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Dalzell 2

: Dalzell of Carnwath, Dalzell of Glenae
Sir Robert Dalzell, 1st Earl of Carnwath d 1639 Surprisingly, there is disagreement between our main sources as to whether or not it was this Robert who was created an Earl or his son. TSP along with various web sites identifies him as the first Earl but BP1934 Carnwath, supported by TCP Carnwath, shows his son as the 1st Earl. The creation was in 1639, just before this Robert died. We follow the majority but note that there must have been a question on this for BP & TCP to differ from the others. Some sources may therefore differ with the numbering used here for the Earls.
m mcrt 28.03.1580 Margaret Crichton dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Cluny, King's Advocate
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1. Robert Dalzell, 2nd Earl of Carnwath bur 21.06.1654
m1 Christian Douglas dau of Sir William Douglas of Hawick
A. Gavin Dalzell, 3rd Earl of Carnwath d 11/12.1673
m1 mcrt 21.07.1637 Margaret Carnegie dau of David Carnegie, younger of Southesk, Master of Carnegie TSP shows that Gavin's sons may have been by his second marriage while his daughters were by his first wife. However, BP1934 specifically identifies Margaret as mother of all of his children.
i. James Dalzell, 4th Earl of Carnwath d 1688
m 10.12.1676 Mary Seton d d 15.01.1698/01.1713, dau of ->
+1 George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton
a. son d young
b. Elizabeth Dalzell
m1 Lord John Hay dsp 25.08.1706, of Tweeddale family
m2 General Robert Hunter, Governor of Jamaica d 1734
ii. John Dalzell, 5th Earl of Carnwath d unm 07.06.1702
iii. Jane Dalzell
m Claude Muirhead of Lachop
iv.+ other issue - Robert, Margaret, Christian d 1650, Mary d 1650
m2 before 14.12.1663 Mary Erskine dau of Alexander Erskine, Viscount Fentoun, younger of Kellie
B. William Dalzell d unm 1647
C. Anna Dalzell
m mcrt 27.09.1632, sp John Hamilton of Preston dsp 1647
m2 Katherine Abington d/bur 12.08.1712, dau of John Abington of Dowdeswell
2. Sir John Dalzell of Glenae and Newton d before 23.12.1669
m before 1625 Agnes Nisbet dau of James Nisbet of Restalrig
A. Sir Robert Dalzell, 1st Bart of Glenae d before 29.04.1686
m1 _ Sandilands dau of _ Sandilands of Torphichen
i. Mary Dalzell
m mcrt 21.04.1652 Robert Lawrie of Maxwelton
m2 mcrt 11.10.1654 Margaret Johnstone dsp 10.1655, dau of James Johnstone, 1st Earl of Hartfell
m3. mcrt 22/3.04.1657 Violet Riddell dau of Andrew Riddell of Haining
ii. Sir John Dalzell, 2nd Bart of Glenae d 03.1689
m 16.06.1686 Henrietta Murray dau of Sir William Murray, Bart of Stanhope
a. Sir Robert Dalzell, 3rd Bart of Glenae, 6th Earl of Carnwath b c1687, d 19.07.1737
Sir Robert supported the Jacobite rebellion and was attainted for high treason.
m1 19.01.1710 Grace Montgomerie d 01.1713, dau of Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton
1+ issue - Euphemia b 12.02.1703, d before 1715, Margaret d unm 18.04.1781
m2 03.06.1720 Grizel Urquhart d 03.09.1723, dau of Alexander Urquhart of Newhall
3 Alexander Dalzell, 'Earl of Carnwath' b 02.02.1721-2, d 03.04.1787
m 1753 Elizabeth Jackson
A Richard Dalzell, 'Lord Dalzell' b 23.07.1753, dvp 05.07.1782
m 1775 Elizabeth Johnston
i Elizabeth Dalzell
m Sir Alexander Gilbert Grierson, 6th Bart of Lag d 03.1840
B Robert Dalzell d 13.02.1808
m 18.03.1783 Anne Armstrong d 21.02.1797, dau of David Armstrong of Kirtleton
i John Dalzell of Glenae b 18.08.1795, d unm New Orleans 10.10.1814
ii Margaret Dalzell of Glenae b 29.04.1784, d 29.04.1847
m 20.08.1818 Dougall Stewart Dalzell d 25.04.1847, Major
iii Elizabeth Dalzell b 20.10.1790
m 31.08.1812 Lord Henry Alexander Douglas d 15.03.1837, of Queensberry family
C John Dalzell b 19.11.1765, 3rd son
i Eliza Jane Dalzell
m Jonas M. Leake
D Margaret Dalzell
m 1778 Sir Roger Grierson, 5th Bart of Lag b c1733, d 08.08.1839
E+ other issue - Alexander b 23.08.1760, d unm 1788, James d young, Elizabeth d unm 23.12.1830
m3. 15.11.1728 Margaret Hamilton d 13.02.1730, dau of John Hamilton of Bangour
4 Elizabeth Dalzell d 1737
m4. 19.06.1735 Margaret Vincent d 11.04.1758, dau of Thomas Vincent of Barnborough Grange by Isabel, dau of Philip Packer
5 Robert Dalzell b 1737/8, d 29/31.07.1788
m 24.05.1761 Elizabeth Acklom dau of Richard Acklom of Wiseton Hall
A Robert Alexander Dalzell, 7th Earl of Carnwath b 13.02.1768, d 01.01.1839
Robert was restored to the Earldom. Following TSP, we pick-up the numbering from the attainted Earl. BP1934 numbers him as the 9th Earl after allowing for those who would have been Earl but for the attainder.
