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Families covered: Davenport (Damport) of Bromhall (Bramhall or Broomhall), Davenport (Damport) of Calveley (Cavely)
Da19. John Damport or Davenport BRAMHALL (Maccles.) The third baron of Dunham (in Henry II = 1154-89) confirmed to Mathew de Bromale: "the manors of Bramall, Duckenfield and 11 parts of Baggiley which had been previoulsy held by his father, whose name is not mentioned but who was probably youunger son of near kinsman of Hamo de Masci, the Norman Grantee". (Ormerod p 823). Then, in 6 Edwd I (=1272-1307) "Richard de Bromhall obtained release (ie. exemption) for himself and his tenants in Bromhall, Duckenfield and 11 parts of Baguley (sic) from Hamon de Massey, for being impleaded in the courts of Dunham. He is called Sir Richard in the pedigrees of this family, ‘son of William, son of John, son of Edward’, and is allowed for his armorial coat, Sable, a lion rampant Or". [ie. gold on black], as in the early seals of the lords of Dunham. This Richard also occurs in 17 Edwd I (=1289). His son lived in the reigns of the three Edwards, and was succeeded by his brother Sir Geoffrey de Bromhale whose daughter and co-heiress Ales (=Alice) married John de Davenport, son of Thomas de Davenport of Weltrogh or Wheltrough. BRAMHALL therefore, passed to the Davenports. Source

Bramhall Hall in Stockport was the grand home for the Davenport family of Stockport, who resided there for 500 years - today it belongs to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and is open to the public. Bramhall park used to be the parkland and woodland estate attached to Bramall Hall. The Hall is one of Cheshire's grandest black and white timber framed buildings and dates back to the 14th century. Subsequent owners carried out substantial refurbishment in the 19th century.
Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire is stilled owned, and lived in, by the Bromley Davenport branch of the family, who have resided there since the 11th century.

