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Dillon 3

: Dillon of Ballydromny, Dillon of Dublin, Dillon of Kentstown, Dillon of Kilmackeron, Dillon of Newtown, Dillon of Rath, Dillon of Roscommon, Dillon of Twomere
Sir James Dillon of Proudstown
m Honora Darcy dau of Sir John Darcy
1. ?? Dillon
A. ?? Dillon
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
i. ?? Dillon
a. ?? Dillon
1 Sir Robert Dillon of Newtown a 1553, chief justice, Speaker
m Jenet Barnewall dau of Edward Barnewall of Crickstown
A Sir Lucas Dillon of Newtown and Moymet d by 1592, attorney general, Speaker
m Jane Bathe d 1581, dau of James Bathe of Athcarne and Drumconragh
i Sir James Dillon, 1st Earl of Roscommon d 03.1641/2
m Eleanor Barnewall d 11/2.10.1628, dau of Sir Christopher Barnewall of Turvey
a Robert Dillon, 2nd Earl of Roscommon d 07.08.1642
m1 Margaret Barry dau of David Barry, Viscount Buttevant
1 James Dillon, 3rd Earl of Roscommon b c1605, d 08.11.1649
m Elizabeth Wentworth dau of Sir William Wentworth, Bart
A Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon b c1637, d 20.01.1684
m1 04.1662 Frances Boyle dau of Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington and Cork
i James Dillon dvp bur 25.09.1675
m2 09.11.1674 Isabella Boynton d 09.1721, dau of Matthew Boynton, son of Sir Matthew, Bart
2 Lucas Dillon dsp
m2 Dorothy Hastings b 15.01.1579, d before 1622, dau of George Hastings, 4th Earl of Huntingdon
3 Henry Dillon d unm 21.04.1640
m3. Anne Stroud d by 1652, dau of Sir William Stroud of Stoke-under-Hampden, widow of Lord Folliott
4 Cary Dillon, 5th Earl of Roscommon bpt 01.07.1627, d 24.11.1689
m Katherine Werden d 24.02.1683, dau of John Werden of Cholmeston, Cheshire
A son d young
B Robert Dillon, 6th Earl of Roscommon d 14.05.1715
m Margaret Putt dau of Sir Thomas Putt, Bart of Combe Gillisham, by Ursula, dau/coheir of Sir Robert sb Richard Cholmeley of Grosmont
i Robert Dillon, 7th Earl of Roscommon dsp 09.01.1721
m 08.1719 Anne Ingoldsby dau of Sir Charles Ingoldsby of Clondiralaw, son of Sir Henry, 1st Bart, by Frances Gore
ii James Dillon, 8th Earl of Roscommon b 1702, d unm 20.08.1746
C Catherine Dillon dsp 26.06.1674
m 1672 Hugh Montgomery, 2nd Earl of Mount Alexander b 1650, dsps 12.02.1716
D Anne Dillon bur 18.11.1726
m 25.03.1675 Sir Thomas Nugent
b Lucas Dillon of Twomere and Trinity Island
m Mary Thorpe dau of Sir John Thorpe
1 James Dillon of Twomere and Rathwire
m Jane Mulledy dau of Sir Anthony Mulledy of Robertstown
A Patrick Dillon of Twomere 2nd son
m Dymphna Talbot dau of Col. Arthur Talbot
i Robert Dillon, 9th Earl of Roscommon d unm 1770, Marshal
ii John Dillon, 10th Earl of Roscommon d 1782
m1 Eleanor O'Fallon dau of Edward O'Fallon of Kye
a Margaret Dillon
m Lawrence Manning
b Dymphna Dillon
m Edward Hanly
c Helen Dillon
m Matthew Manning
m2 Bridget Mullaly
d Patrick Dillon, 11th Earl of Roscommon b 15.03.1769, d 17.11.1816
m Barbara Beg dau of Ignatius Beg of Belrea
1 Maria Dillon
iii+ other issue - James dsp, Arthur d unm, John d unm
B+ other issue - Lucas dsp, Mary, Jane, Ellinor
c Patrick Dillon of Rath 7th son
m Jane Malone dau of Edmund Malone of Ballynahoune and Clanmullen, Chief
