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Nicholas of Roundway
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Dammartin 1

: Counts of Clermont, Counts of Dammartin, Counts of Mello, Counts of Montdidier, Counts of Perche, Seigneurs de Mouchy, Seigneurs de Ramerupt or Rameru
Da32. Helpuin, Count of Arcis-sur-Aube<
m Hersinde de Ramerupt a 969

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Da31. Hilduin II or I, Count of Montdidier, Sn de Ramerupt There appears to be some confusion as to whether this Hilduin should be referred to as the 1st or 2nd such Count.
m ? Helvide de Laon dau of Roger II de Laon
Da30 Hilduin III or II, Count of Montdidier, Sn de Ramerupt
m ? Lesseline
Da29-1 Hilduin IV or III, Count of Montdidier, Count de Roucy, Sn de Ramerupt
m Alice / Adelaide de Roucy dau of Ebles, Count of Roucy
a. Hilduin V or IV, Count of Montdidier, Sn de Ramerupt
m Adelaide de Rheims dau of Manasses de Chauve
1 Andre de Montdidier, Sn de Ramerupt
m Alice
A Adele de Ramerupt
m Evrard I, Count de Brienne, Sn de Ramerupt a 1113
2 Adele de Roucy
m Gauthier de Roux
b. Margaret of Mondidier
m Hugues, Count of Clermont son of Renauld I, Count de Clermont
1 Renauld II, Count de Clermont d c1162
m Clemence de Bar dau of Renauld, Count de Bar
A Maud de Ponthieu d after 10.1200
m Aubrey II, Count of Dammartin d 09.09.1200 @1@ below
2 Richilde de Creil
m Dreux II, Count of Mello, Sire de Mouchy @2@ below
3 Ermentrude de Clermont
m Hugh 'Lupus' de Abrincis of Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester b c1050, d 27.07.1101
c. Felicie of Roucy d 03.05.1123
m 1076 Sancho I, King of Aragon and Navarre b 1042/3, d 04.06.1094
d. Beatrix of Montdidier
m Geoffrey II, Count de Mortagne et Perche son of Routrou I, Count de Perche §B
1 Routrou II, Count de Perche d 1144
m 1103 Maud FitzEdith d 25.11.1120, natural dau of Henry I, King of England
2 Julienne de Perche
m 1091 Gilbert de l'Aigle
3 Margaret de Mortagne
m Henry de Beaumont de Newburgh, 1st Earl of Warwick d 1119
4 Maud de Perche
Some sites show Maud as daughter of Routrou II whom we show as her brother.
m Rainard I, Viscount of Turrenne
A Margaret of Turenne b c1120
m William IV Taillefer, Count of Angouleme b 1140, d 07.08.1187
Da29 Manasses, Count of Dammartin d 15.10.1037
m Constance of France dau of Robert II, King of France
Da28 Hugues, Count of Dammartin
m Rohais de Bullas
Da27 Aelis of Dammartin
m Aubrey de Mello @3@ below

Da30. Gilbert I, Count of Mello b 950, d 25.02.984
Da29 Dreux I, Count of Mello d 1017
Da28 Gilbert II, Count of Mello d after 25.02.1084
m Ermentrude
Da27-1 Dreux II, Count of Mello
m Richilde de Creil dau of Hugues, Count of Clermont @2@ above
a. Dreux III, Sire de Mouchy
m Edith de Warenne dau of William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 1st Earl of Surrey
1 Dreux IV, Sire de Mouchy d 1162
m Adelaide
A Ermengarde de Mouchy
m Guillaume I de Dampierre d c1161
Da27 Aubrey de Mello
m Aelis de Dammartin dau of Hugues, Count of Dammartin @3@ above
Da26. Aubrey/Alberic I de Mello, Count of Dammartin b 1110, d 1183
m before 1150 Joan Basset dau of Gilbert Basset
Da25 Aubrey/Alberic II, Count of Dammartin d 19.09.1200
m Maud de Ponthieu d after 10.1200, dau of Renauld II, Count de Clermont@1@ above
Da24-1 Renaud, Count of Dammartin and Boulogne b c1175, d 1227
It is not certain that Renaud fits here but it seems likely.
m 1190 Ida of Flanders, Countess of Boulogne d 1216, dau of Matthias, Count de Boulogne
i Matilda, Countess de Boulogne b c1202, d 1262
m 1235, div 1253 Affonso III, King of Portugal b 1210, d 1279
Da24-2 Simon de Dammartin, Count of Ponthieu d 21.09.1239
m Marie de Ponthieu b 17.04.1199, d 09.1250, dau of Guillaume III Talvas, Count de Ponthieu
i Jeanne, Countess of Ponthieu d 1279
m 1237 Fernando III, King of Castile and Leon, etc b 08.1201, d 30.05.1252
ii Philippa de Ponthieu d 1271
m1 after 1239 Raoul II, Count of Eu et Guines d 1250/09.1264
m2 Raoul III de Coucy d 1250
Da24-3 Aelis de Dammartin
m Jean I de Trie d c1237
Their successors became later Counts of Dammartin.
Da24 Juliana de Dammartin
m Hugh de Gournay, Sire de Gournay b c1148, d 25.10.1214
Da24 Agnes de Dammartin
m William, 1st Baron de Fiennes b 1160, d 1240-1

Sources: various web sites including 'Mathematical', 'Rootsweb',, and some of which contradict each other
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