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FitzMaurice 1: FitzMaurice of Kerry
Fi28. Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Maynooth and Naas b 1100, d 01.09.1176 Family names were not established at this time. The Norman tradition was to call someone by his father's name preceded by "Fitz" meaning 'son/daughter of ..' the father the The Irish tradition used "O'", and the Scots "Mac", and the Welsh "ap" for sons and "verch" for daughters of until it becomes clear that a particular family name has been taken. After a few generations, most of his descendants took either FitzMaurice or FitzGerald as their family name.
m Alice de Montgomery dau of Arnulf de Montgomery, lord of Pembroke, 'Cimbricus'

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Fi27-1. William FitzMaurice, Lord of Naas a 1185
Fi27. Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Lord of Offaly b 1150, d 1203Y
m c1193 Eva de Birmingham d c1226, dau of Robert de Birmingham
Fi27-3. Thomas FitzMaurice d 1207-13
m1/2. Elinor de Marisco dau of Jordan de Marisco
TCP Desmond acknowledges that Elinor is often shown as mother of John eg. by Commoners, but suggests that his mother was ...
m2/1. Sabina, Sabine or Sadhbh
Fi27-7 John FitzThomas of Shanid d Callan 23.07.1261
m1. Margery FitzAnthony dau of Thomas FitzAnthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond
i. Maurice FitzJohn dvp
m Maud de Barry
a. Thomas FitzMaurice, Lord of Decies b 04.1261, d 04.06.1298
m Margaret Berkeley dau of Thomas, Lord Berkeley
m2./p. Una or Honora dau of Hugh O'Connor of Kerry
According to BP1934 FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry, John FitzThomas FitzGerald sic "created three of his sons by his second marriage, hereditary knights, and thus originated the titles of White Knight, the Knight of Glyn, and the Knight of Kerry." These titles are not normally viewed as formal titles but their continuation over many years has led them to be viewed with respect.
ii. Gilbert FitzJohn of Meane, 'the White Knight'
iii. Sir John FitzJohn of Glyncorbury or Glincarby, 1st Knight of Glyn or Glin d after 1299
v. Maurice FitzJohn FitzMaurice FitzGerald, 1st Knight of Kerry
iv. Thomas FitzJohn ancestor of the FitzGeralds of the island of Kerry
Fi27-2 Maurice FitzThomas d before 1253
i. Thomas FizMaurice, 1st Lord of Kerry d 29.06.1280
m Grania MacMorrogh
a. Maurice FitzThomas, 2nd Lord of Kerry d 1304
m1 Elena FitzElle dau of William FitzElle
1 Nicholas FitzMaurice, 3rd Lord of Kerry
m Mary O'Brien dau of O'Brien of Thomond
A Nicholas FitzMaurice, 4th Lord of Kerry dsp
m Honor O'Conor dau of O'Conor Kerry
B John FitzMaurice, 5th Lord of Kerry a 1375
m1 Honor O'Brien dau of O'Brien of Thomond
i Maurice FitzMaurice, 6th Lord of Kerry d 1398
m1 Elizabeth de Canton dau of Redmond de Canton
a John FitzMaurice dvpsp
m2 Joan FitzThomas dau of Gerald FitzMaurice FitzThomas, 3rd Earl of Desmond
b Patrick FitzMaurice, 7th Lord of Kerry d 1410
m Katharine MacCarthy dau of Telge MacCarthy More
1 Thomas FitzMaurice, 8th Lord of Kerry d 1469
m Honora FitzThomas dau of James FitzThomas, 6th Earl of Desmond
A Edmund FitzMaurice, 9th Lord of Kerry d 1498
m More Kerry dau of O'Connor Kerry
i Edmund FitzMaurice, 10th Lord of Kerry d 1543
m Una MacMahon dau of Telge MacMahon of Corcavasey
a Edmund FitzMaurice, 11th Lord of Kerry, Viscount Kilmaule dspm 1541
m Katherine Zouche dau of Sir John Zouche of Codnor by Elizabeth St. John
b Patrick FitzMaurice, 12th Lord of Kerry d 1547
m Slany dau of Murrough, 1st Earl of Thomond
1 Thomas FitzMaurice, 13th Lord of Kerry d unm 1549
2 Edmund FitzMaurice, 14th Lord of Kerry d unm 1549
c Gerald FitzMaurice, 15th Lord of Kerry d 07.1550
m 06.1550 Julia MacCarthy dau of Cormac Oge MacCarthy
d Thomas FitzMaurice, 16th Lord of Kerry b 1502, d 16.12.1590
m1 Catharine dau of Teige MacCarthy More
m2 c1550 Margaret FitzThomas dau of James, 15th Earl of Desmond
m3. Penelope O'Brien dau of Sir Donal O'Brien
m2 Amy O'Brien d before 1537, dau of Toirdhealbhach O'Brien, Bishop of Kildare d 1525
ii Mary FitzMaurice probably of this generation
m Cormac Laidir McTeige MacCarthy, Lord of Muskerry
B Robert FitzMaurice ancestor of FitzMaurice of Ardglas and Tubrid
C Mary FitzMaurice probably of this generation
m Edmund FitzThomas FitzGerald of Glin d 1503
2 Nicholas FitzMaurice, Bishop of Ardfert a 1420
3 Gerald FitzMaurice, Abbott of Odorney
m2 Elenor FitzPierce dau of Garrett FitzPierce
ii Gerald/Garrett FitzMaurice ancestor of FitzMaurice of Duagh
iii Robert FitzMaurice
C Eleanor/Aveline FitzMaurice
m before 20.04.1344 Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Earl of Desmond b 1393, d 25.01.1355-6
2 Peter FitzMaurice
m2 Sibilla
3 Gerald FitzMaurice
Commoners vol I, Wynne of Peniarth reports that from the above-mentioned Thomas "sprang the house of Desmond" through the above Thomas FitzMaurice, Lord of Decies "and a branch from that numerous sept was established in Wales, by Osber or Osborn" shown below. We do not know the precise connection of Osborn so provisionally show him here though Commoners's wording suggests that he may have been a descendant of John FitzThomas.
Fi27-3. ??
Unknown number of intermediary generations.
i. ??
a. Osborn 'Wyddel' the Irishman of Cors-y-Gedol a 1293
Commoners vol I, Wynne of Peniarth reports that Osber/Osborn "frequently denominated Fitzgerald, but more commonly called by the Welsh heralds, Wyddel the Irishman, ... emigrated from Ireland, his native country, about the middle of the thirteenth century".
Fi27-4. Alexander FitzMaurice dsp
Fi27-5. Maurice FitzMaurice ancestor of FitzGeralds of Burnchurch
Fi27-6. Nesta
m Harvey de Montmorency, Constable of Ireland dsp

Sources: BP1934 Landsowne with a little input from BP1934 Leinster, Commoners vol IV, FitzGerald Knight of Glyn
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