1 James Dillon of Rath
m1 Elizabeth Veale dau of John Veale of Lancaster
A Edward Dillon of Dublin d 1734
m Penelope Sharpless
i Robert Dillon dsp 09.1802
B Veale Dillon
m Margaret Walsh
i Jane Dillon
m Anthony Fox of Clotanny
m2 Penelope Horan sister of James Horan
C Michael Dillon
m Mary Jennet dau of John Jennet of Recluse and Skeden
i John Dillon d young
ii James Dillon of Dublin surgeon
m1 sp _ Butler of Waterford
m2 Elizabeth Plunket dau of Joseph Plunket
a Michael Dillon d 1798
m Mary Griffith dau of Richard Griffith of Kilbritain
1 Michael James Robert Dillon, 12th Earl of Roscommon b 02.10.1798, dsps 15.05.1850
m 19.08.1830 Charlotte Talbot b c1806, dsp 21.11.1843, dau of John Joseph Talbot
2 Elizabeth Dillon d young
b Anthony Dillon d unm
m3. Anne Burne dau of Mark Burne of Johnstown
c+ other issue - James d young, Henry d young, Mary
m4. Mary Quinlan dau of Capt. Patrick Quinlan of Limerick
f Peter Quinlan Dillon of Alharuin, Spain dsp
m Margaret Power dau of John Power of London
g Catherine Dillon
m Bernard Colyer of Dublin
h+ other issue - Patrick, John, Thomas d unm, Elizabeth, Margaret, Maria d young
2 Francis Dillon
A Francis Dillon
m Elizabeth Sherving
i Veale Dillon d young
ii Robert Dillon
m Catherine Shervingham dau of Luke Shervingham
d Jane Dillon
m 11.1604 Sir Christopher Dillon of Ballylagham dvp 28.02.1624
d Elizabeth Dillon
m Hugh Hussey of Galtrim
f+ other issue - 4 sons dsp - Thomas, Christopher, George, John and 2 daughters
ii Thomas Dillon of Kentstown and Prephana d 18.04.1609
m Elizabeth Colepeper
a Henry Dillon of Kentstown
m Jane Sarsfield dau of _ Sarsfield of Sarsfieldtown
1 Robert Dillon
m _ Roe dau of O'Connor Roe
A Charles Dillon
B Magdalen Dillon
m Edmund O'Kelly
C Clare Dillon
m Michael O'Connor
2 Henry Dillon in Co. Tipperary
b+ Theobald of Waterstown, Lucas in Munster, James
iii Genet Dillon
m before 26.09.1586 Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen b c1564, d 12.10.1613
iv Elinor Dillon
m Robert Rochfort of Kilbride
v Elizabeth Dillon
m John Sarsfield of Shurnings
vi Anne Dillon
m Richard Plunket of Rathmore
vii daughter
m Christopher Plunket of Courtstown
viii daughter
m Bartholomew Dillon
ix+ other issue - Christopher dsp, Alexander dsp, John dsp, Robert in King's County had issue
B Roger Dillon of Ballydromny
m Margaret Dillon dau of Richard Dillon of Ballydromny
i James Dillon of Ballydromny d 23.10.1633
m2 Margaret Nugent dau of Edward Nugent of Trim
a+ 4 children d unm
m2 Mary Linham dau of Richard Linham of Adamstown
e Lucas Dillon of Ballydromny
m3. Catherine Dalton dau of Edmund Dalton of Mullinvichan
f Bartholomew Dillon
C Thomas Dillon of Kilmackeron
m1 _ Pepper dau of Walter Pepper
i Talbot Dillon of Kilmackeron d 09.07.1599
a Thomas Dillon of Kilmackeron
ii Luke Dillon
m2 Margaret Cashel
iii Robert Dillon of Cannerstown, Ballymulvey and Mallymahon b c1575, a 1592
m Margaret Dillon dau of Theobald Dillon, 1st Viscount
D John Dillon of Davidstown and Wlalterston
E Elizabeth Dillon
m Thomas Plunket of Dublin alderman
F Alson Dillon
m Lord Slane ??

Sources: BE1883 Dillon of Roscommon, TCP Roscommon
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