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Constable 1

: Constable of Flamburgh Flamborough
1. Robert le Constable of Flamburgh or Flamborough
m m Agnes sb Euphemia?

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A. William Constable of Flamburgh
m Julia x (his wife and mother of Robert is also shown as: CICILIA THWENG, datter av MARMADUKE OF KILTON THWENG b 1220 i Flamborough Yorkshire)
i. Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh b 1250 Flamborough Yorkshire d 10.04.1294 a 1306, 1320 who apparently married ...
m Katherine Mauley dau of Peter, Lord Mauley wife of Sir Robert, mother of Isabel, presumed mother of ...
a. Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1367 b 1280, Flamborough Yorkshire d. by 19.06.1378, Flamborough Yorkshire
1 Sir William Constable of Flamburgh
m ?? FitzHugh dau of Lord FitzHugh
A Robert Constable of Flamburgh, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1390
m _ Skipwith dau of William Skipwith
i Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh
m Catherine or Alice Cumberworth dau of Robert Cumberworth or Comberford by Sibil, dau of Sir William Argum
a Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 1441
m Agnes Gascoigne dau of Sir William Gascoigne
1 Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 1488
m Agnes Wentworth dau of Sir Roger Wentworth of Nettlested
The order in which their sons were born is given differently by different sources.
A Sir Marmaduke "little Sir Marmaduke" Constable of Flamburgh
m1/2. Joyce Stafford dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton
i Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh d 1537-8
m Jane Ingleby dau of William Ingleby of Ripley
ii Sir Marmaduke Constable of Everingham b 1474, d 12.09.1545
m Barbara Sothill dau of Sir John Sothill of Everingham
iii Sir William Constable of Hatfield
m Matilda Hatfield dau of John Hatfield of Hatfield
iv Sir John Constable of Kinalton d 1555/6
m Jane Sothill dau of Henry Sothill of Stockfaston
a Cicely Constable probably of this generation
m Clement Oglethorpe of Roundhay
v Eleanor Constable d 1525
m1 John Ingleby of Ripley
m2 1504-5 Thomas Berkeley, de jure 5th Lord b 1472, d 22.01.1532-3
vi Agnes Constable
m Sir Henry Oughtred
m2/1. sp Margery FitzHugh dau of Henry FitzHugh, 6th Lord
B John Constable Dean of Lincoln
C William Constable of Caythorpe and Wassand a 1558
m Joan Fulthorpe dau of Roger Fulthorpe
D Philip Constable
The following comes from Visitation Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Constable of Everingham.
i daughter
m Thomas Langdale of Houghton
ii daughter
m William Holme of Huntingdon
E Sir Robert Constable of North Cliffe d 22.11.1501
m 1490 Beatrix Hatcliff dau of James Hatcliff of Grimthorpe
F Elizabeth Constable
m Thomas Metham of Metham
G Margaret or Agnes or Margery Constable
There are some contradiction about the daughters of Robert Constable of Flamborough Flamburgh who married into this family. BEB1844 & Visitation identify Margaret's husband as Sir William Evre or Yvers i.e. Eure. 'Tudor' shows 2 generations of Eures of Witton as having married them BEB1844 only shows this one and not the one shown below.
m Sir Ralph Eure of Witton Castle d 22.10.1539
H Agnes Constable d 23.01.1505
m1 Walter Griffith d 1481
m2 Sir Gervase Clifton d 12.05.1491
I Margery or Margaret Constable
m Sir Ralph Bigod Bigot of Settrington
J Anne Constable
m Sir William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire d 1522
K Catherine Constable
m Sir Ralph Ryder d 02.04.1520
2 Elizabeth Constable
m Robert Troyer or Twyer
3 Jane Constable
m John Welles
4 Margaret Constable possibly of this generation see note above @@
m Sir William Eure of Witton Castle b 18.02.1440, d before 19.06.1484
5+ other issue - William Dean of York, Marmaduke, Thomas, Richard
b+ other issue dsp - Thomas, John, James
B Maud Constable possibly of this generation
m Sir Ralph Lascelles of Escrick
b. Isabel Constable d 1346 probably of this generation
m Sir Edmund de Thweng of Cornburgh d 15.10.1344
c. daughter possibly of this generation
m 1326 Sir Geoffrey or Galfrid St. Quintin of Harpham
alternative pedigree as follows (to be checked with other sources):

