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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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: Haut of Bishopsborne, Haut Hawte of Bourne, Haut of Petham
Ha24. Sir Symon de Haut
Ha23. William de Haut
Ha22. Henry de Haut d 1370
Ha21. Sir Edmund de Haut dvp
m Benedicta Shelvyng dau of John Shelvyng de Shelvingsbourne, m2. Sir Thomas Wendall, m3. John Fitzwilliams
Ha20. Nicholas Haut
m Alice d 1399-1400
Ha19-1 Nicholas Haut of Petham
Ha19-1-1 Richard Haut of Petham b c 1390
m Elizabeth Tyrell b c 1465 she m1 Robert d'Arcy of Danbury
Ha19 William Haut of Bishopysborne, 'of Ightam Waddenhall, Sheriff of Kent' b c 1395 d 1462
m 1429 Matilda or Joan Woodville dau of Richard Woodvill, sister of Richard, Earl Rivers
Not clear on the order of birth of the children.
Ha18 Sir William Haut of Hantesbourne a 1473
m Johanna Horne dau of
+1 Henry Horne alias Hoorne alias Heron
Ha17 Sir Thomas Haut or Hawte
m Eliza Frowick dau of Sir Thomas Frowick
Ha16 Sir William Haut or Hawte of 'Bourne', Shelvingbourne or Bishopsborne a 1530
m Maria Guildford dau of Richard Guildford, relict of Christopher Kempe
Ha15-1 Edmund Haut or Hawte
Ha15-2 Eliza Haut or Hawte
m Thomas Culpeper of Edgebery son of Sir Alexander
Ha15 Jane Haut or Hawte
m Sir Thomas Wyatt of Allington b c 1523 d 11.04.1554 son of
+1 Sir Thomas Wyatt b c 1506 d 1541
m Elizabeth Brooke dau of
+2 Sir Henry Wyatt of Allington, Kent

+2 Thomas Brooke, Lord Cobham
m Dorothy Heydon dau of
+3 John Brooke, 7th Lord Cobham b c1444, d 09.03.1511-2
m2 Margaret Nevill d 30.09.1506, dau of
+3 Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorpe.
+4 Edward Brooke, 6th Lord Cobham d 06.06.146
m Elizabeth Tuchet dau of
+4 Edward Nevill, Lord Abergavenny
+5 James Tuchet, Lord Audley
Ha14 George Wyatt of Boxley a 1570 m Jane Finch dau of Sir Thomas Finch of Estwell -1 Sir Francis Wyatt of Boxley Abbey, Kent a 07.1618 m Margaret Sandys dau of Sir Samuel Sandys, son of Archbishop of York
-2 Elionora Wyatt m John Finch son of Sir Henry
-3 Hawte Wyatt m1 Barbara Mitford and had issue m2 Anne Cox and had numerous issue
-4 Henry Wyatt
-5 George Wyatt
-6 Thomas Wyatt
-1-1 Henry Wyatt 'of Boxley Abbey' m1/2 Elizabeth Wesley dau of George Wesley
Anna Wyatt Ha14-1 Anna Wyatt 'well-read, discreet and with the ‘best way of expressing her mind in writing’, as well as a good housekeeper
m Roger Twisden
-1 Sir William Twysden b 1566 1st Baronet of Roydon
-2-2+ 11 siblings of whom 6 d y
Ha14-3 Jane Wyat b c 1546 Maidstone Kent d 3 Mar 1616 Godmersham
m Charles Scott of Egerton in Godmersham d 1617
Ha14-3-1 Deborah Scott b 1563 Egerton Kent d there 27 Mar 1651
m William Fleete
-1 Edward Fleete b c 1585 London d there 12 Jan 1647 m Anne Pearson b 1597 d 1625
-2 Reginald Fleete b 1601 London
-3 Capt. Henry Fleete b c 1602 Chatham Kent d 8 May 1661 White Stone Lancaster Co VA m Sarah Burden b 16 15 d 28 Jan 1668 VA wid Stone
-4 John Fleete b 1605
-5 George Fleete b 1598 Chatham
-6 Charles Fleete b 1598 Chatham
-7 William Fleete III
-1-1 Sarah Burden Fleet b c 1615 Charthaqm Kent d 29 Dec 1679 VA m John Walker b 1625 VA d 1644 Gloucester VA son of Samuel Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Serrill
-1-2 Sarah Fleet b 1604 Chatham Kent d 29 Dec VA m William Walken
-3-1 Col. Henry Fleete b 1632 VA d 31 Jan 1728 VA
-3-2 Sarah Fleete b c 1643 Lancaster VA d 1685 VA m Edwin Conway
-3-4 Mary Fleete
-1-1-1 Sarah Walker b 1633 Gloucester Co VA d 1695 Richmond Co VA m John Stone
-3-1-1 Sarah Fleet b c 1685 VA d there 1717 m William Brent
-3-1-2 William Fleet Sr b c 1690 Lancaster Co VA d 1733 VA m Ann Jones
-3-2-1 Mary Conway b 1670 d 1737 Lancaster VA m1 Christopher Threkland m2 Benjamin Doggett b 8 Jan 1665 Hadleigh Suffolk d 13 Nov 1723 Lancaster VA son of Rev Benjamin Doggett and Jane Garrard b 1638 Hadleigh Suffolk
-3-2-2 Col Edwin Conway III b c 1681 Christ Church Lancaster Co VA d there 3 Oct 1763 m Sarah Ann Ball b 3 Oct 1686 Lancaster VA d 3 Oct 1764 dau of Col Joseph Ball of Epping Forest and Elizabeth
-1-1-1-1 Ann Stone b 1672 Sittenbourne Parish Old Rapphannock Co VA d 1728 Richmond VA m Richard Medcalf
-3-1-1-1 Elizabeth Brent b c 1715 d 1794 VA m Thomas Hunton
-3-1-2-1 William Fleet, II b 1726 Lancaster Co VA d 11 Oct 1773 Kg & Qu Co VA m Susanna Walker b c Nov 1736 dau of Col John Walker and Elizabeth Baylor b 1714 d 1741
-3-1-2-2 John Fleet
-3-2-1-1 Thomas Doggett b 1713 m Bathsheba Baker b 1717 d 1763
-3-2-1-2 Winifred Doggett b 1717
-3-2-1-3 Reuben Doggett b 1719 m Hannah
-3-2-2-1 Mary Conway b c 1698 Northumberland Co VA m Thomas Gaskins/Gascoigne
-3-2-2-2 Edwin Conway b 1703
-3-2-2-3 Francis Conway b1704 VA
-3-2-2-4 Elizabeth Conway b 9 Mar 1704 Northumberland Co VA d 5 Mar 1780 Shenandoah Co VA m1 Christopher Garlington, III m2 Andrew Breeden/Breeding
-3-2-2-5 Ann "Nancy" Oldham
-3-2-2-6 Major Peter Conway
-3-2-2-7 George Conway
-3-2-2-8 Hannah Conway
-3-2-2-9 Eleanor Rose Nelly Conway
-3-2-2-10 Agatha Conway
-3-2-2-11 Millicent Conway
-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Metcalf b 1693 Richmond VA d 1782 Pr Wm Co VA m Capt William Bridges
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Sarah Medcalf b 27 Apr 1694 Richmond d there 1754 m Benjamin Rust
-3-1-1-1-1 Ann Hunton d Culpeper Co VA m Mark Towell
-3-1-2-1-1 Capt William Christopher Fleet m
-3-2-1-1-1 Rueben Doggett b 1739
-3-2-1-1-2 Nancy Doggett b 1755 m Thomas Merryman
-3-2-1-1-3 Thomas Doggett
-3-2-1-1-4 Benjamin Doggett
-3-2-1-1-5 John Doggett had Presley Doggett
-3-2-1-1-6 xy Doggett
-3-2-1-1-7 George Doggett
-3-2-1-1-8 Judy Doggett
-3-2-1-1-9 Bathsheba Doggett
-3-2-1-1-10 Elizabeth Doggett b 1747
-3-2-1-1-11 James Doggett b 1759
-3-2-2-4-1 Sarah Ann Garlington b 24 Feb 1727 Lancaster Co VA m1 John Foshee m2 Peter Spencer Hack and had Peter John Hack
-3-2-2-4-2 Mary Elizabeth Garlington b 1734 m James Creswell and had Robert
-3-2-2-4-3 Christopher P Garlington, IV b 4 Dec 1729 Lancaaster Co VA
-3-2-2-4-4 James Garlington
-3-2-2-4-5 Richard 'Cross' Breeden b 1716 Engl or Loudoun Co VA m Eleanor
-3-2-2-4-6 John Breeding II b 4 Oct 1730 Washington Rappahannock Vo VA m Winfred Elizabeth
-3-2-2-4-7 George Breeding b c 1734
-3-2-2-4-8 James Breeding b 1736 Shenandoah Co VA m Sarah Martha
-3-2-2-4-9 Samuel Breeding b 1737
-3-2-2-4-10 Joseph Breeding b c 1740

