary Barkley dau of Sir Richard Barkley of Stoake
A Sir Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney
m1 Elizabeth Lucy dau of Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecott
i Bridget Hungerford 'only daughter & heir' apparently of this generation
m before 1639 Edmund Dunch, Lord Burnell b 1602, bur 04.08.1678
m2 Jane Erneley
B Elizabeth Hungerford
m John Richards of the Isle of Wight
C Barbara Hungerford
m Thomas Sackvile or Toots
D Bridget Hungerford
m Sir William Lisley of the Isle of Wight
E+ other issue - John, Mary
2 Sir Anthony Hungerford of Blackbourton or Black Bourton, later also of Farley Castle d 1627 Hungerford should not be confused with his namesake and contemporary, the Parliamentarian Colonel Anthony Hungerford. Anthony Hungerford died 1657, of Black Bourton in Oxfordshire, was an English Member of Parliament who supported the Royalist cause during the English Civil War. The younger son of Sir Anthony Hungerford, he came from a family with a long Parliamentary pedigree; his ancestors included the 14th century Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Thomas Hungerford. He was MP for Malmesbury in the Short and Long Parliaments. In 1644, after he attended the King's Parliament at Oxford, he was disabled from sitting in the Long Parliament, fined and imprisoned in the Tower of London; however in 1646, on payment of a fine of £2,532, he was pardoned and his estate at Black Bourton which had been sequestered was restored to him. In 1653 he inherited the Farleigh Castle estates of the senior branch of the family. His son, Sir Edward Hungerford, sat in Parliament for several constituencies after the Restoration; his spendthrift habits destroyed the family fortune.
m1 Lucy not Susan Hungerford dau of Sir Walter not Henry Hungerford of Farley Castle
A Sir Edward Hungerford of Blackbourton d 19.07.1629
m Margaret Hallyday d 19.07.1629, dau of William Hallyday, Lord Mayor of London
m2 Sarah Crouch dau of John Crouch of London, relict of_ Wiseman of Hertfordshire
B Anthony Hungerford of Blackbourton and Farley or Farleigh Castle
m Rachell Joanes dau of Rice Joanes or Jones of Astall
i Sir Edward Hungerford of Farleigh Castle bur 08.07.1711
Le Neve identifies Sir Edward's wives as 1. dau/heir of _ Culumb of Canon Lee 2. Jane da/heir of Sir John Hele of Fleet 3. relict of Digby, Lord Gerrard of Bromley with Rachell by the first marriage. TCP Massereene identifies Rachael as daughter of Jane Hele, identified as Edward's 1st wife. TCP Gerard of Gerard's Bromley identifies a Sir Edward Hungerford as 2nd husband of Jane Digby, relict of Charles, Lord Gerard of Gerard's Bromley father of Digby. We provisionally assume that Edward did not marry _ Culumb and attribute the children shown as hers by Le Neve to Jane Hele.
m Jane Hele dau of Sir John Hele of Fleet
a Edward Hungerford dvpsp c1689
m Alathea Compton dsp 1678, dau of James Compton, 3rd Earl of Northampton
b Rachael Hungerford d 02.1731
m Clotworthy Skeffington, 3rd Viscount Massereene b 1660, d 03.1713
c+ other issue - Walter d young, Anthony d unm, Jane
m2 Jane Digby b c1637, d 11.1703, dau of George Digby of Sandon, relict of Charles Gerard, Lord
f Edward Digby Gerrard Hungerford
ii Mary Hungerford bur 18.01.1672
Sir Samuel's wife is named Rachell by Le Neve but Mary by BEB1841 Hele of Fleet. TCP Falkland identifies another elder? daughter called Rachael whom we show below.
m 28.04.1668 Sir Samuel Heale of Fleet d 02.1672
iii Sarah Hungerford
m Sir John Carew, 3rd Bart of Antony d 1692
iv Rachael Hungerford bpt 08.03.1637, d 24.02.1717-8 apparently of this generation
m1 14.04.1653 Henry Cary, 4th Viscount Falkland bpt 21.11.1634, d 02.04.1663
m2 Sir James Hayes of Bedgebury Park d 02.02.1692/3
v Lucy Hungerford possibly of this generation
m Edmund Lechmere of Hanley Castle d 1703
C John Hungerford
D Frances Hungerford d c1697
m Sir William Wyndham, 1st Bart of Orchard Wyndham b c1633, d 29.10.1683
E Diana Hungerford
m James Mountague of Lackham
Probably of this generation, but not sure by which wife, were ...
