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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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The data on this tree is in part from David Adams tree, whose DNA match with author together with the occurrance of this name in several of the author's other trees have increased the importance of collecting data on the branches of this family.
Progenitor of this family is:
De15. Robert Dent b c 1500 England
De14-1 Christopher Dent b 1523
De14-2 Edward Dent b 1525 d 1597
De14-3 y Dent b c 1527
De14-4 Thomas Dent b 1530 d 1589
De24-5 John Dent b 1532 d 1595
De14 William Dent b c 1540 North Riding Yorkshire d 1590 Hallaton Leicestershire
m Elizabeth Anderson b 1550 d 1625
+1 Sir Edmond Anderson b 1530 Broughton Bucks d 1 Aug 1605 Eyeworth Bedford justice of the common pleas
m Magdalen Smythe b 1534 d 1623
+2 Christopher Smythe b 1510 Annables Hertfords d 1589 St Botolph Aldgate London
m Margaret Hyde b 1520 Hertfords d 1603
De13 James Dent b 1575 Ormsby Yorks d there 1647
m Margaret Nicholson b 1580 Cranswick Yorks d there 1650
+1 William Nicholson b 11 Mar 1550 Huggate Yorks d there 19 Nov 1641
m Winifrey Croffe b 1559
De12 Peter Dent b 1600 Ormsby d 5 Oct 1689 Guisborough Yorks physician
m Margaret Nicholson b 1602 d 1 DEc 1674 Fleet Dorset
+1 John Nicholson b 1575 East Riding Yorks d 19 Nov 1641 Yorks +2 Thomas Nicholson b 1520 York
De11-1 Peter Dent b 1629 d 1642
m? Sarah Nicholson b 1628 d 1712
De11 Col Thomas Dent b 1630 Guisborough d 22 Apr 1676 Westbury Manor St Marys MD judge
m Rebecca Wilkinson b 1633 d 1726
De10 Margaret Dent b 1660 d 1693 (Adams shows 3 Margarets in this generation but the same dates of birth and death for this one. This seems implausibe.)
m1 Edmund Howard b 1655 d 1713
m2? Robert Raine b 5 Mar 1661 Romalkirk Yorks d 1738 ?MD
+1 Robert Raine b 5 Dec 1636 Romaldkirk Yorks d 1692 Mickleton Romaldkirk
m Alice Harker b 1636
+2 Edward Raine b 1609 +3 y Raine
m Margaret Wilson b 1569 d 1609
+4 John Raine b 1540 Romaldkirk d 1584
De9-1 John Howard b 1683 d 1733
m Rebecca Brook b 1710 d 1768 1
-1 Hannah Howard b 1733 d 1818 m Joseph Alexander b 1741 d 1816 1 -1-1 Mary Alexander b 1805 d 1870 m John Durr b 1797 d 1887
De9-2 George Howard b 1686 d 1742
m Sarah Smith
-1 Henry Howard b 1711 d 1774 m Mary x -1-1 Ignatius Howard b 1725 d 1774 m Sarah Sims b 1726 d 1789
De9-3 Robert Raine b 1681 Romaldkirk Yorks d 1735 Co Donegal IRE
De9 George Raine b 14 Jan 1687 Romaldkird Yorks d VA gamekeeper for Melby Hall
m Margarett Johnson b 1689
+1 Jonathon Johnson
m Mary Summers
De8 George Raine b 1709
m Mary Shelton b 1713 d 1779
+1 William Shelton b 1676 d 1734
m Hannah Armistead b 1676 d 1748
+2 Capt Anthony Armistead b 1645 Elizabeth City Gloucester Co VA d there 26 Oct 1726
m Hannah Ellison b 1644 dau of
-a William Armistead
-b Col John Armistead, b c 1635 in Hesse, Gloucester Va or Yorkshire Engl, m c 1665 Judith Bowles Robinson Ro10
-b-1 Judith Armistead, m 1688 Robert "King" Carter Ct9 of Corotoman, Lancaster Co Va
+3 William Armistead Ar10 bap 3 Aug 1610 at All Saints, Kirk Deighton, York, Yorkshire, d 1666 in Hesse, Gloucester, VA
m c 1632/42 Ann E. Ellis in Giggleswick, Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire b 7 Feb 1608 d 1660 dau of->
+3 Dr. Robert Ellison, of James City Co VA leading Burgess in 1656-'59-'60-'61-'62-'63, with rank of Captain
+4 Anthony Armistead b c 1585 Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire
m Frances Thompson Th12 b c 1585
+4 Joseph Ellis b 1585 d 1610
m Nancy Netherton b 1590 d 1610
De7 John Rains b 1726 d 1815
m Keziah Anderson b 1741 Cumberland VA d there 25 Aug 1783
+1 Charles Anderson b 1710 Hanover VA d 1786 Cumberland VA
m Elizabeth Chambers d 1725 VA d 1783 Cumberland VA
De6-1 Nathaniel Rains b 1757 d 1822
De6-2 Mary Rains b 1760 d 1845
De6-3 Charles Rains b 1766 d 1813
De6-4 William Rains b 1770 d 1850
De6-5 Joseph Rains b 1775 d 1826
De6 y Rains
De5-1 Uriah Rains b 1781 d 1864
m Elizabeth Chasteen b 1781 Buckingham VA d Halifax VA
-1 James Rains b 1829 m Mary Pauls b 1836 -1-1 Clarinda Deverny Rains b 1854 Fentress TN m Edward Adams b 1855 d 1939
-1-2 Henry Rains b 1854 d 1920 m Sarah Elizabeth Adams b 1856 KY d 1931 Clay TN
-1-1-1 William Adams b 1887 d 1985 m1 Cora Hawkins b 1893 d 1971 -1-1-1-1 Raleigh Adams b 1911 d 1983 m Bessie Wright b 1917 d 2006 grandparents of David Adams, author's DNA match
De9-5 Tobias Raine b 1696 d 1761
De9-6+ 4 dau 2 sons
De10-2 Col William Dent b 1660 Hulls Neck Westbury Manor MD d 1704 Charles Co MD
De10-3 Thomas Dent b 1662
De10-4 Rebecca Dent b 1663 d 1710
De10-5 Peter Dent b 1665 d 1711
De10-6 George Dent b 1666 d 1703
De10-7 Margaret Dent b 1667 St Marys MD d 1709
De11-3 George Dent b 1633 d 1694
De11-4 William Dent b 1635 d 1647
De11-5 Stephen Dent b 1635 d 1671
De11-6 Capt John Dent b 1645 Hutton Yorks d 5 May 1712 St Marys MD
De11-7 John Dent b 1630 Guisborough d 1700 Y Somme Picardie FR