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Glanville 3

: Glanville of Ashburton, Glanville of Broad Hinton, Glanville of Catchfrench, Glanville of Holwell, Glanville of Launceston, Glanville of Tavistock, Glanville of Wooton Glanville
Sir Gerard de Glanville
m1 Emma de Cukeney dau of Thomas de Cukeney
1. Henry de Glanville of Wooton Glanville, Dorset a 1216
m Phillipa or Julian de Gant
A. Geoffrey de Glanville of Wooton Glanville
m Alianor
i. John de Glanville of Wooton Glanville a 1275
m Katherine de Glanville dau of Rilbert de Glanville
a. Sir Henry de Glanville of Wooton Glanville a 1316
m Isabel a 1326
1 William de Glanville of Wooton Glanville a 1330
m Sibyll
A John de Glanville of Wooton Glanville a 1396
i Joan Glanville a 1437
m Robert More Attamore of Marnhull, Essex
a Edith More Attamore heir
m 1422 John Newburgh of East Lullworth
2 Robert de Glanville d 1382, prior of Cowic Abbey
3 John de Glanville of Holwell, near Tavistock, Devon a 1365
m Alice le Wrey dau of Thomas le Wrey of Wrey Devon son of Stephen son of Richard son of Eliason son of Elias son of William son of Robert
A John Glanville of Holwell a 1420
m Margaret Southcote dau of John Southcote or Southcotte of Tavistock
i John Glanville of Holwell in Whitchurch, Devon a 1481
m Emma Courtney of Newetown
a Nicholas Glanville of Holwell a 1520
m Katherine Preston dau of Thomas Preston
1 Thomas Glanville of Holwell bur 17.01.1599
m 05.05.1568 Dorothy Willye
A Thomas Glanville of Holwell b 21.02.1586, bur 20.01.1650
m 24.07.1604 Ursula Holls or Holle bur 19.04.1644
i Francis Glanville b 16.01.1615
m Susanna
a+ "several sons and daughters"
i Nicholas Glanville b 15.04.1611
m 26.01.1635 Jane Bickford
a+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
iii Thomas Glanville
m 27.11.1628 Grace Brownson
a+ issue - John, Dorothy
iv Dorothy Glanville
m 27.11.1628 John Brownson
B Joan Glanville b 02.02.1578
m 26.01.1596 John Drake
C Agnes Glanville b 28.05.1584
m 09.06.1607 Christopher Palmer
D Grace Glanville b 02.01.1600
m 08.08.1610! Hugh Hohame
E+ other issue - Elizabeth b 10.08.1572, bur 15.07.1630, Dennis b 30.01.1574, Margory b 04.09.1575, Pastis b 05.06.1580, Dorothy b 15.04.1582, Alice b 28.07.1587
2 Robert Glanville
3 John Glanville of Tavistock bur 1579 - continued below
m Thomasine probably dau of Thomas Browne of Tavistock
b Robert Glanville a 1557, vicar of Holberton
ii+ other issue - Nicholas, Robert
B Agnes Glanville
m1 John Sackville d 1370, son of Sir Andrew
m2 John Cobat
m3. John Nevill d 1406
C+ other issue - Robert, George
ii. Johanna de Glanville
B. Margaret de Glanville
m William Rede of Suffolk
2. Bertha de Glanville
m William de Stuteville
m2 Matilda FitzSwain dau/heir of Adam FitzSwain, relict of Adam de Montbegon of Hornby Castle & John Malherbe
John Glanville of Tavistock, Devon d before 01.02.1580 - continued above
m Thomasine probably dau of Thomas Browne of Tavistock
1. Nicholas Glanville of Tavistock d by 1598
m Elizabeth Ridley dau of William Ridley of Tavistock
A. John Glanville a 1630, rector of Withell, younger son
m 1614 Anne Ritston dau of Rev. Jacob Ritston of Breague, Cornwall
i.+ issue - Nicholas bpt 02.04.1622, William a 1640, MP, Dewnes, Ann a 1620
B. Tobias Glanville b 18.09.1613
m Frances Wadham dau of George Wadham
i. Joseph Glanville d 04.11.1680, rector, chaplain to Charles II, youngest son
m Anne d 1689
a. Maurice Glanville rector of Wimbush then Walton, d by 1692, 2nd son
m1 18.04.1682 Elizabeth Carter dau of Rev. Thomas Carter of Debden
1 Elizabeth Glanville b 05.09.1684
m 03.03.1712 Thomas Barnard d 1715, rector of Bardfield Parva & Wimbish
2+ other issue - Maurice b 14.12.1686, d 22.07.1696, Joseph d 1696, Anne b 08.03.169*. d 1696
m2 Margaret Sylwin of Gloucestershire
5+ other issue - Henry, Sophia, Mary
b.+ other issue - Joseph, Elizabeth Barnard d 1687
ii.+ issue - John in Plymouth b 1625, Dennys b 1626, Benjamin in London, Nicholas b 1631, Elizabeth b 1628, Joan b 1632