m. Alice Bromhall (dau of Geffrey Bromhall of Bromhall)
Da18. Sir Robert Davenport of Bromhall b about 1345
m Joanna de Assheton (dau of Sir John de Assheton of Assheton)
Da17. Robert Davenport of Bromhall b about 1375, Visitation identifies Robert's wife as a daughter of Fitton of Gawsworth. Some web sites identify her further as ...
m Alice Fitton dau of Lawrence Fitton of Gawsworth by Agnes Hesketh
Da16 John Davenport of Bromhall acceded at age 21 in 1440, Visitation identifies John's wife as a daughter of Warren of Pointon. Some web sites identify her further as ...
m1. Cicely Warenne dau of Lawrence Warenne by Margaret, dau of Robert Bulkeley by Isabel Egerton
Da15. William Davenport of Bromhall
m. Margery Leigh dau of Thomas Leigh of Adlington
Da14 William Davenport of Bromhall acceded at age 56 in 1528. Bramall Hall was built about 1516.
m. Blanch Warburton (dau of Sir John Warburton)
Da13-1 Sir William Davenport of Bromhall (a 1566)
m1 Margaret Booth dau of George Booth of Dunham
(i) William Davenport of Bromhall d 1585
m Margaret Assheton (dau of Richard Assheton of Middleton)
(a) Sir William Davenport of Bromhall (knighted at age 23 in 1586 d c1640) Shriff of Cheshire in 1605
m. (1581) Dorothy Warren (d 1639, dau of ?? Warren of Poynton)
((1)) William Davenport of Bromhall (b 1584, d 1655)
m. (1599) Frances Wilbraham (dau of Thomas Wilbraham of Woodhey by Margaret Warberton)
((A)) William Davenport (b 1611)
Visitation (1613) mentions this William but Visitation (1663) does not, starting with his uncle, Humfrey of Sutton. He is possibly the William of Bromall/Bramhall who was father of Anne and married ...
m. (26.09.1627) Frances Arderne (dau of Henry Arderne of Hawarden)
((i)) Anne Davenport possibly fits here
m. Robert Tatton of Stockport (b 25.04.1639)
(b) Sir Humfrey Davenport of Sutton (b before 1566, bur 04.03.1645, knighted 1619, chief baron of the Exchequer, 4th son)
m. (27.02.1573-4) Mary Sutton (dau of Francis Sutton of Sutton)
Visitation (1613) mentions only Humffrey, James, Penelope and Ellen as their children. Visitation (1663) mentions only Peter.
((1)) Peter Davenport (bpt 31.08.1622, bur 08.04.1658)
m. Anne Leigh (bpt 13.02.1622-3, dau of Thomas Leigh of Adlington)
((A)) William Davenport of Bromhall (b c1646, a 1663)
m. (06.10.1662) Elizabeth Gregory (bur 28.09.1717, dau of George Gregory of Lenton)
((i))+ issue - Edward (bpt 26.09.1673), Susanna (bpt 01.04.1675), Winifred (bpt 25.08.1676)
((2)) Humffrey Davenport (a 1633, dvp)
m. Sara Owen (dau of Sir Roger Owen)
((3)) James Davenport
m. Mary Moyle (dau of Thomas Moyle of Caversfield)
((4)) Penelope Davenport
m. Sir Cecil Trafford of Trafford
((5)) Ellen Davenport (b 1597)
(c) Mary or Anne Davenport (d 1597)
m. (1581) Sir Edward Warren of Poynton (b 1563, d 12.11.1609)
(d)+ other issue - Alexander, John
(ii) Elizabeth Davenport
m. (1550-1) Richard Assheton of Middleton (a 1595)
(iii) Jane Davenport
m. Thomas Drax of Woodhall (d before 12.11.1602)
(iv) Katherine Davenport
m. Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris, 1st of Baronhill (b c1533, d 28.06.1621)
m2. Anne Brereton (dau of Sir Richard Brereton of Tatton)
Da13 Jane Davenport
m. Robert Hyde
Da13-3 Katherine Davenport
m Hugh Revell
Da13-4 Margery Davenport
m Lionell Shalcross
Da13-5+ other issue - John, Humphrey
m2. Margaret Bagott (dau of Sir John Bagott of Bramley)
Da15-2. John Davenport of Somerset
m. _ Rodall
(1) John Davenport of Lavington
m. Alice Lavington
(A) William Davenport
m. _ Wetherhead
(B)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Lionell, Richard, Elizabeth, Jane, Grace
(2) Jane Davenport
m. _ Downing
Arthur Damport of Davenport of Cavely or Calveley
m. Katherine Calveley (dau of Davy Calveley of Cavely)
1. Hugh Davenport of Calveley
m. _ Haselwall (dau of Patrick Haselwall of Haselwall)
A. Hugh Davenport of Calveley
m. _ Hanford (dau of _ Hanford of Hanford)
i. Ralph Davenport of Calveley
m. Isabell Spurstow (dau of ?? Spurstow of Spurstow)
a. Hugh Davenport of Calveley
m. Cicely Done (dau of John Done of Utkinton)
(1) John Davenport of Calveley (a 1566, 1580)
m. (1522) Elenor Calveley (dau of Sir George Calveley of Leay)
(A) Hugh Davenport of Calveley (d 20.11.1603)
m1. Margaret Manwaring (bur 05.08.1569, dau of John Manwaring of Calveley)
(i) Arthur Davenport of Calveley (b c1565, d 04.07.1625)
m1. (sp) Ellinor Davenport (dau of John Davenport of Davenport)
m2. (03.1617-8) Catherine Hope (d 1634, dau of George Hope of Dodleston)
Visitation (1613) mentions only Arthur's marriage to Ellinor and notes that Arthur dspm. Visitation (1663) mentions both marriages and shows Elizabeth as daughter of the 2nd marriage but shows her husband as having died in the year of her parents' marriage. It is therefore likely that either one of the dates is wrong or Elizabeth was by the first marriage.
(a) Elizabeth Davenport
m. William Griffith of Lynn (bur 30.08.1617)
(ii)+ other issue - John (d 21.08.1570), Hugh, Randle (bur 02.11.1631), Jane, Katherine
m2. Margaret Oulton (bur 31.07.1604, dau of John Oulton of Wetenhall)
(viii) George Davenport of the Clays in Tilston (d c1623)
m. Cicely Maynwaring (dau of John Maynwaring of Calveley)
(a) George Davenport of Calveley (bpt 18.10.1605, bur 24.09.1638)
m. (c04.1624) Christian Daniell (bur 09.04.1639, dau of Peter Daniell of Tabley)
((1)) George Davenport (bpt 02.02.1629-30)
m. Sarah (dau of William Nevill or Smith of Layer Marney, son of Nevill of Holt)
((A)) Samuel Davenport of Calveley (b 26.01.1652, bur 31.03.1695)
m. Mary Verney (dau of Sir Richard Verney)
Visitation (1663) ends with Samuel and Mary. It is a presumption that they were the parents of ...
((i)) Richard Davenport of Calveley
((a)) Phoebe Davenport (co-heir)
m. Davies Davenport of Woodford, Marton and Capesthorne (b 20.10.1723)
((B))+ other issue - George (b 29.06.1651, d young), George (b 02.02.1658), Nevill (b 27.01.1662)
((2)) Arthur Davenport (bpt 24.06.1632, bur 02.12.1665)
m. Jane Dutton (dau of Edward Dutton of Halton)
((3)) Eleanor Davenport
m. John Evans of Hawarden
((4)) Dorothy Davenport
m. William Hagleton of Hagleton
(b)+ other issue - Arthur, Dorothy (b 1606), Eleanor (b 1608)
(ix) Dorothy Davenport
m. (c1604) Thomas Baskerville of Old Withington
(s)+ other issue - John, William
(B) Dorothy Davenport
m. John Hough of Brimston
(C) Jane Davenport
m. Sir Piers Filkin of Tatnall or Tatenhall
(C) Katherine Davenport
m. John Wynne or Sandy of Denbighshire
(D)+ other issue - John, Anthony, Randoll, Arthur, Elizabeth
b. Katherine Davenport
m. Edward Minshull of Church Minshull (a 1530)

Main source(s):
(1) For Davenport of Bromhall : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Davenport alias Damport of Bromhall), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Davenport of Bramhall), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Davenport of Bromhall).
(2) For Davenport of Calveley : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Davenport alias Damport of Cavely), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, Davenport of Calveley)
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