Descendants of Ulbert Constable
1. ULBERT CONSTABLE b 1075 Burton Constable Yorkshire m ERNABURGA BURTON. b 1080 Swine Burton
2. ROBERT OF HALSHAM CONSTABLE, b 1110, Burton Constable Yorkshire
3. WILLIAM OF FLAMBURGH3 CONSTABLE, b 1150, Burton Constable Yorkshire m JULIAN ALTOFT. b 1155 Burton Constable Yorkshire
4. ROBERT OF FLAMBURGH4 CONSTABLE, b 1177, Burton Constable Yorkshire d. 1251, Lincolnshire m ADELA D' OYLY. b 1178 Gedney Lincolnshire
5. WILLIAM OF FLAMBURGH CONSTABLE, b 1205, Halsham Yorkshire d c 1260. m CICILIA THWENG, b 1220 Flamborough Yorkshire England, d 1265 daughter of MARMADUKE OF KILTON THWENG
6. ROBERT OF FLAMBURGH CONSTABLE, b 1250 Flamborough Yorkshire d 10.04.1294. m CATHERINE MAULEY. b 1255 Flamborough Yorkshire
7. MARMADUKE OF FLAMBURGH CONSTABLE, b 1280, Flamborough Yorkshire d. by 19.06.1378, Flamborough Yorkshire
8. WILLIAM OF FLAMBURGH CONSTABLE, b 1310, Flamborough Yorkshire d. 01.06.1378. m JOAN LA ZOUCHE. b 1318 Lubbesthorpe Leichester England, d Spaulding Moor Upton Yorkshire
9. ROBERT OF FLAMBURGH CONSTABLE, b 1340, Flamborough Yorkshire d. 08.01.1401. m MARGARET SKIPWITH. b 1323 Ormsby Lincolnshire
10. MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, b 1380, Flamborough Yorkshire d. 1404. m KATHERINE CUMBERWORTH. b 1380 Grantham Lincolnshire d 1404.
11. ROBERT11 CONSTABLE, b 1401, Flamborough Yorkshire d. 23.05.1441, Beverly Yorkshire m AGNES GASCOIGNE. b 1402 Harewood Castle Yorkshire d 1466.
12. ELEANOR CONSTABLE, b 1437. m ROGER WARD. Han b 1433 Givendale Yorkshire
13. MARGARET WARD b 1459, Givendale Yorkshire d. 09.1520. m SIR JOHN CONYERS-NORTON b 1458 Norton Conyers Yorkshire d 08.1520.
14. JOHN14 CONYERS-NORTON b 1475, Norton Yorkshire d 1556. m ANN RADCLIFFE. b 1478 Rilstone Yorkshire
15. RICHARD CONVERS15 NORTON b 1503, d. 1585, m SUSAN NEVILLE 1520 York (North) b 28.04.1501 Of Snape Hall, Snape, Yorkshire, England, d 09.04.1588 dau of RICHARD NEVILLE and ANNE STAFFORD

16-1 CLARE NORTON CONVERS b 1528, Norton Conyers Yorkshire g. RICHARD GOODRICH; f. 1510, Rippax Yorkshire d. 08.01.1581, Ribston Yorkshire
16. JOHN CONVERS NORTON b 1525, d. 1580. m ELIZABETH PITSFORD. b 1528
17. LADY ANNE NORTON b 1555, Great Mongeham Kent d. 26.05.1624, Great Mongeham Kent m SIR WILLIAM CRAFFORD b 1555 Great Mongeham Kent England, d 15.08.1623 Great Mongeham Kent
18. LADY ANNE CRAFFORD b 31.05.1581, Great Mongeham Kent m JOHN WARREN. Han b 31.07.1561 Dover Kent England, d 21.01.1612 Ripple Court Kent
19. WILLIAM WARREN b 07.03.1595, Ripple Court Kent d. 21.04.1670, Surry Co VA m CATHERINE GOOKIN. b 07.10.1599 Northbourne Kent d 21.04.1670 Smith Fort Surry Co VA
20. CAPT. THOMAS WARREN b 30.01.1624, Ripple Court Kent d. 1669, Smith Fort Surry Co VA m1 ELIZABETH. m2 JANE STOKES. m3 ALICE POWELL. b 1622 James City Co VA d 1650 Smith Fort Plantation Surry Co VA
ch of CAPT. WARREN and JANE STOKES were:
21-9 ALICE21 WARREN b 1642, Surry co VA d. 09.02.1706, Surry co VA m MATHIAS MARRIOTT b 1641 Jamestown James City Co VA d 12.06.1705 Surry co Virginia Usa.
22. MARGARET KATHERINE MARRIOTT b 1662, Surry Surry co VA d. 1722, Surry Surry co VA m ROBERT FLAKE b 1660 Isle VA d 18.08.1722 Surry Surry co VA son of ROBERT FLAKE and KATHERINE MOORE

Sources: BEB1844 Constable of Everingham, Visitation Yorkshire, 1563/4, Constable of Flamborough
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