F Cecilia Hungerford d 1637
m Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow b 14.07.1611, d 18.12.1670
G Sarah Hungerford
m Francis Goddard of Standen Hussey and Cliffe Pypard d 15.01.1652
b. Henry Hungerford
m Elizabeth Brooke
c. Anne Hungerford
m1 Henry Bridges
m2 Sir William Harman
d. Dorothy Hungerford
m Anthony Ingram of Warwickshire
e. Elizabeth Hungerford
m Henry Fitzwilliams of Kempston
f.+ other issue - John, Richard, Susan
ii. Elizabeth Hungerford
m John Fettiplace of Lifford
iii. Jane Hungerford
m _ Servington
iv.+ other issue - Edward, Edmond, Thomas, John
m2 Dorothy Danvers dau of Sir John Danvers of Daunteshey
viii. Henry Hungerford
m _ Webb dau of William Webb of Salisbery
ix. Jane Hungerford
m1 William Foster or Forster of Aldermarston d 10.01.1574
m2 Sir Edward Hungerford dsp 1608
x. Anne Hungerford
m John Blagrave of Reading
One of the younger sons by which marriage in unknown was father of ...
a. Anthony Hungerford of Lea grandson of Sir Anthony, great-great-grandson of the Lord Treasurer
1 Israel Hungerford
m Henry Long of Ashley
B. Edward Hungerford
m Elizabeth Darell dau of Sir Edward Darell of Litlecott
i. George Hungerford of Windrush, Oxfordshire d 1597
m Catherine Fabyan
a. Edward Hungerford of Windrush d 1618
The following connection comes from various web sites.
m 1590 Dorothy Latton
1 Mary Hungerford
m Walter Dunch
b. Anthony Hungerford possibly Col in Engl. Civil War
ii. John Hungerford
C. John Hungerford
D. Frances or Frideswide Hungerford
m Sir Henry not Edward Long d 1556
E. Elizabeth Hungerford
m Roger Winter d 06.03.1515
F. Christian sb Katharine? Hungerford
Visitation shows Christian married a Sabcott/Sapcotte. Noting the confusion within the Sapcotts records, this was probably the Katharine who married ...
m Richard Sapcote of Elton
2. Anthony Hungerford
m Barbara Wriothesley dau of John Wriothesley, Garter King of Arms
3. Anne Hungerford
m Walter Langley
4. Elizabeth Hungerford
m _ Higford
5. daughter
m Morris Blount of Gloucestershire
Sir Edward Hungerford
m Anne Grey dau of Edward Grey, 1st Lord of Groby
1. Robert Hungerford
m Mary Yorke of Wiltshire
A. Robert Hungerford of Cadnam or Cadenham
m Margery Long dau of Sir Henry Long of Draycott
i. Walter Hungerford of Cadenham a 1565
m Frances Cock dau of Richard Cock of Broxborne
a. John Hungerford of Cadenham a 1623
m Elizabeth Estcourt dau of Thomas Estcourt of Shypton, Gloucesterhire
1 Edward Hungerford of Cadenham & Calne b c1600
m Susan Prettyman dau of Sir John Prettyman, Bart
A Sir George Hungerford of Cadenham d 1714
m Frances Seymour dau of Francis Seymour, Lord of Trowbridge
The following comes from Le Neve with input from BE1883 Hungerford, Barons Hungerford.
i George Hungerford dsp
m _ Ducy
ii Thomas Hungerford d unm
iii Walter Hungerford dsp
m _ dau of Sir John Bennett's wife's sister
iv Ann Hungerford
m Edward Luttrell
a Southcott Hungerford Luttrell
v Frances Hungerford
m John Keate
a John Hungerford Keate
m Penelope Fleming dau of Henry Fleming
1 daughter
m George Walker of Calne, later Hungerford
A Henrietta Maria Anne Hungerford
m 05.05.1807 John Crewe, 2nd Lord b 1772, d 04.12.1835
vi Catharine Hungerford
m Henry Blaake or Blake of the Temple
a Frances Blaake
m Robert Duke of Lake
b+ other issue
B Mary Hungerford
m _ Wilmot kin to the Earls of Rochester
C Elizabeth Hungerford
m Sir George Moor of Bobbing & Maids Morton
D+ other issue - John d young, Robert d young, Edward d young, Susan d unm
2 Frances Hungerford probably of this generation
m Francis Kete or Keate of Locking d 1649
3+ other issue - Thomas, Walter, Robert, Francis
b. Anne Hungerford
m William Gostlett of Marfield
c.+ other issue - George of Blakeland, Charles dsp, Henery, Judeth
ii.+ other issue - Thomas, John dsp, Henry, Mary, Dorothy

Sources: Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Hungerford + 'Le Neve's Pedigrees of the Knights' 1873, edited by George W. Marshall
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