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Drummond 2: Drummond of Lundin, Drummond of Lussan, Drummond of Melfort, Drummond of Perth
John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth d 11.06.1662
m mcrt 08.1613 Jean Ker d 10.1662, dau of Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Roxburghe
1. Henry Drummond b 01.08.1614, dvp 09.1622
2. James Drummond, 3rd Earl of Perth b c1615, d 02.06.1675
m 10/11.1639 Anne Gordon d 09.01.1656, dau of George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly
A. James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth, '1st Duke of Perth' b 1648, d 11.05.1716
John followed King James II & VII into exile. He was attainted and his earldom forfeited. His raising to a dukedom was originally granted by King James but, since it was confirmed by King Louis XIV of France, it obtained a separate level of recognition.
m1 16/18.01.1670 Jane Douglas dau of William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas
i. James Drummond, '2nd Duke of Perth' de jure 5th Earl b c02.1673, d 06.04.1720
m mcrt 05.08.1706 Jean Gordon b c1682, d 30.01.1773, dau of George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon
a. James Drummond, '3rd Duke of Perth' de jure 6th Earl b 11.05.1713, d unm 13.05.1746
b. John Drummond, '4th Duke of Perth' de jure 7th Earl b 1714, d unm 28.09.1747
c.+ other issue d unm - Mary b 1707, d 10.09.1770, Henrietta
ii. Mary Drummond b 14.07.1675, d 07.03.1729
m c1690 William Keith, 9th Earl Marischal b c1665, d 27.05.1712
iii. Anne Drummond d unm
m2 mcrt 05.10.1676 Lilias Drummond d c1685, dau of Sir James Drummond of Machany
iv. John Drummond, '5th Duke of Perth' de jure 8th Earl b 1679, dsp 27.10.1757
m1 dau of Fotheringham of Balegarno
m2 Mary Stewart b 11.08.1702, d 04.02.1773, dau of Charles Stewart, 4th Earl of Traquhair
v.+ other issue d unm - Charles, George, Sophia
m3. c1685 Mary Gordon b c1646, d 13.03.1726, dau of Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Huntly
viii. Edward Drummond, '6th Duke of Perth' de jure 9th Earl b 1690, dsp 06.02.1760
m 25.11.1709 Elizabeth Middleton b 25.06.1690, a 1773, dau of Charles, 2nd Earl of Middleton
ix. William Drummond d young
x. Teresa Drummond, a nun
B. John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort, 1st Duc de Melfort b c1649, d 26.01.1714
John followed King James II & VII into exile. He was attainted and his earldom forfeited. His raising to a dukedom was originally granted by King James but, since it was confirmed by King Louis XIV of France, it obtained a separate level of recognition.
m1 30.04.1670 Sophia Maitland of Lundin d by 1680, dau of Robert Maitland
i. John Drummond b 31.10.1673,d young
ii. James Lundin of Lundin d unm 06.11.1698
iii. Robert Drummond-Lundin of Lundin b c1675, d 1716
m 20.01.1704 Anne Inglis dau of SIr James Inglis, Bart of Cramond
a. John Drummond-Lundin b 10.11.1704, d unm 07/9.10.1735
b. James Drummond of Lundin, de jure 10th Earl of Perth b 06.11.1707, d 18.07.1781
m Rachel Bruce d 29.06.1769, dau of Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Kincardine
1 Robert Drummond b 1741, dvp unm 1758
2 Thomas, Lord Drummond bpt 21.07.1742, dvp unm 11.1780
3 James Drummond, Lord Perth, de jure 11th Earl of Perth b 12.02.1744, d 02.07.1800
BP1934 reports that the earldom was restored under the Act of Restoration of 1784 but TSP reports that he withdrew his claim and instead obtained appointment as Lord Perth and Baron Drummond of Stobhall.
