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Hatton 1

: Hatton of Great Aldersey, Hatton of Hatton, Hatton of Kingesley, Hatton of Kirsty Birches, Hatton of Maxfield, Hatton of Norley, Hatton of Northwood, Hatton of Shrewsbury, Hatton of Shroggs, Hatton of Stockton, Hatton of Weverham
Ha29=31. Wolfath or Wolfric of Hatton
Ha28 =30. William or Walter de Hatton named William in Visitation
Ha27-1 Robert de Hatton
m Margaret Crispin dau of Sir Gilbert Crispin
i. Sir Geffrey Hatton of Hatton
m _ Harthull dau of Sir Edwin Harthull or Harthill
a. Sir Hugh Hatton of Hatton
m _ Bordell dau of Sir William Bordell or Boidell
1 Simon Hatton
A William Hatton of Hatton
i Adam Hatton of Hatton
a Beatrix Hatton
m Allen de Hellesby son of Richard son of Sir John
1 Sir William de Hellesby
On page 111 under Pro Hatton, Visitation shows 2 generations of Sir Williams but on page 112, under Hatton of Hatton, etc, Visitation shows just one. We provisionally follow the former.
A Sir William de Hellesby
m Avice
i Lucia Hellesby
m Sir Piers Thornton of Thornton
ii daughter
m y Beeston of Beeston
iii daughter
m y Griffin of Barderton
iv daughter
m y Trafford of Trafford
v Jone Hellesby
m Adam Hatton of Great Aldersey below
b. Roger Hatton
m Maud Normanville dau of Sir Piers Normanville
1 Ralfe Hatton
m Margery dau of Simon Linsey
A Sir Hugh Hatton
m Amy Venables dau of Rafe Venables
i William Hatton
m Jane Golborne dau of Richard Golborne, son of Sir Hugh
a Hugh Hatton of Hatton
m Margaret Arderne dau of Sir John Arderne
1 John Hatton of Hatton
m _ Frodesham dau of John Frodesham
A Maud Hatton
m Sir Rafe Ralph Vernon of Shipbroke
2 Hugh Hatton
m Margaret Bruin dau of Geffery Bruin or de Brayne
A John Hatton of Great Aldersey
m _ Hallum dau of Sir John Hallum
i Adam Hatton of Great Aldersey - continued below
m Jone Hellesby dau of Sir William Hellesby
ii. Adam de Hatton
a. Isabel Hatton
m Sir Henry de Moberley
iii. Norman de Hatton
a. Ralfe de Hatton
1 Henry de Hatton monk
Ha27-2 Richard de Hatton
i.+ issue - Sir Hugh of the Rodes, Hamon chamberlain of Chester, Robert
Ha27=29 Margery of Hatton probably of this generation
m Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton
Ha27-4+ other issue - Wolfath, William
Adam Hatton of Great Aldersey - continued above
m Jone Hellesby dau of Sir William Hellesby above
1. Robert Hatton of Kirsty Birches a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413
m Avice Wistaston dau of Sir William Wistaston
A. William Hatton of Kirsty Birches
m Elenor Brow dau of Sir Hugh Brow
i. William Hatton of Kirsty Birches
This generation is shown in italics, presumably suggesting uncertainty as to whether or not this William was the same person as the William shown as his father.
a. Peter Hatton of Kirsty Birches
m Margaret Bostock dau of George Bostock of Modberley
1 Richard Hatton of Ellismere
m _Augustine
A Richard Hatton of Shrewsbury
m Margery Vickers dau of Geffrey Vickers or Wicken
i Thomas Hatton of Shrewsbury
m Elenor Newton dau of Arthur Newton son of Sir Peter
a+ issue - Edmund, Francis, Peter, Thomas, Lucia, Winefrid, Margaret
ii Robert Hatton
a+ issue - Robert, Frances/Francis
iii Richard Hatton of Long Ditton
m Mary Eveline dau of George Eveline of Ditton
a+ issue - Mary, Anne
2 Peter Hatton of Kirsty Birches
m Margaret Perpoint dau of Rouland Perpoint of Warington
A Peter Hatton
m Anne Claiton dau of John Claiton of Thelwell
i Lawrence Hatton of Kirsty Birches d 26.03.1574
m c1503 Agnes or Alice Griffin dau of Edmund Griffin of Barderton
a Peter Hatton of Kirsty Birches
m Katherine Marbury dau of Richard Marbury of Walton
1 Lawrence Hatton of Kirsty Birches a 1580
m1 Alice Dutton dau of Peter Dutton of Newburgh
A Richard Hatton b c1560, a 1580
m2 Anne Ligh dau of Gawen Ligh of Northwood
b Randoll Hatton
m Elizabeth Stoliete dau of John Stoliete of Brabant
1+ issue - William, William, Christopher
c Henry Hatton
d Anne Hatton
m John Starky of Kowhooke
3 Henry Hatton of Holdenby b c 1470
m Elizabeth Holdenby dau of William Holdenby of Holdenby and Eleanor Mortimer
-1 John Hatton b 1495 Gravesend Kent d 1551 m Joan Westby b 1489 Gravesend d 1558 dau of John Westby -1-1 John Hatton b 1512 Gravesend d 1560 m Dionisia Ware b 1516 Gravesend -1-1-1 John Hatton b 1546 Stanton Cambridge d 1599 Long Stanton m Jane Shute b 1556 Stanton -1-1-1-1 Christopher Hatton b 1576 Stanton m Alice Fanshaw b c 1583 Ware Park Hereford d 1624 dau of Sir Thomas Fanshaw and Joan Smythe
-1-1-1-2 Frances Hatton b c 1590 Long Stanton d bef 21 NOV 1623 m Robert Rich b 5 Jun 1587 Northamptonshire 2nd Earl of Warwick
-1-1-1-2-1 Esesx Rich
-1-1-1-2-2 Anne Rich b c 1604 Warwick 14 FEB 1642 b Edward Montagu 2nd Earl of Manchester b 1602 Kimbolton Huntingdon d 7 May 1671
-1-1-1-2-3 Robert Rich b 28 JUN 1611 Warwick d 29 MAY 1659 m1 Anne Cheeke, m2 Anne Cavendish