C. Dewnes Glanvillewho apparently married ...
m1 Andrew Vosper
m2 31.03.1624 Sir William Strode of Newnham b 01.02.1561, d 27.06.1637
D. Joanne Glanville
m _ Gove
i.+ issue - Leonard, Nicholas, Thomas, Richard Rev., Jane, Mary
E.+ other issue - Ralph dsp, Kedley dp, Agneta, Eutalia, Nicholas dsp, Tobias dsp, Richard, Elizabth b 1598
2. Sir John Glanville of Tavistock & Kilworthy b 1542, d 27.07.1600, Serjeant-at-law judge, 3rd son
m Alicia Skerrett bur 26.04.1623, dau of John Skerrett or Skerritt or Skirritt of Tavistock, widow of Sir Francis Godolphin
A. Sir Francis Glanville of Tavistock & Kilworthy b c1581, d 1638, Serjeant-at-law
m 1604 Elizabeth Crimes d 1658, dau of William Crimes of Buckland Monachoran
i. Alicia Glanville b 1605
m Edmond Fowell of Plymouth
ii. Elizabeth Glanville b c1606
m 1627 William Fowell of Black Hall & Diptford b 1599, d 09.1674
iii.+ other issue - John dsp, Jane b 1610, Dionis b c1608, Margaret dsp
B. Sir John Glanville of Broad Hinton, Wiltshire b 1586, d 1661, Serjeant-at-law, Lord Chief Justice, Speaker of the House of Commons
m Winifred Bourchier d 1676, dau of William Bourchier of Barnsley
i. William Glanville of Broad Hinton b c1615, d 10.1680
m Frances Gibbs dau of Sir Henry Gibbs, m2. John Stone of Brightwell Park
a. Francis Glanville b 05.12.1655, d 28.09.1656
a. Winifred Glanville b 21.10.1654
m1 12.10.1676 Carleton Stone of Brightwell Park d 1708
m2 13.10.1709 George Bayly of Newington Park
ii. John Glanville of Broad Hinton d 1688, 3rd son
m 02.1652 Catherine Fortescue d 1684, dau of Sir Edmund Fortescue, Bart of Fallapit
a. Edward Glanville of Ashburton, Devon b 16.06.1660, d 1738
m 24.10.1703 Charity Tinkham dau of J. Tinkham
1 Richard Glanville of Ashburton b 10.06.1704
m 31.08.1722 Elizabeth St. Hill
A Thomas Glanville b 17.01.1723, d 11.1765
m 20.05.1747 Anne Halse d 06.1801
i Johanna Glanville b 10.09.1761
m _ Adams
ii+ other issue - Ann b 31.08.1752, Elizabeth b/d 1755, Mary b 28.12.1756, Elizabeth b 23.08.1759, d 1840
B Richard Glanville b 26.02.1735, 3rd son
m 13.01.1755 Mary Halse of Ashburton d 1756
i Mary Glanville b 25.07.1755
m John Sullivan RN
B Roger Glanville b 18.02.1742, d 04.1820
m 12.04.1765 Mary Teddy of Ashburton
i Thomas Glanville b 02.05.1766, RN, 2nd son
m Mary Worsley
a Henry Glanville in India b 28.05.1792
b Thomas Glanville b 1789?, d 1849had issue
m _ Burt
ii Susanna Glanville b 14.06.1774
m Thomas Taylor b 1772, Deputy Astronomer Royal
iii+ other issue - Richard b 20.02.1778, Roger b 21.12.1781, Mary b 14.02.1768, Elizabeth b 14.03.1770
C+ other issue - Richard b 22.01.1728, d 1733, Joan b 24.01.1725, Elizabeth b 23.03.1737, d 1738, Elizabeth b 19.09.1740
2+ other issue - John b 17.12.1710, d 01.1712, Joan b 08.03.1707, Elizabeth b 09.05.1714
b. Winifred Glanville b 14.11.1654_
