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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Eyre 10

: Eyre of Bradway, Eyre of Hassop
Stephen Eyre of Hassop, Derbyshire b c 1450 a 1488
m Catherine Dymoke dau of
+1 Nicholas Dymoke of Kyme
1. Rowland Eyre of Hassop b c 1470 a 1488, 3rd son?
m c 1515 Dorothy or Alice Everingham dau of Henry Everingham of Stainhouse
A. Stephen Eyre of Hassop 2nd son?
m1 Helen Downes dau of _ Downes of Shrigley
i. Dorothy Eyreshown by Commoners as dau of Anne Blackwell, by FMG as of this marriage
m John Roberts of Laughton Loughton le Morthen
m2 c1545 Anne Blackwell dau of Thomas Blackwell of Shirley
ii. Rowland Eyre of Hassop d 1624
m c1570 Gertrude Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford of Eyam by Lucy, dau of Edward Eyre of Holme Hall
a. Thomas Eyre of Hassop d 25.06.1637
m Prudence Blackwall dau of Nicholas Blackwall of Hamstall
1 Rowland Eyre of Hassop b c1600, a 1663, Colonel
m Ann Smith dau of Sir Francis Smith of Ashby Folvile, sister of Lord Carrington
A Thomas Eyre of Hassop b c1627, a 1663
FMG showed only Rowland & Ellen as by Thomas's 1st marriage and reported that there were 6 sons and 6 daughters by the 2nd marriage. FMG indicated that his issue are identified on p. 741 in Baker's 'Northamptonshire' which wwe have not yet seen. Visitation ends with this generation, showing only Thomas's 1st wife.
m1 Katherine Kemp a 1663, dau/coheir of Sir Philip Kemp or Kempes of Sussex
i Rowland Eyre of Hassop b c1656, d 12.03.1728-9, 4th son?
m Elizabeth Plunkett d 25.08.1729, dau of Luke Plunkett, Earl of Fingall
a Thomas Eyre of Hassop d 1749
m Mary Holman dau of George Holma of Warkworth by Lady Anastasia Stafford
1 Rowland Eyre of Hassop d 1758
m Mary Widdrington b 1713, bur 1758, dau of William Widdrington, 4th Lord of Blankney
A Thomas Eyre of Hassop dsp 26.03.1792
m 23.07.1776 Mary Belasyse dau of Thomas Belasyse, Earl Fauconberg
B Margaret Eyre possibly of this generation
m 1763 Francis Farquharson, 6th of Monaltrie dsp 1791
2 Francis Eyre of Warkworth, later of Hassop d 07.10.1804
m 11.02.1755 Mary Radclyffe b 05.04.1732, d 27.08.1898, dau of Charles Radclyffe, 'Earl of Derwentwater' by Charlotte Maria Livingstone, Countess of Newburgh
The following is supported by BP1934 Newburgh & TCP Newburgh.
A Francis Eyre of Hassop, 'Earl of Newburgh' b 10.02.1762, d 23.10.1827
Francis used the title Earl of Newburgh but took no steps to establish the title formally
m 29.08.1787 Dorothy Gladwin d 02.11.1838, dau of John Gladwin of Mansfield
i Thomas Eyre, later Radclyffe-Livingstone-Eyre of Hassop, 'Earl of Newburgh' b 21.10.1790, dsp 22.03.1833
Thomas claimed the title Earl of Newburgh but no proceedings had been taken before he died.
m 14.11.1817 Margaret Kennedy b 16.06.1800, d 03.09.1889, dau of Archibald Kennedy, 1st Marquess of Ailsa
ii Francis Eyre, later Radclyffe-Livingstone-Eyre of Hassop, 'Earl of Newburgh' b 07.07.1794, d unm 15.10.1852
Francis used the title Earl of Newburgh but took no steps to establish the title formally.
iii Dorothea Eyre of Hassop, 'Countess of Newburgh' b 13.07.1788, dsp 22.11.1853
Dorothea used the title Countess of Newburgh but took no steps to establish the title formally.
m 21.07.1836 Charles Leslie of Balquhain Colonel
iv+ other issue d unm - Mary b 12.10.1789, d 05.10.1813, Charlotte b 06.06.1792, d 06.083.1813, Anne b 16.05.1796, d 25.04.1802, Barbara b 18.05.1798, d 13.04.1849, nun, Radclyffe b 27.05.1802, bur 01.08.1840
B James Eyre of Metz d 1816
m Theresa Jossephine de Chenencourt or Chennicourt of Metz
i Caroline Eyre b 1806, d unm 16.04.1838
C Charles Eyre d unm 1819
D Mary Eyre dsp 14.05.1800named Charlotte by FMG
m 09.04.1793 Arthur Onslow serjeant-at-law
3 Catherine Eyreprobably the Catherine dsp who married ...
m 1750 Thomas Clifton of Westby, Clifton & Lytham d 1783
4+ other issue - Edward d young, John d young, Margaret, Emilia
b Catherine Eyre a 11.1719
m by 1707 Sir William Stanley, Bart of Hooton bpt 11.11.1679, d 07.1740
c Gertrude Eyre
FMG shows a Gertrude of this generatiion as wife of Sir Thomas Fletwood, Bart, but notes that she was "Not in Baker's pedigree.". See below.
