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Harington 2: Harington Harrington of Exton, Harington of Ridlington
Sir John Harington or Harrington of Exton b about 1500 d 1554
m Elizabeth Moton dau of Robert Moton of Peckleton
1. Sir James Harington of Exton b about 1520 d 01.1592
m Lucy Sidney dau of Sir William Sidney of Penshurst
A. John Harington, 1st Lord of Exton d 23.08.1613
m before 06.03.1580/1 Anne Kelway d 25.05.1620, dau of Robert Kelway of Minster Lovel by Cecily, dau of Edward Bulstrode
i. John Harington, 2nd Lord of Exton bpt 03.05.1592, d unm 27.02.1613-4
ii. Lucy Harington dsp 26.05.1627
m 12.12.1594 Edward Russell, 3rd Earl of Bedford b 20.12.1572, dsp 03.05.1627
iii. Frances Harington
m Sir Robert Chichester of Raleigh d 24.04.1624
B. Sir Henry Harington, sometime of Baltinglass d 1613
m1 Cecilia Agar dau of John Agar or Agard of Elmsthorpe
i. Sir John Harington of Bagworth
a. Sarah Harington d 22.06.1665
m 04.1630 John Freschville, Lord of Staveley b 04.12.1606, dspm 31.03.1682
ii. Sir James Harington of Elmsthorpe dsp
m Mary Offley dau of William Offley of London
m2 Ruth Pilkington dau of James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham
iii. Ann Harington d 07.01.1639/40
m Sir Thomas Roper, 1st Viscount Baltinglass d 18.02.1637/8
iv.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Henry, Mary, Ruth, Elizabeth, Jane, Catherin
C. Sir James Harington, Sheriff of Rutland, 1st Bart of Ridlington d 02.02.1613
m1 Frances Sapcote dau of Robert not John Sapcote of Elton
i. Sir Edward Harington, Sheriff of Rutland, 2nd Bart of Ridlington d 1653
m 24.09.1601 Margery D'Oyley d 12.12.1658, dau of John D'Oyley of Merton
a. Sir James Harington, 3rd Bart of Ridlington bpt 30.12.1607, d 04.1680
m 02.08.1632 Catherine Wright d 15.06.1675, dau of Sir Edward Wright, Lord Mayor of London
1 Sir Edmund Harington, 4th Bart of Ridlington dspms 1708
m1 by 1679 Sarah Alston dau of Penning Alston of London
m2 06.04.1697 Abigail Venour bur 31.08.1709, dau of Joseph Venour
2 Sir Edward Harington, 5th Bart of Ridlington bpt 10.10.1639, dsp 27.03.1716
3 Henry Harington of Cornhill a 1704
A Richard Harington of Iver d 13.06.1717
m 02.03.1705-6 Margaret Lane dau of William Lane of Cowley
i Sir James Harington, 6th Bart of Ridlington d 24.01.1782
m1 Catherine Boucher bur 19.04.1732, dau of William Boucher of the Middle Temple
a Sir James Harington, 7th Bart of Ridlington b 06.08.1726, d 17.01.1793
m Anna Ashenhurst d 26.06.1822, dau of James Ashenhurst of Park Hall
1 James Harington d young
2 Sir John Edward Harington, 8th Bart of Ridlington b 1760, d 09.06.1831
m 10.04.1787 Marianne Philpot d 20.12.1824, dau of Thomas Philpot
A Sir James Harington, 9th Bart of Ridlington b 30.09.1788, bur 05.01.1835, Judge
m 02.04.1817 Sophia Steer d 21.10.1859, dau of Charles Steer of Chichester
i Sir John Edward Harington, 10th Bart of Ridlington b 22.05.1821, dsp 09.02.1877
m 26.10.1846 Jane Agnes Brownrigg d 17.04.1891, dau of John Studholme Brownrigg
B Edward John Harington bpt 25.12.1793, d unm 10.10.1857
C Richard Harington b 26.04.1800, d 13.12.1853, rector of OId had issue
m1 01.08.1833 Cecilia Smith d 18.06.1844, dau of Rev. Samuel Smith
Parents of the 11th baronet.