m 25.04.1677 John Lowe of Gray's Inn
iii. Julius Glanville of Ham, Surrey b 1631, d by 1710
m 1662 Ann Bagnall d 1702
a. John Glanville of Catchfrench, Cornwall b c1660, dsp 1731
b. Julius Glanville of London d before 1709 Y
m 07.04.1689 Martha Corderoy d 1716
1 Sir John Glanville of Catchfrench, Sheriff of Cornwall b 1696, d 1769
m1 Elizabeth Andrews d 1748, dau of William Andrews
A John Glanville dvpsp 07.01.1751
m2 Mary McNeill dau of L. McNeill of Barbadoes
B Francis Glanville of Catchfrench, Sheriff of Cornwall d 1846, MP
The following is supported by BLG1886 Glanville of Catchfrench.
m1 1790 Sarah Masterman d 1792, dau/coheir of William Masterman of Resstormel Park
i Loveday Sarah Glanville b 11.04.1792
The Glanville book identifies Loveday's huband 20.06.1814 as William Gordon F. Booker grandson of Cosmo, 3rd Duke of Gordon but BLG1886 names him ...
m 20.06.1814 Gordon William Gregor of Trewarthenick
m2 18.01.1796 Elizabeth Fanshawe d 1847, dau of Capt. Robert Fanshawe of Plymouth
ii Francis Glanville of Catchfrench b 13.04.1797, d 1881, MPhad issue
m 03.1821 Amabel Pole-Carew dau of Reginald Pole-Carew of East Anthony
iii John Glanville b 1799, d 1864, rector of Jacobstowhad issue 1 dau
m Elizabeth Smale
iv Edward Fanshawe Glanville b 1807, d 1878, rector of Yelford, 5th sonhad issue 1 dau
m Mary Ann Barnard-Morland dau of Sir Scrope Barnard-Morland, 4th Bart
v William Fanshawe Glanville b 1808, d 1861, Post Captain RNhad issue
m 1841 Mary Ann Bedford dau of Rear Admiral _ Bedford
vi Charles Fanshawe Glanvillehad issue 1 dau
m Hannah Saunders
vii+ other issue - Robert b/d 1800, Arthur b/d 1812, Elizabeth Mary, Cordelia Fanshawe, Cordelia Fanshawe
C Mary Glanville
m William Blunt of Crabbet son of Samuel
i Francis Scawen Blunthad issue
m Mary Chandler dau of Rev. J. Chandler
ii Mary Fanny Blunt d 23.05.1863
m 25.04.1815 Charles Wyndham of Petworth, 1st Lord Leconfield b 1787, d 1869
2 Walter Glanville d 1751, 3rd son
A John Glanville d 1780
i Mary Glanville
m _ Pridham Captain RN
3 Anne Glanville
m 1724 W. Handcock of St. Germans
4+ other issue - Julius, Francis d by 1714, RN, Martha d 1744, Elizabeth d 1735, Mary d 1742
c.+ other issue - William dsp, Winifred of Clavency b 1655, Elizabeth dsp
iv. Margaret Glanville d 26.03.1696
m 04.1635 Francis Baskerville of Richardstown
v. Mary Glanville b 1616
m 03.1636 Piers Edgcumbe son of Sir Richard of Mount Edgcumbe
vi.+ other issue - Francis b 1617, d Bridgwater 1645, Lt. Colonel, Elizabeth of Clavency in Wiltshire
C. Thomas Glanville b c1594, d 10.08.1673, vicar of Tavistock
m 04.05.1663 Grace Danyell m2. Rev. John Atwell
i.+ issue - Thomas b 01.05.1672, Grace bpt 09.06.1669
D. Alice Glanville dsp 1608
E. Mary Glanville
m Sir Edward Estcourt of Sarum Rolleston d 1608
F. Jone Glanville
m Sampson Hele of Gnaton a 1621
