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Everard 2: Everard of Fethard, Everard of Randlestown Randalstown or Randillstown
For interest, we report the early generations of this family as reported by BLG1886. However, as there are a number of differences between BLG1886 and BP1934, which we take to mean that research before the latter uncovered errors in the former, we show them in italics to show that we treat them as dubious. Interestingly, many of the marriages shown in BLG1886 are shown also in BP1934 but for a later period, suggesting that BLG1886 which appears to mix up some siblings with some sons was developed without full access to relevant dates.
Osmond Everard of Craven, Yorkshire
1. Hugo Everard
A. Martin Everard a 1187, to Ireland
i. Roger Everard
m Olivia Randhill, heiress of Randillstowne
a. James Everard of Randillstowne a 1356
m Margaret Plunkett dau of Patrick Plunkett of Bewley
1 Richard Everard of Randillstown
m Jane Garland dau of Patrick Garland or Gernon of Garlandstown s.a Gernon
A Patrick Everard of Randillstown
m Catherine Plunkett dau of Sir Alexander Plunkett of Rathmore, Lord Chancellor of Ireland
i John or Patrick Everard of Randalstown had issue
m Catherine FitzJohn dau of Thomas FitzJohn of Fianstown
BLG1886 names his successors as James a 1499 who married Catherine dau of Sir Patrick Barnewall of Fieldstown and was father of Patrick who married Margaret dau of James Bath of Athcarne and was father of Richard who married Margaret dau of Thomas Darby of Killberry and was father of Sir Patrick who married Elizabeth dau of John Egarde of Agarde and was father of James who married Elenor dau of Sir Thomas Bellew of Duleek, widow of Sir Nicholas Plunkett and was father of Richard d 12.12.1575 who married Elizabeth dau of Alexander Plunkett of Gibbstown and was father of James d 1611 who married Jane dau of Roger Gernon of Killencowie and was father of John who married Elizabeth dau of Christopher Darditz of Darditzrath who is the first fully agreed by BP1934.
BP1934 reports that the "name of Everard first appears in the Irish Records temp Edward I" who r 1272-1307 and "The estate of Randlestown, originally Randulphstown, was acquired by this family by marriage with the heiress of Randolph or Randulph, of Randulphstown."
Patrick Everard of Randlestown
m Margaret Bath dau of James Bath by Maryon Scurlock
1. Richard Everard of Randlestown
A. Patrick Everard of Randlestown a 1518
m Catherine Plunkett dau of Sir Alexander Plunkett of Rathmore, Lord Chancellor of Ireland in 1492
i. James Everard of Randlestown, Sheriff of co. Meath d 20.03.1564-5
m1 Margaret Plunket dau of Sir John Plunket of Bewley
a. Richard Everard of Randlestown d 11.12.1575
m Jane Garland dau of Patrick Garland or Gernon of The Water
1 James Everard of Randlestown b 1551, d 1611
m Catherine Barnewall dau of Sir Patrick Barnewall of Crickstown
A John Everard of Randlestown
m Elizabeth Darditz dau of Christopher Darditz of Darditzrath
i Richard Everard of Randlestown d 1640
m Maud Netterville dau of Capt. Thomas Netterville of Blackcastle, son of 1st Viscount
a Thomas Everard of Randlestown d after 21.05.1687
m Anne Barnewall dau of Thomas Barnewall of Stackallen
1 Mathias Everard of Randlestown d 14.03.1714, Lt. Colonel
2 Christopher Everard of Randlestown d 1731
m1 1715 Teresa Baggott dau of Mark Baggott of co. Kildare
A+ issue - Mary, Jane d 1730
m2 Teresa Plunkett dau of Capt. Thomas Plunkett of Tuitrath, brother of Christopher, 10th Lord Dunsany
C John Everard of Randlestown b 1722, d 1764
m Margaret O'Reilly dau of Hugh O'Reilly of Ballinlough Castle
i Thomas Everard of Randlestown, Sheriff of co. Meath bur 09.03.1830
m Barbara O'Reilly bur 24.03.1806, dau of James O'Reilly of Ballinlough Castle
a John Everard of Randlestown dsp, Colonel
m Barbara Nugent dau of Sir Hugh O'Reilly Nugent, 1st Bart
b Matthias Everard of Randlestown d unm 1857, Major General, 3rd son
c George Everard of Randlestown d unm 1863, rector of Donaghpatrick, 6th son
d Richard Nugent Everard of Randlestown d 18.02.1863 had issue
m 17.06.1843 Arabella Matilde dau of George Alexis, Marquis d'Amboise
e Margaret Everard d 11.1841
m 1817 Joseph Barnewall of Bloomsbury d 07.1852
f Barbara Everard
m Patrick Barnewall of Causetown dsp 08.1854
g+ other issue d unm - Thomas Captain RN, William RN, James, Fanny
D+ other issue - Thomas d 06.1757, Captain, Francis Lt. Colonel, Catherine
3 Margaret Everard
m James Misset of Pluntown
4+ other issue - Mary, Alison
b Patrick Everard d 1720, MP had issue daughters
m Catherine Plunkett dau of Alexander Plunkett of Gibbstown
B Patrick Everard
b. Nicholas Everard of Fethard
This connection is provided by BLG1886 which, though by this stage agreeing with BP1934 as to the names of the eldest sons, is still 'confused' with their wives. We have yet to see what TCB reports on the baronets of this family.