m1 23.09.1789 Jane Parkes d 30.09.1791, dau of Samuel Parkes of Cork
i Elizabeth Dalzell b 12.08.1790, d 03.05.1801
m2 26.04.1794 Andalusia Brown d 03.1833, dau of Arthur Brown of Knockduff House
ii Thomas Henry Dalzell, 8th Earl of Carnwath b 02.209.1797, d 14.12.1867, 2nd son
m1 09.09.1834 Anne Grattan d 22.09.1853, dau of Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan
m2 02.05.1855 Isabella Eliza Wimot d 16.10.1902, dau of Col. Eardley Wilmot
a Henry Arthur Hew Dalzell, 9th Earl of Carnwath b 12.04.1858, d 13.03.1873
iii Arthur Alexander Dalzell, 10th Earl of Carnwath b 15.09.1799, d unm 28.04.1876
iv Harry Burrard Dalzell, 11th Earl of Carnwath b 11.11.1804, d 01.11.1887, 5th son
m 16.11.1827 Isabella Campbell d 14.10.1867, dau of Rev Alexander Campbell
a Edith Isabella Dalzell b 15.10.1843
m 31.07.1835 Edward Stanley Adeane d 18.10.1902, Admiral
b+ other issue - Arthur John 08.04.1829, dvp unm 09.04.1849, Robert Augustus b 13.10.1838, dvp unm 20.04.1869, Captain, Eleanor Carnwath b 14.08.1840, d 29.05.1867
v Robert Alexander George Dalzell b 19.08.1816, d 19.10.1878 had issue
m 27.08.1846 Sarah Bushby Harris dau of John Harris of London, Canada
They were the ancestors of the 12th and later Earls.
vi+ other issue - Catherine Andalusia b 07.02.1495, d 01.05.1795, Robert Arthur b 01.05.1496, d 30.12.1799, Andalusia b 11.06.1801, d 02.02.1813, Robert Acklum b 17.02.1802, d 20.01.1804, Charlotte Marianne b 28.04.1806, d young, Emma Maria b 28.03.1809, d 25.12.1882, Eleanor Jane Elizabeth b 04.11.1810, d 03.05.1836, Charlotte Augusta b 24.07.1812, d 27.12.1844, Vincent Carnwath b 02.04.1815, d infant
m3. 11.10.1838 Jane Cornell d14.05.1863, dau of John Cornell of Correnden and Hazel Hall
B Elizabeth Dalzell d unm 24.03.1819
b. John Dalzell a 10.1715
TSP Carnwath shows the Mary who married William, 6th Viscount of Kenmure, as John's daughter rather than his sister. That BP1934 Carnwath is correct showing her as his sister is supported by TSP Kenmure.
1 James Dalzell b c1727
c. Mary Dalzell d 10.08.1776
m1 1711 William Gordon, 6th Viscount of Kenmure d 24.02.1716
m2 after 27.05.1736 John Lumsden dsp 1751, a Jacobite Baronet
d. Agnes Dalzell
m Sir John Johnstone, 1st Bart of Westerhall d 30.09.1711
iii. James Dalzell captain, a 1715
m _ Graham
a. John Dalzell of Barncrosh
m Henrietta Gordon dau of William Gordon, 6th Viscount of Kenmure
1 Violett Dalzell d 23.09.1836 probably of this generation
m 14.11.1774 John Leslie, 22nd of Balquhain b 1751, d 27.02.1828
iv. Thomas Dalzell d 12.1743, Colonel
m 11.1701 Isabel Fergusson dau of Robert Fergusson of Craigdarroch by Elizabeth Grier
a. David Dalzell in Glasgow d 30.03.1772
1 Thomas Dalzell
b. Jean Dalzell
m Thomas Gibson d 1786
c.+ other issue - Agnes, Harriet
v.+ other issue - Agnes, Harrietta d before 27.10.1698, Violet d before 27.10.1698
B. Mary Dalzell
m mcrt 08.07.0665 Alexander Erskine, 3rd Earl of Kellie d 05.1677
C. daughter
3. James Dalzell
m mcrt 07.08.1618 Marion Craufurd widow of James Oswell of Athellis
4. Thomas Dalzell in Banff a 1663
5. William Dalzell a 1624
6. Margaret Dalzell
m mcrt 09.07.1610 John Wilson, younger of Croglin
7. daughter
m before 1607 George Crawford, younger of Auchercross
8. Mary Dalzell
m Sir James Muirhead of Lachop

Sources: TSP Carnwath, BP1934 Carnwath.
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