d Margaret Eyre
m Thomas Thornton
e+ other issue - Rowland, Laurence, Peter
ii Ann Eyre named by Visitation, possibly the Anne who married ...
m Sir James Poole, 1st Bart of Poole
iii Ellen Eyre d 20.08.1712shown by FMG
m Thomas Wood of Bacon Ash
iv+ other issue - Roland dvpsp by 1663, Thomas dvpsp by 1663, Philip b c1656, a 1663, dvpsp?, Gerard a 1663named by Visitation
m2 Mary Bedingfield dau of Sir Henry Bedingfield
ix+ 6 sons and 6 daughters
B Ann Eyre
m Robert not Anthony Dormer of Grove Park
C Prudence Eyre
m John Berry of Berrynerbor
D Gertrude Eyre
@@@ Both FMG & Visitation show a Gertrude of this generation but neither shows if she married. Having regard to the dates and the fact that BEB1841 Fleetwood reported that the Gertrude who m. Sir Thomas was daughter of a Rowland, but noting the possible duplications above & below, we suspect that it was this Gertrude who married ...
m Sir Thomas Fleetwood, 2nd Bart of Caldwick
E Mary Eyreprobably the Mary who married ...
m William Blundell of Crosby a 1648
F+ other issue - Rowland, Francis, John, Rowland, William, Steven, Lawrence, Nicholas, Peter, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Mary 1st, Ursula
2 Dorothy Eyre
m Edward Fowler of St. Thomas bur 28.11.1623
3 Mary Eyre
m John Biddulph of Biddulph d 1642
4 Prudence Eyre
m Sir Thomas Trentham of Roster Rocester b c1594
5 Gertrude Eyre
FMG shows a Gertrude of this generation but does not show if she married. Visitation shows her as wife of Sir Thomas Fleetwood. However, BEB1841 Fleetwood shows that Gertrude as daughter of a Rowland not Thomas. See above.
6+ other issue - William dsp, Lt. Colonel, Frances d unm?
b. Adam Eyre of Bradway in Norton d 11.1634, 3rd son
m Elizabeth Barley dau of Thomas Barley or Bartlow of Dronfield Woodhouse
1 Rowland Eyre of Bradway bpt 20.08.1612, d 01.09.1665, 2nd son
m1 Anne Holme bur 1641, dau/heir of William Holme of Over Hulme
A John Eyre of Bradway bpt 1636, d 09.04.1664
m Frances
B Rowland Eyre b c1641, bur 11.06.1641
m2 Mary Bridges Blackwall dau of Wendesley Blackwall of Dethick, widow of _ Bridges
C Ann Eyre bpt 27.03.1645
m1 11.08.1656 William Tatton of Withenshaw
m2 Robert Radclyffe of Withenshaw
D+ other issue - Adam bot 17.04.1648, bur 15.07.1684, Gertrude bpt 1643, d unm
2 Gertrude Eyre
m William Strelley of Beaucliff a 1614
3 Agatha Eyre
m Francis Stevenson of Ounston
4+ other issue - Gervas bur 13.12.1613, Francis a 1662 in Maryland
c. George Eyre
FMG queries if this was the George, vicar of Mackworth, who also m. Mary Strelley on 05.07.1604.
m _ Bright
d. Roger Eyre of Rowter, Yorkshire
m Elizabeth Gosling of Attercliffenamed in Visitation Derbyshire, 1662, Eyre of Rowter
1 Thomas Eyre of Rowter b c1626, d 1719
2 Adam Eyre
e. Rowland Eyreshown as 3rd son in Visitation
m Hester Hacket of London
f. Jane Eyre
m Christopher Pegge of Yeldersley
g.+ other issue - Gervas b 1574-5, d unm 08.02.1619, Peter d young?, Frances d young
iii. Jane Eyre
m William Frost of London
iv. Anne Eyre
m William Parker of Whitley
v. Mary Eyre
m John Staley or Staveley of Redseats
a. Constance Staleyprobably of this generation
m George Eyre of Grainfoot
vi. Catherine Eyre
m George Needham of Thornsett
B. Elizabeth Eyre
m George Blackwell of Tidswell
C. Anne Eyre
m Anthony Longsden of Longsden
D. Ellen or Margaret Eyre d 15.06.1573 probably of this generation
m1 Hugh Wadd of Aston
m2 John Fanshawe of Fanshawe Gate b 1504, d 22.02.1578
2. Elizabeth Eyre
m John Curzon of Kedleston a 1474, d 1513-4
3. Jane Eyre
m John Ireton of Ireton
partners unknown
4. Bettrice Eyre
m John Morewood of the Oaks in Bradfield
5. Elizabeth Eyre
m1 Edmund Chalnor of Darnall
m2 _ Everingham of Stainborough
m3. _ Leake of Hasland

Ssources: FMG vol II, Eyre MS 232 + Commoners iv, Eyre of Rampton, Visitation Derbyshire, 1662-4, Eyre of Hassop
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