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Everingham 1: Everingham of Birkin, Everingham of Everingham, Everingham of Laxton, Everingham of Rockley, Everingham of Stainborough
IGI data below in italics.
Thomas de Everingham of Everingham, Yorkshire b c1142
m Alice de Hanselyn dau of Ralph Hanselyn of Shelford, son of Ralph de Hanselyn of Shelford, son of Walter de Caux
1. Sir William de Everingham of Everingham
A. Sir Adam de Everingham of Everingham
i. Sir Robert de Everingham of Everingham, Birkin, Stainborough, Fairburn, etc. b c1205, d 06.1246 the first mentioned by Visitation, BE1883 & TCP
m Isabel de Byrkin d before 14.07.1252, sister/heir of Thomas de Byrkin, children of John not Adam of Byrkin & Laxton
a. Adam de Everingham of Everingham, etc. b 1231, d 08.12.1280
m1 Maude Monceaux
1 Sir Robert de Everingham of Everingham, Laxton, etc. d before 21.07.1287
m by 1271 Alice de la Hyde dau of Robert de la Hyde by Cecily, dau of Sir William Walerand of Longford, she m2. Sir Thomas de Normanville
A Robert de Everingham of Everingham b 1275, dsp before 04.04.1316 apparently of this generation
m before 29.01.1312/3 Lucy de Thweng dau of Sir Robert de Thweng of Kilton
There may have had a child, Reginald of Westburgh, but BE1883 shows him as a son of Adam, 2nd Lord, even though BE1883 shows Robert as father rather than brother of Adam, 1st Lord.
B Sir Adam de Everingham of Everingham, Laxton, etc., 1st Lord b 29.08.1279, d before 08.05.1341
Visitation Yorkshire, 1563/4, Everyngham I shows Adam 2nd son of Robert son of Adam son of Robert by Izabell Byrkin as father of John, father of John father of John father of Adam father of John father of Katherine m. Sir William Ellys & Jone m. Sir John Elton & Thomas. But TCP makes it difficult to see wher Thomas fits in.
m1 before 12.01.1307/8 Clarice la Warre a 08.1321
i Adam de Everingham, 2nd Lord b c1307, d 08.02.1387/8
m before 16.05.1332 Joan d'Eiville of Egmanton d by 1378, dau of Sir John Deiville of Egmanton & Adlingfleet by Margaret
a Sir William de Everingham of Skinningrove, Yorkshire dvp 08.1369
m before 28.01.1353/4 Alice Grey dau of Sir John de Grey of Codnor
1 Robert de Everingham b c 1368, d 12.1370
2 Joan de Everingham of Everingham b by 1363
m1 Sir William Elys d 10.1391
A Robert Elys of Everingham & Westborough b by 1385, dsp 17.03.1463/4
m1 Katherine a 06.1434
m2 Elizabeth a 03.1463/4
B Joan or Agnes Elysm Sir John Poucher of Drax, etc b c1382, d 01.12.1415 (Everingham passed into the Poucher family and thence into the Sothill then Constable families.)
C+ other issue dsp - Richard d before 17.01.1424/5, Stephen d before 20.06.1434, Hawise d before 20.06.1434
m2 before 08.1398 Robert Waterton of Methley d 17.01.1424/5
3 Katherine de Everingham of Laxton & Egmanton b by 1365, d before 03.1433
m Sir John de Etton of Gilling d 25.03.1433
b Reginald de Everingham of Westburgh, Yorkshire d 1422/3 mentioned by BE1883
m1 Agnes Longvillers dau of John Longvillers
m2 Joan (Not clear which wife was mother of ...)
