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List of pedigreesBland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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    Da14. Nicholas Dade living 1539 Wirlingham E Anglia
    Da13 Thomas Dade of Tannington, Suffolk d 1619
    m Anne Cornwallis dau of->
    +1 Richard Cornwallis of Shotley, Suff
    Da12 William DADE b c 1580 admitted to Gray's Inn 1600
    m 1612 Mary WINGFIELD b c 1583, Crowfield, Suffolk d 3 Feb 1624, Tannington, Suffolk dau of->
    +1 Henry WINGFIELD Esq of Ipswich b c 1582 d 1653 Dallinghoo Suffolk
    m Elizabeth RISBY dau of
    +2 Richard WINGFIELD Esq.
    m Mary HARDWICK dau of->
    -a Sir Robert WINGFIELD of Letheringham
    -b Charles WINGFIELD
    -c Anthony WINGFIELD
    -d Henry WINGFIELD
    -e Elizabeth WINGFIELD Wi14 m William NAUNTON son of Thomas Naunton and Margery Buryard
    -e-1 Ursula NAUNTON b 1545 d. BEF 1615 m Robert Gosnold b 1535 Swyland Otley Suffolk
    -e-1-1 Robert Gosnold b c 1561-1596 m1 Amy x m2 Edwa Warde
    -e-1-2 Elizabeth Gosnold b 1570 England d AFT 15 AUG 1615 m Thomas Keene b c 1560 d aft 15 AUG 1615
    -e-1-2-1 Thomas Keene b 1592/1593 d 1653/1659) m c 1640 Mary Thorley b c 1595 d aft 1662
    -e-1-2-1-1 Matthew Keene b c 1650 d 1731
    -e-1-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Keene b c 1682 d 26 JUL 1749 m c 1700 in ?Stafford Co Va James Withers b 1680/1 d 8 JUN 1746 author's ancestors
    -e-2 Henry NAUNTON b 1549 d 1599)
    -f Mary WINGFIELD
    -g Margaret WINGFIELD
    -h Frances Wingfield
    -i Jane Wingfield d AFT 2 May 1588
    -j George Wingfield
    -k Anne Wingfield d 1592
    -l John WINGFIELD
    +2 Thomas Risby
    m Jane Harbottle
    +3 Sir Anthony WINGFIELD of Letheringham
    m Elizabeth de VERE
    +3 John Hardwick of Hardwick
    m Elizabeth Leake
    +4 Sir George Vere d 1503
    m Margaret Stafford St16 dau of->
    +5 Sir William Stafford of Bishop's Frome, co. Hereford
    +6 John de Vere, 12th Earl of Oxford b 23.04.1408, d 26.02.1461/2
    m 1425 Elizabeth Howard dau of->
    +7 Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford b c1386, d 15.02.1416/7 m1 x Holand dsp, dau of John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter
    m2 1406/7 Alice Sergeaux d 18.05.1452 + ch dau of Sir Richard Sergeaux of Cornwall
    +7 Sir John Howard
    Da12-1 Thomas DADE of Tannington Esq b c 1613
    m Elizabeth dau of John Acton of Bramford Suffolk
    -1 William Dade b 21 Aug 1664
    -2 Thomas Dade
    -3 John Dade
    -4 Nathaniel Dade
    -5 Frances Dade
    -6 Elizabeth Dade
    Da12-2 Mary DADE b c 1615
    Da12-3 Henry DADE b c 1617
    Da12-4 William DADE b c 1618
    Da12-5 Anthony DADE b c 1620
    Da12-6 Robert DADE b c 1621
    Da12-7 Elizabeth DADE b c 1623
    Da12-8 Francis DADE ?alias Maj John Smith b c 1625 Probably fought as a Cavalier for Charles I in the English Civil War and fled to Virginia because of it and lived in Northumberland Co VA as Smith.
    m Behethland x she m2 Maj Andrew Gibson
    ?="Francis Dade, first of the name in Virginia, was generally known as Major John Smith. By the records he appears to have been a man of eductaion and good estate. Why he used an assumed name is not known. he was living in England between 1640 and 1650, being notoriously attached to the Stuarts. The marriage of his son with the Townshends repels the idea of his having been of mean or obscure origin. But to satisfy myself I have carefully examined the criminal records of the general court to see if the name had been changed on account of a criminal prosecution, but can find nothing to countenance the idea. He died at sea, 1662, and his will is pro. in Northumberland Co., Va. "In 1654 he bought 1300 a. on Machodock Neck, Staff'd Co., adjoining the Townshend pat., which bears date Feb., 1650, from Gervase Dodson. In 1659 he assigned this to Hugh Dowing. A 2d deed from Robert Ryland, 1655, is on record in North'd Co. In 1662 John Smith assigned his Staff'd pat. to Hugh Dowding. By the power of Atty. annexed to his deed the name of his wife appears as Behethland Smith. She m. (II) Andrew Gibson (Lib. A., 183-4) A pat. of 600a. on Machodock to Maj. John Smith, 1662, and an assignment of part of that pat. by Francis Dade to John Harvey or Haney, contains the acknowledgement of the said Francis Dade that the said Smith was Francis Dade who had assumed the name of Smith. (Lib. D., 1341) Griffith's pat. 1000 a. at mouth of upper Machoduck, dat. Aug., 1662; was assigned Dec. 29, 1664, to Francis Dade, son of Maj. Francis Dade, who d. at sea, as seen by his nuncupative will appears, and at his death, without heirs, to Behethland the widow of the said Francis Dade. The above is made out from the old records of staff'd Co., which, at my leisure in the circuit, I have carefully examined."
