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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Houston 1: Houston of Houston Houstoun of Houstoun, Houstoun of Johnstone
Hugh de Padvinan a 1160
1. Sir Reginald of Kilpeter
A. Hugh of Kilpeter a 1225
i. Sir Finlay of Houstoun a 1296
From whom descended ...
Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk d 1450
m Maria Colquhoun d 1456
1. Sir John Houstoun of that ilk d 1456
A. Sir Peter Houstoun of that ilk d Flodden 09.09.1513
m Helen Schaw dau of Shaw of Sauchy
i. Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk d 1526
m Janet Cunninghame dau of William Cuninghame, 1st of Craigends
a. Sir John Houstoun of Houstoun d 1542
m Agnes Hopringle dau of Hopringle of Torsonce
1 Sir Patrick Houstoun of Houstoun d 1605
m Janet Cuninghame dau of Gabriel Cuninghame, 3rd of Craigends
A John Houstoun of Houstoun d 1609
m Margaret Stirling dau of James Stirling of Keir
i Sir Ludovick Houstoun of Houstoun d 1662
m Margaret Maxwell dau of Patrick Maxwell of Newark
a Sir Patrick Houstoun, 1st Bart of Houstoun d 1696
m Anna Hamilton d 04.1669, dau of Sir John Hamilton, 1st Lord Bargany
1 Sir John Houstoun, 2nd Bart of Houstoun d 12.1717
m Ann Drummond b 03.03.1671, d 04.1738, au of John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort
A Sir John Houston, 3rd Bart of Houston d 11.02.1722
m Margaret Shaw d 29.01.1750, dau of Sir John Shaw, 2nd Bart of Greenock
i Sir John Houston, 4th Bart of Houstoun dsp 27.07.1751
m 12.02.1744 Eleanora Cathcart b 03.03.1720, d 03.11.1769, dau of Charles Cathcart, 8th Lord
ii Helen Houston d 19.07.1746
m 06.1738 Sir Michael Stewart, 3rd Bart of Blackhall d 20.10.1796
iii Anne Houston
m William Cunninghame of Enterkine
B Ann Houstoun possibly of this generation
m Alexander Cuninghame, 9th of Craigends
2 Patrick Houstoun of Glasgow d before 1717
A son dvpspm
B George Houstoun
m Isabel Johnstone dau of George Johnstone of Glasgow
i Sir Patrick Houstoun, 5th Bart b c1698, d 05.02.1762, to America in 1740
m Priscilla Dunbar d 26.02.1775 in Savanah, Georgia
a Sir Patrick Houstoun, 6th Bart b c1745, d unm 24.03.1785
b Sir George Houstoun, 7th Bart b c1745, d 1795
m Anne Moodie d 1820, dau of Thomas Moodie of Georgia
1 Patrick Houstoun, 8th Bart in Georgia had issue
m Eliza MacQueen
3 Archibald Houstoun youngest son
m Margaret Barclay dau of Sir Robert Barclay, 2nd Bart of Pierston
4 Margaret Houstoun
m mcrt 04.04.1684 Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, Bart of Luss d 1718
5 Ann Houstoun d 18.01.1721
m1. 31.10.1682 Sir John Inglis, Bart of Cramond d 1688/9
m2. 30.09.1700 Sir William Hamilton of Whitelaw d 14.12.1704, Lord of Session as Lord Whitelaw
m3. Adam Cockburn of Ormistoun d 16.04.1735, Lord of Session as Lord Ormistoun
6 Jean Houstoun
m1. Walter Dundas dsp, of family of that ilk
m2. Richard Lockhart of Lee dsp 1696
m3. mcrt 01.03.1701, sp Ludovick Grant of that ilk bur 19.11.1714
7 Henrietta Houstoun
m1. Andrew Brown of Braid
m2. Sir Colin Mackenzie, 4th Bart of Coul d 1740
8+ other sons - William, James
b George Houstoun, 1st of Johnstone
m 23.09.1671 Elizabeth Cuninghame dau of Alexander Cuninghame of Craigends
1 Ludovic Houstoun of Johnstone a 1710
m Agnes Walkinshaw dau of Walkinshaw of Walkinshaw
A Ludovic Houstoun of Johnstone
This generation is missed out by ".. The Shire of Renfrew .." but is given by BLG1886.
m Jean Rankine of Drumdow
i George Houstoun of Johnstone d 1815/6
m1. 1778 Mary Macdowall d 1782, dau of Col. William Macdowall of Garthland or Castlesemple
a Ludovic Houstoun of Johnstone Castle b 10.05.1780, d 03.10.1862
m 06.11.1809 Ann Stirling d 12.07.1851, dau of John Stirling of Kippendavie
1 George Houstoun b 31.07.1810, dvp unm 14.09.1843
b William Houstoun b 18.09.1781, d 06.02.1856 had issue
m 08.07.1845 Marion Douglas Russell dau of Col. Russell of Woodside
m2. 1805 Anne Walkinshaw d 1810, dau of Walkinshaw of Walkinshaw
B William Houstoun
c Jean Houstoun
m Sir James Hamilton, 6th of Orbiston d 1664
d daughter
m ?? of Langshaw
e daughter
m William Barclay of Pearstoun dsp before 04.07.1661
f Elizabeth Houstoun
m 1659 William Napier of Culcreuch and Culnagrein d 1685
ii Jean Houstoun
m William Semple of Fulwood
iii Helen Houstoun
m John Schaw of Greenock d 1679
iv Margaret Houstoun
m mcrt 27.07.1615 Sir William Livingston of Kilsyth d 1626/7
v Mary Houstoun
m Alexander Cuninghame, 5th of Corsehill d c1667
vi daughter
m Adam Cunninghame of Buchquhan
B Janet Houstoun
m1. John Fulerton of Dreghorn
m2. George Crawfurd of Liffnoris
C Elizabeth Houstoun dsp
m1. John Whiteford of that ilk of Whiteford and Miltown dsp 1606
m2. sp Sir William Ross, 10th Lord d 1656
D Agnes Houstoun
m Alexander Porterfield of that ilk
E Marion Houstoun
m James Hamilton of Barduie
F Margaret Houstoun
m 1587 William Crawford of Achinames
G Isabella Houstoun mentioned by Chalmer records
m James Chalmer of Gadgirth
H Sarah Houstoun
m Walter Dennistoun of Colgrain
I+ other issue - Patrick of Colt, Peter of Wester Southbar, James of Commonside
2 Janet Houstoun possibly of this generation
m John Walkinshaw of that ilk of Wester Walkingshaw
b. Elizabeth Houstoun
m John Maxwell of Pollok
B. Marion Houstoun possibly of this generation
m Robert Craufurd of Auchenames d Flodden 09.09.1513
C. Agnes Houstoun possibly of this generation
m Sir John/James Livingston, 3rd Lord of Callendar d c1503

Sources: Crawfurd's Renfrewshire, BLG1886 Houstoun of Johnstone Castle, TCB.
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