1+ issue - Edmund dsp, daughters
c Elizabeth or Isabel de Everingham (Shown by the family web site as Elizabeth, married to William Melton, presumably the Isabel who married ...)
m William Melton b 1339, d 1399
d Margaret de Everingham b 1334 Laxton Nottinghamshire d 11/1375 Elsing Norfolk
m Sir Hugh de Hastings b 1333 Elsing Norfolk d SEP 1369 Calais son of Hugh Hastings and Margery Foliot
-1 Margaret Hastings b c 1356 Elsing Norfolk m Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham b c 1354 Letheringham d aft 1389 -1-1 Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham d 03.05.1409 m Elizabeth Russell (dau of Sir John Russell of Strensham) -1-1-1
f Joan de Everingham b 1370 m Richard Baskerville of Eardisley d 1395
ii John de Everingham not mentioned by TCP but possibly the John mentioned by the family site, wrongly so it appears identified by Visitation as father of Adam father of John father of Katherine & Jone, shown by Visitation as father of ...
a Thomas Everyngham
1 Sir John Everyngham
A William Everyngham
i Sir John Everingham of Burkin
The following is supported by Visitation Foster 1875, 1584/5+1612, Everingham of Birkin.
m Katherine Wadesley dau/heir of _ Wadesley of Wadesley Hall
a Sir John Everingham of Wadelsey Hall
m Margaret Scargill dau of Sir William Scargill of Thorpe
1 Sir Henry Everingham 'of Birkin'
m1 sp Elizabeth Linley dau of Thomas Linley of Linley
m2 Anne Fairfax dau of Sir William Fairfax
A Elinor Everingham
m1 Francis Wilstrop son of Sir Oswald son of Guy by Agnes Redman
m2 Gervase Cressey of Birkin
B+ other issue dsp - Thomas, Jane
b Thomas Everingham dsp
c Elizabeth Everingham
m Henry Vavasor of Hazlewood b c1456, d c31.10.1515
d Isabell Everingham
m Christopher Preston
e Anne Everingham
m John Langham
B+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Edward, John, Richard, Henry
iii Margaret Everingham possibly of this generation
m Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing d 1369
iv+ other issue - William, Robert, Edmund, Alexander, Nicholas
m2 c12.1326 Margaret widow of Sir John Deiville of Egmanton
C Thomas de Everingham
i Thomas de Everingham
a Thomas de Everingham of Laxton b 1338
1 Katherine de Everingham d 1426
m c1379 Sir John Beaumont, 4th Lord b 1360/1, d 09.09.1396
2 John de Everingham of Stainborough & Rockley
m Margaret Duket of Rockley
A Adam de Everingham of Stainborough & Rockley
i John de Everingham of Stainborough & Rockley b c1312
a ?? de Everingham
1 ?? Everingham
A Richard Everingham of Stainborough
The following is supported by Visitation Yorkshire, 1563/4, Everyngham II.
i Hugh Everingham 'of Stainhouse'
m _ Wadley
a Thomas Everingham b c1450
m Elizabeth or Beatrice Wentworth dau of Matthew Wentworth of Bretton
1 Sir Henry Everingham of Stainborough
m Muriel Burton dau of Sir John Burton of Kinsley
A Henry Everingham b 1506
m Agnes Waterton d 1570, dau of Sir Thomas Waterton of Walton Hall
B daughterapparently of this generation
m sp John Bosvyle
b Alice or Dorothy Everingham
m Rowland Eyre of Hassop
ii Christopher Everingham parson of Spodborough
iii Richard Everingham Baillie of Sheffield
a Adam Everingham
ii Lawrence de Everingham
3 Alice de Everingham
m Walter de Heluin
4+ other issue - Adam, Edmond, Alexander, Nicholas, Thomas
m2 before 05.1270 Isabel widow of Roger de Merley of Morpeth
b. John de Everingham of Birkin b 1234
m Joan de Meynell?
1 Adam de Everingham of Birkin
A Cecily de Everingham
m Stephen Babthorpe of Babthorpe
2 Alison de Everingham
m Christopher Babthorpe of Babthorpe
c. Robert de Everingham b 1237, rector of Birkin

Sources: www.everingham.com/family/, TCP Everingham, BE1883 Everingham + Visitation Yorkshire, 1563/4, Everingham I
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