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Nicholas of Roundway
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Cokayne 1: Cokayne Cockayne or Cokaine of Ashbourne Ashborne
BP1934 starts with the following John then jumps to the Sir John who d 1373, identifying him as "Eighth in descent" from the first John. 'MGH' starts with Andrew from whom Sir John was 7th in descent from the first John. We therefore presume that Andrew was son of ...
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
John Cokayne of Ashborne Ashbourne, Derbyshire a c 1150
1. Andrew Cokayne of Ashbourne
A. William Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Sarah dau of Adam fitzAldecinder
i. William Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Alice de Dalbiny dau of Hugh de Dalbiny, m2. Hugh Bonisovant
a. John Cokayne of Ashbourne a 1294
m Maud Oldney dau of Robert Oldney
1+ issue - Andrew dsp 1311-2, Margaret
b. Roger Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Elizabeth
1 William Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Sara
A John Cokayne of Ashbourne a 1304
Co21 John Cokayne of Ashbourne
Co20 John Cokayne of Ashbourne d 1373
m Cecilia widow of Robert Ireton
Co19 Sir Edmund Cokayne d Shrewsbury 1403
m Elizabeth de Herthull dau of Sir Richard de Herthull
Co18-1 Sir John Cokayne of Ashbourne and Pooley d 1438
m Isabel Shirley dau of Sir Hugh Shirley of Etindon & Shirley
Co18-1-1 John Cokayne of Ashbourne - continued below
m Agnes Vernon dau of Sir Richard Vernon
Co18-1-2 William Cokayne
Co18-1-3+ other issue - Reginald, Roger
Co18-2 Thomas Cokayne
Co18-3 Edmond Cokayne
Co18-4 George Cokayne
Co18-5 Richard Cokayne
Co18? possibly of this family and generation was
Elizabeth Cokayne b of Cokayne Hatley, Bedford c 1390
m c 1413 at Cokayne Hatley, Bedford PHILLIP BUTLER Bo18 b 1385 of Great Badminton Gloucester
Bo17-1 Philip Butler b 15 Aug 1415.
Bo17 John Boteler b 1433, of Woodhall Watton Norfolk d. 1455, of Woodhall Watton Norfolk
m CONSTANCE DOWNHALL b 1435 of Woodhall Watton Norfolk 1-2-1 John Boteler b c 1464.
Bo16 JOHN BOTELER, b 1464, Woodhall, Watton, Norfolk d 1514.
m DOROTHY TYRELL 1488 of Woodhall Watton Norfolk England b 1463 of Gipping Suffolk England.
Bo15 Sir PHILIP BOTELER, b 1489, Woodhall, Watton, Norfolk d. 28.03.1545, Watton on Stone Hertford
m ELIZABETH DRURY b 1496 of Hawstead, Suffolk d 11.12.1574
Bo14 John Boteler b 26 Aug 1514. d. 06.03.1571, Watton on Stone Hertford England.
m c 1533 at of Watton on Stone, Hertford. Grizel Roche b Lamer, Hertford, c 1516 dau of sir William Roche and ???Ellen Tobin .
Bo13 WILLIAM BOTELER, b 1554, of Watton on Stone, Hertford, d. 1592, of Watton on Stone, Hertford
m ANNE WILSON, dau of EDWARD WILSON. Hun b 1572 of William Hertford England.
-1 Ann Butler born 21 Jan 1593 bap 9 Mar 1594.
m EDWARD BRYANT Br12 1609 Bitton, Gloucester b 1590 Denbigh, Denbigh, Wales d 1630 Elizabeth City, Isle of Wight, VA
-2 Grace Boteler born Abt 1597.
-3 William Boteler christened 2 Sep 1599.
-4 Robert Boteler christened 5 Oct 1600.
-1-1 RICHARD THOMAS BRYANT Br11 b 01.06.1615, Bitton, Gloucester d. 14.02.1680, Isle of Wight VA m c 1650 Keziah Arroyah Ja10 dau of Wahanganoche Ja11
Bo14-2 PHILLIPH BOTELER, b 1534, of Watton on Stone, Hertford, d. 02.12.1606.
Bo14-3 CHARLES BOTELER, b 1536, of Watton on Stone, Hertford,
Bo14-4 HENRY BOTELER, b 1538, Hatfield Watton on Stone, Hertford, d. 20.01.1608, High Gobion Norfolk
Bo14-5 NICHOLAS BOTELER, b 1540, Watton on Stone, Hertford,
Bo14-6 RICHARD BOTELER, b 1542, Watton on Stone, Hertford, d. 11.05.1614.
