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Griffith 9

: Griffith of Bachwen, Griffith of Llanfairisgaer, Griffith of Plas Newydd
Robert Griffith of Plas Newydd a 1500
m Gwenhyfer dau of Griffth ap Howel y Farf, of Treiorwerth, m2. Meredyddap Evan ap Robert, of Gwydir
1. Rowland Griffith, Sheriff of Anglesey b about 1485 d 1552-3
m1 Catherine dau of Meredydd ap Evan of Gwydir
A. Robert Griffith of Plas Newydd b about 1510
m Angharad dau of Eliza Morris of Clenneney, m2. William Glynn of Glynllifon
i. Morris Griffith of Plas Newydd, later of Llanfairisgaer, Sheriff of Anglesey b about 1530 a 1553, 1602
m Jane dau of John Wynn ap Hugh Wynn, of Bodvel
a. Robert Griffith of Llanfairisgaer
m1 sp Jane Bagnall dau of Sir Henry Bagnall of Newry
m2 Grace Mostyn dau of William Mostyn
1 Jane
m Robert Wynne son of Hugh of Maesoglan
2 Margaret
m3. Gaynor dau of William Thomas of Coed Helen
3 Richard Griffith of Llanfairisgaer alias Llanfair Nesdrech dsp
m Gaynor dau of William Griffith of Trefarthen
4 daughter
m Robert Lloyd of Bachwen
5 daughter
m Ellis Rowlands of Carnarvon d by 1691, schoolmaster
6 Mary
m1/2. Edward Wynne of Taltruddyn
Mary also married ...
m2/1. Hugh Griffith of Brynodol b 14.02.1724, d 01.07.1795
b. Elin b about 1550 d 1603
m1 John Owen of Trefeilir
m2 Owen ap Robert
c. Catherine
m Edward Williams of Llanbedr y Cenin
d. Jane
m1 Rowland Bulkeley
m2 John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
e. Mary
m Hugh Gwyn ap Thomas of Morfa Mawr
f. Margaret
m Owen Wynn ap Hugh, of Maesoglan
g. Elin
m John Griffith ap John Griffith, of Talybont
h. Gaynor
m Morgan Gwynn of Mynachty Mawr
i. John
j. Richard
ii. Ellis Griffith of Carnarvon b about 1515
m Elin dau of Hugh ap Hugh? ap Griffith ap Howel y Farf
a. Owen Ellis a 1588
m Catherine dau of John ap Rhys ap Ifan
1+ issue - Ellis, William
iii. Richard Griffith of Holyhead 4th son b about 1520
m Elin dau of Hugh Lewis ap Rhys ap Howel
a. Rowland
1 Hugh
A Richard
i Hugh
a Thomas
1 Robert Hughes
ii Jonet
m Thomas Smith
a Elin Smith
1 Catherine
b Lion
iii+ other issue - Richard, Margaret
B Jonet
m Hugh ap Rhys Wynne of Clegir
C Jane
m 'Sir' Charles Hughes cleric
b.+ Evan b about 1550
c Penelope
d ?Elizabeth
iv. Edward Griffith of Llanddeiniolen
m Mary dau of John ap Howel ap Howel ap Tudur
a. Morris
m Elin dau/heir of Cadwaladr Williams of Llangristiolus
b.+ other issue - Rowland, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane
v. Elin This may be a duplication of the Elin below?
m1 Robert ap Rhys ap Howel
m2 William ap Morgan, of Drwsyddaugoed
vi. Elizabeth
m Owen ap Hugh Owen, of Bodeon
vii.+ other issue - John, Humphrey
B. Marsli
m Hugh ap Robert Wynne, of Tre'rgol
C. Margaret
m Howel ap Thomas, of Castellbwlchgwyn
m2 Agnes dau of Morris ap John ap Meredydd, of Clenenney
D. Morris Griffith of Bachwen
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Bachwen, p208.
m Alice Bulkeley dau of William Bulkeley of Beaumaris ap Edmund by Jane, dau of Nicholas Elcock
i. Robert Griffith 'of Bachwen' dsp
m Margaret d 1585, dau of John Griffith of Cefnamwlch by Dorothy Mostyn
ii. Jane Griffith
m John Lloyd of Brynlluarth
E. William Griffith
m Ales dau of Hugh Gray of Llanbadrig
F. Rowland Griffith youngest son?
m Elizabeth dau of Rowland Owen ap Meyrick, of Llanddeiniolen
G. Margaret
m Rhys Wynn of Maesoglan
H. Agnes or Annes a 1604
m Rowland Puleston of Carnarvon
I. Alice
m Rowland ap Meredydd Lloyd, of Llaneilian yn Rhos
J. Grace
m Thomas ap Griffith
K. Gwenhwyfer
m William Morris of Treborth
L. Elin
m1 Edward Holland of Berw
m2 William Hampton of Henllys
m + other issue - Edmund, Edward, Richard of Cefn y ferwend, Thomas, Jonet dsp
2. Elin @@ possible duplication with Elin above?
m Robert ap Rhys, of Meyllteyrn

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Plas Newydd, p56
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