m2 02.07.1846 Mary Paul d 18.12.1886, dau of Rev. Samuel Woodfield Paul
D Robert Harington b 22.09.1801, d 18.03.1864, Major had issue
m 10.07.1830 Charlotte Stuart d 11.02.1867, dau of Andrew Stuart of Castlemilk and Torrance
E Maria Harington b c1803, d 04.07.1876
m 01.07.1826 Charles Balfour
3 Catherine Anne Harington
m Thomas Hayward
4 Theodosia Lucy Harington
m Rev. Thomas Williams
5 Caroline Hannah Harington d 18.12.1831
m Robert Roger Kinsey
6+ other issue - Richard dsp in Jamaica, Mary Anne d 1838
b Richard Harington b 11.04.1729, d 06.1812, rector of Powderham
m1 Jane Champernowne dau of Arthur Champernowne of Dartington
1 Arthur Harington, later Champernowne of Dartington, Sheriff of Devon b 30.12.1767, d 07.06.1819 had issue
m 11.09.1806 Louisa Buller d 31.12.1870, dau of John Buller of Morval
m2 Hannah Hussey of Truro
m3. Elizabeth Chambers d 21.11.1783, dau of Abraham Chambers of Totteridge
m2 Elizabeth d 10.1794, widow of William Moore
4 Lucy Harington
m Peter Kekewich of London bpt 12.09.1647
5 Catherine Elizabeth Harrington b c1654, d 25.11.1686probably of this generation
m Sir Samuel Smyth of Colkirk d 22.01.1699
b. Anne Harington
c. Bridget Harington
m Sir John Gore of Geldeston
d. Theodosia Harringtonprobably of this generation
m John Fountaine b 1600-1, d 04.06.1671
ii. Sir Sapcote Harington 'of Exton'
m1 Jane Samwell dau of Sir William Samwell of Upton
a.+ issue - James dsp 1677, William, Anne, Elizabeth
m2 Jane Woodward dau of Sir John Woodward
b.+ other issue - John, Edward, Dorothy, Frances
iii. John Harington dsp
m Frances Norwood dau of Terringham Norwood
iv. Bridget Harington
m Sir Anthony Markham of Sedgebrook
v. Anne Harington
m1 Sir Thomas Foliambe
m2 Sir John Mollineux of Haughton
vi. Ellenor Harington
m Sir Henry Clinton
vii. Theodosia Harrington a 06.1633
m 26.12.1611 Henry Ayscough of Blyborough d before 09.06.1633
viii.+ other issue - William, Robert, John, Henry, James
m2 Anne Bernard dau of Francis Bernard of Abington
D. Mabel Harington
m Sir Andrew Noel of Dalby, Sheriff of Rutland d 09.10.1607
E. Sarah Harington d 1620
m1 Francis, Lord Hastings dvp 17.12.1595
m2 Sir George Kingsmill dsp 04.1606
m3. c10.1661 Edward la Zouche, 11th Lord of Haryngworth b 06.06.1556, d 18.08.1625
F. Elizabeth or Ellinor Harington
m Sir Edward Montagu of Boughton Castle, Sheriff of Northamptonshire d 26.01.1601-2
G. Theodosia Harington bur 12.01.1649/50
m 12.06.1581 Edward Sutton, 5th Lord of Dudley bpt 17.09.1567, d 23/4.06.1643
H. Margaret Harington
m Bennet Sisano. Castiliano. sic
I. Frances Harington
m Sir William Leigh of Newnham
J. Catherine Harington
m Sir Edward Dymoke
K. Mary Harington
m Sir Edward Wingfield of Kymbalton
L. Lucy Harington probably of this generation
m Sir William Faunt of Foston a 1619
m + other issue - Charles, Samuel, William dsp
2. Elizabeth Harington probably of this generation
m1 William Dymoke of Friskney
m2 William Fitzwilliam of Lincoln d 06/7.1597
3.+ other issue - Edward, Robert, John ?

Sources: BP1934 Harington, TCP Harington or Haryngton of Exton, BE1883 Harington of Exton, Visitation Rutland, 1618-9, Harington
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