    Da11 Francis Dade, II b 11/07/1659 d 1/13/1694
    >m Frances Townsend b 1667 d 04/26/1726 one of the two co-heiresses of->
    -b Mary Langhorne Townshend m. John Washington (Lib. J., 496) v PEYTON EXCURSUS-Washington, p. 519,
    +1 Col. Robert Townshend, whose mother was dau. of->
    m Mary Langhorne b c 1640 in England sis of Frances
    +2 y Townsend
    m x Baldwin
    +3 y Townsend
    +3 Mr. Baldwin of Glassthorne, Co. Northants, Eng.,
    m Mary was dau. of->
    +4 Needham Langhorne of Newton, Brownshall, of Northants, bro of Sir Wm. Langhorn being the eldest son of the family. Col. Robert's bro. Francis of London owned a large estate on the York and Potomac Rs., all which he devised to his uncles, Robert Baldwin of London, mcht., and Wm. Baldwin of Glassthorne, in trust for his mother, then wife of Col. Robert William. Her 2d husband was - Jones, by whom she had Cadwallader Jones, Col. in the British service [pro. Lt Col. C. Jones, Staff'd, 1680], whence the name Cadwallader in the Dade line. No. 4. After Mr. Dade's death his wid. m. (II)-,Rice Hooe, Virginia." (Hooe 3, P.716.)
    Da10 Robert Dade b 1684 VA d 1714
    m Elizabeth Peyton b c 1687 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co she m2 Daniel French of Fairfax Co., ancestors of the Dulaneys and Forrests of Va.
    +1 Henry Peyton b 1656 in Aquia Creek, Stafford Co Va
    m Anne x
    +2 Henry Peyton b 1630 in Westby, Lancashire
    m Ellen Partington
    +3 Henry Peyton b 1590 in Lincoln Inn, Middlesex Co England d 6 MAY 1656 in London - Probate Bur 20 MAR 1655/56 St. Dunstan-in-the-West, London, England
    m 29 JUN 1620 in All Hallow's the Less, London Catherine Clifton b ABT 1602 in Westby, Lancashire
    +4 Henry Peyton of London had issue possibly:
    m Mary Pickering dau of William Pickering of London
    +5 Christopher Peyton of St. Edmundsbury
    m Jane Mildmay dau of Thomas Mildmay
    +6 Francis Peyton of St. Edmundsbury and Coggeshall
    m Elizabeth Brook dau of Reginald Brook of Aspallstoneham
    +7 Thomas de Peyton of Esthorp, later of Iselham, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire b 1418, d 30.07.1484
    m1 Margaret Bernard dau of Sir John Bernard of Iselham
    +8 John de Peyton b c 1380 d 06.10.1417
    m Grace Burgoyne dau of John Burgoyne of Drayton
    +9 John de Peyton b c 1345 d c 1404
    m Joan Sutton dau of Sir Hammon Sutton of Wickesho
    +10 Sir John de Peyton b c 1310 d before 1400
    m Margaret de Gernon d c 1415, dau of Sir John Gernon of Lees, lord of Wicken
    +11 Sir Robert de Peyton b c 1265
    m1 sps Christiana d c 1327 no ch, widow of William de Apleton
    m2 Jean de Marney of the family of Layor Marney + ch
    +12 Sir John de Peyton of Peyton Hall b c 1220 a 1303 Sir John had 3 wives, Agnes, Agnes and Clementia. +13 Sir John de Peyton of Peyton Hall b c 1175 m Matilda de Bueriis +14 John de Peyton of Peyton b c 1140 +15 Reginald de Peyton of Peyton Hall b c 1100
    Da10-2 dau Dade
    m. Howson Hooe of Pr Wm Co VA (Hooe 8, p. 717.)
    Da10-3 xy Dade
    m yx Peyton
    Da10? Frances Dade d 1697
    m Capt John Withers b c 1635 in LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND d 1699 in STAFFORD CO Burgess for Stafford Co VA
    +1 William Withers b about 1600 died 1684 in Arkholme Melling
    m Frances Claiborne b c 1620 Arkholme d 20 Aug 1661 in Melling Lancs.
    +2 Col William C Cleybourne/Clayborne" b c Aug 10, 1600 Crayford Parish, Kent d March 1677 in near White House, King William County, Virginia Colony, (Present USA)
    m Jane Elizabeth Boteler b c 1610 Thobie, Little Bursted, Essex d 1676 in Albemarle Co VA
    +3 John Boteler/Butler of Littell Birchall IV
    m Jane Elizabeth Elliot b 22 Jun 1576 Newlands Hall Chelmsford Essex d 16 Dec 1667 New Kent Co VA
    +4 John Butler
    m Cressit St John
    +4 Edward Elliot b c 1535 Newlaandshall d 22 Dec 1595 bur Roxwell Church Essex
    m Joan Gedge
    +5 John Eliot/Elliott b c 1485
    -2 Sarah Withers b about 1685 d 1756 in STAFFORD m c 1705 Christopher Conway b 1666/95 d 1727 in STAFFORD
    ?= Sarah Weathers d Culpeper Co VA m?2 Charles Pearson/Pierson b 1726 Wolftown Culpeper Co VA d 1760 GA or SC son of Michael Pearson and Ann x (Maj Robert Beverley b 5 Jan 1635 in Hull/?1641 Beverley Yorkshire, England. christened in Hull on 3 Jan 1635, in the parish of Saint Mary Lowgate d 15 March 1686/7 in Jamestown Va left 100 pounds to them “for risking life and limb” in what was Indian Territory at that time along the Rappahanock in VA)