Bo14-7 THOMAS BOTELER, b 1542, Watton on Stone, Hertford,
Bo14-8 MARTHA BOTELER, b 1544, Watton on Stone, Hertford,
Bo14-9 MARGARETH BOTELER, b 1546, Watton on Stone Hertford d. 22.01.1598, Ayott St. Lawrence, Hertford,
Bo14-10 SARAH BOTELER, b 1548, Watton on Stone Hertford
Bo14-11 ELIZABETH BOTELER, b 1550, Watton on Stone Hertford
Bo14-12 BALTHAZAR BOTELER, b 25.02.1551, Stow Devon
Bo14-13 CECILY BOTELER, b 1553, Watton on Stone Hertford
Co19-2 John Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley d 1427, chief baron of the Exchequer
m Ida or Ede/Edith Grey dau of Reignold, Lord Grey de Ruthyn
B Roger Cokayne b about 1260
m Elizabeth
i+ issue - William, Elizabeth
2+ other issue - Henry, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah
John Cokayne of Ashbourne - continued above
m Agnes Vernon dau of Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon
1. Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Anne Barlow dau of Robert Barlow of Barlow
A. Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourne a 1504
m Barbara Fitzherbert dau of John Fitzherbert
i. Sir Francis Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Dorothy Marrowe dau of Thomas Marrowe
a. Sir Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourne
m Dorothy Ferrers dau of Humfrey Ferrers of Tamworth
1 Francis Cokayne b c1545, dsp 25.12.1594
m Anne Knightley dau of Sir Valentine Knightley of Fawsley
2 Thomas Cokayne b c1551, d 19.01.1587
m Jane Okeover dau of Philip Okeover
3 Sir Edward Cokayne of Ashbourne b c1554, d 09.1606
m Jane Ashby d 09.1647, dau of Nicholas Ashby of Willoughby
A Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourne a 1611
m Anne Stanhope d 29.08.1664, dau of John Stanhope of Elvedon
i Sir Aston Cokayne, Bart b 28.12.1608, d 1684
m Mary Kniveton dau of Sir Gilbert Kniveton of Mircaston
a Thomas Cokayne b 08.05.1636, dvp
m Rachel Sturry dau/coheir of Carey Sturry of Rossall
b+ other issue a 08.1662 - Mary b 15.08.1646, Isabella b 09.05.1654
ii Anne Cokayne
m Sir Francis Boteler of Tuin
iii Katherine Cokayne
m Richard Weston son/heir of Sir Richard of Rugely
iv+ other issue - Thomas d 05.09.1629, Lettice, Isabella d unm, Lucie d unm
B Francis Cokayne d 06.1652
m Frances Cresswell
i Dorothy Cokayne
m y Pictyn
ii+ other issue d unm - John d young, Mary
C Dorothy Cokayne
m William Fleetwood of Ireland brother of Sir Richard of Calwich
D Jane Cokayne
m Thomas Powell of Ireland
E Mary Cokayne d unm
4 Dorothy Cokayne
m German Poole of Radburne d 1599
5 Tabitha Cokayne b c 1549
m William Bradburne of Hough d 1579
6+ other issue - Frances dsp, Jane dsp, Jane dsp, Jane, Mawde
b. Francis Cokayne
m x Browne of Warwickshire
-1 Thomas Cokayne
-2 Dorothy Cokayne
c. William Cokayne
d. Barbara Cokayne
m John Ferrers of Tamworth d 1576
e. Alice Cokayne
m Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton Hall d 19.10.1574
ii. Anthony Cokayne dsp
iii. Thomas Cokayne
a. Florence Cokayne
m Henry Bagshawe or Bradshaw
iv. Jane Cokayne
m Vincent Lowe of Denby d c1558
v. Anne Cokayne
m Sir William Basset of Blore b 1493, d 31.10.1553
vi. Elizabeth Cokayne
m Robert Burdett not Burnet of Bramcote d 11.01.1548-9
B. Roger or Henry Cokayne
2. Roger Cokayne

Sources: 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' Series 3, Cokayne Pedigree, Visitation Derbyshire, 1569+1611, Cokayne of Ashbourne, Visitation Derbyshire, 1662-64, Cokaine of Ashbourne with some support for the upper section from BP1934 Cullen of Ashbourne
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