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Germany 1
Bruno / Berno, Duke of Saxons d 843
m Hazela
1. Liudulf, Margrave of East Saxony b 804, d 866/874
m Oda b 796, dau of either Billung or Warin, Bishop of Hildesheim
A. Otto I' the Illustrious', Duke of Saxony b 828, d 13.11.912
m Edith or Edwige de la Marche d 903
i. Henry I, Duke of Saxony, King of Germany b 875, d 02.07.936
m1 Hatheberge
m2 909 St. Mathilde of Ringelheim b 877, d 968, dau of Theodore, Count of Ringelheim
a. Thangar d 968
b. Otto I 'the Great', Duke of Saxony and Thuringia, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor b 22.11.912, d 07.05.973
m1 930 Edith of England dau of Edward 'the Elder', King of England
1 Liudulf, Duke of Swabia d 957
m Ida of Swabia dau of Herman I, Duke of Schwabia
A Mathilda of Swabia
m Obizzo or Anizzo of Milan
2 Liutgarde of Germany d 953
m 947 Conrad 'the Wise', Duke of Upper Lorraine d 953
m3. 951 Adelaide of Bourgogne d 999, dau of Rudolf II of Lower Burgundy
3 Otto II, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor b 955, d 07.12.983
m Theofania of Byzantium d 991, dau of Romanos II of Byzantium
A Otto III, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor d 1002
m Maria of Navarra d 998, dau of Sancho II of Navarra
B+ other issue - Adelheid, Sofie,
D Mathilde
m m Ezzo of Lotharingia, 9941034 
i Liudolf c. 100010 April 1031, Count of Zütphen. 
ii Otto I died 1047, Count Palatine of Lotharingia and later Duke of Swabia as Otto II. married a daughter of Hugh VI, Count of Egisheim.
a Richenza Holland, 10201083, who m1 Herman, Count of Werl, m2 Otto of Nordheim.
b Hildegarde, married Frederick von Büren, 
a Frederick I. von Hohenstauffen 
iii Hermann II 9951056, Archbishop of Cologne. 
iv Theophanu died 1056, Abbess of Essen and Gerresheim. 
v Richeza of Lotharingia died 21 March 1063, Queen of Poland, married with King Mieszko II of Poland. 
vi Adelheid died c. 1030, Abbess of Nijvel Nivelles. 
vii Heylwig, Abbess of Neuss. 
viii Mathilde, Abbess of Dietkirchen and Villich. 
ix Sophie, Abbess of St. Maria, Mainz. 
x Ida died 1060, Abbess of Cologne and Gandersheim Abbey founded in 852 by her ancestor Liudolf, Duke of Saxony. 
partner unknown
Reported by ROYL but not by GenEU was the following additional son who, given that he did not inherit the imperial title and assuming that he did in fact exist, was probably illegitimate.
E Hugh or Ulric, Duke of Savoy
parentage unknown mentioned by ROYL table CCLVII
4 Richildis
m Cuno, Count of Oeningen
A Itha of Oeningen
m Rudolph II, Duke of Lower Bavaria d 1020
c. Henry I, Duke of Bavaria and Lorraine b c920, d 01.11.955
m 938 Judith of Bavaria b 925, d 987, dau of Arnulf 'the Bad', Duke of Bavaria
1 Henry II 'the Quarrelsome', Duke of Bavaria b 946, d 28.08.995
m 972 Gisele of Bourgogne b 955, d 1006, dau of Conrad I, King of Burgundy
A Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine
m Ida / Relinda dau of Bernard, Duke of Saxony
i Judith of Lorraine
m Arlon, Count of Limburg
B Henry II & III, Duke of Bavaria, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor d 1024
m 999 Kunigunde of Luxembourg d 1033/1040, dau of Siegfried, Count of Luxembourg
i Agatha of Germany
m Edward Atheling of Wessex d 1057 ?????
C Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg d 24.04.1029
m Christina of Austria d 1047
i Agatha
m Edward III, King of England ?????
D Gisela of Bavaria
m Stephan I, King of Hungary d 1038
2 Gerberge, Abbess d 1001
3 Hedwige of Bavaria
m Bouchard of Swabia d 973
d. Bruno, Duke of Lorraine, Archbishop of Cologne b c925, d 965
e. Gerberge/ Gerpirga of Saxony b 925, d 05.984
m1 Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine d 939
m2 939 Louis IV 'd'outre mer', Emperor b 10.09.921, d 10.09.954
f. Hewdig Hartwige or Hathui of Saxony b 922, d 10.05.965
m 14.09.937 Hugues I, Count of Paris b c895, d 16.06.956
ii. Liudulf
iii. Mechtild b 890
m 905 Boudewijn II of Cleves
iv. Oda
m1 897 Zwentibold of Lorraine d 900
m2 902 Gerard of Metz
B.+ other issue

Sources: GenEU Liudolfing, 'Royal Genealogies'.
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