G. Dionysia or Dionis Glanville
m Thomas Polwhele of Polwhele Polwheile of Treworgan
3. Thomas Glanville of Tavistock
m Joan Cornish dau of John Cornish of Tavistock
A. John Glanville of Launceston, Cornwall
m1 Christian Estcotte dau of John Estcotte of Abbotsham
i. Oliver Glanville of Launceston b 31.03.1594, bur 14.08.1641
m Elizabeth Brokene bur 05.10.1658, dau of Christopher Brokene of Totness
a. Francis Glanville of Launceston b 07.12.1623, bur 22.10.1695, alderman, 2nd son
m1 22.02.1660 Sarah Hancocke bur 28.05.1669, dau of Rev. Richard Hancocke of Northpetherwine
1+ issue - Francis b 21.05.1661, bur 07.03.1697, John b 1662, d 1676, Richard b 1662, Nicholas b 1665, d 1676, Sarah b 1666, d 1667, Grace b 1668, d 1689
m2 11.04.1670 Jane bur 26.12.1697, Mrs. Hicks
7+ other issue - William b/d 1676, Mary b 20.08.1671, Elizabeth b 09.11.1673
b. Oliver Glanville b 08.05.1636, younger son
m 20.02.1660 Bridget May dau of Rev. Joseph May of St. Austell
1+ issue - Grace b 19.01.1661, Mary b 09.01.1666, Elizabth b/d 1669
c. Mary Glanville b 02.03.1619
m 06.04.1641 Thomas Cocke
d. Sarah Glanville b 25.02.1637
m 14.11.1660 Thomas Blight
e. Alice Glanville b 17.11.1622
m1/2. Robert Jenkin of St. Thomas
m2/1. 01.10.1647 George Bekkett
f. Elizabeth Glanville b 22.01.1628
m Thomas Roberts son of Christopher of Lifton
g. Catherine Glanville b 18.07.1630
m _ Whichalse
h.+ other issue - John b 1618, d 1620, John b 1624, d 1625, Christopher b 21.10.1627, d before 1658, Arthur of Exeter b 03.06.1632, a 1682, Thomas b 09.03.1634, Grace b 1621, Catherine b 1625, d 1626, Anna b 03.11.1633
ii. John Glanville b 28.11.1599
m Grace Hallamore dau of Peter Hallamore of Penryn
a. Mary Glanville
m John Vivian
iii. Mary Glanville b 20.04.1596
m 16.05.1614 John Jope of Meryfield
iv. Susan Glanville b 04.08.1598
m 06.10.1616 Christopher Brokene of Totness
v. Alice Glanville b 14.07.1604
m 16.12.1628 Robert Carey probably son of Sir George of Torr Abbey
vi. Agnes Glanville b 01.09.1605
m 08.1628 Walter Debell
vii.+ other issue - John b 1590, d 1597, Alice b 1601, d 1603, Katherine b 1592, d 1614
m2 Mary Skerrett dau of John Skerrett of Whitchurch
4. Raymond Glanvill
5. Johanna Glanvill
m George Glubb d by 1591
6. Agnes Glanvill
m1 _ Browne
m2 Moses Langesford or Langford of Brattan Clevelly
7. Mary Glanvill
m1 _ Bownd
m2 _ Littleton
m3. _ Knight
8. Dionysia or Dionis Glanvill
m1 26.10.1578 William Grilles of Launceston
m2 Charles Glubb
9. Mary Glanvill 2nd
m John Skerrett or Skirritt of Whitchurch
10. Alice Glanvill
m1 _ Hamlin
m2 _ Grylls or Grills

Sources: 'Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville' see Glanville01 + Visitation Devon, 1620, Glanvill, Visitation Cornwall, 1620, Glanville & Glanvile

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