m 31.03.1785 Clementina Elphinstone d 31.08.1822, dau of Charles Elphinstone, 10th Lord
A James Drummond b 16.10.1791, d 11.08.1799
B Clementina Sarah Drummond b 05.05.1786, d 16.01.1865
m 19/20.10.1807 Peter Robert Burrell, Lord Gwydyr, Lord Willoughby of Eresby b 03.1782
C Jemima Rachel Drummond b 01.05.1787, d 28.04.1788
4 Rachel Drummond d unm 24.05.1798
iv. Anne Drummond b 03.03.1671, d 04.1738
m Sir John Houstoun, 2nd Bart of Houstoun
v. Elizabeth Drummond b 22.07.1672
m William Drummond, 2nd Viscount Strathallan b 08.08.1670, d 07.07.1702
vi. Mary Drummond d 04/11.10.1754
m1 Gideon Scott of Highchester d 1707
m2 before 11.11.1718 Sir James Sharp, Bart of Scotscraig d 25.04.1738
m2 1680 Euphemia Wallace b before 1654, d 1743, dau of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie
vii. John Drummond, 'Viscount Forth', 2nd Duc de Melfort de jure 2nd Earl of Melfort b 26.05.1682, d 29.01.1754
m 25.05.1707 Marie Gabrielle d'Audibert, Countess of Lussan b c1675, d 15.05.1741, dau of Jean d'Audibert, Comte de Lussan
a. James Drummond, 3rd Duc de Melfort, Comte de Lussan de jure 3rd Earl of Melfort b 16.05.1708, d 25.12.1766
m 29.01.1755 Marie de Berenger dau of Francis Berenger
1 James Louis Drummond, 4th Duc de Melfort, Comte de Lussan de jure 12th Earl of Perth and 4th Earl of Melfort b 14.10.1750, d 09.1800
m mct 30.04.1780 Aglae Elizabeth Jacqueline d'Oms Alais dau of Marc, Vicomte d'Alais, Baron de Salinders
A daughter d young
2 Charles Edward Drummond, 5th Duc de Melfort, Comte de Lussan de jure 13th Earl of Perth and 5th Earl of Melfort b 01.01.1752, dsp 09.04.1840
3 Henry Benedict Drummond, Cheavlier d unm 06.04.1779
4 Leon Maurice Drummond b 11.04.1761, d 26.04.1826
m 26.10.1794 Lucie Marie de Longuemare d 12.08.1824
A George Drummond, 14th Earl of Perth, 6th Earl of Melfort, 6th Duc de Melfort, Comte de Lussan b 06.05.1807, d 28.02.1902
George was restored to his titles, becoming Earl of Perth and melfort in Scotland and Duke of Melfort and Comte de Lussan in France. When he died without surviving male issue, the French dukedom became extinct, the Scottish earldom of Melfort became dormant, the earldom of Perth passed to his kinsman William Huntly Drummond, 11th Viscount Strathallan, and the title of Comte de Lussan passed to his only surviving daughter.
m1 19.05.1831 Albertine de Rotberg, Baroness d 02.06.1842
i James Maurice Willoughby Drummond b 12.08.1832, d 02.1833
ii George Henry Charles Francis Malcolm Drummond b 13.05.1834, dvp 08.10.1861
m 24.10.1855 Harriet Mary Capell d 30.04.1868, dau of Hon Adolphus Capell
a George Essex Montifex Drummond b 03.09.1856, d unm 04.08.1887
m2 09.08.1847 Susan Henrietta Sewell d 11.09.1866, dau of Thomas Bermingham Sewell of Athenry
iii Marie Augusta Gabrielle Berengere Blanche Drummond b 15.12.1848, dsp 05.02.1874
m 24.04.1871 Mackenzie Fraser of Castle Fraser and Inverallochy
iv Marie Louise Susan Edith Grace Drummond, Countess of Lussan b 29.04.1854
B Lucie Clementine Drummond b 1796, d 27.04.1879
m 08.09.1823 Francis Henry Davies d 23.10.1863
C Leontine Drummond b 1793, d 1809
5+ other issue - Marie Cecile Henrietta b 23.05.1754, d before 1803, Amelia Felicia d 1846
b.+ other issue - Louis b 16.02.1709, d 08.07.1792, John b 31.10.1711, Constantine b 19.06.1717, d 1719
viii. Andrew Drummond Lt. General for France
m Magdalen Silvia de St. Hermione
a. Louis Drummond, Comte de Melfort d 11.1788, Lt. General for France
m 1759 Jeanne Elizabeth de la Porte dau of Marquess de Presles
1 Louis Pierre Francis Malcolm Drummond, Comte de Melfort d 1833 had issue
m Caroline Mackenzie b 07.07.1766, d 1847, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth
ix. Mary Drummond dsp 1713
m Don Jose de Royas, Count Bozas of Castel Bianco
x. Frances Drummond
m Don Jose de Royas, Count Bozas of Castel Bianco
Frances married her brother-in-law, after Papal dispensation.
a. Maria Theresa de Royas
m 1776 Louis de Bourbon, Infante of Spain brother of Charles VI
b.+ other issue
xi.+ other issue - Thomas d unm 1715, William d 1742, Abbot, Bernard d young, Philip, Margaret bpt 07.04.1683, Henrietta d unm 1752 , Louisa, Teresa Margarita
C. Anne Drummond b 30.12.1655
m mcrt 01.10.1674 Sir John Hay, 12th Earl of Erroll d 30.12.1704
3. Robert Drummond dvp unm
4. Sir John Drummond of Logie Almond or Logiealmond d 06.1678
m mcrt 18.08.1664 Grizel Steuart dau of Sir John Steuart of Grandtully
5. William Drummond later Ker, 2nd Earl of Roxburghe d 02.07.1675
m mcrt 17.05.1655 Jean Ker dau of Harry Ker, Lord Ker
6. Jean Drummond
m before 01.02.1620 John Fleming, 3rd Earl of Wigtown d 02.1665
7. Lilias Drummond
m 03.06.1643 James Murray of Gask, Earl of Tullibardine bpt 22.09.1617, d 01.1670

Sources: TSP Perth, BP1934 Perth, TSP Melfort
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