-3-2-1-1-2-1 Presley Merryman
-3-2-2-4-8-1 Sylvia Breeding m Hurst
Ha14-3-2 Thomas Scott, MP, the Elder
Ha14-3-3 William Scott
Ha16-2 daughter
m _ Isaak
Ha16-3 Johanna Haut or Hawte
m1 Thomas Godyere of Hadley
m2 Robert Wroth
Ha17-2 Alice Haut
m Sir William Crowmer son of Sir James
Ha18-2 Jacob James Haut
i Henry Haut
m Eliza Walden dau of Sir Richard Walden of Erith by dau of William Rawlesley
ii+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Alice
Ha18-3 Edward Haut a 1473
Ha18-4 Richard Haut
m Elizabeth Terrell relict of Robert Darcy
i Edward Haut b c 1476
m x Frogenhaule
a Anna Haut
m John Fane of Tunbridge d before 1554
b Dorothea Haut
m John Brynckelowe of London
c+ other issue - Maria, Isabella
ii Anna Haut
m Sir John Gainsford d 1540, son of John of Crowhurst
iii Elizabeth Haut
m Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb
Ha18-5 Johanna Haut
m Sir George Darell
Ha18-6 dau Haut
m Thomas or William Digges
Ha18-7 Eliza or Alice Haut
m Sir John Fogg 'of Repton'
i Joan Fogg apparently of this generation
m Sir Thomas Greene of Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton b 1461, d 1506
Ha18-8 Elizabeth Haut apparently of this generation
m Sir Robert Bayntun of Faulston and Bromham b 1439, d 1473
Ha20-2. Edmund Haut
1 John Haut of Plukeley d c1431
m Johanna de Surrenden sister/heir of John de Surrenden, 'dau of John by Agnes Pluckley'
A Christiana Haut
m1 John Dering of Westbrook, later of Surrenden d 1425
m2 Reginald Dreyland
B Alice Haut
m William Goldwell
C+ other issue - Margaret nun, Elizabeth d 10.06.1424-5
Ha21-2.+ other issue - William, John
Ha22-2. Jacob de Haut a 1343

Sources: Visitation Kent, 1619 Additional, De Haut
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