    -2-1 John Withers Conway b 8 Sep 1717 d 1790 STAFFORD m 1734/68 Dulcibella Bunbury b 1712/36
    -2-2? Charles Pearson b c 1752
    -2-3? Shadrack Pearson b 1754 Culpeper Va d KY
    -2-4? Mesheck Pearson b 1754 Culpeper Va d KY m Mary Jennings dau of Capt William Jennings and Elizabeth Withers
    -2-5? Abedego Pearson b 1754 Culpeper
    -2-5? William Pearson b c 1756

    -2-1-1 Miles Withers Conway b 2 Mar 1751/52 in ST. PAUL'S PARISH REGISTARY
    -2-1-2 John Withers Conway b Sep 13, 1757 in BAPITZED
    -2-3-1 Charles Weathers Pearson ancestor of George Leslie Pierson and Peggy Sue LaPorte

    -1-1-2-1 Lund Washington b 1737 d 1796 manager of Mt Vernon Estate

    DNA comparison of author, Peggy LaPorte and her second cousin, George Leslie Pierson.
    Da12-9 Frances DADE b c 1627
    Da12-10 Martha DADE b c 1630
    Da12-11 Anne DADE b c 1633
    Da12-12 Charles DADE b c 1635
    Da12-13 Audrey DADE b c 1637
    Da12-5 Henry Dade b c.1582-1653), of Ipswich, Suffolk later of Dallinghoo, Suffolk
    m1 2 Feb. 1623, Elizabeth Ferneley d 27 June 1624), dau of->
    m2 17 Nov. 1625, Thomasine (d. 8 Aug. 1647), dau of
    +1 Thomas Ferneley of West Creeting, Suff., wid. of Thomas Shawe of Owston, Lincs
    +1 John Lea of Coddenham, Suffolk wid. of Samuel Sayer of London and Nettlestead, Suff., s.p. d. 15 Sept. 1653
    Da? Miscellania to be placed:
    Ann Dade m 25 Feb 1772 Buckner Stith b 1747/50 Brunswick, Va son of
    +1 Drury Stith III b 1718 Brunswick, Va m1 Elizabeth Jones + 4 ch m2 about 1747 Martha Kennon b 17 OCT 1731 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co + 3 ch +2 Drury Stith Jr b 1695 Charles City Va m Elizabeth Buckner see Bu11-1-1 +3 Drury Stith Sr b 1670 Charles City Va
    m Susanna Bathurst b 1674 New Kent Co Va dau of Lancelot Bathurst b 1646 Lechlade Gloucestershire Engl d 18 Mar 1705 New Kent VA and Susannah Lane b ABT 1650 in England

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