1 John Everard of Fethard
A Redmond Everard of Fethard
BLG1886 provides the above connection but identifies the 1st Baronet as Sir John, son of this Redmond, whereas BEB1841, which starts with the 1st Baronet, names him Richard. TCB starts with Sir John, father of the 1st Bart Richard, so we presume that Redmond's son was ...
i Sir John Everard of Fethard judge
This may be the John who married ...
m1/2. Amy or Catherine Roche dau of David Roche, Viscount of Fermoy
TCB identifies the mother of Richard as ...
m2/1. Catharine Plunkett
a Sir Richard Everard, 1st Bart, of Ballyboye a 1657, 2nd son
m c1627 Catherine Tobin dau of John Tobin of Killaghy and Compshinagh
1 Sir Redmond Everard, 2nd Bart, of Fethard d 20.02.1686
m Elizabeth Butler dau of Richard Butler of Kilcash
A Sir John Everard, 3rd Bart of Fethard d Aughrim 12.07.1690
m after 02.1686-7 Elenor Butler dau of Pierce Butler, 4th Lord Caher
i Sir Richard Everard, 4th Bart of Fethard dspm c1740
Richard was created a Viscount by James, the Old Pretender' but that title was not formally recognised. BEB1841 reports that his wife was Catherine, dau of James Tobin of Cumpshinagh, but TCB identifies her as ...
m 15.06.1721 Mary Drake b 15.06.1694, d before 04.1746, dau of Montagu Drake of Shardeloes by Jane Garrard
TCB reports that Richard dsp but BEB1841 shows a daughter:
a Catherine Everard
m Richard Shee of Cloran
Not mentioned by TCB or BEB1841 but possibly fitting here was ...
ii Raymond Everard of Fethard and Liege
a Elizabeth Eleanora Everard bpt 01.01.1696/7, d 22.05.1728
m mcrt 28.09.1716 Henry Arundell, 6th Lord of Wardour b 04.10.1694, d 30.06.1746
B Mary Everard apparently of this generation
m Theobald Butler of Knockanamonagh, 5th Lord Caher d 27.09.1700
C Elizabeth Everard apparently of this generation
m James Butler, 6th Lord of Dunboyne d 01.1701
Not mentioned by BLG1886 or TCB but possibly fitting here was ...
ii Edward Everard of Fethard
TCP Upper Ossory notes that, if this was the Edward who d. 29.03.1637, his wife was A. Sawse or Swase.
a Catharine Everard
m Bryan or Barnaby FitzPatrick, 6th Lord of Upper Ossory d c1666
m2 Elenor Bellew widow of Nicholas Plunket
ii. Patrick Everard of Newtown
m Catherine FitzJohn dau of Thomas FitzJohn of Fyanstown
2. Margaret Everard
m Thomas Barby
3. Anne Everard
m James Caddell

Sources: BP1934 Everard + BLG1886 Everard of Randlestown and, for Everard of Fethard, input from TCB vol i, Everard of Balliboye & BEB1841 Everard of Ballybay
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