-1-1-1-2-2-1 Robert Montagu 3rd Earl of Manchester b 25 APR 1634 Westminster d 14 MAR 1682 m Anne Yelverton d 21.07.1698
-1-1-1-2-2-2 Frances Montagu b c 1635 Kimbolton
-1-1-1-2-2-3 Anne Montagu b 1638 Kimbolton Huntingdonshire d c JUL 1689 m Robert Rich
4 Robert Hatton of Norley b c 1472
m ?? widow of _ Browne or Broome of Croton
A Thomas Hatton of Norley b c 1495
m Jone ffrere ffree? of Wereham
i Robert Hatton b c 1520 m Blanch Butler dau of Thomas Butler or Rutler by _, dau of Thomas Manley
a Thomas Hatton of Norley b c 1545 m Elizabeth Hocknell dau of John Hocknell of Hocknell Platt
1 Thomas Hatton of Kingesley b c 1570 m Ciceley Amery dau of Richard Amery of Kingesley
A Thomas Hatton of Kingesley b c 1595
2+ other issue - Randoll of Essex, Richard, William of Esher
b William Hatton of Norley b c 1550
m Alice Newton of Lancashire
1 James Hatton in Nantwich b c 1575 2nd son?
m Elenor Ravenshaw
2 William Hatton b c 1577
m Maud Johnson dau of John Johnson
3 Richard Hatton of London b c 1580
4 George Hatton b c 1582
5 Mary Hatton b c 1584
6 Dorothy Hatton b c 1586
c Peter Hatton of Norley
m Anne Rowe dau of George Rowe of Hartford
1 William Hatton
ii Richard Hatton
m Margaret Hatton dau of _ Hatton of Woodhouse
B John Hatton
m ?? Mrs. Gardiner
i William Hatton of Siddingbrook Siddingborne
ii Robert Hatton
m Elizabeth Tarlton of Lancashire
a Elizabeth Hatton
m1 _ Griffin
m2 _ Brerewood of Chester
C Richard Hatton
m _ Daniell dau of Richard Daniell of Daresbury
i Peter Hatton
m _ Winington sister of Humfrey Winington of Anderton
a Humfrey Hatton
m Margaret Smith dau of John Smith of London
1 Uri Urian Hatton
m Thomas Rogers of Talworth
2 Margery Hatton
m John Kingston of Sheperton
3+ other issue - Humfry in London, John in London
b John Hatton in Thorpe
1 daughter
m Thomas Hutchinson of Yorkshire
c Jane Hatton
m Nicholas Lach of Bretton
5 John Hatton of Shroggs
m _Shaw dau of _ Shaw of Thelwall and Shroggs
A Richard Hatton of Shroggs
m Margaert Fithion dau of _ Fithion of Warmincham
i John Hatton of Shroggs
m Maud Proudlove
a John Hatton
m Jane Smallwood Mrs Barringotn
1+ issue - R obert,Emma
B Thomas Hatton of Maxfield
i William Hatton of Maxfield droverman
ii daughter
m Richard Andrew of Maxfield
6 Randoll Hatton of Weverham
A Thomas Hatton of Weverham
i Thomas Hatton
a Thomas Hatton
m Isabell Holbroke
1 Thomas Hatton had issue
m Isabel Barker dau of _ Barker of Little Egerton
ii John Hatton priest
iii Richard Hatton
m Margaret Shaw of Chester
a Thomas Hatton
m Margaret Johnson of Chester
1 Richard Hatton
m Elizabeth March
2 James Hatton in Chester butcher
m Katherine Wright dau of _ Wright of Chester
3 John Hatton
m Alice Ashmore
4+ other issue - John in Chester butcher, Anne
iv Robert Hatton
a John Hatton in Dublin goldsmith
v Peter Hatton
m Margaret Orange dau of y Orange of Norley
a John Hatton of Malpas
m _ Edwards dau of John Edwards of Cholmley
1+ issue - John, Thomas, daughter
vi Jane Hatton
m Lawrence Hill
vii Margaret Hatton
m John Hicks of Shrewsbury
7 Adam Hatton of Northwood
A Richard Hatton of Northwood
i George Hatton of Northwood
ii Hugh Hatton of Brickhill
a+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
B George Hatton
i John Hatton of Sutton
a+ issue - Myles in London mason, 2 sons, Anne, Mary
8 Simon Hatton of Stockton
A Lawrence Hatton
i William Hatton of Stockton
a Randoll Hatton of Stockton had issue
B Thomas Hatton
i Robert Hatton
m Elizabeth Fitton of Gosworth
a Robert Hatton
m Margery Geoff of Norfolk
b Richard Hatton
ii Thomas Hatton
iii Richard Hatton
a Richard Hatton had issue
9+ other issue - Hugh priest, Gladius
m2 _ Grimsdich dau of _ Grimsdich of Grimsdich
11+ other issue - Hugh, Alice, Elenor, Margaret

Sources: Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Hatton - various
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